Aiming to Please


The bar was unusually busy that saturday night as Annie sat on the bar stool in the littlest of black dresses that Ben had picked out for her.  The low cut front perfectly displayed her ample breasts and a smorgasbord of cleavage.  His hand gently touched her thigh and slowly slid up it, making her squirm in her seat.   He squeezed it softly and her eyes focused on his, watching a pretty blonde, at the other end of the bar. She knew by the gleam in his eye what he was thinking.“Mmmmm, she does look tasty,” she leaned over and whispered in his ear.“We definitely need to find out,” he said with a low growl.As the pretty young blonde got up from her seat, she watched as she walked past them and checked her out.  He tight little heart shaped ass looked perfect in the hot pink spandex dress she must of had to wiggle into.“Excuse me for a moment,” she said to Ben as she shimmied off her bar stool.“Of course, Baby,” he said with a wink.As she slowly slid up behind the hot blonde in the long line to wait for the women’s restroom, she sighed and said, “Ugh,” loud enough for her to hear.The pretty blonde turned around and said, “Sometimes I think having a pecker would be a bonus.”Annie giggled and slowly looked her up and down and said, “I don’t think it would go with that dress.”“Yeah, I’m not sure I could fit another thing into this dress,” the young blonde said holding her hands up and wiggling her hips. “It’s stunning,” Annie said with a cheeky grin. “Why thank you,” she said matching Annie’s cheeky grin.“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before,” Annie said making small talk while the line slowly moved forward.“No, I’m here on a business trip and decided to get out of the hotel room,” she said, “I’m Patty by the way,” and held out her hand to Annie.Annie took her hand and shook it softly and said, “I’m Annie.”“Nice to meet you Annie,” Patty said with a smile.When they finally made it through the line Annie invited Patty to come sit with them.            “Your husband won’t mind?” Patty asked.Annie looked at her and smiled and said, “Do you know any man that would be against sitting at a bar with two hot women?”“Good point,” Patty giggled.When they returned back to the bar, Ben got up from his stool and said, “I thought you got lost in there, Baby.”    “Yeah the downfalls of not having a pecker,” Annie giggled and looked at Patty.Ben looked at Annie and said with a chuckle, “Do I want to know what that’s about?”  “Ben this is Patty, you don’t mind if she joins us, do you?” Annie asked.“By all means, the more the merrier,” he said as he stood back and let them slide into the two empty bar stools and then motioned for the bartender. “What will it be girls?”They gave their order to the bartender and as she walked away Ben asked, “So, do I get to know about this pecker you two seemed to be so enthralled with?”Annie and Patty explained the conversation that took place in the line for the restroom. They all laughed and Ben said, “I think Annie is right, I don’t think it would fit in that dress Patty.”“I prefer peckers in me, not attached to me,” Patty said with a giggle.”I’m all for, in, myself,” Ben said with a sly grin.Annie lifted her glass from the bar and gave Ben a smile, over the rim, before taking a long sip. Another round of drinks was ordered and they had an absolutely teasing and taunting conversation between the three of them.  Annie made sure to brush her thigh against Patty’s throughout the night, which she responded positively to. The sexual tension was positively alluring and Annie knew if she reached back she’d find a hard cock behind Ben’s jeans.As the band took the stage and fired up, it got harder to have a conversation.   “Do you girls want to get out of here?” Ben asked.Both of them said, “Yes,” in unison.Ben paid the bar tab as Annie and Patty waited by the door.  He joined them and escorted them outside, “What would you girls like to do now?” He asked as they walked out into the warm summer night.“My hotel is right there if you guys want to come up,” Patty said, “I have a six pack in the room.”Annie looked at Ben and nodded her head in agreement, “Ok then, lead the way Patty,” Ben said motioning for her to go ahead.As the walked, Ben slid up next to Annie and whispered in her ear, “How are those panties?”Annie gave him a giggle and softly hip bumped him.As Patty opened the door to her room, they filed in single file.  Patty opened the small refrigerator and pulled three beers out.  Ben quickly stepped in and said, “Here I’ll get those.”  He twisted off the tops and handed one to Annie, then Patty.  He took his and walked into the room and Annie watched him survey it.  He slowly walked over and sat in a chair opposite the bed.  Annie knew that would give him the best vantage point of watching what was about to happen.As Ben settled in his seat, Annie moved towards him and as she did she brushed along the backside of Patty.  She let her breasts move slowly across Patty’s back and felt her body shiver.  She gave Ben a big smile and a playful wink.  She approached him, set her beer on the table, leaned over and kissed him passionately; giving Patty a very nice view of her ass.Ben broke their kiss and quietly whispered, “You know what to do.”Annie turned and moved slowly toward Patty.  She took the beer from her hand and set it on the counter.  She pressed herself against her and moved her hands playfully up Patty’s sides. Her lips were mere inches from Patty’s and she whispered against them, “Want to play?”Patty took a deep breath and whispered back, “Yes.”Annie moved in and kissed her lips softly.  She could feel the passion ignite in her and her tongue was aching to taste her.  As they kissed passionately, Annie grabbed the bottom of Patty’s dress and slowly pulled it over her body. She tossed Patty’s dress aside, reached up and took her sweet pert little breasts in her hands.  She caressed them softly before leaning down and taking her small pink nipple into her mouth.  A gasp escaped Patty’s mouth, her eyes closed, and her held fell back as Annie suck her sweet nipple. She heard the heavy breathing of Ben across the room and it turned her on even more. “You want to taste her, don’t you Baby,” Ben said with a low voice.“Mmmm, yes I do,” Annie moaned softly.“Get on the bed,” Ben ordered.Annie moved to the bed, pulled her dress over her head, dropped it on the floor and laid on the bed with her head closest to him.

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