Alison’s second date with her new fuck buddy.


Alison’s second date with her new fuck buddy.So after the Christmas party, Alison was very keen to have round two with, now let give him a name, not his real name but better than guy, so we will cal him Bill.So Alison and Bill have arranged to spend the night in a hotel together, they have not seen to much of one another at work with the Christmas holidays, but enough to chat about what they did and decide they had no regrets and were both keen to meet more privately this time. For me I had been encouraging this to happen especially during the long and frequent sessions we had been having since the Christmas party, driven by me listening to Alison’s accounts of the night.So dressed to thrill, stockings of course!!! again a skirt that just covered them but with no knickers this time Alison left for the night, my guts tied in knots as it always is I kissed her good night and told her to have a great time.They met at the bar got drinks and sat at a table, Alison immediately showed her stockings tops and some leg, he didn’t wait to be asked and slid his hand up to her shaved pussy and started playing with her. At some point Alison noticed a couple watching, as they seamed to be enjoying what was going on, and as the bar was fairly quite she was able kırklareli escort to give them something to think about that night!!Now I feel I have to say that Alison had known Bill for several years prior to anything happening, and he was a bit gobby in front of his friends, but a very respectful guy, he was single and not very experienced in the respect of sex outside of his past marriage. So other than the excitement of the newness Alison was not expecting any to wild, she was wrong on this occasion!!Things had reached a point where Alison had had several orgasms whilst being fingered under the table whilst being watched by this coupe, so it was a quick trip to the toilets and to the room, she gave the couple a smile as she passed and they apparently returned some rather large smiles as well, Whilst in the toilets Bill came in and after the initial shock Alison eagerly assisted in taking Bills cock, no foreplay, no kiss just cock out pulled Alison’s leg up and pushed it in. Now this is the sort of thing that has always been a massive turn on for Alison, so a multiple orgasm and hot load of cum later it was out of the toilet and to their room.As I said in the previous post, Alison was Bill’s boss, but not in the bedroom, kırklareli escort it was Bill now in control and Alison was his whore to use, who would have thought that? Not me or Alison that’s for sure, and Alison is by no means a pushover, far from it, so to dominate her is not an easy task, but not for Bill, he had found the key that opened Alison’s submissive side and boy he was going to use it!!So as soon as they got in the room she was quite roughly put on the bed and hard and ready he was kissing her hard while pulling up her skirt to look at her now used pussy with his spunk running from it, but he soon started to push that out on to her legs and arse with his cock now pounding her for the second time tonight. Alison it has to be said is not a person who lies there still and quite waiting for it to finish, more of an Olympic coach, encouraging her athlete to do their very best, and if he does then boy hold on tight because you are in for the ride of your life! Well her new found master was hitting all the right spots and Alison was his play thing.At some point he turned her over and was now fucking her doggy, then without a word he pulled out and slid it up her arse!! Not a totally unusual thing nowadays, but I have never escort kırklareli fucked Alison up the arse, and despite Alison wanting to be able to, me or anyone else hadn’t managed it before. So without being asked or even suspecting it would happen, Alison is now being fucked in the arse by a guy on their second date!!! For everyone asking as did I, was she ok with it? well yes, shocked, surprised, would not have consented if had been asked, but now she was in a new place and beginning to enjoy it!! Now I had more question than probably you lot about this, did you come while he fucked your arse? yes. Did you enjoy it? well I guess stupid question but yes! Would you do it again? Not sure…… Can I now??? NO!! and although this was about six years ago I still have never got to fuck Alison up the ass, but I quite like that this was their thing, it turned me on and still does now, the one thing I would dearly have loved would have been to watch him fuck her ass and watch her coming and asking for it harder, faster!!!So he was fucking her arse and she was loving this new feeling of being used, she was now his to use as and when he wanted, she was coming and encouraging him till he shot his load up her arse. They spent the rest of the night together and before leaving in the morning he fucked her one more time, sending her home to me used full and happy, if a little sore.This is totally true, I am not a fiction writer, I get a real buzz telling like minded people about some of our adventures, hope you enjoy…

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