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A WOMAN’S TOUCH…escort ServiceMy lust had been simmering for weeks. Thoughts of cockkept invading my mind at all hours of the day, dis-tracting me, making my mind wander…Although I had been a faithful wife and mother, thesethoughts lead to urges that I no longer could ignore.Every man I passed on the street or worked with in theoffice became simply cock. Bananas, cucumbers, hotdogs, bottles, anything long, thick and fat… all werecock. My mouth watered at ads in the newspaper formen’s underwear, as I stared at their nicely roundedpackages. My pussy moistened at the mere thought ofdragging those briefs down and filling my mouth withtheir thick meat.I tried to satisfy my lust with my husband. Each nightI’d find new tricks….all kinds of variations of fuck-ing and sucking him, but my mind still drifted to big-ger cocks. Cocks that would stretch my mouth and pussyto their limits, that would make me cry out and moanand scream in lust.Finally, I knew I had to do something about thisdelicious torture I was going through. After muchthought, I looked into escort services, visiting adozen in a neighboring city. I made sure I selectedonly the classiest of them, ones with clients whoexpect the best, and who are discrete. Hoping toreduce the odds of finding a man with a cock thatwould own me, I put on my application that I preferredto escort black men exclusively.A week later I got a call at work from Prestigeescorts. The woman explained that they’d been givena request for an escort who would entertain a youngblack man who was coming to the city to try out forthe university’s basketball team. He was kind of shy,and not accustomed to citylife, and the request wasfor an older woman he could be comfortable with. Theescort would include dinner and sightseeing, with theintent to show him how nice it would be to go toschool there. Was I interested?My hands were shaking! I said I was, and asked for alittle more information. I was told he was 18 fromGeorgia, 6’8″ tall, well-mannered and somewhat shy.Prestige would arrange for a limousine for Fridayevening. All I had to do was drive to the city.My pussy stayed wet for the next two days as I con-templated my date. A young black man! 6’8″ tall! Ilicked my lips as I thought of standing next to him…my mouth even with his cock….a cock I dreamed wouldbe a real jaw breaker….a real pussy stuffer. At workI excused myself frequently to go to the ladies roomand stroke my aching clit when images of feeding onhis meat filled me, bringing myself to drainingorgasms.After what seemed like an eternity, the night came. Itold my husband I had to go out of town suddenly, andthat I’d return Sunday. I’d already packed my bags,and left from work, arriving at my hotel with an hourto spare. I quickly showered and shaved my legs…andafter a few moments of debate, decided to trim my bushvery close, so only a hint of hair was left. I had torestrain myself from playing with my overheated pussyas I trimmed, knowing it would be better later when Iwent wild all over my black fuck toy. I purposely went light on cosmetics. I didn’t wanthim to think I was a whore, although I hoped to be hisprivate slut in a few hours. I put a light pink glossylipstick on, just enough for him to notice. I wantedhim to focus on the lips he would be prying apart. Ithen perfumed with Vanilla Musk…my neck, my wrists,between my breasts, the insides of my thighs, my asscheeks. Next, I put on a wispy black lace bra andmatching panties, and finally the thigh-high pantyhoseI purchased in honor of the occasion.The dress I selected was a long, black silk, slit upone side to just above my knee. I always got greatcompliments from men when I wore it, and tonight Icraved more than compliments! Dignified three inchblack heels finished my look. I added a single smallstring of pearls around my neck, and diamond earrings.The reflection in the mirror was very flattering. Ilooked like a nice, warm, comforting woman….whocouldn’t wait to eat her fill of black cockmeat.The front desk called, notifying me the limo hadarrived. After a last look in the mirror, and a deepbreath, I grabbed my purse and headed for the door.At the last minute I stopped and shimmied out of thepanties, already wet with my juices, and flung them onthe bed.My pussy got a little jolt when the driver opened thedoor to the limo for me (after giving me a very slowonce-over), and I laid eyes on my date. Alan intro-duced himself, and shook my hand, and he was obviouslyshocked to see an attractive, older white bahis firmaları woman. I satacross from him in the big back seat area, smiling allthe time, and we made small talk as my mind tried hardto concentrate on his words.He was young and attractive, but I was more interestedin what he had for me between his legs. He was wearingpleated dockers that were kind of baggy, so I couldn’tget a very good idea of his package. We arrived at a nice restaurant, were seated, and hada nice dinner. I made sure to order a couple of goodbottles of wine, over Al’s blushing protests that hewas too young, and had never had any before.By desert, I’d stared the conversation around to hisromantic life, and he blushed again when he said he’dnever had a real girlfriend before, because of the timehe spent practicing basketball, and keeping up with hisstudies. A fresh flood of juice wetted my pussy as Ithought of how nice it would be to show this young manwhat a woman’s holes are for.After dinner I told Al that I’d forgotten somethingback at the hotel. I asked the driver to take us back,and I again sat across from him, this time being muchless modest about crossing my legs. Al was reallyhappy now, feeling more comfortable, and the wine hadhim loosening up quite a bit. I watched him sneakingglances at my legs, and I made sure he saw plenty ofthigh. Every time we laughed, I leaned over andtouched his thigh, letting my hand linger and pressjust a little bit longer, and I told him each time howmuch fun he was. By the time we reached the hotel, I’dmoved next to him, my dress d****d to expose my thighsabove the tops of my nylons. The scent of my drenchedpussy mingled in the air with my perfume, intoxicatingAl all the more.We walked together through the lobby to my room, get-ting long stares from everyone, this little white womanwith this very tall black man. I could imagine whatthey were thinking…obviously a whore, paid to servicethis guy’s cock…to eat it, to fuck it, to drink hiscome. All of which made me decide to go for itimmediately.We entered my plush room, and I told Al I’d be rightback as I walked into the bathroom. I left the dooropen a crack so I could see if he took the bait I’dleft for him. He walked around shyly, then spottedmy panties on the bed. My clit hardened and pulsedwhen he picked them up, glanced my way, and put themto his nose. My knees almost gave way when he breatheddeep, and his hand went to his crotch. He was squeezinghis cock! His pants quickly bulged out in front…itlooked like he’d stuffed a g****fruit in there! I feltweak. I could feel my pussy spasm, and a trickle ofjuice begin to run down the inside of one thigh.I sneaked back into the room, careful not to let himhear me. I was behind him, and watching him sniffingmy panties while he worked his cock with the other handwas too much to take.”See what you did to me, before we even met?” I cooed.Al spun around, flustered as hell.”I…I…uhm…I’m sorry, Celeste…I didn’t meanto….” he mumbled, dropping the panties. “Maybe Ishould go…I’m so sorry.””Nonsense, sweetheart,” I whispered, moving towardshim, his big cock lump almost at eye level. “We’vegot a lot of night left, and I have a few ideas aboutwhat you can do to make it up to me.”I stood in front of him, and pushed him gently backonto the bed. He was so tall, his feet were still onthe floor. I grabbed the panties, and crawled up overhim, straddling his narrow hips, my pantyless pussysettling on his bulging cock. Putting my panties tohis nose, I whispered “Do you smell me? I had theseon when I was getting ready to meet you. Do you knowhow they got that way? Thinking about looking into your startled eyes, and your cock…thinking abouthow thick it is….about how juicy it is….about youstuffing it into my mouth…about you working it intomy pussy…about you feeding me your thick, hotcome…”He was squirming below me. I could feel his cockgrowing, pushing against my naked pussy, nudging myaching little clit. I began rubbing myself on hislump…slowly. “You’ve got me so wet, Al.” Iwhispered, reaching down and running a finger betweenmy sopping cunt lips. The slight touch almost mademe come. I scooped up some juice on a fingernail andbrought it to his lips. “Taste me.” I trembled ashis lips tentatively touched my finger, and his tonguelicked out. My hips ground down hard on his cock, andhe moaned.”Celeste…I…I feel something funny…” he stammered.I felt something too, but it wasn’t funny. I felthungry…starved for kaçak bahis his cock….thirsty for come…lots of sweet, hot come.”Let’s get you out of these slacks. I’m afraid I’mgetting them all wet,” I whispered as I slid down hisbody, rubbing myself across that huge bulge until Iwas on my knees on the floor. My pussy had saturatedhis crotch, and I breathed in my own scent as my chinrested on the massive lump in his pants. My handsworked quickly, trembling, opening my present, mydesert, my cock. I pulled them off in one pull…andnearly fainted with lust. His white cotton briefs wereobscenely stretched upwards…so much so, his legopenings were pushed wide open, allowing me to lookinside. His cock was pointing down in his briefs, allbunched up and constrained, with what looked like asmall apple pushing against the cotton…and appleleaking something far more delicious than cider,soaking his briefs…”My, what do we have here? I cooed. “You just relax,Al. I think I know how to take care of this problemof yours.”I mouthed him through his briefs, squeezing the sidesof his meaty shaft with my lips. He was hung like ahorse. I opened my mouth wide and tried to take hisshaft between my teeth, but couldn’t. His precumsmelled like salted butter. I could hear it squeezingout his cockhead with each bite I took along his thickstalk. The thought of his cumhole opening and closing,oozing delicious cream made my cunt convulse, and moreof my juices ran down my thighs. I had to see thismonster…Wrapping my fingers into his waistband, I slowly tuggeddown his briefs. Each inch exposed more of his hugecock. I moaned loudly when the base came into view…it looked as big around as a wine bottle. A long,thick vein stood out on the top, pulsing with each beatof his heart as I exposed more and more cockmeat. WhenI reached his cockhead, his underwear hung up on thedeep ridge. I pulled harder, and his cock sprung free,slapping against his stomach before coming to rest.”My god,” I murmured. He wasn’t incredibly long, maybeeight inches, but his cock looked like a thick, blackeggplant with an apple stuck on the top. I reached upwith both hands and pulled it down for a closer look.My fingers barely touched. I could feel it pulsing,almost prying them apart. His cockhead was enormousHis balls were the size and shape of peaches, a lightfuzz covering them. They looked very, very ripe. Hismeat…lighter colored, glistening with his precum…a cumhole so wide, it looked like I could fit a dimeinto it. I took it between a thumb and forefinger, andsqueezed it gently, watching his cock mouth open andclose, drooling out thick white cream. It was so softand spongy…so meaty…Al was moaning constantly…almost one long moan…since I’d started playing with him. His hips werebucking with each little squeeze I gave his cockhead.”Ohhhh…Celeste…I think…I …Oh.”I felt his shaft stiffen and lurch, and before I coulddo anything, his cockhead swelled and his fat cockerupted, spitting out a thick ribbon of sperm that hitme between my eyes. I quickly started milking hisshaft, squeezing and releasing, pumping him. I felteach load plastering my face, and I opened my mouth,panting blindly as I tasted his rich, creamy comedropping off my nose onto my outstretched tongue. Mypussy spasmed and a sudden, sharp orgasm overtook me,my thighs trembling. I held onto his bloated cock forbalance as the last of his pent-up sperm dripped ontomy breasts.I wiped my eyes, licking the come off my fingers. Hewas so damn delicious. I was glad it turned out thisway. I’d been debating whether to swallow his wholeload, or to taste some, and he’d taken care of thatdecision for me! Al was breathing hard, his chestheaving. “Oh Celeste…I’m so sorry! I didn’t meanto do that to you!” he babbled. I stood so he couldsee me.”Al…”, I whispered. He opened his eyes, finding mecleaning my face with my fingers, sucking and lickinghis come off of them, smiling lewdly. His eyes werewide. “That was just an appetizer. Lie down on thebed.” He weakly pulled himself onto the bed, his headresting on a pillow. ” Now we are both ready for themain course.”His spent cock flopped against his thigh. It was stillquite fat, and ugly in the most attractive way. Stillcoated with a wet white cream…like a glazed chocolatee’clair. I straddled him again, this time facing hismeat, and bent down. My ass raised up, and for thefirst time he saw a woman’s pussy…a white woman’spussy, open and swollen, with cunt juice running downher kaçak iddaa thighs. His musky come smell made my head spin.Looking back at him through my legs, I said, “Al…Iwant you just to look at my pussy….your pussy. Iwant you to watch it as I suck your fat cock again.Watch it open for you…watch it drip for you….watchit beg for your cock. A woman’s pussy is made to eatcocks like yours. I want you to think about how goodit will feel when you work your thick cockhead into mytight little cunt…”He moaned again, and returned my eyes to his meat. Itwas beginning to show signs of life, lurching off hisleg, a thick strand of come connected from his cock-mouth to his thigh. Opening my mouth wide, I swoopeddown on it with no hands, my tongue lifting the slimycockhead, my mouth sucking it inside until it wastrapped in back of my teeth. I mouthed him like aslut, slurping loudly on the head. It filled my mouthalmost to the breaking point. I started rocking backand forth, my mouth able to take in only another inchor two of his wide cockshaft…I felt my cuntmouthopening and closing to the rhythm of my sucking…wishing it had something to swallow, too.I watched his cock fatten up…his balls begin to move.The head was firming up in my hot mouth, no longer ableto get past my teeth. I made my lips into a wide,tight seal…like my pussy….and began to suck himhard. His cockhead had mushroomed until it filled mymouth. Maybe an inch of cockmeat was inside me…therest was all tender, juicy, fat cockhead. I twisted myhead back and forth like a fish on a hook, pumping himwith my obscenely distended mouth, my lips just a thin,tight line of flesh. My breathing was labored and mynostrils flared as I worked on the huge cockflesh.Lewd, wet slurping sounds escaped my lips with eachsuck, sounding like a pussy when it’s fucked my a thickcock.My cunt, untouched, was convulsing. I was moaning likea whore around his cock, humming as I ate. As I bobbedup and down on the top of his cock, I could see therest of his shaft…my tight lips causing the veins inhis big cock to swell with backed-up blood, the entirestalk gnarled and bloated.Without warning, Al began to hump up into my face,gently but urgently. My stuffed mouth took in all itcould, but it was wrapped so tightly around his cockthat all I could do was go along for the ride. Salivaand left over sperm squeezed out from the corners ofmy sealed lips with each thrust, hanging down in longlines to his stomach, where it ran like a river to hisballs. Al started groaning deep in his throat, causingme to moan even louder around my huge meal…and send-ing another long orgasmic wave crashing through mypoor, begging pussy. While panting and snorting through my come, lost in it,I felt hands on either side of my head…holding mesteady as he humped faster…using my mouth to jerk offwith. I felt the bloated head of his cock bumping mythroat, gagging me a little, but Al couldn’t helphimself. With a long loud cry, he pumped into my mouthfaster and faster, pushing my lips further down hisshaft, and then his fat cock started jerking, liftingmy face with each throbbing lurch….I felt his cockhead swell until I couldn’t breathe, andthen my entire mouth was flooded with thick, gaggingcome. He rode my mouth like a horse as what seemedlike a pint of heavy cream filled me. I tried toswallow, but there was too much. It made my throatconvulse, and I gagged and coughed, his seed sprayingout from between my lips and snorting out my nose.Another wave of orgasms made my knees collapse as heworked my head on his erupting cock. My cheeks werebloated with his sperm, my lips so tight it could onlyforce its way out under the pressure of his spurts. Finally, Al let go of my head and his body went limp.I reached up and gripped his slippery cockshaft withboth hands, pulling hard, until his giant cockheadpulled free from my lips with a loud, wet pop. Ariver of thick sperm poured from between my lips as myhead fell heavily to his slimy stomach. I could feelcome and saliva on my face as a swallowed the heavycream that coated my throat. Panting like a racehorse,I washed my face in the come pool on his flat belly,my tongue scooping up all I could get….sucking itinto my mouth….swallowing greedily. In my hands Icould feel his well sucked cock pulsing and jerking asit tried to rest. I was content to rest, now. I’d come three times…without even being touched….just from sucking thishuge, fat, black cock. My pussy was leaking sweetjuice, making Al’s chest all slippery and sweet smell-ing. As I drifted off, I thought about how great itwill feel to teach Al about the pleasures of fucking awoman….especially this little white woman, with thehungry pussy….like a bitch in heat.

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