Abbey becomes anally submissive to her boss.


Abbey becomes anally submissive to her boss.Abbey was on her way to the job of her dreams.Growing up, she had always wanted to work at an investment firm like her father, who was very successful at what he did. She worked hard all of her life, determined to make it on her own. She went to the best schools and did all the right things. After a few notable internships, she was finally able to land an entry level position at a major investment firm in the big city. At 28, she was ready to take on the world. She moved to a small downtown apartment and spent over a thousand dollars on a new wardrobe to look appropriate in the office. Everything was headed in the right direction for her. Everything was perfect, she thought.*****Abbey wandered the large downtown building a week prior to her first day of work. She was in complete awe of the environment. Everyone was dressed with class and had a professional demeanor. It was everything she expected and more. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to land such a great job at a young age. When she walked by her future office, she saw a woman there, mid 30’s, packing her things into a large box. The office still had its furniture and computer, but all of the personal belongings were already packed. The woman had a bitter look on her face, with mascara stains around her eyes from crying.”Is there anything I can do for you?” Abbey asked with sincerity.The woman flashed a look which showed complete disdain. It was as if the woman felt a mixture of anger and pity towards Abbey. “So you’re the new girl huh? Here to replace me. You’re prettier than I expected.”Abbey looked dumbfounded. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I had nothing to do with…””Spare me the ignorance sweetheart. I’m not dumb. I’ve served Mr. Kraus for years, I was loyal to him, and this is how he treats me? Well fuck that,” she said angrily.”There must be a misunderstanding,” Abbey replied, trying to calm the situation. “I don’t work here yet. I don’t start until next week. So I’m not involved with any dispute you have.”The woman grabbed the box of her belongings and walked towards the door. Anger was written all over her face. When she stood in front of Abbey, her eyes looked over the much younger woman, and there was still disdain in her eyes.”There’s no misunderstanding here. You’re the new girl. If you’re stupid enough to work here, then you deserve everything you get. I hope you enjoy it.”She walked passed Abbey and headed towards the elevator with a sense of liberation. Abbey couldn’t understand what just happened. Her moment of pride and achievement was ruined by a stranger’s bad day. She watched as the elevator doors closed and the woman left, never to return. The small office was Abbey’s now. She stepped inside and looked around. Her very own office. She began thinking of how she would decorate it. Then she looked through the window. The view was amazing.*** OFFICE SKIRTS & HIGH HEELS ***Two months later. Abbey waited in the lounge of the man who hired her, Mr. Kraus. Oddly enough, she had only met him a few times. He was an aloof figure, in his late 40’s, with a commanding presence to him. A part of her wished she could spend more time getting to know him, so that she could learn his secrets to success. She wanted to be his apprentice. But that seemed unlike at the moment since he was always busy and avoided talking to her.”Mr. Kraus is ready to see you now,” the secretary said with a friendly smile.”Thank you,” Abbey said, smiling back.She walked into the office and closed the door. She immediately felt intimidated by the boss’s stern presence. The office was large and elegant, and he sat behind his desk, watching her enter. It was only the second time she had ever been there.”Good morning Mr. Kraus,” she said meekly.”Morning. Please, have a seat.”Abbey sat down properly, with her back straight and her hands on her lap.”Nice place,” she said nervously.”Thank you. But I obviously didn’t call you here to talk about my office.”Abbey felt nervous, but held it in. “Oh, of course not.””The reason I called you here is because I wanted to talk about your job performance thus far. You’ve been here for roughly two months, and I feel it’s time for your evaluation.”Her fingers started to move, and her toes clenched inside of her shoes. She was scared, but she didn’t want to show it. The thought of being let-go so soon was terrifying to the overly ambitious young woman.”I hope I’m doing well so far. I double check everything that I do. I always arrive at 7:30 am, which is half an hour early. And I leave when everything is completed. I also take very little breaks compared to everyone else.””I’ve noticed,” he replied, with no hint of expression. “I’ve heard many good things about you. People say that you’re a nice person, and that you’re a very hard worker.”A feeling of relief came over her.”Thank you. I’ve always worked hard. My parents raised me that way, and I’ve always wanted to excel at whatever I did.”Mr. Kraus nodded. “Those are excellent traits to have. You’ve gotten that from you father, I’m sure. He’s a good man. I’ve heard many good things about him as well.””I’m glad to hear it,” Abbey smiled with pride.”But just because your father has built a powerful name, doesn’t mean I’m going to do you any special favors. Do you understand?””Yes sir.””Part of the reason I hired you is because I like your resume. At your age, I like that you’ve been extremely active with internships and community service. I also admire your academic achievements, since I’ve always been a firm believer in a good education.””Thank you.”Mr. Kraus then flashed a stern look. “Make no mistake Abbey, the reason I hired you over more deserving applicants is precisely because of who your father is. I like that his daughter works for me.”Abbey was struck by those words, knowing that they were an insult towards her father.”Where are you going with his?” she asked politely.”Nearly 20 years ago, your father put my former boss out of business, which meant that I was also out of business. But thankfully, I recovered, and now I’m richer than your father could ever dream of being.””I…I don’t understand. Did you hire me out of spite?”Mr. Kraus gave a rare smile. “No. But I like having you work for me. I’ve always respected your father as a shrewd businessman. And if you turn out to be anything like him, which I suspect you will, then you could become a prized asset to me.”Abbey breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m glad you have confidence in me. I was almost afraid that you were going to fire me.””Who says I’m not?” he replied sternly. “I said that you could become a valuable asset. You’re not at the moment.””Oh…””Do you know what would happen if I decided to terminate your employment? You would effectively become toxic in this city. No major firm or company would want to touch you. I’m that powerful in the financial world. Do you understand?””Yes sir,” she replied meekly.”Luckily, we haven’t come to that point yet,” he said in a much softer tone. “The truth is, I want you to succeed. I really do. You have many qualities that are useful to me. Qualities that I must have in some way.””I promise I’ll work as hard as I can for you. If there’s anything more I can do to become better, I’ll do it.””Your work isn’t the issue. Those reports you’ve submitted to me are fine. In fact, you’re one of the fastest learners I’ve ever hired.””Thank you sir.””The main issue I have is with your appearance,” he said coldly. “My appearance?””The way I run an office, I expect everyone to look their best. In your case, I don’t think you’re putting very much effort with your appearance.”Abbey quickly looked down at her expensive outfit, and then looked back at her boss. She couldn’t figure out what the problem was.”I don’t understand,” she replied. “I don’t think I look much different than anyone else in this company.””That’s the problem. You have so much potential, and it’s sad to see you undervalue yourself. If you want more attention, then you should start dressing like it.””What do you mean?”Mr. Kraus looked below her waist. “Your legs for example. You obviously have beautiful legs, but you keep them hidden underneath those pants.””I don’t want to look unprofessional,” she replied with concern. “All of the other women on this floor also wear pants.””So you’re content with being just another woman?””No. That’s not what I’m saying…”He cut her off. “Do you want my advice or not? I did you a big favor by giving you this job. There are applicants who are far more qualified than you. Your attitude is making me reconsider your position as my employee.”Abbey took a deep breath. “Please, don’t. I want your advise. I appreciate the opportunity to work here with you.””Good,” he smiled. “From now on, I expect you to wear office skirts, the small ones. No pantyhose either. Are we clear?””Yes.””I also expect to see you in high heels.”Her eyes widened. “Is all of this necessary? The men around here might think…””Does it matter what they think?” he replied, cutting her off again. “Or is my opinion more valuable?””Your opinion is more valuable,” she said in defeat.”Good. On your way out, my secretary will hand you $700 in cash. From now on, I expect you to look your absolute best, every single day. No exceptions. Your wardrobe, hair, and make-up must all be perfect. Understood?””Yes sir.”When the boss was silent, Abbey stood and prepared to leave.”One more thing,” he added. “I assume you understand that this conversation is confidential. Everything we discuss from now on is confidential. Is that understood?””Yes sir.””Good. Use the rest of the day to go shopping.”Abbey left the office, and once she closed the door, the secretary smiled at her and handed her an envelope. She looked inside the envelope to see $700 in cash, all in hundred dollar bills. ***She felt like she wanted to cry as she left the building. Never in her life had a man talked down to her in such a demeaning and sexist way. As a devote feminist, it pained her to be subservient to a chauvinistic man like Mr. Kraus. But he was right. Being fired by him would be horrific to her reputation in the city. What would she tell her parents? What would she tell her friends? How could she get another job at a major corporation?With the envelope inside of her purse, Abbey walked down the busy downtown streets. A part of her was fuming mad. The other part of her was desperate to please her powerful boss.A department store caught her eye. There were shorts skirts and classy office wardrobes on the display window. When she entered, her eyes wandered the store. Once she found what she was looking for, she grabbed a number of skirts from the rack and took them to the dressing room, along with a few pairs of high heels. *** FOR THE VERY SAME REASON *** The next day. Abbey went to the office wearing an office mini-skirt and high heels, without any pantyhose. Her typically plain face had far more make-up than usual. It wasn’t long before the embarrassment came. Businessmen took brief glances at her legs. Some of them winked or nodded at her. Women looked at her with disdain. The respect she worked so hard to earn was slowly eroding. When she stood in the crowded elevator, she felt a woman hover over her shoulder from behind.”You’re new here, aren’t you?” a woman whispered in her ear.Abbey turned to look. “Yes.”The woman was in her early 30’s. Beautiful. With a tender smile on her face. The elevator door opened to Abbey’s office floor.”I’m Lisa. Don’t get off yet. I think we should talk.”The door closed and they waited until the elevator headed up a few more floors. Once the doors opened, Lisa grabbed Abbey’s hand and gently pulled her off the elevator. When they entered the floor, Abbey immediately noticed that Lisa was dressed in a similar manner. Lisa’s hair was done batman escort perfectly, her skirt was short, and she wore high heels. Abbey couldn’t help but admire her legs, the same way men did.”Do we know each other?” Abbey asked.”No,” Lisa replied. “But I can tell that you work for Mr. Kraus, don’t you?””Is it obvious?”Lisa laughed, “It is. He used to be my boss for a couple of years. Then I got promoted, so now I’m on this floor.”Abbey looked around to see the bustling office floor. Everyone was settling in to place and getting ready for the work day. Everyone was too busy handling their own business to pay any attention to their conversation.”Looks like working for him has turned out well for you,” Abbey said.”You seem uncomfortable.””Not at all.”Lisa smiled, “It’s okay. I know exactly what you’re going through. I saw you here last week for the very first time. You looked like such a sweet wholesome girl from the suburbs. Now you’re, this.”Lisa looked up and down Abbey’s new outfit and the extra make-up on her face. “Maybe this is how I normally dress,” Abbey replied, trying to avoid any implications that she was coerced by the boss.”Then why do you walk so awkwardly in those heels?””My legs are sore from pilates yesterday.””Oh save it,” Lisa replied. “I know that Mr. Kraus has you dressing like this. You’re his type. The signs are all over your face and body.”Abbey sighed in defeat. “I don’t have much of a choice. He lectured me yesterday about my appearance. Then I got the impression that I would be fired if I didn’t dress like this.””He means it. That’s the kind of guy he is. He’s a major asshole. And like most major assholes, he has a lot of power.””I’m assuming he had you dress like this also.”Lisa nodded. “I used to be a small town girl. All of that changed the moment I started working for him. So I completely understand what you’re going through.””You don’t seem very upset about it.””I was at first. Believe me. It was tough. I had to compromise my values, and who I was. But I got used to it, and so will you.””You mean you got used to the money,” Abbey replied.”Like you aren’t doing this for the same reason.””I guess we’re both doing this for money. But I have no intentions of compromising my values. All I’m doing is adjusting to a new environment. That’s all.””Is that what you call it?” Lisa smirked. “Give it time. You’re no different than me.””Sorry, but I think we’re getting off on the wrong foot. I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just, I’m new to this. I want to do my best here.””No offense taken. I know the feeling. Being a new employee in a place like this can be intimidating. Especially if you’re young and beautiful, like you.”Abbey blushed. “Thanks for the nice words.””Well, I need to get to work. I’m glad we’ve had this little chat. Maybe we can meet up for lunch sometime?””That would be great.”Lisa reached inside of her purse and handed Abbey a card.”Email me sometime,” she said. “There’s a nice restaurant around the corner where we can go eat with some of my colleagues. It’s always good to meet new people.””Definitely. It sounds like fun.””I look forward to it,” Lisa replied, before pausing to think. “Before you go, tell me something. Has Mr. Kraus made any special requests besides telling you to dress like this?””No. What do you mean?”Lisa smiled, “You’ll find out soon enough. You seem like a smart and talented girl. I’m sure you’ll rise to the occasion. See you around.”Abbey watched her new friend continue to smile before walking away. It was like there was a dirty little secret amongst the women who worked for Mr. Kraus that Abbey didn’t know about. The kind of secret that people didn’t want to talk openly about. The only thing Abbey could do was wonder.*** POWERFUL BOSS / HUMBLE EMPLOYEE *** Days passed. Then weeks. Abbey was dutiful in her work, but received no attention from her boss. Mr. Kraus never looked in her direction when he walked by her desk. He showed no interest in talking to her. Despite being ignored, she continued dressing in a slightly provocative manner. She continued showing up to work in high heels & office skirts. Her make-up was always much, and her hair was always done to perfection. Even though she felt embarrassed by some of the looks she would get by others in the department, she eventually got used to it. The only thing that mattered was the opinion of her boss.While typing a new financial report, the message came.”Mr. Kraus would like to see you in his office.”The secretary had called her with the message. Abbey stopped what she was doing and quickly rushed to the bathroom to straighten her clothes and fix her hair. Everything looked right. She smiled at the mirror reflection as a way to boost her self confidence. Then she headed to the boss’s office.When she entered the office, she did so with more confidence than before. She didn’t want to appear weak. She wanted to project an image of professionalism. She wanted to show that she could be a valuable employee.”Sit,” he said from behind his desk.Abbey sat down.”How are you doing today?” she asked as politely as she could.”Not bad. Not bad at all. Things are going well. Earnings are high, so I can’t complain.””I’m glad to hear it.””I bet you are,” he replied, showing little sign that he cared. “How are things with you?”Abbey smiled, “Excellent. I’m happy to be here as an employee of this fine company.””I can tell. And I also notice that you took my advice on the wardrobe.””Do you like it?” she asked nervously.”Looks like money well spent. Well done. I like it.”A look of pride was beaming on her face. “So what did you want to talk to me about? Something good I hope.””Well, I’m not interested in discussing your outfit,” he said callously. “I wanted to discuss some of your recent performance.””Is something wrong?”He sighed. “Abbey, I like you as a person. If this were a start-up company, or a mid sized corporation, then I’d say you were doing a great job. But this is a major financial institution. Things must be done in a particular way.””Whatever the problem is, I assure you I can fix it. The person who’s training me says I’m a fast learner, and that I’m doing a great job so far.””Look, you’re a sweet girl. But you’re sitting in a building which deals with hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis. You understand that don’t you?””Of course I do,” she replied on edge. “That’s why I’ve worked my hardest to do a great job and to avoid making mistakes.”His eyebrow raised. “No mistakes? Then what do you call this?”Mr. Kraus tossed a folder on his desk, in front of where Abbey sat. She opened the folder and looked through it. It was a report that she had typed, and there was a red circle made from the boss’s pen around one of the numbers.”I…I don’t understand,” she said, looking at the report.”You made a minor mistake in your calculation. With the amount of money we’re dealing with, that minor mistake could lead to huge financial losses for us.”Abbey’s eyes combed the page in disbelief. “This can’t be. I don’t think I made that mistake. Someone must have changed my figures.””So you’re blaming someone else for your incompetence?””No,” she said defensively. “It’s just…I don’t think I made this mistake.””Are you alleging that someone tampered with your work?””I don’t know. I…”He cut her off mid-sentence. “Do you know what typically happens in this type of situation?””No.””Normally, you would be fired on the spot. You haven’t worked here very long, and you’re blaming your incompetence on other employees with unfounded allegations.””Are you going to fire me?” she asked, hiding her fear.”That depends. I like you. Despite the mistake you’ve made, I still think you’re a smart girl with a lot to offer. So I’m willing to make you a deal.””Anything. I’ll do anything to prove myself Mr. Kraus. I know I’m better than this, and I’ll make sure this never happens again.””I’ve always liked your attitude,” he smiled. “Unfortunately, something must be done about this situation. You’ll have to be reprimanded.””How?” she gasped.”That depends. I’m sure you don’t want any of your colleagues to know about it.””Obviously not. I’ve never been reprimanded in my life. Not in school, or any of the previous jobs or internships I’ve had.””I’m not surprised. You seem like such a diligent worker. But in here, the stakes are much higher, and things are more difficult. I can’t let minor mistakes go unnoticed.””So what happens now?” she asked.”Come here.””What do you mean?””Do you understand what the words ‘come here’ mean?” he asked in a condescending tone.Abbey reluctantly stood up, and slowly walked towards the boss, behind his desk. She was nervous, and unsure of what to expect.”Okay.””Good,” he said. “You want this job don’t you?””Yes, I do.””Show me. Put your hands on my desk.””I don’t understand.””Do you want me to fire you? Or do you want to be reprimanded so you can remain employed?””Reprimanded.””Then put your hands on my desk,” he said sharply. Abbey followed the boss’s order and placed her hands on the desk. Her face was turned away from him. Her rear end was facing in his direction. She looked down on his desk, not knowing what to expect.”Now what?” she asked.”Don’t move. Or you’ll be fired.”A feeling of shock bolted through her spine as she felt a pair of hands touch the skin of her thighs. Mr. Kraus was rubbing her legs. She didn’t dare move. His hands slowly moved upwards towards the back her thighs. “You have such soft skin,” he said. “I like that.””Thank you.”Her personal space was beyond violated, and there was nothing she could do about it. She let it happen. She let his hands roam upwards to her ass, and he squeezed it. He kneaded her ass like it was dough. The harder he squeezed, the more it hurt. But she didn’t complain. “Are you ready to be reprimanded?” he asked.”I am,” she replied, surprised that there was still more to come.”Bend over on my desk. Lay your chest down.”Abbey did as she was told. Once she pressed her chest down on the office desk, she felt her boss lift the back of her skirt, leaving her bottom exposed. Only her panties were covering her backside.”What are you going to do?” she asked nervously.”I’m reprimanding you. If you don’t want it, then leave. You can always find another job.””I…I want it.””Say it again.””I want it.””That’s better,” he said casually.Abbey suddenly felt her panties being pulled down to her ankles. Her bare ass was exposed. It was the most vulnerable she had ever felt in her life. Before she could get used to the uncomfortable feeling of exposure, Mr. Kraus put his hand on her soft skin. His fingers traced the shape of her ass. It was a gentle touch. While Abbey’s face remained on the desk, she started getting comfortable. But that didn’t last long. A powerful slap came crashing down on her soft bottom, which echoed in the room.”Oww!” she cried.Two more powerful blows came in quick succession before Abbey could have a chance to tell her boss to stop what he was doing.”Are you going to be a good girl from now on?” he asked in a fatherly tone.”Yes. I promise.”Another loud smack echoed in the room as Mr. Kraus painfully spanked her again. Then came another, then another. She cried from the pain as tears started to form in her eyes.”Okay. I believe you.”Heavy breathes escaped Abbey’s lips. She was expecting more slaps, but they never came. Instead, Mr. Kraus lifted her panties from her ankles, and brought them back up to cover her ass.She stood up straight, pulled her skirt back down, and looked him in the eyes.”Are we done?” she asked, trying her best to hide the pain.”Yes, we’re done.””Thank you.”When Abbey adjusted her skirt and attempted to walk away, Mr. Kraus put his hand on Abbey’s shoulder, preventing her from leaving.”You understand that this is strictly between us, don’t you?”She nodded. “Yes, I understand.””Excellent. escort batman Consider us on good terms. I want you to bring your next report directly to my office. We’ll review it together. Hopefully there won’t be any mistakes. If you do a good job, a pay raise might be in order.””Thank you,” she nodded.Mr. Kraus moved his hand away from her shoulder, and she left the room. When Abbey exited the boss’s office and closed the door, she saw the secretary smiling to herself, while keeping her eyes on the computer. It was obvious to Abbey that the secretary had heard everything and was amused. Abbey walked back to her small office, with a slight limp in her step.***As soon as Abbey got to her apartment later that evening, she removed her skirt & panties, and tossed them to her bed. A quick look in the mirror with her head turned revealed that her ass was beet red. It was especially visible in contrast to her fair skin. She went to kitchen refrigerator, bare bottomed, and placed a bag of frozen peas & carrots on her rear end. The coldness of the bag stung, but it was what her body needed at the moment. She walked back to her bedroom and collapsed onto the bed, face down. Her office shirt was still on, and she was still naked from the waist down. The bag of frozen vegetables was placed on her ass again.The phone in her purse rang, but she ignored it. All she wanted was a moment of silence after a humiliating day at the office. Sitting behind a desk for hours only made the pain worse.Minutes passed and she finally got up. Her ass was still sore. She tossed the bag of frozen vegetables in the trash, then she checked the phone in her purse. It was a call from Lisa, her new friend.Abbey thought for a moment, then she sent a text message:Do you think we can meet for lunch tomorrow? Just the two of us. – AbbeyAfter the message was went, she placed the phone on her bedside table and undressed. She needed a hot shower.*** LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL ***The next day. Drinks arrived at the table where Abbey and Lisa sat. The restaurant was crowded and loud from all the different office workers on their lunch break. “This is the first time that we’ve had a private lunch away from the other coworkers,” Lisa smiled. “So what’s the occasion?” “There’s no occasion. I just wanted to talk with you alone. You know, girl stuff.””Sounds pretty important then.””I think it is. You mentioned something before about Mr. Kraus, and the way he treats some of his female employees.”Lisa’s eyes widened and she leaned forward with a grin. “Has he tried anything on you?””No. Well, yes. Sort of.””Is that a yes or no?””He did,” Abbey replied. “Is it something he did with you or other girls?””How am I supposed to know what you’re talking about if you don’t say what he did?” Lisa asked.Abbey leaned forward across the table. “He spanked me. Bare bottom.”It was a faint whisper, and it was enough to make Lisa smile. “Oh really? Did you like it?””I’m being serious. He bent me over his desk and did it. It was painful and humiliating. My bottom still hurts. He threatened to fire me if I didn’t obey him.””I believe you. That’s usually how he does things with women.””You seem so carefree about it. How can he get away with doing this?””Are you planning on filing a lawsuit?” Lisa asked. “No.””There you go. He’s a powerful man, and women like us realize it. That’s how he gets away with it. If you want to succeed in this city, sometimes you have to do certain things.””That’s a pretty cynical point of view,” Abbey replied. “Sure, but it’s also reality for a lot of struggling women. Tough, isn’t it?”Abbey nodded. “Does Mr. Kraus plan on going further? I don’t know if I can continue this. Just looking at him is going to be embarrassing for me.” “There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Believe me.””That’s easy for you to say. You don’t have to work for that creep anymore.””True. But what makes you think I’m not doing any favors for upper management?” Lisa asked with a sly grin.Abbey was completely taken aback. “Oh. Gosh.””I’ll give you some advice: Take the initiative and own your sexuality. If Mr. Kraus is going to touch your ass, then let it be on your terms. Own it. Then you won’t be at his mercy, and you’ll make a lot more money too.””Do you really think that’s going to work?””I’m speaking from experience. I have a bigger paycheck than men who’ve been working at the company longer than me.””You never told me what you did for Mr. Kraus. I can understand if you want to keep that private, but I’m curious.”Lisa smiled, “I let him play with my ass. He has a fetish for a woman’s asshole. Sometimes I sucked his cock. I do the same for upper management, that’s how I got promoted so fast.””Oh my…”The waitress came and brought their food. Lisa thanked the waitress, while Abbey sat frozen, with a slightly bewildered look on her face. The waitress left, unaware of the blatantly sexual conversation. “Let’s eat,” Lisa said. “I’m starving.”***A week later. Abbey sat in the boss’s office as he reviewed her latest report. She was sharply dressed, and nervous. There was a sense of anxiety flowing through her veins as Mr. Kraus carefully read the document she prepared for him. She sat up straight in anticipation for what may happen next. She was more than ready to take ownership of her body, but the opportunity never arose.Mr. Kraus read the document quietly, with his glasses on. He looked bored, with no intention of making any sort of sexual advance towards her. Surprisingly, Abbey found herself becoming increasingly disappointed.”Everything looks good,” he said, taking off his glasses to look at her. “Good job.””Thank you sir. I worked extra hard to avoid any mistakes.”He gave her a dismissive look. “You’re free to go now.”Mr. Kraus turned his attention back to other papers on his desk, and he focused on them while Abbey still sat there.She stood up and nervously paused. “I want you to know how much I value this job. I appreciate the opportunity to work for you.””I can see that,” he replied, not caring what she had to say.”I don’t think you understand. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. I’ll do anything, and I won’t complain.””Is that right?” he asked with an eyebrow raised.”It is.””Then show me. Stand in front of me, right now.”She took a deep breath and tried her best to look completely confident as she walked towards him. Once she was in front of Mr. Kraus, she stood up straight, with her hands at her side.”What next?” she asked in an obedient manner.”Pull your panties down and bend over my desk. I have a special surprise for you.”Abbey continued looking Mr. Kraus in the eyes as she pulled her panties down to her ankles. She bent over his desk and rested her body on it.With her face pointed towards the elegant office, she had no idea what to expect. The sound of a desk drawer opening peaked her curiosity. Then the drawer closed.”I’m assuming our previous encounter was the first time you’ve ever been spanked,” he said, lifting up the bottom of her skirt to expose her bare bottom.”Yes, it was. That’s never been done to me before.””Then obviously you’ve never been spanked with a wooden paddle before.”A shiver went down her spine.”No. I haven’t.””Excellent. I like being the first for women. Now relax. You might actually enjoy it.”Abbey felt a smooth wooden surface rub against the soft skin of her bare bottom. She became fearful of what may come next. She intended on taking control of the sexual situation with her boss, but being spanked with a wooden paddle wasn’t what she expected.The first few spankings came in the form of soft taps. Then the taps became harder. Abbey held onto the edge of the table as the tappings became even harder.Without a hint of warning, a loud slapping sound echoed in the room as Abbey’s bottom was struck by the wooden paddle.”Oww!” she cried.Then came another, then another, and another. Everything was systematic. Each strike came with enough force to make her bottom shake. Each strike of the paddle made her bottom turn a darker shade of red. Abbey’s faced grimaced with pain and she held on tight. The pain was growing, but she stopped herself from screaming.The spanking ended. Abbey knew it was over when she heard Mr. Kraus open the desk drawer and place the paddle back inside, before closing the drawer again. She felt her boss’s hand softly rub her backside. His hands caressed her sensitive skin. Then she felt him press his face against her ass, and plant soft kisses on where she was hurting.”It’s done,” he said, planting more kisses on her bottom. “It’s finished.”After a few more kisses and rubs, Mr. Kraus let go of her. It was over.She got off the desk and lifted her panties back up. Even after she adjusted her skirt, she had a hard time looking her boss in the eyes. Mr. Kraus touched her chin, and made her look at him.”Are you okay?” he asked.”I’m fine. Thank you.””I knew you would be. You can go now. Our next meeting is on Monday. I may have something special planned for you.””Thank you,” she said, walking past him.”Don’t forget, this stays strictly between us. Understood?””Yes sir. This is strictly between us.”*** CLIMBING THE CORPORATE LADDER ***Friday nights were special for Abbey because that’s when she would always talk to her parents on the phone. They always made sure to catch up on each others lives. After a long sentimental conversation with her mom, Abbey talked to her father. “Your mother tells me you’re doing well for yourself in the city,” he said over the phone. “I’m very proud of you.””Thanks dad. It’s tough living on my own, but I like it. I’m definitely growing as a person. It’s a great learning experience.””I can tell. So how’s work?”Abbey suddenly became coy. “Work is going great. How are things with you?””Nothing out of the ordinary. But I’m curious about you. I haven’t seen you in a few months and it already feels like years. I want to know everything, including if you like your job in the financial sector.””It can be grueling at time, but it has its perks. The environment is extremely professional, and I get to handle a lot of important information which I give directly to the boss.””That’s my girl,” he said proudly. “You should really count your blessings. It’s tough getting a good job at a big corporation. Especially at your age. I didn’t get to work for a big company until I was in my mid 30’s.””Can I ask you a question dad?””Anything.””How important is this to you?” Abbey asked. “I mean, if I left my job for something that paid less, but I was happier, would you be okay with that?””Honey, it’s your life, and you’re free to do whatever makes you happy. Why do you ask? Are you having second thoughts about your career?” “No. Well maybe. I’m just keeping my options open.””You can talk to me about anything,” he said with concern. “Is something bothering you?””It’s not important. I just wanted to see how you felt about that, since you asked. That’s all.””The way I see it, you can do anything you set your mind to. You’re a very special person Abbey, and you can succeed at whatever your heart desires. If you think the corporate world is for you, then give it all you’ve got. If not, then try something else.””Thanks dad,” Abbey replied with a sense of relief. “I needed to hear that. You’re the best.”***Abbey sat quietly in Mr. Kraus’s office while he reviewed another set of documents. There was no sense of awkwardness while he looked at the papers. The feeling in the room was relaxed, and Abbey sat without saying a word.”You aren’t talking much today,” he said, with his eyes still on the documents.”I was waiting for you to say something.””I know. But you seemed more upbeat and motivated during our last meeting. Today you’re silent.”Abbey thought for a moment. “To be honest, I started having doubts about working here, for obvious reasons. But I’m fully committed batman escort bayan now, more than ever.””What changed your mind?””A short phone conversation with my dad. I realized how much I wanted to succeed in the corporate world and become a successful business woman.”Mr. Kraus grinned. “Really? And did you tell your father what we did together?””I didn’t tell him. He would be extremely upset if he knew.””That’s to be expected of a father. He’s a good man. I’m sure your best qualities are from him. And if you’re anything like him, you’ll be even more success than he ever was.””Thank you,” Abbey blushed.”I must say, you’ve really been impressing me lately, even though you haven’t been here long. I’m not someone who gets impressed easily.””I try my absolute best.””I’m glad to hear it,” he replied. “I like you, as a person, and as my employee. Do you like me?””I do. I think you’re nice,” she said meekly.He smiled, “That’s good. You’ve done good work here, even for your age. I’m very experienced in this line of work and I know talent when I see it. The last thing I want is for you to run off and give your talent to someone else.””What are you saying?””I’m offering you an immediate promotion. Are you interested?”Abbey’s eyes lit up. “Yeah. Of course, I mean, this is completely unexpected.””I don’t promote people based on seniority. I promote people based on qualifications and results. I see the potential in you.””That’s so great. Thank you so much Mr. Kraus. I don’t know what to say. This was the last thing I expected.””Well don’t say anything yet, because nothing has been confirmed. You see, with a promotion comes greater responsibility. Our department deals with millions upon millions of dollars in clients money. Furthermore, in order for you to receive a promotion, I would have to make sure that there’s chemistry between us. I need to make sure that you’re the perfect fit for the job?””What do you mean?””I have no doubt about your capabilities. You will be paid a lot of money and your career path will be endless. But we’ll be working closely together. I need to know if you’re truly the right person for the job, and if you can handle your additional duties.”Abbey took a deep breath. “Yes, I can handle anything. I want the promotion.””Stand next to me.”The young woman stood up and nervously made her way towards her boss, knowing that what he planned today would be more extreme than just a spanking. “Are you going to use the wooden paddle again?” she asked nervously, standing in front of him.”No. That’s beneath you now. Now you have greater responsibilities to handle.””Which are?””Unbuckle my pants,” he said without hesitancy.Abbey froze for a moment, and in a split second, she made up her mind. She got down on her knees and unbuckled the boss’s pants. She couldn’t bring herself to look him in the eyes, she just kept on doing her task. It was no different than being asked to handle office papers. It was strictly business to her.Once his pants were unbuckled and his zipper was down, Abbey looked at him, awaiting her next orders.”Do you understand how this works?” he asked.She nodded. “I do.””Then what are you waiting for?”Abbey showed no expression, returning her attention towards his crotch again. She reached down inside of his pants and grabbed his penis, which was already semi erect. She pulled out it out and let it free. After looking at it for a few moments, the young employee bent down and took it inside of her mouth. She sucked and slurped, making Mr. Kraus lean back in his chair and moan instantly. Oral sex was never something she was fond of, but she always did it for people for the people she dated. Abbey didn’t care for Mr. Kraus personally, but it was for the sake of her job, and the promotion. Her head bobbed up and down on the raging hard cock. Her tongue occasionally licked the head and shaft. Her hand gave a few additional strokes, hoping that her boss would finally ejaculate and the degrading experience would soon be over. Instead, she continued sucking with no end in sight. Mr. Kraus continued moaning while being orally serviced by the young woman, and he reached down to rub her hair.”You look so beautiful like this,” he said. “You should see yourself. Daddy’s little girl.”She wanted to cry hearing those words. But she didn’t let her emotions show. She had a job to do, and she intended on finishing it as soon as possible so she could leave. The suction of her mouth increased, and so did her hand, which was stroking his shaft. The extra moaning by her boss gave her a false hope that he was finally about to orgasm. He tapped her on the chin, which was a signal for her to stop sucking.”That was good,” he said. “We’re going to get along just fine. But for now, I need you to stand up and bend over on my desk.”She stood up. “What are we going to do?””I assure you, there won’t be a paddle. It’s the final phase of your screening process. If you complete this all the way, you’ll get the promotion.”Abbey turned around and bent over on the desk. It was a position she was used to. Her face was pressed onto the table, and her butt was in the air. She had no idea what to expect, except that she would be degraded in some way.She felt him lift the bottom of her office skirt. He then pulled her panties down around her ankles. The familiar noise of the desk drawer open and close caught her attention. Mr. Kraus took something out of her desk, and she didn’t know what it was. It made her nervous.She felt the strong hands of her boss unexpectedly spread her butt cheeks apart. Her private little hole was completely exposed. Then came the unusual feeling of her anus being exposed to open air. She could feel her boss staring at her tiny asshole.”What are you going to do?” she asked with her face on the desk.”Are you a virgin here?””Yes.””Not for long. Consider this the last test of your obedience Abbey. Don’t move. This will be over soon.”Mr. Kraus released the hold of her butt cheeks, and the sound of a small bottle opening caught her attention. It was clear that he was opening a bottle of lubrication, given the circumstances.She felt him spread her ass once again, but this time, she felt a jelly-like substance being applied around the ring of her anus. It was cold at first, but she quickly became used to it. The lube was applied on her anus in a circular motion, and then two of his fingers pressed against her little hole. It was slightly painful, but she endured it. After a more forceful push, the lubricated fingers entered the delicate rectum.”Ahh,” she briefly cried.”Be patient dear. We’ve only just begun.”The fingers continued swirling deep inside of her rectum, as far as they could go. The fingers massaged the inside of her ass for a single purpose- to get her fully lubricated.She gave a sigh of relief the moment he pulled his fingers out. A part of her hoped that it would be the end, but she wasn’t that lucky. Abbey felt her boss spread her asshole again, this time, pressing the tip of his hard cock against her little hole. It was a moment she dreaded. She had been asked for anal sex by her previous boyfriends, but she always refused. It was an act she considered to be dirty and she knew how painful it would be. She was about to find out exactly what it would feel like.With a short thrust, Mr. Kraus pushed the head of his engorged cock inside of her ass. She made a yelping noise and her hands gripped the edges of the table. Her legs squirmed, but she tried to hold still. The feeling of her asshole being penetrated by something foreign was extremely uncomfortable, and Mr. Kraus gave her body time to adjust. He held only the head of his cock in her ass while he caressed her backside with this hands.After a few moments had passed, he continued pushing further. She cried and her face contorted as he penetrated her virgin asshole.”You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” he asked with a sadistic tone of voice. “Daddy’s little girl. I bet your father would love watching this. He would love knowing how dedicated you are. Isn’t that right?”Tears formed in her eyes. If being sodomized wasn’t degrading enough, being verbally humiliated made things worse. Abbey was hurt by those words. It was a side of her boss she didn’t know existed. Worst of all, if her father ever found out what she was doing, she knew he would be devastated. Abbey clenched the edges of the desk harder while Mr. Kraus continued pushing all the way in. If it wasn’t for the lube, things would have been so much more painful. By the time his hard cock was all the way in, he paused. Her tight little rectum was given time to accommodate the unnatural presence of a man’s erection.”Tell me you like this,” he said, with lust in his voice. “Tell me you want this.””I…I like this…I want this…”Mr. Kraus held her tightly by the hips, and he slowly started to slide out. The amount of lubrication made the exit feel simple. Then he slowly started to push it back in, for his own sexual gratification.”You’re my whore now Abbey. You’ll do whatever I say as long as you’re with me. Say it. Tell me you’re my whore.””I’m your whore,” she replied with a cock sliding in-and-out of her ass.It wasn’t long until she felt her boss increase his rhythm. She squeezed the desk harder as Mr. Kraus pounded her virgin ass. She cried, but it was useless. He didn’t care how she felt. He only cared about his own sexual appetite, which was powerful. The young woman’s face become almost unrecognizable as her face twisted and turned with pain. He squeezed her hips tightly and sodomized her ass without mercy.He pulled her hair back and put his mouth near her face.”I love how tight you are,” he said in her ear. “I’m going to love mentoring you. Get used to this feeling. Whore. Say it again. You’re my whore. You’re going to enjoy me being in your ass.””I’m…I’m your whore Mr. Kraus. I’m going to enjoy having you in my ass.”Once he released her hair, Abbey’s face stayed on the table while she was being fucked. He squeezed her hips tightly and ravished her tight little rectum. She could hear Mr. Kraus grunting and moaning. She made the same noises. She knew he was close to finishing.”I’m going to cum,” he groaned. “Where do you want it my little whore? Your mouth or ass.””Ass. In my ass,” she replied, terrified of the idea of tasting a cock which had already been inside of her rectum.The pace he was sodomizing her increased, then he slowed down. She heard him groaning and grunting loudly. His pace slowed until it came to a halt. Then he leaned his body against her back. She felt a thick trail of bodily fluids running down her thighs. “That was marvelous,” he said, breathing heavily in her ear. “Thank you. Thank you very much Abbey.”A wave of relief came over her as Mr. Kraus pulled out of her body. She continued laying on the desk, and she heard her boss use a few pieces of tissue paper to wipe his penis clean from the sperm. Once she stood up, Mr. Kraus handed her a few pieces of tissue.”For your legs,” he said. “I don’t want any stains on your expensive skirt, or my carpet.””Thank you sir.”Abbey took the tissue paper and wiped away the sperm on her legs, and the sperm dripping from her asshole. Once she was clean, she tossed the tissue in the trash can, and she pulled her panties back up.”I apologize for some of those statements,” he said while zipping his pants. “I get carried away at time. But I think you’re an amazing girl. Do you think you can handle it as my employee?”She thought for a moment, and nodded. “I can handle it.””Good. When you leave, my secretary will give you a packet detailing your new role. I expect you to be fully satisfied with the substantial pay raise you will be receiving, as well as the additional benefits. Tomorrow, we’ll finalize the deal for your promotion, assuming you’re still interested.””I’m very interested.”He offered a handshake. “Congratulations on your promotion Abbey. I can’t think of a more deserving employee than you.”Abbey smiled and shook his hand. “Thank you Mr. Kraus. I look forward to working closely with you for many years to come.”The End.

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