After a while… #1


After a while… #1After that amazing couple of days we passed together… we wrote each other every day…But because of the distance, and our activities, months passed by jerking off while chatting… we emailed each other fantasies… we even made sexy pictures… and we kept watching each other finishing thru the monitors… And then it happened… she had to come to my city because of work…I remember I was starting to date someone on my age at the moment… but that didn’t stop me ’cause for me she my hidden fantasy.I lied to my parents again… saying I have some work for the university and I have to stay with some friends for a couple of days… the same story went to my new girlfriend.We met in the reception of the hotel… she was dress in a woman suit, she looks very hot on that executive dress… even those glasses make her look so attractive! it was kind of a cold welcome anyway… she game me the chick to kiss her… I have to register myself to go with her to the room… the guy from the reception gave us some weird looks… (or maybe it was me…) some long silence… and I was concern she was going to figure my real age when I handle my ID… then… we head to the elevator.As soon as the door closed she catch my head and kissed me in such a passionate way, putting her leg up, which I catch pushing her back against the wall… the door opened… we forgot to press a number 🙂 I don’t think anyone saw us anyway… so I press 11… and we went up touching each other like if there where not enough time.We reach the 11 floor, we checked no one see us in the corridor like if we where doing something wrong… and we got into the room. It was a small business like room. A nice bed, a sofa, a little puff, a desk and a bathroom.We eat each others mouthes. I bite her lower lip just because she loves that… I couldn’t believe how well that worked… every time I was biting her lip she was trembling in a very arousing way.All her movements where carefully crafted as a very elegant business woman. I could just jerk off only looking at her… those super high heels, black tights with suspender, a very short skirt, the italian style short suit that let me see that amazing red bra… and I knew she was naked under that skirt… – We are going to play a lot today… I hope you made your homework…I didn’t know what she was talking about but gaziosmanpaşa escort I watch her walking slowly, without stoping looking at me, going to the other side of the bed…She put her luggage over the bed, and turn it around… letting all kind of sexual toys falling over the sheets…Wow! Same of then where awesome… some scary… and some I didn’t even know what they where for!One thing was for sure… she was full of surprises…She sat down on the sofa and said: Sir! Can you let me see those little boxes there? I went for the little boxes and I choose one… I open it right in front of her… to weird rings where inside… I though my dick or my balls where about to get busted there somehow… Please help me out, sir – She said… so she opened the suit, and free out one of her boobs… took one of this little rings, extend those metals from it, and pressed her nipple follow by a mmmm from her mouth… She look at me expecting me to do the same with the other one… and so I did… when I extend it I realize how strong their where… so I press her other nipple… she really look so sensual… what about this bigger box, sir? she inquire… a glass made buttplug came out of there… at this point… I didn’t know if it was for me or for her… gladly she slowly stand up, turn around, and bending towards the sofa she said… can you push it inside of me, sir?Holy moly… I took it in my hand, and putting the tip over her naked ass, I start pressing… Stronger! she said… and I really push… but her ass was dry and the plug was small but fat. I could see 1/4 of the ball in… so I was ready to try to find lub when I heard her saying… -Bring it close to my mouth, sir… So I did and she lick it and make it wet… then I tried again… Harder! she commanded… and the butt plug went all the way in till the stopper. Than she turn around, and sat over it…Please, pass me the last box there, Sir… and so I help her with this clamps with chains… I put one clamp on each vaginal lip and those chains that connected to her nipples.She stand up… She looked spectacular… don’t ask me why cause I cannot even say why it was so exiting… so she show her ass to me… -Slap it! and so I did… I have to admit it was more like a caress… -Harder! and so I slap her… I zeytinburnu escort heard the chains moving and her shaking again… -Harder! so I slap that ass over and over. What excited me wasn’t really to slap her… but how much she liked it! Than she moved from the sofa, to the bed… and with her hand spread her vagina from the chains. I was all ready to lick her or to get inside her… but she put her strict face again… -Find those Chinese balls… so I went thru the toys and I insert one by one inside her pussy. So she called me to the other side of the bed. The view was awesome… she was laying on her back, with a plug in her butt, dress but with boobs out, the skirt up, her vagina chained to her nipples, a chinese balls in her pussy… and her red lips talking to me… she pull her head out of the bed took her glasses away… open my pants… took out my cook… and start eating it… she catch me from the legs and pull to make it go deeper… I could see mi dick disappearing inside of her mouth and appearing again moving her throat… I could see my dick thru her throat! My penis was coming out red of her lip gloss. I felt so connected to her… she was gagging… was so sloppy! I catch those little chains and I pull… a little bit was enough to feel the reactions in her mouth… I bend over her till I reach her shaved pussy. While I kept fucking her mouth I lick that pussy all over. I started to pull the chinese ball out, one by one… till she squirt inside of my mouth… and of course, I finished inside of her. I love the taste of that silky salty liquid in my mouth… After that we went for a shower together. Taking all those things from her body and undressing her was exciting too… Both naked we went under the shower cleaning each others bodies. I caressed her… very delicate… noticing how hard those toys where on her… we kissed, get dry, and went to the bed where we start to explorer the rest of the toys. A nice collection of dildos, vibrators, anal toys and the most scary ones for me was a strap on and a double head dildo… Don’t get me wrong, she took me to a completely new level but at that age it was a little bit perturbing :)Her body was awesome… I loved to be in between her boobs… warm… I lick her nipples… I notice they where painful still from sultangazi escort our previous game. I put my friend in between her tits… large enough to cuddle it all… she press with her hands and start to lick the tip of my gland every time I was moving close to her mouth. Her blue eyes… When I got hard enough I connect the magic wand… I heard a lot about it but was the first time I had one in my hands… as soon as I turn it on I realize how serious this thing is… I played with it all over her body… helping her relax… when I practically cover it all… I put that thing in her pussy, playing around her clit and things when out of control… she start to yell and put her pelvis violently over the air… my mouth was open cause I was amazed! it was so intense! I though the whole hotel was going to clap after we finish! I remember I wanted to fuck her ass but I wasn’t fast enough… this thing make everything wet! the squirt was so much that I didn’t know if it was piss! I put it away and she kept shaking for a while… kind of intermittent… she didn’t have strength for a good while! we talk to each other and touch each other till I though we where going to go to sleep… so she took this double head dildo and position in a way so we both where facing the ceiling. I get a little up into my elbows to watch her… she insert part of it in her ass… and start pushing it in and out… till she felt comfortable… Then she pour loads of lub over the other end… and before I new it it was up into my ass too… -I want your cock inside too… I though… wow… that will be difficult… so she start pushing in to get closer… I tried to do the same as much as I could. Till I was close enough to the entrance of her vagina… She open it… I put it in place… and we start moving make it all the way it… I thought it wasn’t even going to be possible… but wasn’t only possible but awesome! we kept moving in strange ways until we both came. And we kept moving… till we couldn’t anymore… we tray to incorporate slowly with that flex dildo up in our asses. We manage to kiss for a while… but that thing was making so much pressure on me… Till I felt it came out… they way out is the worst for me… always getting this burning sensation… but other than that was insane… After that she start licking my ass… I really enjoy it but I might be too tired or it wasn’t enough to make me hard again. I got a lot of first time experiences with her… I took the rest of the dildo from her ass… I loved to watch it going out… then our love time came… we start talking about everything… till we felt sleep…When I wake up she wasn’t there… so I made my day waiting her her to come back…

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