Abducting Mom Ch. 02

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Two weeks ago my buddy Steve and I kidnapped my mom. We took her back to his place and, while keeping the location and our identities hidden, fucked her for the better part of three days. Before the end of the first day she was begging us to make her cum. By the end of the third day she was begging us to fuck her more.

Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed fucking her and that righteous body of hers. My fat cock fit quite nicely between those firm, fat tits of hers. Steve loved having those long legs wrapped around his neck. Her long blonde hair was sexy falling out of the mask she wore almost the entire time. Her cunt and her ass were still as tight as a teenagers, and she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

I’d been reliving those three days in my mind ever since. It was good beat off material. I was surprised to learn that she had been reliving them also.

I was strolling past my parents’ bedroom door when I spotted something out of place on her bed. I had seen it in Mom’s hands on occasion, reading it like a book before she’d go to bed. I had never seen it out in the open like this. I looked around making sure the coast was clear. Mom had left for the racquet club a couple of hours ago and Dad was out of town, as usual. Now was my chance.

It was her private journal! I thought only teenage girls kept a diary. I scanned through the pages. “Bob’s out of town again.” “Rafael and I worked out my forehand today. God he’s sexy!” “Mexico was beautiful.” Blah blah. I wonder…

I flipped to the back of the book. There it was, her first entry after the abduction.

“Tuesday I was kidnapped at gunpoint! Two masked men took me somewhere and raped me! Raped me for almost 3 days!” It went on to describe in general the events of those three days without going into any real specifics. There were several mentions of how horrifying the experience was.

Over the next few entries she got more explicit about what unfolded. “The one with the deep, gravely voice made me perform oral sex on him during the drive. His penis was so big! He reached orgasm in my mouth and made me swallow it. It was thick and salty.” “They tied me up with a chain and hung it from the ceiling. Then they raped me both anally and vaginally. They both orgasmed while they raped me anally.”

As the entries went from one day to the next they got more explicit. “After several hours of fucking my pussy, ass, and mouth, they had orgasmed several times. Sometimes inside of me, sometimes on me. But they wouldn’t let me orgasm. They finally allowed me to orgasm after I begged them to. I can’t believe I begged these men to fuck me until I orgasmed! How can that be?!”

Then there were the most recent entries. “They called me a slut. A cunt. I begged them to fuck my ass and my pussy with their big, fat cocks. I wanted to swallow their cum. They fucked me with dildos and vibrators. I can’t stop thinking about it! Maybe it’s true. Maybe I am a slut, just like they said.” “I’d forgotten how good it felt to have a big, fat, young cock fuck me good and hard. I can’t stop thinking about it! Where can I get more? I’m getting wet just thinking about a fat cock in my ass. I’m going to use one of the dildos they gave me and fuck myself right now. I hope I hope I don’t scream when I cum! Goodnight!”

Holy shit! She wants more! I thought. I felt a wicked grin cross my face. I can make that happen.


I left the back door unlocked before I went to bed. When I passed Mom and Dad’s bedroom on the way to mine, Mom was already in bed writing in her journal. I stopped at her door and we talked a little about each other’s plans for the following day. We each told the other that we loved the other and then said goodnight.

Around 1 in the morning, Dana awoke to a flash of pain and stars in front of her eyes in the darkness. She grabbed her cheek where the pain originated.

“Wakey, wakey, slut.”

That voice. It’s so… Dana gasped. It’s one of the men who kidnapped me! Fright gripped her body as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. A familiar frame stood before her dressed in black from head to toe. She yanked the covers up to her chin. Fright gripped her body. “Wha…wha…how…what are you doing here?! What do you want?!”

It was Steve. He chuckled. “You were such a good fuck I thought I’d go for another round. Did you miss me?”

Dana saw the shimmer of the moonlight coming through her bedroom window dance off the shiny metal of the handcuffs Steve was holding up in one hand and the gun in the other. She went wet between her legs.

“No! No!” She leaned away from him while she fought the urge to lean into him.

“C’mon now, don’t be that way. We’ll make the same deal as before. Play nice and you won’t get hurt. Don’t play nice…well, let’s not think about that.”

“No! Please!” Her mind screamed Yes! Yes!

“C’mon. Put this on and hold out your arms like a good girl.”

The familiar leather hood landed in her lap. “No! Really! You don’t have to casino oyna do that again. I’ll…I’ll…I’ll do whatever you want. But you don’t have to do that.”

Steve shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah, I kinda really do.” He waved the gun at her. “C’mon, let’s go.”

She paused before she slipped the hood over her head. The room went pitch dark behind the mask. She held out her arms. The cold metal slapped across her wrists. Steve tied a thin rope around the chain the held the cuffs together, then tied the rope to a thick wooden rod that ran from one side of the headboard to the other, raising her hands above her head in a familiar position. Her body grew warm.

Steve peeled of his black ski mask and smiled. Dana jumped when he ripped the sheets off her body and threw them onto the floor. The cool air raced across her body that was getting hotter by the minute.

Steve looked down at her night shirt clad torso. He could see her gumdrop-size nipples poking through the thin material. Dana gasped when Steve roughly grabbed her breast.

“Oh yeah, there it is. I haven’t been able to get this fuckin’ body out of my head.”

He continued to grope her ample chest for a few moments. Soon the room was filled with the sound of her night shirt being torn wide open. “There’s those tits I’ve missed so much,” he said as he pawed at the bared flesh.

Then she heard the sound of a zipper. “Okay, slut, time to suck dick.”

He pulled her head to the edge of the bed and shoved the swollen head of his thick member into her hungry mouth. The tip slammed against the entrance to her throat. Her lips clamped down on the throbbing pole as he started to slide it between her lips. The taste was familiar. She sucked harder.

“Oh yeah, I see you haven’t forgotten how to suck cock. Let’s see if you can still take it down your throat.”

He slammed the tip into the back of her mouth several times. He pulled her head into him and held it there until she gagged. Then, finally, it slipped through and into her throat.

Steve’s head flew back. “Oh fuuuuuuuuck! That’s it! Take me down your throat, you fucking deepthroating bitch!” Now that he had accomplished that, he removed one hand from the back of her head. Once again, he grabbed her 38 specials with his beefy heads. Dana gave a muffled moan. “Goddamn, you’ve got some great fucking tits, bitch,” Steve said as he thrust his hips into her face. He finally released her tits from his grip and slid his hand across her taut stomach. Dana’s heart raced. He slipped his hand under the tiny thong underwear and chuckled. “Goddamn, look at you! You’re fucking soaked down here, you fucking slut!”

She knew it was true. The more she sucked his cock, the wetter she got. She parted her legs to invite him in.

Steve flicked at her raging clit. Dana gave a muffled squeal. He rubbed her swollen cunt lips. Dana moaned “Mmmmmm! Mmmmhmmm!” Steve smiled just before he slipped a thick finger into her aching slit. Dana gave a long, low, guttural groan. Her hips lifted and pressed against his palm.

Steve’s calloused finger slid in and out of her gash in sync with his cock sliding in and out of her face. Her body was on fire. His cock throbbed in her throat. His stabs into her pussy began to stutter, as did his pumps into her throat. His grip on the back of her head tightened.

“Mmmmm, fuck! I’m gonna cum down your grrrrrrr throat! And you’re gonna take it all!”

Dana nodded her head as best as she could with his pole stuffing her face. “Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmmhmmmm!”

He pulled her tight and thrust his hips forward. He balls slapped on her chin when he buried his throbbing cock down her throat.


He held her tight while he exploded in her mouth. She felt his thick, hot cum shoot down her throat. The force was so great she didn’t need to swallow. Her airways were clogged with cock and cum. She soon began to cough and gag while her body begged for air. Bubbles of cum began to seep out between the seal created by her lips.

Steve finally released his grip. Her head snapped back. Her massive chest heaved gasping for air. “Goddamn, you’re a good little cocksucker,” he panted. Then he went back to work on her quivering cunt.

He pumped his finger in and out like a piston. Dana began to moan and lift her hips into his hand.

Steve chuckled. “You like that, slut? You like me fucking your nasty cunt with my hand.”

Her body squirmed on the bed. “Yes! Yes! God forgive me, yes!”

Steve guffawed. “Ha ha! Fuckin’ slut! I’m gonna fuck you like a $2 whore all fucking night!”

“Yes! Yes! I want you to fuck me with that fat cock!” Steve felt her pussy convulsing. He jammed a second finger into her snatch. Her back arched. “Oh fuck!” she screamed. Her body was blazing hot. Two locomotives were racing up her thighs headed for a collision course. Steve raised his thumb and pressed her love button. Her body nearly levitated off the bed. “Ohmagawwwwwd!”

Just as quickly as he had slot oyna started, he pulled his hand away.

“What?! What?! What’re you doing?” she shouted.

“Not so fast, slut,” Steve growled. “Beg for it. Beg me to let you cum. Or I’ll fuck you all night and cover you in cum. But you won’t cum once. You know it’s true. Unless you beg me. Beg me to let you cum, slut.”

She did know it was true. This man and his partner had fucked her for hours that first day of her captivity. Not once did they allow her to reach orgasm, while they did multiple times. It was a cruel torture. One she had no desire to go through again.

“Yes! Yes! Please make me cum! God yes, make me cum like the slut that I am!”

Steve chuckled and slammed his rough finger back into her aching hole. He pressed her enraged clit again. She screamed and arched her back. “That’s it slut! Cum for me! Show me how a cheap whore cums!”

“Oh gawd! Oh gawd! Don’t stop! Ohmyfuckinggawd! Yes! Yes! Yaaaaaaas!”

Her snapper clamped down onto Steve’s fingers while her body thrashed wildly on the bed. She begged him not to stop. She cursed the heavens. It was the best orgasm she’d had since her capture two weeks ago.

Her body finally collapsed into the bed. Steve withdrew his soaked fingers and pressed them against her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked on his digits like they were the most delicious popsicles she’d ever tasted.

I came around the corner and entered the darkened bedroom. “What the fuck is going on here?! Jesus Christ!” I paused. I had to act surprised at the sight of this intruder in our home. “What the fuck?! Who the fuck are you?!”

I could see the glimmer in Steve’s eyes. “Hey there, junior. Decided the join the party huh?”

Mom panicked. “Mark! Run! Run! He’s got a gun!”

I grinned back at Steve. “Motherfucker!”

We mock wrestled for a few moments, struggling to moan and curse each other instead of laugh. Finally, after several moments, with my mother screaming the entire time, Steve “defeated” me.

“Fuck! Fine. Fucker. What do you want?” I said in a defeated tone.

Steve gave an evil laugh. “Well, we’re gonna have some fun tonight. And you’re both gonna do exactly as I say or one of you gets a bullet in their brain. Got it?” He paused. “Okay, junior, strip.”

“Wha…wha…what are you doing?! Why are you making him take his clothes off?!” Little did she know I was already half naked before he even asked.

“We’re gonna show junior here just what a cum slut his mother is. And by the looks of it, junior can’t wait. Goddamn, boy! Do you pound nails with that fat fuckin’ pecker?!” I had to keep from laughing.

“No!” Mom screamed. “You sick sonofabitch!”

When Steve stopped laughing he said, “Speaking of sonofabitch, c’mon junior, you son of a fucking bitch, go on, fuck your momma’s slut mouth.”

“No no no!” she screamed while she shook her head side to side.

I grinned as I took the few steps to the side of the bed. “It’s okay, Mom. Let’s just do what he says and get this over with.”

She began to whimper. “O-o-okay. O-o-gaaaaa.”

Her mouth was filled with my thick, long man meat before she could finish agreeing. I began to slowly slide my pole in and out of her lips. It only took a few pumps before her lips were clamped around it. I grabbed the back of her head and pumped harder.

My God! He’s so much bigger than his father! she thought to herself while my cock slid in and out of her face. It’s almost the same size as…and the same taste as…noooooo, it’s a coincidence.

My cock slid into her throat. “Oh fuck, Mom! You…you…fuck! You took it all!” I said while my balls slapped on her chin.

She was so lost in the feeling of pleasuring me and her own slurps she didn’t hear Steve mutter, “I sent some souvenirs home with her. I’ll bet she kept that shit, fuckin’ slut. Hmmmmm.” I pointed under the bed. Steve smiled and nodded. Soon he pulled a box from under the bed and opened it. “I knew it! Fucking slut!” He held up the massive rubber dildo we had used last time. She’d apparently used it since, or at least kept it just in case. “Let’s see if it still fits.”

Her legs parted willingly when she felt the touch of his hand on her thighs. He slid the veiny dildo along her silky smooth skin. Mom gasped when the cool rubber touched the puffy lips of her hot cunt. She quickly forgot about it when my hand roughly grabbed her breast and tweaked an erect nipple. Steve pressed the head against her. She parted her legs further. He pushed again. She gave a long, loud moan when the husky knife cut through her flesh.

He guffawed when the base smacked against her body. “Ha ha ha! Look at that, junior! Your mother’s cunt just swallowed that whole fuckin’ thing! Ha ha ha!”

He began to slide the rubbery phallus in and out of her slit in sync with my cock in and out of her throat. Her suction became increasingly stronger. Her body grew hotter with each stab. My thighs began to tighten. canlı casino siteleri

“Oh fuck! Mom! Mom! Grrrrrrr…you’re…you’re…you’re gonna make me cum!”

She nodded her head. “Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmmhmmm!”

“Make sure she swallows it all, too, goddammit!” Steve commanded while he continued to stab her throbbing slit.

“Cumming! Cumming! Gaaaaaaa!”

She felt the thick, salty liquid pour down the back of her throat with each throb of my thick muscle. She had a flash back to the nights she had been held captive. That taste! It tastes…just like…no, that’s impossible!

I finally finished dumping my load down her throat and pulled out. A trail of cum slid down the side of her leather mask. “Jesus Christ, Mom, that was fucking amazing!” I panted as I backed away.

“She can suck dick, can’t she?” Steve admired. “Fuck, man, watchin’ your mom suck your cock gave me a hard on. Here, junior, fuck your mom with this fuckin’ thing,” he said nodding at the dildo sticking out of her pussy. “Oh, and I found this, too.” He held up the rod of anal beads we had used two weeks ago. “Shove this thing up her ass. She loves getting fucked in the ass, don’t you, slut?”

She shook her head side to side. “No! No! That’s not true!” She knew she was lying.

“While you do that, I’m gonna fuck these titties,” Steve said as he climbed on board and straddled her chest.

I touched the tip of the rod to her puckered asshole. Her body shivered. “You’d better relax, Mom, or this is gonna hurt like a motherfucker,” I said with a smile.

“No! Please…” she begged.

I pressed the rod. Suddenly, her rear gate flew open. The rod of beads slid through. It felt like a car going over speed bumps to her ass with each bead. Every round bead grew bigger as it disappeared into her. Her head leaned back into the pillow while she gave a loud moan.

Steve slapped his rod into the sweat-soaked crevice between her large, fleshy mounds. He grabbed them on each side and squeezed them together, enveloping his meat between them.

“Oh fuck yeah! Just like I remember!” Steve called out.

Steve began to pump his hips and fuck her tits with gusto while I began to aggressively slide to the pieces of plastic in and out of her holes. It wasn’t long before her body began to tighten. Her handcuffed hands balled into fists.

“Oh God! Oh God! Mmmmmmm, don’t stop! Ohmagawd!” she cried out.

Steve gave an evil laugh. “Look at your fuckin’ slut mom! She’s gonna cum while you fuck her shit with dildos! That’s it, slut, show your son what a fuckin’ whore you are!”

The two foreign objects became increasingly harder to insert. Her muscles clamped down on them more and more with each thrust.

“Yes! Yes! Ohmagawd, yes! That’s it! That’s it! Uhhhhhgggggg!” Her body convulsed while electricity shot through her body. She screamed and cried and begged me not to stop filling her holes.

After what seemed like an hour, her body finally settled into the bed. But I continued to abuse her holes. “Oh God! Oh…shit! Oh…please…ohhhhhhh…stop…” she panted.

I pulled the dildo out of her slit but left the rod of beads stuck in her ass. The dildo glistened in the moonlight that was streaming through the bedroom window.

“Fuck, Mom! Watching you cum like that gave me a hard on. I think…I think…fuck, he’s pointing the gun at me! I think I’m gonna have to fuck you,” I announced, trying not to sound gleeful.

“Hell yeah!” Steve shouted while he continued to fuck her fun bags. “Fuck that nasty cunt!”

“No! Mark! Please! Don’t!”

“No, Mom, I have to or he’ll shoot me.” I could barely contain my laugh.

She yelped when I shoved the rod of anal beads into her ass as far as I could. I climbed onto the bed and slid between her legs. I lifted her hips and touched my massive log to her still trembling cunt lips.

“Oh God! Mark! No!” she cried out.

“Fuck this bitch!” Steve commanded.

“See Mom? I have to.”

I pushed my hips forward. My bulbous head easily slid through her puffy gates. They felt like velvet wrapping around my rod. I slid forward until I was balls deep.

“Ohhhhhh fuck, Mom! You’re so tight!”

“Oh gaaaawwwwdddd!” she moaned during my entire slide in.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs and began to fuck her like I owned her. Steve fucked her tits like he would a cheap whore’s cunt. It wasn’t long before his pumps into her chest began to stutter. He wrapped her flesh around his pole even tighter.

“Oh yeah! Fuck yeah! Mmmmm hmmmm! I’m about…I’m about…to give…this bitch a little gift.” He paused. “How about…grrrrrrr…how about…a nice…pearl necklace! Gaaaaaaaa!”

Thick white jizz spurted out the tip of his pulsing member. It ran down her chest, smacked against the bottom of her chin, and split apart, running down both sides of her long, thin neck. He groaned the entire time while he roughly squeezed her tits together.

The heat of the spunk that just sprayed across her chest, coupled with the pounding she was taking from my thick rod, was too much for Mom to take. She raced to her third orgasm of the night like a race car heading for the finish line.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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