AirBNB Part 2


AirBNB Part 2
It was late the following day when I received an email from Anika with a link to my bio which she said would go live as soon as I accepted it, I looked at it with interest, the photos were very complimentary, my bio stated that I was very accommodating and easy going even stating that nothing was too much trouble, I liked it. She had me listed at £150 per night which I thought was good as she said it would cut out timewasters. Before a booking is accepted I get sent a text and email with the persons details and have to either accept or decline which was good as it eliminated surprises at the door.

I proofread my profile and thought Anika had done a great job, even giving me a five-star review, relaxed atmosphere, great company, spacious shower, comfortable bed, all the good stuff which was pleasing, obviously the profile left a little bit to the imagination but I think most people will read between the lines.
I sent back accepting the bio and within minutes it went live so now it was just a case of get on with life and play the waiting game.

I thought it would be nice to get my first guest out of the way as the first time is always difficult with each other’s expectations, I decided to have none and just go with the flow. Sound advice.

It was around lunchtime the following day when I got a text telling me an enquiry had been made, I eagerly clicked the link to get a message from a guy called Mason, he has a job interview tomorrow and wanted to stay local so he was fresh for it. From his date of birth I could see that he was just 18 and from the mandatory picture attached he looked quite sporty. He says he enjoys good company and just wanted a relaxing evening before his interview.

On the face of it he sounded ok so I hit the accept button and waited for whatever happens next, a confirmation I suppose. I was right as about 20 minutes later I got a text saying that the reservation was confirmed and Mason had been sent my details and would correspond directly.
I then got a text from Anika, ‘Yay! You got a booking, let me know how it goes x’ bless her, I replied back saying that I would.

I then got a text from Mason saying that he would arrive around 5pm and was looking forward to meeting me. I replied back saying I was looking forward to meeting him too.
I ran up to the room to make sure everything was in order and put fresh towels out, it all looked good so I went down and had a beer and watch TV and wait for Mason.

It was only when the doorbell rang that I realized I was still in my boxers and tee shirt, oh well my bio did say a relaxed atmosphere.
I opened the door and Mason stood there with his overnight bag in hand, he certainly looked better in the flesh than his picture very youthful looking and not as tall as I imagined.
I invited him in and we shook hands, he looked down at my boxers and smiled, “You operate a relaxed dress code then Frank” he said giggling, “Sorry, I totally lost track of time” I replied back with a smile.
“it’s fine” he said, “In fact my interview tomorrow is for an underwear model so it’s definitely no problem” he continued bahis firmaları and looking at his physique I think he would be a good one.

I handed him a beer and we sat in the lounge to have a quick chat, he really was a nice pleasant guy and we seemed to hit it off, I certainly felt comfortable. He told me he still lived with parents and had the same girlfriend since school, he had done some modelling before but his girlfriend didn’t really approve so he kept a lot of it quiet, his ‘secret life’ as he told me.

I showed him up to his room and he told me he wanted to take a shower and then join me in the lounge for the evening, I told him to take his time and come down when ready.
I was sitting in my chair flicking through channels when Mason appeared carrying a tin which if it contained what I thought it did then happy days and we are in for a good evening.
He certainly took the relaxed dress code seriously as he was only wearing a baggy vest and boxer briefs which as first glance hid a nice package.

He sat himself down and I handed him another beer, “You do look good on those boxers Mason, seems like you have chosen a good career path” I said to him as he sat back allowing me a better view.
He smiled as he opened his tin showing me the contents, ‘YES’ I thought as it had at least half a dozen pre rolled joints.
He smiled at me, “Good beer, good smoke and good company” he said with a smile as we lit one up each and I returned to my seat. The atmosphere was good and I was enjoying it. I told him that he was my first guest as I had just joined the site, he told me that he had never used it before and found it through a google search as he wanted to stay in town tonight.

He said he liked my bio and was looking for a relaxed evening, he liked the photos and thought we were like minded people, he didn’t want to sit alone in a hotel room so it seems it was a first for both of us.

I asked him why his girlfriend didn’t approve and he told me that she didn’t like the idea of other people looking at his package, we laughed about it and I told him I had no experience of underwear models so he offered to show me a typical shoot.
He stood up and removed his vest, Wow! He did have a good body and as he stood there my eyes were drawn to his boxers, ‘OMG’ I thought as I looked at the outline of his cock, if that think is soft now then boy is he well built.
He walked up and down the lounge and then stopped in front of me with his hands on hips and his waist was right at my eyeline, he spun around showing me his tight arse nicely proportioned inside his tight shorts and then spun round again and I was sure his bulge was getting bigger, I know mine was.

We were both giggling which I think was more the effects of the smoke than anything else, he walked back up the room and I applauded him for the private show. He looked across at me smiling,
“See how easy it is” he said, “And I get paid for it” which made us both laugh, I got up to get a refill and it was evident that I had reached a state of arousal and I think Mason saw it too.
“Why don’t you try it Frank?” tipobet he asked, I looked at him puzzled,
“Well to start with I don’t have your physique plus I am twice your age” I replied standing up and taking off my shirt, “See, oh and plus I would get a boner” as it was evident that my cock was sticking out.

Mason laughed at my openness. “Aww don’t worry about that, it happens to me too sometimes” trying to defuse the situation, “Go on, do the walk and twirl for me, let’s see how you do” he suggested giving me a wink, “Are you serious?” I questioned and he happily nodded.
I took a deep breath and walked up the room before returning to stand in front of Mason with my hands on my hips, luckily the button was done up on my boxers as it was directly in his eyeline, I spun round and could feel his eyes on my arse before turning back, I am sure my erection was bigger!

I walked back down the room to the warm applause from Mason, “Very good Frank, very good” he said as I sat back down.
He told me that it was better all round if his girlfriend didn’t know and I had to agree with him. He was very happy that I complimented him, we were both feeling the effects of the beer and smoke now.
“I have a selection of underwear with me, do you want to see a show?” he asked with a grin, I wasn’t sure if it was the drink or the smoke talking and maybe I sounded too eager with the ‘yes please’ I almost shouted but he hurriedly climbed the stairs before returning somewhat excited that he had an audience.

He walked down the end of the room and stood behind the chair while changing, I sat there in anticipation as Mason appeared wearing a pair of simple boxer shorts, he walked towards me and stood in front of me, his cock was semi as it moved underneath, he spun round to show the back before spinning back, I sat looking at how nice they looked.
He walked back and changed again and this time appeared in a rather small thong, it looked a struggle as to how he kept everything hidden. I sat on the edge of my chair as he approached and stood in front of me, ‘WOW’ is all I could think as this bulge stared me in the face, he seemed to hold the pose for ages and I wasn’t complaining as I looked at how tight his cock and balls seemed tucked inside and the more I looked I could see his cock twitching, he then spun round and I was now faced with a bare arse with just a string running up the crack, his arse was smooth with not a hair in site.

He spun around again and it was clear that his cock had grown as it was straining, he walked back telling me that he had one more to show me. He reappeared and my jaw dropped and my cock grew another inch, he walked slowly towards me in what can only be described as a see through boxer brief, they were white and sheer, nothing was left to the imagination as he stood in front of me with hands on hips, his cock was clearly visible through the sheer fabric as were his balls, he had a little pubic hair at the base of his cock but no other hair, what I was seeing was awesome and it was two inched from my face, I think Mason is teasing me as he held the tipobet güvenilir mi pose.

He spun round showing me his arse, the tightness of the fabric forcing itself up his crack. I was very tempted to just grab it but decided to refrain, he sup back around and I could see his cock was solid and at an angle so it didn’t pop out the waistband.
“See even I get erections Frank” he said giggling and I knew he could see the flagpole in my shorts.
“Yes, I see, I don’t feel so bad about mine now” I said laughing, “And they fit so well” I said as I reached out and playfully grabbed his cock, he didn’t flinch and my hand was there far too long before pulling away, “And the fabric is so soft too” I said trying to detract from the fact that I had just grabbed this boys cock, and what a nice youthful cock it was too.

He told me that they often check the fit when he does shoots so it wasn’t unusual for me to do it so I suggested that I check again, “Please do Frank” he responded and stood there facing me with hands on his hips and legs slightly apart. I got on my knees and reached forward cupping his balls squeezing them gently, the other hand took hold of his cock, I could feel the hardness through the fabric as I gently massaged it. I spun him round and this time I was able to run my fingers around the cheeks of his arse, checking every nook and cranny even running my fingers up and down his crack.

I spun him back again and put my fingers inside the waistband running it around until I made contact with the tip of his cock and I pulled it up straight so it poked out the top of the waistband, he was uncut so I gently pulled the skin back exposing the swollen head. I could feel his hands on the top of my head as I ran my fingers down the shaft before going inside the waistband and slowly pulling his pants down, his cock sprung free and nearly hit me in the face which raised a giggle but I now had this boy naked in front of me.

His cock was leaking pre-cum so I leant forward and slowly licked him clean before inserting the head into my mouth pulling his skin back with one hand and gently squeezing his balls with the other, he moaned and gripped my head as I took more of his cock into my mouth and could feel it in my throat as I took it all, I pulled out and repeated the process and the grip on my head got harder as he started to fuck my face.

I wrapped my arms around his arse squeezing his young cheeks and searching out his arsehole while Mason rammed my mouth, his balls banging against my chin. My finger found its target and I slowly pushed in which forced him forward, he started to groan as I felt him explode down my throat, OMG did this boy cum, I couldn’t swallow quick enough and could feel it dribbling out and down his shaft.
He must have done half a dozen spurts and his creamy stuff had an awesome taste and at one point I was worried he wouldn’t stop.

Finally the flow ceased and I was able to lick up the excess from the base of his cock and balls, savouring every drop. I looked up at Mason who was getting his breath back and smiled, he smiled back as his cock softened, we both had very contented looks on our faces.
In the morning over breakfast Mason thanked me for the blow job and confided that he had never sucked a cock before and was scared, I told him I totally understood and it wasn’t a problem.

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