Alice Manipulated Ch. 11


This is a bonus week Alice series Chapter 11 here and Chapter 12, a completely different story, follows within a week. Today sees tiny 21 year-old pigtails Alice role playing to turn back the clock in a fanciful threesome fantasy as a virgin high school senior student arriving home from school to be greeted by her grey-haired randy new stepfather intent on claiming her innocence. His doting but subservient wife does her best to stop him from taking the daughter into the bedroom but she unwittingly makes it a three-way flesh fest. Virgin oil works best when heated up and stirred well.

Chapter 12 following quickly afterwards for your attention and sees the hypnotherapist deviant doctor J.G. Dalliance having to handle an ill-disciplined smarty pants brat with no respect for her elders. This already sullied Sally savours giving men a hard time. She’s a sucker for punishment being expelled earlier from junior high but not before she gained top marks as the smart arse of her class. Her concerned uncle, who’s paying the bill on behalf of Sally’s frustrated parents, wants the hypnotherapist to straighten her out once and for all. To do it he must reach new heights — or is it really new lows — in his endeavours to influence the mind of a chick who thinks she doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

Chapter 11 begins here: Bi-sexual Lani has longed to make love to Alice ever since she and her erotica business partner Bernard recruited the pint-sized ultra tiny tits young woman into part-time ‘modelling’ assignments for their Companions’ Corner ‘hire a daughter’ fantasy enterprise. Alice is proving such an instant hit the business is booming and they’ve bankrolled Alice into becoming moderately wealthy for someone just turned 21. The key to her popularity is her remarkable but perceived appearance of a teen merging into womanhood, thus pleasing those who are turned on by youthful innocence rather than experience.

Bernard is anxious to get some personal experience with the baby faced adult sized walking talking barbie doll since he seduced her sensationally to an orgasm in the back cubicle of a crowded and noisy cafe. (Chapter 3) That led him to recruit her with the lure of big earnings to model her younger than springtime qualities in hot daughter-like role playing escapades for horny couples wanting to fantasise being intimate with their since grown-up daughters, relatives or neighbour siblings.

The glowing report from Alice’s very first such couple, the divorced Bruce and his live-in girlfriend , bi-sexual Beverley, made Bernard’s mouth water so much this Bernard resembled a St Bernard dog, tongue hanging out, panting. And Lani, who helped Bernard seduce Alice in the crowded cafe by easing her panties over her joggers out of sight under the table, is finally going to get a proper piece of the action.

They remain mesmerised by Alice’s eroticism. She’s very pretty with her hair in twin blonde pigtails ever since she was eight, but for a young woman just 21 she easily passes for someone almost half her age because of her baby sweet face, big nipples sitting on breasts a mere two inches off her chest, an Asian-like slim body with a small, tight butt and a smooth buff free pussy that looks like it could hardly accommodate a man’s penis. Alice’s day job boss, a doctor where she works as a receptionist, answered her call for help when she raised her concerns about her virgin young size and her fears that her pussy couldn’t cope with a man’s penis. But her doctor/employer, ever anxious to maintain a good bedside manner and please an employee, soon replaced her worried look with a big satisfying smile. (Chapter 1)

It was Alice’s doctor who convinced her not to worry so much about looking much younger than her actual years or thinking she’s too tight in the vagina because of her size. She now feels good after he told her that many men like someone of her size and description because a tight vagina reminds them of virgins and her really tiny tits reminds them of when a female moves from girl into adolescence and from there to a young woman so with her they can experience the eroticism of regaining youth and beauty at the same time.

She’s about to arrive after being briefed by Lani over the phone about what Bernard has in mind for his long-awaited sex romp with the tiny tits teaser. His imagination hasn’t stopped working overtime ever since they bumped into each other outside the cafe. That’s when all the blood in his body rushed to his head — his dick head — as he recognised her potential to please being so apologetically subservient as she squatted one knee on the pavement and one knee up in her micro mini skirt to pick up the chocolates spilt when they collided.

The trouble with Bernard is that he’s never had a daughter but he’s so smitten by Alice’s perceived young teen looks that he wants to pretend he’s her stepfather so he can ‘educate’ her with some sex lessons in his biased belief that more daddies than not are destined to dabble in some kind of dalliance with their up and coming daughters bursa escort bayan He wants to fantasise over celebrating his daughter’s last day as a virgin by announcing the immediate need for sex education by getting her out of her rather raunchy school clothes. Alice is such a good actor she should be on stage and the moment she walks in their door she will speak to them as the student just arriving home.

Bernard and Lani are waiting and he confesses his long held lust for wanting her to pretend she’s still at school. “Lani we’ve made heaps of money out of this young woman since she agreed to model for us in the Companions’ Corner, I’m amazed at how many customers out there want her above our other models with nice big tits,” he says, “I’ve got to admit she turns me on and I’m nearly three times her age.”

“Bernard you know how it is with men these days, they can’t resist a chick really tight and especially looking as young as she does. If I didn’t know her I’d swear she’s lucky to be half her age the way she puts on those innocent expressions. She should be in Hollywood.”

“Yeah but they don’t make those kind of movies there. She’s the complete package; I know you’ve briefed her to make it hard for me to take her supposed innocence today but once she gets her gear off and I see that petite figure and those big puffy nipples with virtually no tits under them I’ll find it hard to realise I’m putting it in a 21 year-old woman when she looks like something else. Just as well she enjoys playing the school student thing, it s seems to bring out the best in her imagination.”

“Well don’t overdo it darling, she’s got to be ready for her next Companions’ Corner booking this week.”

“Which one though? There were two bookings and you put one back a week so is it still old Judge Jeremiah?

“Yes darling, I don’t like the man, he gives me the creeps sitting in court passing judgement on other people and in his private life he’s just as bad as some of the people he sentences. He’s a real hypocrite if ever there was one but he’s happy to pay twice the standard rate for Alice after looking at how pretty she is with that cute face and her teeny bopper pigtails, not to mention her petite size all over. The old prick said she reminded him of his son’s daughter and so he wants Alice to pretend it’s her trying to bribe him because her boyfriend’s going before him in court over receiving stolen goods from a warehouse robbery. In any case Alice gets a $500 bonus payment on top of our fee for keeping her mouth shut about his secret fetish.” (Diary it, upcoming chapter 13, two out)

Just as they finish their coffee Alice arrives and it’s game on. She’s dressed as the schoolgirl daughter Bernard could only have wished for in his wildest wanking. Her R-rated uniform makes Lani lick her lips. The pleated tartan type tunic barely hangs at the bottom of her pelvic area, well below her hip bone and is so low across her torso that the swell from her shaved pubic bone is partly visible. The hemline falls a mere three inches below her crotch. She’s wearing her flat heel black school shoes and white socks, kid’s size opaque white nylon panties exposing bare thigh to the waistband and giving her a glorious camel toe between the lips. Her loose fitting school tie is a promotion for her apparent attitude in this outfit, dangling down over a white semi see-through long sleeve silk shirt tied at the bottom under her flat chest to show off her bare midriff and sexy navel. She tops it with her issued narrow band school hat with its fake school emblem and she walks in chewing a stick of gum, her school bag slung over her shoulder.

Bernard can’t believe his eyes and for a moment, completely forgets he’s in playtime as he looks at her stunningly sexy outfit. “Good God Alice, how did you get away with wearing that out in public? You look so hot!”

Alice drops her school bag on the floor and reminds him it’s early evening now and no one saw her coming in. “Sorry I’m late home mom and you daddy, but I had to stay back after class for talking and missed the school bus. Anyway here I am,” she says breezily giving Lani a hug and then turning to Bernard saying “I’ll have to get used to hugging you too, daddy now that you’ve just married mom.”

Her immediate interaction to his fantasy brings him the kind of inner response that shows in his outer response down below. He never minds when a good looking chick gives him a hard time. “Listen Alice, I know I married your mom only recently and I’m something like a stranger to you as your stepfather but we need to be closer. While you were at school today we had a talk about how you’re growing into a fine young woman….”

“Is it about sex again daddy? You’re still worried that I might be giving up my virginity to some boy at school? I bet that’s what it is because three times since I turned 18 two weeks ago you’ve asked me if I’m still a virgin.”

“Listen Alice your new daddy is only concerned about you not getting into trouble; if you’ve never gorukle escort had sex with anyone there are things you should know; I don’t want my new daughter getting herself into the family way while she’d just a kid.”

“Bernard, please be fair to Alice, she’s not really a kid just because she doesn’t look 18, give her a chance to express herself. She’s grown up now,” says mom Lani.

“Don’t matter Lani, at this age she’s bound to want sex with hell knows who and if he’s a kid like her with nothing to offer her but a throbbing dick and she gets a bun in the oven it’s too late to talk.”

“I won’t get pregnant daddy, I promise,” Alice says.

“That’s what they all say, all you kids are alike. Next thing you’re humping in the back seat of a car or worse, in a motel somewhere with some goofy kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing and…..”

“That’s not fair,” Lani interjects. “You should give our darling sweetheart a bit more credit than that,” she chastises.

“?addy I’ve been a good girl, I wouldn’t do that. I know I’m like all girls my age I think about sex a lot and wonder but it’s only when I go to bed at night and I’m on my own.”

“Yeah, that’s what all the pregnant daughters say, too. Nope, I don’t care what your mom says I think it’s time for us to unite and bond as a family unit and that means you have no secrets from us. It’s got to start with you getting out of those school clothes, take a shower and come to the bedroom so we can start the education.”

“Oh Bernard, not now, can’t we give Alice more time to get used to you being her new father before you do that,” Lani interjects.

“What kind of education daddy?”

“I’m glad you asked. The one they don’t give you at school, well not in the class rooms anyhow, real sex education.”

“But daddy I’m still a virgin and I don’t have any boyfriends, so I won’t do anything.”

“Alice, it’s fine for you to day that but a father owes to himself to make sure his daughter gets sex education in the home, not in the street with a stranger. No man should have sex with his daughter until he explains it to her first, besides a daughter is safe when it’s in the family, not somewhere across town. Even if you’re 18 you’re still a virgin and you’re still a kid at heart, that’s why you’re still at school. “

“Bernard when I agreed for us to marry and you move in with us you promised you would love her like your own and make her happy, now it sounds like you want to have sex with her.”

“Lani you know that’s an exaggeration. Of course I love her and want to protect her, that’s why her first should be with a loving father who really cares about her, not some kid popping bubble gum or some dirty teacher getting her after class at school. Anyway I’m not a sugar daddy for God’s sake I’m a daddy dedicated to teaching his new daughter about how to handle things that she’s going to encounter as she gets older. No, not just older, right now, she’s at the age she must be aware of certain things, her own responses and why, that’s part of it.”

“Yes, but from a man’s point of view Bernard. Do you really think she’s ready for this? I don’t think so, not with her stepfather. Don’t take her innocence away just yet, she’s not ready for that.”

“Of course she is, just look at her, any red blooded male is going to look at Alice and want her, she’s sexy without even trying to be. I don’t want her getting off on the wrong track when it comes to that.”

“Daddy, what are you talking about? Is it true you want to have sex with me in case I do it with someone else?”

“Alice, that’s not quite the point, the way your mom puts it makes it sound degrading but I think you are truly beautiful and you are damn sexy, yes I’ll admit it, I want to be the first.”

“Daddy having sex is a bit scary to me, I don’t know…” He steps over to her and his hand slides under the teasing tunic, his index finger finding the crack of her pussy lips. Alice jumps back. “Daddy! Don’t do that! It’s embarrassing!”

“There, see what I mean,” he announces. “What happens if a school student or another man does that when she’s wearing those skimpy school clothes? The way she’s dressed in that school uniform is like saying come and feel me, I’m young and delicious.”

“But daddy it’s what all the girls at school are wearing where I go. If you think this is sexy you should come along on sport days when we do gym. The one-piece leotards the school supplies are kept in our lockers like out one-piece swim suits for the swim days and boy, they leave nothing to the imagination. I look at what I see on the other girls and know I must look the same so our male teachers and sports masters must see the same when we line up in front of their table and get our marks.”

“What’s the big deal about that? he asks and Lani frowns as though it’s news to her.

“Well for a start our leotards for our two-hour gym workouts are very tight and made of a sheer kind of nylon and if I can see the other girls’ bursa merkez escort bayan pussies standing out the way the nylon hugs into them and everyone’s nipples really stick out so must all the male teachers and our sports instructors. We were told never to take them home to be washed because they get done at the school.

“We complained they were a size too small nothing happened about it. Some of us like me as soon as we get active moving about doing what we do at gym, the splits, handstands and all that, the leotards gets pulled into our vaginas so all most of them aren’t even covered. To make it worse, we have to line up in front of the sports table for our marks and teachers and instructors are sitting their behind the table at our waist height taking it all in with smiles on their faces.”

Bernard attempts to look shocked that a private school could allow the girls to be so public about their private credentials. “That’s some school we are sending you to Alice, are there any vacancies on the sports side of thing? I know a lot about fitness, look how fit I am for the over 50s,” he laughs.

“Bernard it’s no joking matter,” Lani instructs. “Please take Alice seriously. I think it’s terrible the school puts them into such revealing sports attire; I can see the whole place is run by men, not one woman on the administration. What are your swimming costumes like honey?”

“Mom, they are really nice in style, one-piece in a nice pale yellow colour like lemon with a very high cut in the hip so that between the legs they are cut narrow in such a way the swimmers just come down right against each side of our pussies and for the girls that don’t shave there, the pubic hair sticks out. The trouble is, as soon as we get in the water we come out looking almost skin colour. The sports masters must have made a mistake ordering costumes meant for sunbaking but never to be used in the water as the water washes back the colour into a skin tone and worse than the leotards, the swimmers stick tight like a second skin but it’s so see-through you’d think the school would replace them for us but they said it’s not in their budget for another two years.

“The swimsuits are a bit like the ones they used at the Beijing Olympics only those Olympic race ones just made the shape of the girls’ pussies and their cracks more noticeable when they were wet being so tightly streamlined to their bodies for speed, but our swim togs are really revealing.”

“Don’t tell me, let me guess,” he puts to Alice, “when you all line up to get your marks after you come out of the pool for your lap times how long do you have to stand in the sports instructors sitting behind the bench table? I bet it’s a long time.”

“Not really daddy but it’s only about five minutes; they have to add our times up and compare them and have a talk to us about how we stroke.” Bernard can’t help laughing at Alice’s made-up line. “Yes I bet they want to know about that!”

“Bernard, stop putting thoughts into a young girl’s mind like that; you know very well what she means,” Lani admonishes. “Anyway, I’m going to take it up with the school board about these teenagers having to wear revealing sports clothes, it’s so typical of male dominated administration. Goodness, look at sport everywhere what our female athletes are wearing, it seems they have to wear clothes emphasising their curves and crevices. Even the lesser known sport of vaulting involving those lovely trained horses the girls are wearing skin tight full length one-piece spandex with no underwear and why the officials have to see their nipples standing out, the shape of their vaginas and the obvious camel toes is a mystery to me. What’s it got to do with jumping on and off horses and running about?”

Bernard thinks it’s a cool arrangement. “Why not?” he muses. “Face the facts you two, if females don’t like being seen as sex objects why do they spend most of their lifetime doing their best to be sexually appealing to men? In my opinion females want to be looked at, they want to be adored, they want to be regarded as a sign of beauty and find me a girl or a woman who doesn’t like posing for a camera. They get turned on posing; it’s the way women are because it’s the way they want to be so it’s a thing of their own making just as much as blaming the men for looking. Lani, I tell you something, when the day comes that I don’t see beauty in a sexy figure that’s the day I’m past it all and you can book the undertaker.”

“Daddy I must admit I liked posing for the camera after school sports” Alice chips in.

“What was that for?” he asks.

“Once a season each class of girls has a picture taken after we finish in the water but they do us in groups of five so we can stands side by side and then they do one big group picture. Me being the shortest I’m always out in front.”

“I didn’t see those pictures, how come you didn’t bring them home so I can see for myself how you can see through the girl’s costumes like that?” daddy complains. Alice smiles sweetly at him. “None of us girls got to see them. The sports master told us it was unfortunate they didn’t turn out but we think the teachers shared them among each other so they ended up getting copies of every girl in the whole high school from 14 to 18 years of age as everyone in each year wore the same kind of swimsuits.”

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