Afro adventures


Afro adventuresI lived in Africa for many yrs, loved the place, the guys I worked with had a house that we all crashed at and eventually we all moved in, was a awesome time, it was very remote which ment we could go wild on weekends to which we took full advantage, one Friday evening we were stoned and one of the guys had an idea that we should go get ourselves hookers, so off we went in the company car I had , I was a little nervous and felt fucking ridiculous curb crawling to find ourselves something decent to have fun with, about to give up all off a sudden we heard HEY YOU being shouted from across the street, so we drive to we’re 3 African girls were standing and after my buddy jumped out and entered into negotiations they climbed in and we took them back home, I had no idea what they looked like as it was dark, we got home and put in some music had a spliff or two that were passing round and we started bahis şirketleri dancing and having a blast, I couldn’t help but notice one off the girls looked a little nervous and so I asked her if she would like to get some air, she said yes and we went outside, don’t ask me her name as I’m fucked if I remember but we talked and sat on the wall for a while, I couldn’t help notice she had a killer tight body and a nice set off tits, so I asked if I could kiss her and we started making out on the wall, she asked if we could go inside and as we got into the house the others were all busy with each other so we went to my room and to my surprise she just dropped her little dress off, got infront and unzipped my shorts, still stoned and fucking turned on with this sweet little African girl on her knees sucking my cock she asked if we could shower as it was damn hot and, well it seemed like a good idea, güvenilir bahis siteleri we kissed and played with each other in the shower then just ran back into my room still wet and started with each other, I didn’t have protection and nor had i paid her anything so I thought fuck it and just carried on, as we kissed she pulled me on top off her and we started to not fuck, make love!! It was amazing, she was so into the moment and so was I, she asked me to then fuck her hard from behind and as she had a great ass which she let me slap a few times I was now banging her hard from behind, she wasn’t a screamer or a heavy moaner she just said slowly then faster, she came hard while we fucked from behind, we stopped for a while to catch our breath and as the moonlight shone threw the gap in the curtains I watched her play with herself brining herself to orgasm while I kissed her bahis siteleri as she she came,She started sucking my cock and I was hard immediately as my bedroom door opened and there stood another off the girls we picked up, the guys were asleep so the other girl asked if she could watch, I quickly replied no but you can join us, the girl I was with said yea join us! I was now fucking busting to fuck so the girl who joined us laid back while the girl I was with sucked her pussy while I did her again from behind, after a couple of minutes and after they both came I swapped girls and fucked the other while she sucked on her friend, I could feel myself coming to which I said who wants my cum to both girls, the original girl I was with first said she wanted it inside her so as I got on top she started to grind up while i slid inside her and she kept moving her hips up as I fucked her, I was so hard I just shot my load inside her a she smiled and kissed me while I came hard…Little later as the original girl I was with was asleep I fucked the other girl after we went for a spliff outside, but what a fucking awesome night we had, my buddies fell asleep and missed out on a lot off fun!

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