Alice, My Uncle, , Me Ch. 04a

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This continues the account of the of five days and nights that studly 18 year old Mikey spends together with Mike, the 24-year old uncle he idolizes, and Mike’s fascinating and beautiful 22-year old fiancée Alice. The beginning of their story is told in “Cross-Country with My Uncle,” and continued by “Alice, My Uncle, and Me,” day 1 and day 2, and Day 3, parts 1 and 2, and “My Uncle’s Bachelor Party,” parts 1 and 2, wherein Jeff, Mike’s old college roommate and lover, is introduced.

The trip back from Mike’s bachelor party was rather different from the journey there, now more than seven hours later. Instead of the convivial — no, raucous – atmosphere of late afternoon, it was now quiet in the wide-body limo. Joe had to be carried in, and he was laid on one of the forward seats, gently snoring. Hank and Matt chatted in a desultory fashion for a while before Hank dropped off, and soon Matt was dozing too. Dunc and Z and Bill were sort of quietly recapping some of the highlights of the evening until they too drifted off.

I was on the big rear bench with Mike and Jeff, and I could hardly hold my eyes open. Mike gestured to Jeff to scoot over to the left end of the seat, and he moved quite close to him – actually they were shoulder to shoulder and leg to leg now – leaving much of the seat available for me to lie down. Mike patted his lap, and I lay down on my side and put my head comfortably in his lap. In fact, it was remarkably comfortable there. He was wearing shorts, and when I put down my head, they rode up somewhat, and my face was partly snuggled in the thick, golden hair of his thigh, and only a thin layer or two of fabric separated my face from his big, fat cock. In such remarkable proximity I strongly registered his very masculine scent. As an added comfort, I had my fingertips of my right hand a little under the hem of his polo shirt and lightly on his firm and very hairy abs, while on his part, in quiet conversation with Jeff, he idly and lightly stroked my hair and face.

In fact I couldn’t have been more comfortable, and soon I was breathing slowly and steadily, and Mike and Jeff quite reasonably assumed I was asleep.

But actually, I was in an oddly relaxed state between wakefulness and sleep. I couldn’t seem to move the slightest muscle, but actually, I wasn’t asleep, not really, and I could hear every word that Mike and Jeff exchanged, even though they were talking quietly.

Soon the conversation turned to me. In his soft and mellow East Texas accent, Jeff said, ” He’s a very impressive kid, Mike. Incredibly good-looking, great body. When I first saw Mikey at the airport today, I could hardly believe it. He’s the exact image of you when I first met you during our first day at Stanford as freshmen. Honestly, if you gave me a snapshot of him today and you then, I don’t know if I could tell you apart, no matter how well I know you.”

Mike said, “Well, actually that already sorta happened tonight. One of the shots in Mikey’s slide show – I don’t know if you remember it, but it’s where a kid is receiving a medal at a swim meet – yeah, I got a medal like that, but that shot wasn’t of me, it was of Mikey. I don’t know if it was a little private joke of his, or whether he and my mom, when sorting through the old photos, just didn’t know the difference.”

“No shit! Well, I’m not surprised,” said Jeff. “But what also amazes me is how much he reminds me of you in other ways. His poise and grace, his modesty, his attention to others, his kindly humor. And he always seems to have a sense of just the right thing to say in any context. He handled himself well tonight, even among a lot of people he’d never met before. His presentation was graceful and hit just the right note, and all night long he seemed to say and do just the right thing. He’s a remarkable kid.” And he was awesome up there during the “swarm.”

“Well – and I could almost hear a smile in Mike’s voice – thanks, guy, that’s kind of you to say; and yeah, I know what you mean. Actually, there’s a lot more to him than you might imagine. He’s really, truly, a gifted athlete. I’m sure he’ll be in line for a baseball scholarship, possibly at Stanford; and of course you know he’s really a smart kid. You and I led our respective classes back in high school, but he’s really talented. I don’t think you’ve had a good chance to talk with him but you’ll find he’s got a lot on the ball.”

“But,” he continued, “the best thing about him is that he’s so damn sweet natured. He’s always been that way. And he and I have had a remarkably perfect relationship practically since the day he was born. Almost nothing has given me more pleasure over the years than to spend time with him.”

“So,” after a few seconds, Jeff thoughtfully continued, “how long have you been fucking?”

“Oh, it’s that easy to tell, is it?” Mike replied. “Fact of the matter is – and I’m not sure it’s any of your business, ole buddy – that no matter how close we’ve been over the bahis firmaları years, we’ve never laid a hand on one another – not in a sexual way – until this trip out west. But beginning with the truck trip a week ago, it’s been very intense. He’s an awesome lay. Though he’s entirely inexperienced with men, he’s a sexual natural. He just ‘gets’ it. He intuitively understands other people’s needs and preferences; and since he’s been fucking women for years now, he also understands the benefits of the slow and easy, that the subtle has its place alongside the vigorous and direct. But the main thing is that, frankly, we’ve loved each other forever in a really profound way, and our sex just deepens and immeasurably enriches a relationship that has always been of prime importance to both of us.”

“And of course,” said Jeff, “he’s an incredible babe. Seeing him tonight, whether in the dressing room, or beside you at the table, or, especially up on stage, I couldn’t believe what an appealing youth he is, with his beautiful body and his amiable mien, his winning smile – and his big fat dick! And I gotta tell you, his holding my hand during the final fellatio session was an extra kick for me. I could come to like this kid a lot.”

Hearing all this, I was remarkably warmed, but in the odd and sort of magical circumstances, I couldn’t have – and in any case didn’t want to – move a muscle, even to smile slightly, but continued to breathe deeply and regularly.

“Alice doesn’t mind?” Jeff inquired.

“Doesn’t mind? She’s crazy about him. He’s very discreet, attentive, and skilled beyond his years, and Alice just loves having him in the bed with us.”

“Well, what I really meant was, Alice doesn’t mind you and him, you know — .”

“No, Alice has nothing to worry about, and she knows it.”

They continued talking quietly and intimately but that’s the last thing I remember. Next thing I recall I’m being gently shaken awake in front of Mike’s apartment building. Though I was groggy, I did remember my manners enough to thank Matt very heartily and sincerely for the magnificent party. He was very modest and gracious in accepting my thanks and the much warmer thanks that Mike offered. Hell, that party ought to go down in the annals of great bachelor parties of all time.

Back in the apartment, I found had had been surprisingly revived by my nap. Never a big drinker, I’d tried to be quite moderate in my intake tonight, despite the elegance of the wines and the conviviality of the occasion.

Mike dispelled the possibility of any confusion or uncertainty about sleeping arrangements by a simple, direct statement. “We’ll use this bed,” gesturing incidentally at his king-sized bed, and without more ado, he proceeded to pull back the covers, kick off his shoes, pull off his shirt and shorts and under shorts, and thus in a moment he was absolutely nude, and standing beside the bed. As always, he was unbelievably beautiful. The seraphic smile across his incredibly handsome face; his large limbs, covered with crisp golden hair; his big chest, so well defined despite its thick golden mat; his rippling abs, with its thick trail of darker blond hair leading to his very hairy belly, whence arose his eight-inch cock, a wonder of beauty and perfection, from its flaring hood to its thick, veiny root: for me essentially the most precious thing in the world.

Jeff had been waiting for months for Mike to fuck him again for the first time in two years, and he knew for a certainty that it was going to happen. But it wasn’t going to happen quite as quickly as he thought or as he hoped.

Yes, it had been two years since Mike and Jeff had been together. But in the four years prior to that, living as roommates at Stanford, they had had sex together a hundred ways and a thousand times. And despite all that had passed between them, surrounding Alice, they still loved each other very deeply. And even before Jeff arrived, I had known that he hungered for Mike’s familiar body, his familiar comforts; and that he desperately missed his place at the center of Mike’s heart. And in the hours since his arrival, everything I had seen confirmed me in this knowledge.

So when Jeff stripped off his clothes, he revealed not only a remarkably great body – long, lean, highly muscular; with his amazing legs covered thickly in dark hair, extending all the way up to the top of his thighs and merging, really, with the hair of his lower belly; his well-developed pecs strewn with still more, as were his arms – but that he was, even after all tonight’s excess, more than ready for a long-deferred sexual reunion with Mike. His large phallus – essentially similar to ours in length and girth – was absolutely erect, and evidently as hard as iron, with his cockhead distended to the point of shininess, his veins of his shaft remarkably defined and prominent.

As for Mike, I knew that he too longed for Jeff, whom he unquestionably loved: for his company, for his kaçak iddaa consortium, for his great body, for his intimate touch, for what Alice had termed their very hot sex. But only on his, Mike’s, terms.

As soon as he approached the bedside, Jeff slowly turned to Mike and took his face in his hands and gently kissed Mike’s lips. Mike responded by enfolding Jeff in his powerful arms, and then slid them slowly down Jeff’s broad back, down and down, until he was holding Jeff’s round, perfect butt in his hands, his fingers, each of them notably garnished with golden tufts at the first joint, roaming through the dark hair that grew in orderly swirls on Jeff’s butt. His fingertips slowly played up and down the crack, where the hair that grew on either side came together in a still denser tangle.

Their embrace was a thing of intense beauty. They were not so much comely youths as beautiful, perfectly formed powerful men, both of them, and very nearly matched: They were within a fraction of an inch of being the same height, and their years of athletic training had developed their arms and shoulders and backs and legs to essentially the same degree: very well muscled, but in a lithe and economical and balanced way, with nothing of the strange – even grotesque – over development that can characterizes the “bodybuilder.” Mike’s legs, thickly covered in golden hair, bracketed Jeff’s left leg; and Jeff’s legs, equally covered in dark hair, clasped Mike’s left leg, and at many points, the dark and golden fleeces intermingled.

They gently swayed and even rotated a little, as their embrace continued. Jeff was the busier one when it came to their kiss, as by turns he nibbled and sucked and probed, while Mike’s familiar but always strikingly beautiful arms slowly ranged up and down Jeff’s back from the breadth of his shoulders and lats to his boyish waist and trim hips and heavily-muscled butt.

Eventually, their slow, almost unconscious rotation brought another view to me, that from their sides. They were fully tangent at the chests, their big pecs firmly together, Mike’s (I knew, though I could not see) thickly matted with gold; and Jeff’s strewn liberally with dark hair. But there was a little space between their trim abs, and I briefly glimpsed their twin cocks, heavily erect, both of them, the embrace necessarily resulting in their being crushed together side-by-side.

Apart from its just incredible beauty, the other thing remarkable about their embrace was its slow luxury. It seemed timeless to me as each man savored the intensity of being once again physically reunited with his old friend, caressing and being caressed by knowing and familiar hands.

Eventually Jeff broke the embrace, pushing Mike away just slightly, just enough to kiss his way down Mike’s neck, and then his furry chest – kissing and sucking on first Mike’s left nipple and then his right – and then, slowly and gracefully coming into what became a kneeling posture as he kissed his way down Mike’s washboard of a belly, through his thick, dark blond hair, approaching ever nearer to Mike’s upright cock. Jeff took Mike’s big, smooth cockhead between his lips and began a luxuriant genital kiss, in an act no doubt long cherished by both of them.

This morning I had expressed to Alice my anxiety about Jeff’s return, and I had told her of my intense jealousy of Jeff, and of the relationship he and Mike had shared for so long. Now, right before my eyes, I saw this beautiful and incredibly multitalented guy in a powerfully erotic embrace with his dear friend, my uncle, the love of my life. Yet, though I would not have predicted it, my jealousy and my anxiety had greatly waned in the course of the day. First I had taken to heart Alice’s sage advice of early this morning, based upon her doubtlessly accurate assessment of Mike’s feelings for me – and his persisting concerns about Jeff’s adaptability to Mike’s complex web of social and sexual relationships. Then, soon afterward, Mike had, in the shower and in the wonderful sex that followed, had implicitly reassured me, unambiguously. And again and again in the course of the day, he had, right before Jeff, displayed the special relationship we now had, ranging from his light touches in his living room to the more dramatic events of the bachelor party, when even the midst of the most intense sexual episode, when he was being ‘swarmed,’ he had reached out to grasp my hand, and shared it with me; and he had impulsively singled me out to undergo the same experience, and again we shared it – to a degree – with another warm and powerful interlocking of hands. And I recalled – actually I would never forget – his remarks to Jeff about me as I lay in his lap, ostensibly asleep, words that I would treasure forever.

As for Jeff, how could I not like him? In the last twelve hours we had been constantly together in circumstances of great intimacy, and he had always behaved toward me with the greatest consideration and respect kaçak bahis and kindness. When he was being luxuriously fellated in the last act of the party, he reached out to me to share it with. His quiet remarks in the limo, too, when he didn’t know I could hear, had deeply touched my heart.

And of course he was remarkably handsome and hugely appealing, everything about him, from his soft and easy cultivated East Texas accent, to his understated and ironic sense of humor. He was unbelievably interesting – and of course I knew all about his many skills and exploits as Mike’s teammate and friend. I was in fact quite fascinated by him.

So as I watched these two old friends begin what I knew would be an intense sexual reunion, my anxiety levels were lower than I could possibly have imagined only twelve hours ago.

At this point, however, just as Jeff began his skilled worship of Mike’s rigid cock, with its beautiful cockhead, the network of veins up and down the shaft, the slight inward curve that the intensity of his erection imparted to it, to my amazement – and to Jeff’s shock and dismay – Mike gently pushed him away, put his hands in Jeff’s armpits and raised him up again, upright. He took Jeff’s face in his hands, gave him a firm, but deliberately brief kiss on the lips, and said, simply – though shockingly – “Later.”

With no further explanation, Mike approached the bed where I had been laying and studying their every move, only inches from where they’d stood.

Mike lay down next to me, and began kissing my face, and stroking my chest. I was extremely responsive, and returned his kisses and his strokes. Again, he was deliberate as he was sensuous. Now, with his knees between my legs and supporting his body over mine with his arms on either side of my chest, he began kissing my chest, achingly slowly, working his tongue through the whorls of fine, yellow hair. I placed my hands softly on his head, but he took a moment to take first my left hand in his hands, and put it onto the bed, and then the right, so that I was now in a spread-eagle position, and he signaled me not to move. He returned to his kissing and licking of my chest, gently, and then and my nips, one after the other, and he worked his way down my abs, licking and kissing it, through the line of fur down to my to my intensely erect cock arising from its dense blond bush. Kneeling between my legs now, he took my cock into his lips, as he threaded his fingers deeply through my pubic hair.

Presently with his left hand, he gently hefted and cupped my balls, while with his right hand he grasped my shaft, all the while working my cockhead with his lips and tongue.

This was the beginning of an epically wonderful episode, as he used his hands and his mouth slowly and knowingly to pleasure me a thousand ways it seemed. Licking and sucking, stroking and touching, blowing and nibbling, my cockhead, my shaft, my balls, my perineum, my belly, as I lay there essentially motionless, the object of his adoration and love. Had it been some beautiful stranger fellating me I might have been in ecstasy under such ministrations; but no, this was my uncle, my idol, the love of my life now carrying me to heights almost unknown. I wouldn’t have thought after all the events of the day that I could possibly have been so responsive, so hard, and that the experience could have been so intense. But it was so.

To what degree was my response due to the fact that all this was taking place mere inches in front of Jeff, the beautiful and incredibly impressive and multitalented man whom I had so recently feared? Whose urgencies Mike had deferred so shockingly – even after two long years apart – in order to give me the fellation of my life? And who now stood with tears of confusion welling in his beautiful dark eyes as he beheld the scene right before him? I have to say that at the moment I did not exactly understand what was going on, but I was awash in wild emotions of unfettered love for Mike, and yes, admiration for Jeff, and some confused but very strong feelings of gratification to know that even in his passion for Jeff, Mike made room – the best room, really – for me. I felt that I would never be forgotten or ignored by Mike, no matter what kind of distance separated us, nor regardless who else was in his life. And yet I also felt deep satisfaction at Jeff witnessing this intense episode.

When it came, my climax was almost shattering, as intense as any I could ever recall. With spasm after spasm I expelled jet after jet of semen under the irresistible actions of my uncle. My chest heaved, my limbs trembled, my face flushed, and I could not repress my shouts, “Mike, I love you, I love you, I love you, YES, YES, **YES**, as I came. And yet not a drop of cum was spilled. Mike had used strong suction along with his firm final strokes, so expertly timed, and he had taken into his mouth all my seed. When he kissed me, only a lingering scent of my cum remained on his lips.

I was spent, entirely, and felt that I could not move the tiniest muscle.

But as I lay there, both fatigued and sublimely at peace, I was extremely attentive to what was going on just a foot or two away.

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