Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 24

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Angie was so full, she couldn’t believe so much cum was in her womb. feeling her skin stretch and push against the surrounding buildings as more cum was pumped into her, she was as big as a house herself. As the sun was setting and night started taking its place, Angie wondered how much time passed since things became the way they are. She heard Nicky groan as another orgasm overtook her and she continued pumping cum into Angie, who suddenly felt one of the buildings around her collapse and give way to the ever-expanding belly. Her breasts were almost tiny in comparison with her midsection.

Angie looked back at the wall of flesh a few blocks away, Alene’s cock was nothing short of a colossus, its head alone much bigger than Angie’s belly, and at its tip an unimaginable stream of cum. The amounts of cum leaving Nicky’s body looked like a drop in the ocean that was leaving Alene’s body.

Angie noticed Nadia standing on the top of a nearby building that somehow managed to survive Alene’s growth. She was naked, her body was nothing short of perfect, she made her way to the edge of the building, right to the tip of the cock. “I love you Alene, I’ll never give up on you!” The woman screamed as loud as she could before planting a tiny kiss on the cock’s very tip.

A very noisy rumble was heard in the distance. Veins started appearing along the cock’s length, they were huge. Suddenly, the wall of flesh moved extremely close to Angie. At first, she thought Alene moved her cock, but as the rumbling noise became louder and moved closer a realization befell Angie, Alene grew and was going to produce her biggest cumshot yet.

“Nicky, we have to move now, or we’ll die!” Angie yelled in panic but all she heard was the deafening whoosh of millions of gallons of cum.

A Year Ago

The sun was setting on another lovely day. The waves gently caressing the warm white sands, Alene couldn’t help but smile, thinking how lucky she was. She was looking at the horizon as the half disk that is the sun slowly sank into the silent ocean and took in every passing moment. In the background the girls were chatting about something Alene couldn’t quite figure out.

“I don’t think blue ponaticols are better than a liter of ponaticols,” Nadia said. Alene turned around to look at the girls. They were resting on the sands, three beautiful, perfect ladies.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about Nadia,” protested Nicky, “Blue ponaticols don’t have 47 wings!” The girls started laughing out loud, Alene joined them, she was so happy. She moved closer to Nadia, “I love you baby,” she whispered and moved above the girl so she could mount and fuck her.

“I don’t love you,” Nadia answered, “I loved your cock, but I hate you. Now that you don’t have a cock I feel nothing for you.” As she finished speaking, Nadia and the girls melted into the scorching desert sands, Alene was alone.

“Anyone here?” she yelled, feeling the heat of the desert, “Hello!”

There was no sound, no wind or birds, just silence. It was so hot, Alene felt like she was going to faint as she made her way over the sands, not knowing where she was headed, nor for how long was she walking. “One foot in front of the other,” she kept reciting to keep herself focused, “where am I?” she wondered as she misplaced her foot and stumbled to the ground. She crushed into wetness, it was water, she needed air and so, swam to the surface. Noticing an island nearby, Alene made her way to its shore where she could rest and catch her breath.

“Hi love,” Alene heard Nadia’s voice and turned her head towards the source, Nadia was sitting on the beach, naked, her legs folded against her chest, “You ruined my life Alene.”

“I did?” Alene wondered, giving Nadia a serious look.

“You did, you gave me these massive boobs,” she said, Alene noticed her Breasts started inflating.

“What do you mean? You asked for them.” Alene resisted.

“No, I didn’t, along with this monster cock,” she opened her legs, revealing a huge cock and a pair of hefty balls, “you did this to me Alene.” Alene rubbed her eyes and when she opened them she saw that Nadia was no longer there, in her place stood Jen. The girl was nothing short of a goddess.

“You ruined my life Alene,” Jen made her way over, “And now, it’s time I ruin yours!”

Alene didn’t try to struggle or resist as Jen placed her giant cock at her entrance, she knew Jen was right, she had this coming when she started playing with the book. Her cock was almost as thick around as Alene’s waist, its tip completely concealing the tiny pussy.

Jen pushed, and Alene pushed back, the cock popped in, making Alene scream as she felt the invader starch her to inhuman proportions…

Her bedroom was frozen, she had no idea how long she was there, nor did she care. Looking out the window again to see the same thing she saw before, her three guardians, three massive orbs of cum, twisted creations of Jen. Alene’s heart suddenly filled with fear, are they even alive? She pieced herself up and made her way to the garden. The whole way she prayed to whomever is listening, “please let them be ok, please canlı bahis let them be alive.” She knew that if one of them died because of her irresponsibility she won’t be able to go on with her life.

As she reached the door to the back garden she saw the girls up close. The grass was covered with cum and each step Alene took made a squelching sound. As Alene was making her way to the closest orb, Nadia, she made so much noise walking, suddenly she heard Nadia’s voice, “who goes there?” Alene could tell the voice was broken, Nadia cried recently.

“It’s me Nadia,” Alene answered her call and started making her way around her cum filled belly.

“Alene,” Nadia yelled with joy, suddenly her voice became flat, “look what Jen did to us Alene, she did this to us…” as Alene reached Nadia, the girl broke into tears. Alene wasted no time and hugged the sobbing Nadia.

“I’m here, we’ll fix this, we’ll fix this and then we’ll go hunt Jen down-“

“No, no more, please Alene,” Nadia pleaded, “Jen said that if we undo her spell she’ll leave us alone, she said that if we don’t, she’ll come here and take us any time she feels a need to cum, please, no more… no more Alene.”

Alene let go of Nadia, she knew what she had to do, but first she had to check on Angie and Nicky. It was then that she heard their voices, “Is it you Alene?” both wondered.

Alene found Angie and Nicky back to back, “Are you ok?” she asked.

“We’ll be ok Alene,” Angie calmed her “did Jen hurt you?”

“No, I’m fine, I just have to go fix this,”

“Please Alene, stop fighting her, we always get hurt when it comes to Jen.” Nicky implored, tears in her eyes as she recalled the day Jen raped her. Angie agreed and went on to console her friend.

“No more fighting,” Alene said as she walked back into the house, “no more magic.”

Nobody spoke, silent filled the house as Alene walked up to her bedroom, took the book and sat down on her bed, looking through the pages with tear stained eyes. The night came as Alene lifted her head, she took her hands and covered her eyes, her lips silently murmured, “Nullum Factum,” she exploded into a fit of crying before falling asleep.


The bright light of day flooded the room, birds sang songs outside and the voice of children’s laughter woke Alene from her nightmarish dreams. She surveyed her room, it was clean and neat. She tried to get up from her bed but lost her balance, she looked down at her body and saw she was back to her former self, her chest was flat, and her massive cock and balls were gone, in their place was her pussy. She took a moment to get used to her new balance and got up, she noticed how much lighter she was without her breasts and cock, she felt as if a ton of bricks were lifted off her body.

As Alene made her way to the door she paused and took a deep breath before unlocking it. She headed downstairs to the living room, it was a huge room, the big screen TV was on and before it on the sofa sat three naked girls. There was no clue to what took place in this very room just a day ago.

“Hi,” Alene said in a fearful voice, understanding that this talk is going to be a rough one. The three girls didn’t speak, they just got on their feet and turned towards Alene. They too were back to their former selves. Naida’s breasts were back to the old D cup breasts which Alene envied her for all these years ago. Angie’s massive rack was also back to its former size, she was bigger than Nadia, almost twice as big, and Alene noticed she was still lactating heavily. Nicky’s rack was a nice c cup, but Alene couldn’t help but notice she kept her huge cock.

“Hi Love,” Nadia spoke first, “are you okay?”


“Are you hurt Alene?” Angie wondered.

“No…” Alene repeated, her voice took a shallow monotonic tune.

“You undid the spells love,” Nadia mentioned the fact to a motionless Alene.

“But at least we got to keep our uniqueness,” Nicky tried to lighten the mood but with no success.

Alene simply walked over to her empty couch and crushed onto it, her eyes full of tears, the girls sat down as well, and a long painful silence took over the room as Nadia turned the TV off.

“I am so sorry girls, I failed you.” Alene said and with those words she busted out crying. After a few moments she calmed down enough to regain her composure and keep talking, “It was my fault Jen raped you, it was my fault, me and my misuse of magic.” Alene said, as her tears choked her once more.

All three girls looked at each other, they were thinking of something and wanted to make sure it was the same thing. Nadia spoke first, “Alene you know I love you right? We all do. But we must face the facts the way they are, we have to call the child by its name. Jen raped us, she raped Angie, Nicky and me, and at the end of the day there is only one person responsible for that-“

Alene couldn’t hold her composure for even another second, she cried her heart out again, knowing she was the only one to blame, “I failed you, you trusted me, and I failed you girls, I don’t deserve guardians like you…”

Nadia couldn’t help bahis siteleri it, she got up and hugged Alene, it was a warm, loving hug. Angie and Nicky joined in. Nadia finished her sentence, “there is only one person responsible for that, Jen.”

The girls broke the hug and returned to their sofa, except Nadia who sat next to Alene, now that she didn’t have her endowments her couch had plenty of free space for Nadia to cuddle her.

“We talked about it Alene, we don’t blame you for what Jen did, we all love you. I just hope that now, with all the magic gone she’ll leave us alone, it was a brave move canceling your own magic just for our sake. Now could you please give us back our old assets? Angie’s breasts are too small to hold all her milk production in and its messing up the sofa.”

“No,” Alene whispered, “no more magic. It brought us so much pain, no more…” Alene paused for a moment before going on, “I won’t use magic anymore.”

“Alene,” Nadia looked deep into her lover’s brown eyes, “we respect you, and we won’t press you to do anything you don’t want, I love you Alene Raven.” And with that Nadia kissed Alene deeply.

“I love you too Alene,” Angie agreed. Nicky smiled and added, “Me as well, we all want the best for you.”

“Is… is it okay if I’ll go upstairs to sleep?” Alene wondered.

“sure love, want us to come with you?” Nadia said in a motherly voice.

“Thank you, but I want to be alone.” The girls hugged an emotionally drained Alene and sent her upstairs to her bed, where she fell into an uneasy slumber filled with nightmares and fears.


Alene woke up to the sound of a scream, it was Nadia’s. The night reigned outside, and Alene jumped out of bed, she won’t fail her guardians again, she made her way to the source of the scream, the room across the hull from her. Another moan escaped the room, this time Nicky’s. The room was one of the vacant bedrooms the house had, the girls used it when they knew there was going to be a lot of cum, but they didn’t want to ruin their own bedrooms or the living room.

Slowly, Alene turned the handle, she wanted to get the drop on Jen, the light in the room was low and the scent of apples filled Alene’s nose. She looked around, on the bed was Nicky, on her back, on top of her Nadia was moving up and down slowly, leaning above Nicky’s face was Angie’s big breasts, she was sucking on them. It took a moment for Alene to grasp what she was seeing, the girls were having sex, in that moment Angie noticed her and the girls stopped and looked at Alene.

“Are you okay love?” Nadia asked as she lifted herself off Nicky, her penis flexed in protest and ejected a massive glop of precum as it left Nadia.

“Y… Yes, I just heard you scream and thought you were in troubles…” Alene answered, a bit in shock.

“Sorry for starting without you Alene,” Angie took her sit at the side of the bed, “since you stopped your magic our bodies went back to the way they were, but our gifts stayed with us.”

Nadia tried to explain, “you know Angie’s uniqueness is her lactation, right? When she had your magic, her breasts were huge and she could store all the milk her body made.”

“We tested it while you slept,” Angie elaborated, “I make a ton of milk every day, my breasts can’t hold so much, they leak the excess.”

“Same with me,” Nicky added, “I leak cum, that’s why we have to relieve ourselves.”

Alene didn’t move, “can I watch?” she asked hesitantly.

“Sure,” Nadia said, she went back to the bed and took Nicky’s cock into her, Angie on her end placed her right nipple into Nicky’s eager mouth. Nadia moved her body skillfully along the large pole, it looked tiny compared to what the girls in this house were used to, yet Nadia went all out on it. She slowly pulled up, gently releasing it and just before the head left her pussy Nadia slammed back down, engulfing the cock. She repeated the process but every once in a while, she went into a frenzy and started moving up and down the shaft aggressively before coming herself.

Angie on her end was fingering herself as Nicky sucked on her boobs, Angie too broke into an orgasm occasionally, her free breast would spray milk on the girls and after a few moments would return to its previous leakage.

Before too long it was Nicky’s turn to unload, “here I go,” she announced. Alene knew she was a sight to behold when coming, she moved around to the front of the bed to see how she inflates Naida. The sound of cum firing deep into her lover was clearly heard, Nadia’s belly bulged ever so slightly. Alene waited for Nadia to keep growing but to her disappointment saw the cum explode out of the connection between Nadia’s pussy and Nicky’s cock, it flooded the bed and spilled to the floor.

Nicky seemed to calm down from her orgasm and Nadia released her still throbbing cock, she got off the bed and Angie took her place riding Nicky’s fuck pole. Nadia walked up to Alene, allowing the two girls to fuck.

“Are you ok?” Nadia asked Alene in a soothing voice.

“I will be, just give me some time,” Alene whispered, “what happened to you?”

Nadia bahis şirketleri was perplexed, “what do you mean?”

“I had sex with you,” Alene expressed herself, “I saw you inflate when much smaller loads went into you, but this time you just allowed Nicky cum to leave you, why? Is that a new thing?”

“We don’t have magic Alene, our bellies can’t do that anymore, I took everything I could from Nicky and the rest escaped me. Her gift is hard to handle.” Nadia explained, it was now Alene’s turn to look puzzled, “Angie and I made her cum a lot to calm her down last night, you can go and check the next room, go on, see for yourself.”

Just as Nadia finished Nicky broke out in a scream and exploded into Angie, again the poor bed flooded and even more of Nicky’s cum covered the flood, she was coming gallons.

“My turn to ride the Nicky train,” Nadia said and went to help Angie off before taking Nicky back into her love tunnel while Angie went to Alene’s side to talk.

“It’s hard taking Nicky,” Angie said, “god help me that girl is huge, you have to make sure she won’t reach your womb, hurts like hell.”

“But Angie, “Alene protested, “you took much bigger, I myself fucked you with a cock 5 times bigger than Nicky’s, you loved it when I fucked your womb.”

Angie went silent for a moment, “that was when we had magic…” Angie’s breasts exploded with a stream of milk all of a sudden and at the same time Nicky unloaded onto the bed and floor a third time, “damn milk, I can’t even walk down the street without covering them in menstrual pads to absorb the excess flow. Well, my turn.”

“Wait,” Alene stopped Angie, “how long is this going to go on?”

Nicky heard Alene and yelled, “Feels like I have about another 10 rounds in me for now.”

Angie walked over to Nicky and took positioned her shaft before slowly descending until she came to rest on top Nicky, “my arms are a bit tiered, care to help me?” she asked Nicky.

“Sure thing, bring them over,” Nicky said and pointed at Angie’s breasts. She took her right nipple in her mouth and started drinking while her other hand started squeezing the left orb, letting the milk stain the bed.

“what are they doing?” Alene wondered.

“Nicky is trying to make Angie cum,” Nadia started explaining, “you see, they both know they have a long way to go and want to conserve their strength. If Angie starts to fuck Nicky it will drain her, with no magic we can’t go forever and had to find other ways…”

Alene looked baffled, she had no idea her magic helped the girls in so many ways. Suddenly, Angie started moaning on the bed, “I’m coming, keep going, more, please more…” her mantra dragged on and on.

Nadia went on with her explanation, “now that Angie is coming, her pussy is convulsing and pulsing around Nicky, milking it, and soon enough…”

As if on que, Nicky moaned and another massive discharge of cum left her body and filled the floor, completely covering it. “shouldn’t you take her place?” Alene asked Nadia.

“No, when we fuck like this it’s better that we each take a few consecutive rounds, lets the other rest more” Nadia explained as another eruption left Nicky’s body, “this could take a while, want to go and see the room we fucked in last night?” Alene nodded yes and both girls left Angie and Nicky to have their fun.

The door to the dark room was wide open, the unmistaken aroma of sex filled Alene’s nose. “we fucked here” Nadia pointed at the bed, it was a broken shadow of how Alene remembered it, there was not a spot in the room that wasn’t covered in cum, Alene tried to turn the light to see a bit better, but they didn’t work. “Nicky broke the bulb with one of her shots,” Nadia explained.

“How long did you fuck in here Nadia?” Alene asked.

“About 2 days, why?”

Alene looked stressed, “Two days? How?”

“Right, since you fell asleep.” Nadia explained.

“I’ve been sleeping for two days?” Alene marveled, Nadia confirmed and gave Alene a big hug. “I know you’ve been through hell, we’ve all been through hell with that bitch Jen, we’ll get through it Alene, I won’t leave you, I love you.” And with that both girls kissed passionately, “cock or no cock, Alene Raven, you are the love of my life,” Nadia said.

Both girls kissed and hugged a bit longer before going back to find Nicky waiting for more, next to her rested a cum covered, panting Angie, the room was filled with cum and milk from the girls’ euphoric adventures.

“My turn,” Nadia took the initiative but before she could act Alene stopped her.

“She is my guardian, I should take care of her.” Alene said.

“Are you sure you want this Alene? I still have a couple of rounds in me.” Nicky asked.

“Yes, please let me do it, I need to do this for myself.” Alene said as she climbed the bed, her feet pressed on the soaked mattress and produced squelching sounds as she positioned herself over the cock, it looked to her like a 15 incher and she recalled Angie’s words of advice as she lowered herself onto the wet, pulsating beast. First her lower lips parted to make way for the giant head, she felt as if Nicky’s pole was burning hot as it made its way up Alene’s tunnel, before too long Alene felt what Angie talked about, as if the cock reached her end and if she went any farther it would hurt her, bad. She paused.

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