Aelianna Dreaming Part1


Aelianna Dreaming Part1The 30’s something Aelianna was lying in the dark listening to her husband’s snoring, unable to fall asleep.She was feeling very unsettled and not even her snuggly pajamas with the bright happy clown on the front could calm her mind. Every time she closed her eyes all she saw was the words of the novel she was reading.Her best friend gave it to her with the words “Read this, maybe you will learn something”. Aelianna was annoyed with Storm at first, going from “how dare she give me this smut to read?”, to eventually relaxing and enjoying the ride the caracters in the story was taking her on, but worried about the dark fantasies they caused her to conjure up, things that no ‘good girl’ should ever think of.She never thought that she would be the kind of woman who would touch her self in a sexual manner, due to the erotic goings on in the book, after all she had a husband and c***dren, it was not something a decent lady did.She didn’t know that her husband was the one who bought the book and bribed her friend to give it to her without revealing the truth about where the book came from. You see, her husband knew that Aelianna had a wild wanton woman hidden deep inside her, and was hoping that he could get her to open up the cage and set her free.Eventually she fell asleep and started to dream in it her 18 year old self, she was wearing her school uniform sitting in the Principals office, trembling. She have never before been in any kind of troube at all, she was always teachers pet, but this morning while she was getting ready for school she decided to skip… Her best and only friend Tracy told her that she is not going to go to school today and that Aelianna was more than welcome to come to her house and visit. “Come on Alli-cat, it will be fun” her friend begged, and when she saw that was not working she told her that if she did not arrive their friendship would be over. Aelianna did not want to loose her only friend and went to Tracy’s house. Two hours later there was a knock on the door and when Tracy opened their Guidance Councillor and the Vice Principal was standing there. They told Aelianna that one of the neighbors saw her enter the house in uniform and not come out again, and phoned the school.Aelianna was lost in thougt when Mr. Cocks walked into his office. He was quite a handsome man, and many no most of the female teachers and even the majority of Grade 12 girls have tried to flirt with him, but no woman nor girl have ever caused him to bat an eye, until now…Looking at the young woman before him, his pants started to feel tight. He saw that from the top of her strawberry blonde head to the tips of her shoe covered toes everything about her shouted innocent. He cleared his throat as he was looking at her file and when she looked up at him his breath was knocked from his chest, she had the most beautiful brown eyes and the vulnerablity in them made him hard as a rock. Clearing his throat again he began “well Miss Aelianna, please explain to me why you were brought to my office”. Aelianna just sat there fighting her tears, unable to speak. When Mr. Cocks reallised that she was not going to say anything he sighed, “Aelianna skipping is one of the three offences that is cause for dismissal and before I phone your parents to discuss your punishment I would like to hear why you did it. I see that you have never done anything like this before and all your teachers tell me that your work is always on time and that your marks is such that you are well on your way to graduating with top marks in all your classes.” Aelianna went pale, or more pale than she had ever been, and then the dam burst, her tears started to flow, and before she could stop herself she started to plead with her principal “Please Mister Cocks (sob) please don’t phone my parents, please don’t expell me(sob)”He looked at the crying young woman and sat back in his chair, folding his muscled arms across his broad chest. “Aelianna, the rules are there for a reason, and you have to receive some form of punishment but because you have never been in trouble before, I am going to give you a choice as to what the punishment would be.” Wiping her nose she nodded at him and whispered illegal bahis “Thank you sir”Mr. Cocks stood up, took off his jacket and walked around his desk, and came to stand directly infront of Aelianna, when he leaned back against his desk arms again folded across his chest, something happened to Aelianna, her heart sped up and her white cotton panties suddenly started to feel a little damp, blushing bright red she looked down, unable to look him in his eyes. She knew what was happening to her and hoped that he could not see that she was getting aroused like when she secretly read those erotic stories on the internet, the ones she liked always had some form of punishment along the lines of a spanking or even a caining in them.Aelianna always imagined Mr. Cocks being the one doling out the punishment and her being the one receiving it. She would lay in her bed, running her hands all over her body, touching her coochie until stars exploded behind her eyes and she was left a panting mess, sometimes she would take the handle of her hairbrush and move it in an out of herself while rubbing her nub until she climaxed…Mr.Cocks reallised that Aelianna had started to day-dream and growled at her to look at him, with a jerk she looked up and said “sorry sir”, his slacks started to become tight again at the way she all but breathed those words.He knew that he could loose his job if the punishment he had in mind ever came out, he wanted to make a point and knew that nothing drove home a lesson to a young woman like a spanking can, and started to speak, ” Aelianna as I said I am going to give you options, it would be your choice as to what your punishment will be, Oprion 1, I call your parents, give you the letter of expultion and you go on your merry way or Option 2, a spanking, But know this young lady, should you choose option 1 no other school would accept you this late in the year and that would mean you would have to wait ’till the beginning of the next school year and repeat your grade, but if you choose option 2, the punishment can be received in the privacy of my home, no one would be any the wiser and nothing would be written in your permanent records. Think carefully, I want your answer on Thursday morning, because Friday will be your day of reconing.” Aelianna’s knees felt weak as she sat in the chair, she could not believe that her darkest secret fantasy could become a reality, with the tell tale dialted pupels she looked him dead in the eyes as she spoke up, “Mister Cocks I don’t need to think about it, I can’t afford to re-do the grade, I would loose my scollarships and bursaries for Varsity, so I choose option 2.” “Aelianna are you sure about your choice? Once you leave this office today there would be no turning back, no changing your mind and NO telling anyone, because if anyone found that I have given you a repreeve I would loose my job and you will definitly be expelled. Do you understand?” Aelianna nodded her head, and Mr. Cocks raised his brows, “Speak up, young lady, ARE YOU SURE?”, and with a confident voice she said “yes sir, I am sure and I do understand the consequinces of saying anything to anyone, what am I going to tell my friends, they know that Ms. Smith and Mr. Lieberman brought me back to school and they would want to know what my punishment would be” “All you say is that you received detention for Friday afternoon and you do not want to talk about it” with that he dismissed her from his office with a note to the teacher of her next class just as the warning bell rang.*FRIDAY AFTERNOON*Aelianna’s hands was trembling as she rang the doorbell to Mr. Cock’s home, and she started to figet with the hemn of her school uniform as she waited for her principal to open the door. After he ushered her inside and closed the front door he told her to step into his home office and again he closed his office door. Aelianna immediatly saw that there was a very un-office like piece of equipment standing in the centre of the big room, she instantly knew what it was, a padded spanking bench, it was like the kind described in many of the stories she read.”Aelianna, please go sit down in the chair infront of my desk, there are some things we need illegal bahis siteleri to discuss”. Aelianna sat down not brave enough to look her principal in the eye, as Mr. Cocks walked to the other side and sat in his chair. He moved sighlently and she almost jumped out of the chair when he next spoke, ” Aeliana, I am going to ask you one last time if you are sure about your choice in punishment, but know if you decide to continue, I am not going to be gentle, you will receive one spank for each year you have been alive and two more to drive the point of obedience home. You are to count every blow that lands and if you miss one or swear at Me, I shall start at one again. Are you sure about your choice?”Looking up at him she tries to blink away her panic and in almost a frantic whisper says” in my stories the girl that is getting punished always have a safe word, for if they can’t handle more”Mr.C was shocked to say the least, she was aware of S&M, he swallowed hard before replying “What stories?” Aelianna was blushing, praying the earth would just open up and swallow her whole, she never meant to say her thought out loud and shook her head. “AELIANNA, I HAVE ASKED YOU A QUESTION AND EXPECT AN ANSWER, DO NOT MAKE ME ASK YOU AGAIN, WHAT EVER IS SAID IN THIS OFFICE SHALL REMAIN BETWEEN US, I ASSURE YOU.” Looking at the floor she started telling him about her stories, and the more she spoke the more arroused she became, she didn’t even register that she told him how she masturbated, she eventually looked up and saw that Mr.C had a very strange look in his eye. She blushed again and looked down, He was suddenly out of his chair and standing infront of her. He lifted her chin with the pads of his fingers, looking her in the face he asked her if she was ready to begin, she nodded as she was getting up. He lead her the ten steppes over to the spanking bench, when they got there he put his hands on her shoulders “Aelianna please remove your blazer and go hang it on the hook behind the door” she did as she was asked. And when she got back Mr.C had that strange far off look on his face again.She looked down at her crisp white shirt and was shocked to see just how thin the cloth have become, and to add to her mortification the realised that she wasn’t wearing the regulation flesh tone bra but the lacy ruby red half cup one that her mom bought her as a joke for her 18th birthday two months prior. Looking up she saw Mr.C looking at her and then his hands came to her collar taking off her tie, and undoing the very most top button.With a slight tremor in his voice he said ” can’t have you passing out due to a lack of oxigen now can we?” He patted the spanking bench and filled with total dread Aelianna positioned herself the way she read the girls in her stories did. She was scared, really scared because 20 blows awaited her and unlike the girls in the stories she didn’t have a way to stop Mr.C if it became too much to handle. Just as the first trator tear slipped down her cheek Mr.C was at her face, “Aeanna, if you feel that you can not continue I wan’t you to say RED, only that word will make me stop.” Again she just nodded, “I CAN NOT HEAR YOU, WHAT DO YOU SAY WHEN YOU WANT ME TO STOP?” Her voice came out relieve clear “Yes, Mr. C”. “AND WHAT WAS THE OTHER INSTRUCTION I GAVE YOU EARLIER?” ” I…. uhm…. i have to count out every blow”, ” GOOD GIRL, NOW I AM GOING TO LIFT YOUR SKIRT AND PULL DOWN YOUR UNDERWEAR, WE CAN’T HAVE ANYTHING STOP THE PUNISHMENT FROM STICKING, NOW CAN WE?” ” y..yes Sir”.Mr.Cocks shook his head, did he imagine it or did that come out as a purr? He lifted her skirt and pull her panties over the gloriously perfect for spanking bubble butt. His plan was to just pull it down to her knees but then he saw something that changed his mind, there in the centre of her panties was a huge wet spot. He instructed her to stand and take them off completely and hand it to him . She was embarrasment was strong, but her arrousal was stronger, she wanted this, and deep in her heart of hearts she hoped that this would be the day that she finally have sex for the first time.The first swat of his hand landed and with a yowl Aelianna started counting every blow canlı bahis siteleri from His hand landing on alternate cheeks He was merciless barely giving her time to take a breath between blows … after the tenth one he spoke for the first time while gently rubbing her abused flesh, “DO YOU KNOW HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE MY LITTLE ONE? ARE YOU OKAY? SHALL I STOP?” Aelianna immediately shook her head and between her soft sobs she said “N….no Sir, i deserve every spank”.His heart swelled with pride as he was carressing her beautifully pink behind, “WELL LITTLE ONE, AS A REWARD FOR REALISING THAT YOU DESERVE YOUR PUNISHMENT I SHALL CUT THE LAST TEN SPANKS TO FIVE, HOWEVER, I SHALL NOT BE USING MY HAND BUT A RIDING CROP, BUT REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO COUNT THEM OUT”. Aelianna felt like she was going to faint when the first blow landed, it reverbarated through her whole body and straight to her pussy all at the same time, after the second blow she became aware that she desperately needed to touch her clit, and when the last one landed Mr.C said “STAY JUST AS YOU ARE, I’LL BE BACK NOW” she heard the door open and close and when she was sure he was gone she started rubbing herself, she was so close to her cum that she did not hear him return, “HMMM, I KNEW YOU ENJOYED THE SPANKING” Aelianna was mortified, Mr.C just cought het diddling herself… as she franticly tried to get up his hand was on her back, holding her in place. “I DIDN’T SAY THAT YOU CAN GET UP YET, DID I?” Blushing even deeper she shook her head no, then he explained that he was going to put something on her abused ass that would soothe the sting, and again she felt his strong yet gentle hand on her ass, and then she felt the cool lotion being drizzled over her burning ass, his hands gently rubbing it in. The longer he massaged the more her knees moved away from one another, and eventually in a sultry voice she spoke “please please put some of that soothing stuff on my cunny Sir, i am on fire and need it to stop”. Mr. Cocks was beyond hard and her words almost pushed him over the edge, he grabbed her round her waist, lifting her like she was a mere ragdoll and turned her around to face him, His voice came out gravely as he spoke, “LITTLE ONE ARE YOU 100% SURE ABOUT THIS? BECAUSE ONCE I START I AM NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO STOP, I WILL TAKE YOU HARD AND I WILL MAKE YOU MINE, ALL OF YOU WILL BE MINE AND MINE ALONE!! YOU WILL NOT DATE ANYONE ELSE, I SHALL PUT A BABY IN YOU BELLY, SO I ASK AGAIN, ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT THIS LITTLE ONE?” Aelianna have never been more sure of anything in her life and her voice was strong and clear as she spoke, ” Yes Sir, nothing would make me happier than being Yours” Mr.Cocks grabbed her blouse on each side of the opening and ripped it open buttons flying everywhere, His eyes glased over as he looked at her half exposed breasts and just as his warm lips closed round her one nipple Aelianna woke up… She sat up panting, she has never in her life had such a hot dream, then she saw her husband walking out their on suite with a broad smile on his face. She could see that he was hard and her pussy ached, “that must have been one hell of a dream my love” he said. But she just launched herself at him, pulling down his boxers and guided his throbbing cock into her mouth.Sucking him all the way to the back of her throat before pulling back. She did this over and over again ’till he gently pushed her back saying “if you carry on like that you will make me embarras myself, lie back and please allow me to return the favor.” Aelianna have never allowed hubby to eat her out, she always thought that it was dirty but tonight she was too arroused to care and the moment his tongue touched her core she clamped her legs closed and pulling his head even more close as she bucked and rode his face through her orgasm… when she finally relaxed and released him he crawled up her body kissing her as he went. Then she felt his steel rod poking at her entrance, wrapping her legs round his waist he plunged himself into her, fucking her hard making her scream out loudly that she is cumming, he could feel her hot velvety passage grip him almost impossibly hard as he too joined her in the land of cum, when his cock deflated and came out of her he fell onto his side of the bed pulling her with him, and after some tender kisses and soft carresses they both dosed off in the blissfull sleep that only happens when one is truly satisfied… To be continued..

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