Afterschool special


Afterschool specialBy williacj I went over to ms.Willan’s my former eight grade reading teacher’s house one night, we were sitting at her kitchen table going over my writing.“ms.arrington and ms smith told me you had a crush on them” she told me.”yeah,I think they’re both pretty” I told her“did you do the do with them” she asks laughing” you can tell me.” I shook my head”well I kinda did”“really?’ she asked”how was it?””it was alright” I told her.“didn’t enjoy yourself that much huh?”she asked“no not really” I replied”ms willans, I liked ms.arrington and ms.smith but I think you’re lovely and you look amazing” she laughed” why thank you sweetie” she says”I’m flattered but I kinda feel left out.”well I’m here with you now” I said.”I had fun with those two but i wanna fuck you longer and harder than them.” she backed up a bit.”really?” she replied.”well why don’t we put your writing away for now, we’ll talk on it later.”So we went into her bedroom”now sweetie” she says”you used to have a hard time understanding what you’ve read. it’s important that when you’re reading something you can understand the words and what they mean.”I reached over and rubbed her thick brown thigh.”I read the Joy of Sex” I told her.”I understand that book very well.” I leaned over and pressed my lips against hers we fell on the bed and started kissing.”you’re good at reading what a woman wants” she canlı kaçak iddaa says. I tugged at her bra unhooking it and pulled her green top up and began sucking on her plump titties she knew I wanted to see what was underneath her panties she unbuttoned her pants and I reached down and pulled them off her and threw them on the floor I took my shirt off along with my shoes and jeans.“oh hon you have a nice sized dick” she says laying on her back on the bed”open up this textbook to page one”Fuck page one I thought to myself I got on top of her and took my dick and pressed it against her fat pussy and sank deep into her pussy.”right there” she whispered I grabbed her thigh and began plunging myself into her”all the way up in there aren’t I?””uhhhhhhh ohhhhhh!” she groaned I got to taggin that pussy on that bed fuckin that fat brown pussy like I had no other plans.”damn that fucking dick is doing its fuckin job urmpfffff” she grunted. I was plungin off in her, tearin that coochie up. I planted myself on top of ms willans and started pumpin my dick in her moist coochie.”feel good to you?” I asked“umpfffff” she groaned”guckkkk guckkkkk fuck! Goddd gooodddd” this sista’s pussy was warm and sticky”guckkkkk” she mumbled”i love reading” I whispered”i’m readin your pussy and understanding it!””yes oh please you-” she stammered she dug her nails into my backside I tipobet hit that moist sweet spot”you damn it good gooood dick” she mumbled I buried my face in the pillow held her legs up and started pumpin away up in that pussy”in that coochie”I gasped”readin that textbook cynthia” I whispered I pulled it out and it had cream all over the tip.”mmm yes lord” she muttered”put it back up in that baby read that textbook so more”“turn that ass around” I demanded. She bent over on the bed and I spread her butt cheeks apart and plunged my dick back into her fat pussy”god I felt that fucking dick’ she said”ooh you’re all the way up my fuckin shit” I gripped her waist and started rammin myself into her form behind.”get up in there’” she demanded”open up that cocohie” she demanded I pulled her back against I looked down and saw ms willans big ass booty slapping against my legs.”uhhhh shit there we go look at that shit all that ass umpfff” I exclaimed I smacked her on the ass and kept fuckin her doggy style”umpfghh fucking me, shit that dick is shhhit” she mumbled” told you I love reading” I said”i may not understand what I’m reading sometimes” the textbook I was reading now had so many words in it, I was determined to read every page of her book”where’s the teacher’s edition” I whispered””you got your dick up in it” she said”it’s got all the answers in it” “Oooh ooohhhhhh tipobet giriş ooooh yes yes fuck that fat coochie” she demanded.”tear my fuckin pussy up with that dick. I grabbed her waist and bammed away in that pussy”uhhhh ms willans uhhhhh feel that shit don’t you?”“Ooohhhh ooohhh” she exclaimed “lord god uhhh you fuck me o well yes ooh yes!” man i had that sista’s fat as brown booty jigglin against my legs.”all that ass ” i muttered big ass booty!” i closed my eyes and humped away on ms willans from behind. she put her head down she was feeling the dick inside that fat cochie.”yes baby feel it, i feel you up in all of that shhh-” i looked down on that fat ass of hers “uhhh coming uhhh comin comin home comin” i mumbled as I pulled out and shook my head side to side as i erupted splattering ms willans brown ass cheeks with hot white jizz.”nut on your ass baby” i whispered”look at that, been waitin to nut on your ass for awhile”She looked back at me”i ain’t never been with one of my former students” she says”you’ve come a long way from being shy” she says”i can’t be shy when i got an ass that big bent over” i told her. i looked down at her spunk splattered booty”what about my writing? i asked her she chuckled”you write well honey, and you fuck a sista even better.” As we got dressed she told me she wanted me to come over her house again to discuss my writing in detail. I told her I’d be over again, I’m guessing the only thing I’m going to be doing over her house is burying my dick in her fat warm brown pussy, she told me she’d like to read some of my work, I’ll show her my work if I don’t work on her before that.

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