Adrienne: A Love Story

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\I sit in my favorite rocking chair by the bed sipping on a glass of amaretto. The chair was a gift from my brother. He had made it for me one Christmas. I love my brother. There is something about being twins that has made us close and keeps us that way. I sit here and the smell of the ocean is on the breeze. The moonlight comes through the window and bathes my lover in its glow. I think of how beautiful she is and smile. She looks so peaceful with wisps of hair falling across her face and the blanket pulled up tight to keep her warm. I set down the drink and walk to the bed. Very carefully I crawl into bed and curl up next to my love; I brush the hair from her face and kiss her cheek. I am smiling as I lay my weary head back on the pillow and fall back to sleep.

Morning seems to come too early; the sounds of the gulls are relentless. I wonder sometimes how I ever thought that was sound I would never tire of. I turn in bed to find myself alone. I sit up. Today is Sunday. She must be downstairs. I put on my robe and head for the kitchen. The smell of coffee starts to clear my head. I definitely drank too much wine last night and the amaretto didn’t help. I am so weak when it comes to a good bottle of wine I can never stop with just a few glasses. It was such a beautiful evening though the wine never seeming to catch up with me till now. She looked so beautiful in her dress. When she smiles she can still take my breath away. I turn the corner wanting to see that smile and find myself alone. I walk to the coffee pot and see the bottle of Baileys next to my favorite cup. I pour the coffee and Baileys into my cup, take a sip. It never taste as good as when Adrienne does it. I don’t know how she does it but everything she touches always turns out good. I look for the note I know she left and don’t find one. As I look across the counter and I see her through the window coming up the drive. She is wearing the blue sundress I bought her last week. I wonder if she knows that the sun shines right through the dress and leaves little to the imagination. I know I won’t tell her. She was so happy when I gave her the dress she looked wonderful in it. She was a vision. She is a vision. I remember that she had made me so angry with her the night that I gave her the dress. I almost took it back. Her tears, my sore hand, the blood rushing to the surface of her skin turning it a bright red; I know she needs to be reminded. I smile.


“Hello Mistress I went to the bakery to get you some fresh bagels.” She is smiling as she comes over to give me a kiss on the cheek. The smile I love to see. I can smell her perfume and the freshness of her hair. I wonder how early she got up to be showered and dressed and out the door so early. I look at the clock on the wall and realize that it is already 11am. I must have been wiped out last night.

“I got your favorite bagels Mistress cinnamon raison” she cuts one in half and puts it into the toaster.

“I didn’t think it was so late….” My thoughts are cut short as she takes the coffee cup from my hand so she can make it the way I like it.

“I thought you would sleep longer Mistress. I guess the gulls woke you up”

“Yes they did.” She knows me so well.

“I like the sound of the gulls. It is like music in the mornings.” She is like a child with her love of the beach. She hands me my coffee with a smile. It is made to perfection. She takes the bagel from the toaster and spreads butter on it. I move to have a seat at the counter. She hands me the bagel, melted butter filling every nook and cranny. She puts a bagel in the toaster for herself. She comes up behind me and kisses my cheek again this time her lips linger a little longer. She pours herself some coffee, butters her bagel and comes to sit across from me at the counter.

SLAP….she whimpers “That was for last night. You embarrassed me in front of my guests.”

“Did you think that I would have had so much wine that I would forget?”

“Do you think that running to the bakery for bagels would make it up to me?”

“No Mistress” she looks down at her plate. “I know what I did was wrong but……”


“There is no but. I heard you. You said you knew it was wrong. So you willfully disobeyed me. Is that what you are saying?”

“No Mistress I would never disobey you.”

SLAP…she starts to cry.

“So tell me, what did you do?”

She comes around the counter and kneels at my feet. “I am so sorry Mistress. I was disrespectful to you and I… and… I ….” She is crying harder now.

I sip my coffee. I look down at her. “Go upstairs and wait for me”

“Yes.. yes… Mistress” she gets the words out through her sobs and hurries upstairs.

I know that she is in the room kneeling on her pillow waiting for me. The pillow sits on the floor next to the bed. From the kneeling position you can almost see the ocean through the glass doors and over the balcony. I know she isn’t trying to look out, her head is down. I had asked several times last night for her to get more coffee for our guest and she was busy talking to her friend across the room. She didn’t think to come canlı bahis şirketleri over until I had to excuse myself to my guests and stand up with coffee carafe in my hands. She came over immediately. To me it was already too late. She saw the look in my eyes. I smiled and I thanked her for taking the carafe to the kitchen to get it filled. I sat back down with my guest and continued my conversation.

How long do I make her wait? Anticipation is always the worst part. I remember getting into trouble when I was a little girl and my mother was so mad at me. She couldn’t think of anything to say except “Just wait until your father gets home.” There was this lump in my throat at hearing those words. I sat in my room and waited. That was the longest afternoon of my life. The punishment didn’t seem as bad as I had imagined it would be. All I remember was the waiting. I go outside to get the paper.

There are the usual headline about world events and political corruption nothing seems to change much. I read a story about a business merger that might affect one of my pending sales. I write down some notes and think that I need to make a few phone calls on Monday. I finish my coffee and bagel. I want more coffee but never like the way I make it. I put down the paper and look to the stairs.

Part 3

I walk over to the bottom of the stairs and look up. I know she quietly waits for me. I start walking up the stairs and the third step from the top squeaks, it always does. It is very quiet in the house I know she can hear me on the stairs and now knows just how close I am. I stop at the entrance to my room. She is there with her back to the door. She kneels naked on her pillow, her skin is flawless. I could never mark that skin. I know she feels me staring at her. I see her tense ever so slightly. I still remember the first time we met. She was a free spirit with fire in her eyes. I never wanted to extinguish the flame that burned so brightly in those eyes. I wanted to tame it, control it, and make it mine. She was a challenge. I saw in her what she never saw. She wanted to be controlled she needed to be controlled she denied this in herself. How many times did I see the mischief in her eyes and want to smile at what she did? She was the little girl trying to get her mothers attention. I was the mother wanting to laugh at her but knowing that she needs to be punished for what she did. She needed to learn.

I wonder if the anticipation has been building. I step into the room. I sit in the chair in the corner. My robe falls open. I look at her and through her hair I see that her eyes are closed and her hands are in her lap. She is biting her lower lip.

“Adrienne.” She tenses at the sound of my voice.

“Yes Mistress” she says in a small voice. She keeps her head down and her eyes closed.

I take my time. I watch her. Her breath is starting to quicken. I see her skin flush. Her hands squeeze her thighs ever so slightly. She is beautiful.

“Adrienne, look at me.” Her head rises and turns to face me, her eyes are moist with tears and have a longing in them. She wants my forgiveness. She wants my approval. She wants to make me happy.

“Come to me dear.”

“Yes Mistress” she whispers. She starts to crawl over to me. Her supple body moves like poetry. She is a dancer who only dances only for me. She moves slowly. I don’t mind. She comes to me with her head down and kneels at my feet. I look at her; her chestnut hair catches the light coming through the windows. I am tempted to run my fingers through it. I lean forward and stop I can smell the fragrance of her perfume. She is wearing my favorite. I wonder if she put it on when she came upstairs.


“Yes Mistress.” She says quickly as my voice has taken her by surprise.

“You know I don’t like to have to punish you.”

“I know Mistress”

I really don’t want to punish her. To me she is a small child who needs my protection. She needs to be taken care of. She needs to feel safe. I know that for her to feel these things she needs to know there are rules and that breaking the rules has consequences. I lift her head to look at her. Her tears have streaked down her face and her eyes are red from crying. There is a sadness to her eyes. She hasn’t been crying from the slaps to the face that turned her cheeks red; she cries because she has disappointed me, she cries from being sad. She wants my forgiveness. I look at her and motion her to lie across my lap.

Part 4

She slowly lies across my lap. I feel her body against my bare legs. I just look at her lying there. Her beautiful skin, the flare of her hips, the arch of her back, I notice the wetness between my legs for the first time. God how she does excites me. I lightly trace the line of her spine from her between her shoulders to the small of her back. She tenses ever so slightly at my touch. I run my fingers over her ass ever so lightly and down the back of her legs. She shivers, her skin comes alive; goose bumps they’re one of my favorites. Do I touch her there? I know she is wet. I can smell her. My hand lingers on her flesh.


I canlı kaçak iddaa feel the stinging in my hand and hear her whimper. She jumped ever so slightly at the sudden pain she feels. I see the mark my hand has left.


“Yes Mistress.”


My hand rises and falls again. She doesn’t move at all this time. I hear the faint sound of her sudden exhale.

“Do you know why I am punishing you?”

“Yes Mistress.”


The sound of my hand falling fills the room. The blood is starting to rise to the surface; a pale shade of red. Still she doesn’t move, her breath coming in short burst.

“Tell me then.” I say very calmly.

“I was not paying attention to my Mistress.”


“And what else.”

SLAP. She starts to cry.

“Please Mistress I am sorry.”

SLAP. I see the redness in her skin becoming more pronounced. She is crying louder.

“Tell me why you are being punished Adrienne”

“I was not attentive to my Mistress’s needs”

SLAP. She starts to squirm. She is unconsciously rubbing her legs together.

“I want you to tell me why I am punishing you Adrienne.” I raise my voice as I spank her even harder. My hand begins to hurt. She is rubbing her thighs together and is pressing against my leg. I am getting wetter. She is crying uncontrollably. She is sobbing. She needs this, she wants this.


“Tell me Adrienne I want to know”


“Tell me.”


“Tell me now Adrienne” I yell at her.


“Because you love me Mistress.” she almost screams the words, she says them just as my hand is about to fall. Through her tears and sobbing she has said the words I am waiting to hear.

“Yes dear, because I love you.” I speak in a whisper in her ear. My hand softly caresses her red skin and slips between her thighs. I touch her. I feel her wetness and she explodes. Her body wracked by tears and crying and then by her orgasm she falls from my lap onto the floor.

She lies on the floor at my feet trying to get her strength back. I am touching myself. She slowly rises and kneels before me laying her head in my lap. I feel the moistness of her cheeks against my skin. I lift her head and look at her face and I kiss the tears away. “Yes dear I do love you”

“I love you Mistress.” I see it in her eyes the love she professes to me through the tears that are still falling.

“I know you do my sweet Adrienne” and I do know this.

I take my fingers that have been between my legs and offer it to her. She gently sucks on my fingers. I lead her to the bed.

Part 5

My robe falls to the floor as I pull her into the bed and she falls on top of me. I feel the warmth of her body against mine, I feel her wetness against my leg. Our mouths meet and I taste myself on her lips. Her lips are so soft. I close my eyes; I want only to think about how her lips feel; the passion and hunger of her kisses, the desire. My hands run through her hair as we kiss I pull her mouth to me. We stop kissing; we need to breathe. As our lips part I look into her eyes. I wonder if she sees my love for her in my eyes. I do so love her. I know that I cannot hide what I feel from her. She smiles at me she sees so much in me. Her kisses find their way to my neck and shoulders. Her hand roams my body touching me, caressing me. I feel her breath on my nipples. I arch my back, my stomach quivers with her touch as she continues to trace circles with her fingers. I feel the softness of her kisses as they cross my belly I am already raising my hips in anticipation. She is going slowly. Her fingers lightly play with me I can feel how wet I am through her touch. God how much I want this, she has already brought me to edge. Her mouth captures me in its warm embrace. I start to tremble, I pull her close, my eyes close tight, my heart races, my breath quickens, my body tenses, I scream, and I am washed away. I try to regain my breathing as Adrienne comes up to lie next to me. She is brushing the hair from my face; she traces the outline of my lips with her finger. I keep my eyes closed. She lays her head on my shoulder and I wrap my arm around her.

“I love you Mistress.”

“I know” I breathe the words out as I am still recovering. “I love you my dear sweet Adrienne”

I wake up a few hours later. I was still recovering from all the wine I drank last night. Adrienne is still next me; I don’t think she ever moved from my side. “Hello baby” She gives me a squeeze and snuggles in closer. “Have you been awake the whole time hon?”

“Yes Mistress. I needed to be close to you. I wanted to be close to you. I love you so much. I am so sorry that I disappointed you last night. I don’t like when you are angry with me.” Her hand is playing with my hair

“I am not angry with you.” I hug her and pull her close. “I love you too dear.” She is so sweet, so vulnerable. I wonder if I am too hard on her at times. Was it so bad what she did last night? I question myself. No, I need to be this way; she needs this, I need this. She needs for me to be strong. She has given herself to canlı kaçak bahis me and I have accepted. I think now is the time to show her what she means to me. “I have something for you dear.”

“You do Mistress. What is it?” Her excitement makes me smile.

“Sit up baby.” We both sit up in the bed. She is smiling, her face bright with anticipation. “Close your eyes dear.” I climb out of bed and go over to my dresser. There in my jewelry box I find what I had placed in there weeks ago. I had gone to 4 different jewelry stores to find just the right one. I had carefully picked it out, it had to be perfect. I didn’t care about the price; I had to have this one. The man had told me it was from an estate sale it was an antique. The man tried to tell me all about it but I wasn’t listening all I knew was that I had to have it. I brought it home and waited for just the right time to give it to her. I knew this was the right time. I carefully took it out of its box. Antique silver beautifully engraved. I had never seen such a locket before it was one of a kind. I had taken several strands of my hair and placed them inside. I sat back on the bed. “Now keep your eyes shut you.”

“Yes Mistress.” Her voice was anxious. She was smiling. I carefully put it around her neck and closed the clasp. It hung between her breasts a perfect place for it, close to her heart.

“Open your eyes dear.” She did and immediately took it in her hands. She smiled her whole face lighting up.

“It is beautiful Mistress. I love it.” She throws her arms around me and squeezes me hard. She let go and held it in her hands again.

“Open it dear.” She is still smiling. I love that smile.

“Mistress… are these…..”

“Yes dear. It’s a little something of me for you to have and hold close to your heart.” She smiles even bigger. “This will tell everyone that sees it that you belong to me.” “Mistress I love it. I will never take it off. You are so good to me. I don’t know what to say. I… I…’ I hold my finger to her lips to make her stop talking.

“I am glad that you like it. It will always be yours.” She throws her arms around me and knocks me over on the bed. She kisses me over and over again. She gets up to go look at herself in the mirror. She is smiling; I am smiling. I couldn’t be happier.
Part 6

The following weekend we had reservations for dinner at our favorite restaurant. Adrienne and I went shopping for a new outfit for the evening. We went to our favorite dress shop down on the boulevard the shop always has the cutest dresses. We always find something that looks wonderful on Adrienne. We picked out several outfits and she goes off to try them on. The first thing she comes out with is a blouse that you can easily see right through and a lightweight springy skirt that comes just above the knee. Her next outfit is a shear dress that is made to have a slip worn with it. She is constantly smiling and looking right at me. She knows she looks good in the outfits and knows how much she is teasing me. I smile back at her with a knowing smile that tells her she will get hers later. The last outfit is a little black cocktail dress that barely covers her ass. She gives me a little wiggle as she parades it in front of me. I buy all three of the outfits. I couldn’t resist how good she looked in them all. Our next stop is to the shoe store.

‘Adrienne you are such a little tease dear”

“Yes Mistress” she giggles.

We enter the shoe store to find a young man working there. He isn’t very busy and walks right up to us and says hello.

“How can I help you two lovely ladies today?”

“We need a couple of pairs of shoes for this young lady here.” Adrienne smiles, I can see he is taken with her. I pick out the shoes for her to try on. A pair for every outfit we have bought. She sits in a chair the young man hurries to the back to get the shoes for her to try. He comes back smiling and sits in front of Adrienne lifting her foot to the stool that he now occupies. I think that he lifts her leg just a little too high. I rest my hand on Adrienne’s thigh and inch her dress up just a little. Adrienne covers my hand with hers in a silent protest. I look at her and she moves her hands to the arm of the chair. I slide my hand between her legs and run my hand along the inside of her thighs. None of this goes unnoticed by the boy sitting in front of us. Adrienne quickly stands up to try the fit of the shoes. She is happy to be standing with her skirt covering her legs again.

“They look wonderful dear.” The salesman quickly agrees with me as I see him attempt to adjust a growing problem in his pants.

“I love them Mistr…..Miss T.” She stumbles with my name. I have told her that she should call me Miss T in public. Some people wouldn’t understand the special relationship we share. She sits back down in her chair straightening her skirt as she sits and I quickly put my hand back to her thigh but just a little higher than before. I feel the warmth of her skin as I slide my hand even higher. The young salesman is taking his time in getting the next pair of shoes on her feet. He drops the next box of shoes as I pull Adrienne legs slightly apart. I look at Adrienne and she is blushing, turning her head away from the young man. I can smell her light scent as she starts to get excited. The young man gets the next pair of shoes on her feet and she stands quickly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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