Afternoon at Mike and Mr. Kings


Afternoon at Mike and Mr. KingsMr. King stroked my little dick for a few minutes, he asked “how does that feel?”. I said it feels funny, but good. He used more lotion to keep it moist and said” I do this for Mike sometimes”. Really, I ased. Yes he said. ” sometimes he’d get hard and it would hurt, so I do this for him till he starts to feel better”. I told him I wish I had a dad to do it for me. ” not all dads do.” He said, ” most don’t want to know about it, and others know their sons play with it but don’t want to say anything”. Well I wish my mother would do it then. He said” moms are different, they think it’s naughty and boys that play with it should be punished so they’d stopI. But it’s natural, and as you get older you’re going to want to play with it even more”. aksaray escort Really? I said. Yes, he answered. I started shaking and I had a funny feeling. Mr. King bent down and kiss my forehead and asked how was that. I was confused, my heart pounded,my breathing was fast, and my head was spinning. I had a silly grin. He said time to go to bed now and picked me up. I had jelly legs walking to Mikes bedroom. When I came in Mike was already in bed. I was going to get in my bed, but Mike pulled the sheets back and said get in. I climbed in bed and laid on my side. Mike said to roll over. I rolled over facing him, closed my eyes and trying to fall asleep. I felt Mike wiggling around, then I felt him press against me. He took my hand and pulled it across his waist. escort aksaray I gave him a hug and said good night.It was still dark out when I woke up with my arm shaking and something in my hand. I looked around Mike and seen he was using my hand to pull his dick. He was still laying against me and I felt his butt. I pushed my hips forwards till my dick was pushed into his butt, and squeezed his dick. I guess I went back to sleep because when I opened my eyes the sun was up and Mike was snoring. I got up and went to the bathroom. When I came back Mike was up. He said lets go outside and play on the trampoline. I said ok. We ran out and bounced for a while till we bumped into each other. We laughed and laid on the trampoline for a few minutes. I asked Mike if he aksaray escort bayan was hard, he said yes and I said me too. I reached over and held his dick and he took mine. We started to laugh and we started bouncing around some. It was fun, we could wiggle around and shake each others dicks. After a while Mr. King called out to us it was time to eat. We ran in and sat at the table. After breakfast Mr. King said” why don’t you boys take a break. He said to sit down and watch some tv for a while.” We went to the living room and turned on the tv, found a movie and put it in the DVD player. We sat on the couch next to each other. Mr. King came in and sat next to Mike. The phone rang and Mr. King answered it. When he came back he said it was my mother and she wanted to know if I could stay one more night. I asked what did you tell her sir, he said yes I could. I got up and ran to him and hugged him. He reached down and patted my butt. “Lets go swimming boys” he said. Mike and I looked at each other and ran to the pool.

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