A Wife’s Decision Ch. 02

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I woke up the next morning (sadly next to my husband) with a faint sense of regret in my mind. Not that because I had cheated on my husband, but because I hadn’t slept with the girl I really wanted. Irene was hot, and even sexier when I thought about her the next day, but she wasn’t the girl I wanted to take to bed every night. That was Amber. Even though she had introduced me to Irene, and encouraged me to let Irene be my first, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had betrayed her.

When I thought about it, it was silly. Amber wanted me to fuck Irene, and even though Amber knew (or at least suspected) how much I wanted her, she hadn’t seized the opportunity. Or I hadn’t pushed the issue. Either way, it seemed unlikely that I would get my chance anytime soon.

Rolling out of bed (away from my husband), I decided to start the day off by following through with the promise I made Irene the night before: Call her. I didn’t know the rules about calling the girl who just tongue-fucked you silly, but I wanted to taste her again. If I shut my eyes and concentrated, I thought I could just barely catch her rich scent in my hair.

Stepping into the shower, I naturally let my mind wander to the events of the evening before. Me turning up at Irene’s apartment, searching for pussy. Getting my pussy licked by a woman for the first time. A woman making me cum for the first time. My first time licking another woman’s pussy. My first time making another woman cum. As I thought about it all, I let my hands wander over my body. I started at my breasts, stroking them, rolling my nipples between two fingers before sliding them down my stomach.

I tossed my head back, wetting my hair as I let my fingers keep moving down. It had been too long since I had felt as good as last night, and I couldn’t remember the last time I had been turned on enough to play in the shower. Biting my lip in anticipation, I parted my lips, exposing my hardened clit to the trails of water dripping down my torso. Moaning, I let the water fall around it, imagining that the wet heat was Irene’s tongue caressing me.

“Mmm…that’s it, lick me. Lick my pussy clean, make me cum. I need it, need it so bad,” I whispered. Rocking my hips, I let the water cascade down my legs, dreaming that it was my pussy juices, my present to my lover. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer, and I let myself finally touch my clit, fingers reaching down, stroking it firmly, but lovingly. “That’s right, right there, right there Irene, touch me, don’t stop,” I said, louder, beginning to embrace my fantasy. I rolled my fingers around my clit, teasing myself, just like I imagined she would do.

After what seemed like an eternity of playing, I felt my climax coming over me. My cunt tightened, my clit throbbed, and waves of sweet relief poured over me. In a wordless moan, I came, knees buckling and pulse racing. I sighed happily, letting the water fall against me.

When I was finally done basking in my afterglow, I did somehow manage to get clean. It wasn’t easy. I could have spent the whole day touching myself and daydreaming about licking pussy and having mine licked. I was developing an obsession with girls, their bodies, and the way they made me feel. On some level, I knew I was treading a fine line. I had a sleeping husband in the other room, but I was too hooked on the idea of burying my face in Irene (or preferably Amber) to resist.

“You’re such a slut for pussy,” I told myself as I toweled off, blushing a deep red as I thought it. “Such a nasty, dirty slut for cunt.” I couldn’t lie to myself; I wanted more so badly.

However, there is a downside to waking up on a weekend day before your husband and daydreaming about pussy: It’s very hard to select a sexy outfit for yourself (and whatever girl you hope to see it) without him getting the wrong idea (in this case, that it’s for him.) So I had to make do with jeans and a plain blue top. I did manage to sneak on some sexy underwear, lacy and red, with little cutouts on the hips, with a matching bra. My husband wouldn’t be seeing that.

At that point, the hours started to crawl by. I assumed, rightly or wrongly, that I wasn’t the last girl on Irene’s dance card last night. That didn’t bother me, even though I thought it would. I always had jealousy issues with my husband’s female friends, and it was a relief to realize that when it came to Irene, it was physical first and foremost. If we became friends, great, but I mostly just wanted to fuck her. Amber, on the other hand, I dreamed about in a different way. All my visits to her club had just reinforced the idea in my mind that there was something special about her, something worth capturing if I could.

Finally, when eleven that morning rolled around, I couldn’t hold back. Shaking, I picked up my cell and dialed Irene’s number. It rang, once, twice, three times, before I heard a woman’s voice – obviously just waking up – on the other end.

“Mmph…Hello? This…Irene.”

“Oh, Irene, it’s Audrey. We…uh…fucked yesterday. bursa escort bayan Well, you’d know that when I said my name. I think. This is coming out all wrong. Um…let me start again. Irene, this is Audrey. I had a great time yesterday.”

I heard laughter on the other end. “Well, now that we have that sorted out,” she said, “I should let you know that I did too. So much so that I had some very nice dreams about it all. You were so cute, it being your first time and all.”

I blushed. “Well, the real reason I was calling…I want to see you again.” I dropped my voice. “And by see, I mean lick your pussy until you cum all over my face like the slut I see in the mirror this morning.”

“Now that sounds like a date worth having. I have some things to take care of, mostly my pussy. I don’t think I can wait until you get here to take care of that.”

It was my turn to laugh. “Oh really? I turn you on just that much?”

“Yep.” She giggled. “Want to listen? Want to hear what happens when you turn me on?”

I gasped. I wasn’t prepared for that offer. Somehow I had thought that in the light of a new day all of these feelings (on both sides) would have gone away and it would have been a one-time indiscretion on my part.

“Come on,” she said, “you know you want to. I’m sure you’ve buzzed your pussy one way or the other this morning.”

“In the shower,” I admitted, sounding not nearly as guilty as I might at being caught out so openly.

“Well, just so you know, I’ve already pulled my panties down. I’ve got one hand on my belly and…hold on while I put this on speaker…one hand on my breast. I’m rubbing my breasts, making them nice and sensitive.”

I moaned softly into the phone. “Tell me more, tell me how I’m making you feel,” I whispered, not wanting anyone in the house to hear.

“Oh you turn me on so much Audrey. There’s no way someone like you should have missed out on pussy for this long. And when I think about the way you fucked me yesterday, I just have to slide a finger from my belly to my clit. I’m stroking it, tapping it ever so lightly.” These last words were punctuated by quiet groans.

“Mmm,” I moaned, imagining the look on Irene’s face as she played with herself. “Are you getting juicy Irene? Nice and wet? I think I can feel my panties soaking.”

“Oh babe, my pussy is beyond wet at this point. I’ve got my finger in it now, sliding in and out slowly. Not too fast…I want you to hear how wet.”

The phone went off speaker and for a moment silence. I was afraid we had been disconnected, but then I heard a quiet, wet, sloppy sound. The sound of her finger-fucking herself. I whimpered softly, imagining the smell and taste that went along with that sound.

The speaker came back on. “Did you like that, babe? Did you like hearing me fuck myself? Because I can’t stop now. I need to cum. Tell me what to do.”

I’ve never been a dominant one in bed – I’ve always had more of a submissive side. It’s the one kink that I really wish I could have explored further, before I went down this girl-fucking path, but I hadn’t. Right then, though, Irene’s word had a profound effect on me. “Keep fucking yourself,” I whispered. “Keep sliding that finger into your horny pussy. But don’t cum. You can’t cum until I say you can.”

She moaned. “I won’t. I promise I won’t.”

There were no words from her for almost a minute. “Please,” she said eventually, “please let me cum. I need to so bad. So so bad. This little slut needs to cum.”

I shook my head, even though she couldn’t see it. “Sluts like you, who do what you did yesterday, have to remember who’s in control.” Inside, I was a little confused. I didn’t know I had this side to me, but in the moment, I was really enjoying it. “Stop everything else and rub your clit.”

“What did I do yesterday, that I have be punished like this,” she moaned. I could tell she was enjoying this, riding the edge of orgasm, having me in control.

“Good girls don’t invite older women in just to fuck. It’s something only sluts do,” I said. I couldn’t believe myself. I had just met this girl yesterday – just had my first time with a girl yesterday – and here I was acting like it should have been this way all along. I waited thirty seconds, until I could hear her practically thrashing on the other end. “But, know what little sluts get to do in the end? They get to cum. You have my permission.”

Almost immediately, I heard her scream my name on the other end of the phone. Panting and moaning and “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” over and over. I moaned myself; my panties were soaked and there was no way I was going to be able to sneak in some more solo time today.

“Audrey,” Irene said lazily on the phone. “That was hot.” She laughed. “Mmm…when can you come over so I can return the favor?”

I thought about it. “I can be over around…four. Will that work?”

“Sounds great…one more question. How late can you stay?”

I laughed. “I’ll clear my schedule. See you then.”

After görükle escort we hung up, the full impact of what just happened hit me. I had just had phone sex, really really hot phone sex, in my kitchen with Irene. My pussy ached for attention, but any minute, my husband and daughter would be up and there would go my chance. Still, I rested my hand against my thigh, drawing my finger across my leg, imagining what I would be able to do that afternoon.

“Mom? Mom?” My daughter’s voice brought me back to earth. I sighed softly to myself. No chance of getting myself off now, and odds were high I would just end up fighting with her and ruining my day anyway. “Mom, are you listening?”

I blinked. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” I asked, trying to seem less annoyed than I felt.

“I said that there’s an open forum at one of the schools I applied to tomorrow. I just got a reminder e-mail this morning. I forgot.”

“Jamie, I really wish you’d pay more attention to these things. Your father and I can’t always drop everything at the last minute to go.”

“Mom, I’m eighteen. I can take myself. It’s only two hours away. I can leave tonight and be back before dinner tomorrow.”

“You’re not going alone. Either your father or I have to take you.”

“Why not?”

“Because your father and I will be contributing to your college and we don’t want you missing out on the right opportunity.”

“Fine! I don’t want to argue about it. I just want to go to the stupid forum. I’ll ask Dad. You wouldn’t let me have a good time anyway.”

She stormed off, stamping her feet like a toddler having a tantrum. It was like this all of the time now, fight after fight after fight. Part of me was secretly relieved though. Having her father out of the house for a little while might give me a chance to work through the feelings I was having. More and more I just wasn’t attracted to him. More and more I loved him, but wasn’t in love with him. Part of me accepted that (the part that had made a date with Irene) and part of it didn’t (the part that was beginning to feel a little guilty.)

Then the first part won. If Jamie and her father were going to be gone over night, I wouldn’t have to rush home after spending time with Irene. I could even spend the night if I wanted, rubbing and licking until we passed out in sweaty exhaustion. My pussy tingled at the thought. Of course, I didn’t know if Irene would be ok with that, but with a devilish smile, I decided that I might be able to persuade her.

“Audrey?” Alex – my husband – owned the voice distracting me from my preferred distraction at the moment. “What did you do to Jamie now?”

I glared at him. He had an unfortunate tendency to take sides in our argument, and when he did, it wasn’t ever mine. “I told him that she wasn’t allowed to go to one of these college events over night without one of us.”

“You should trust her more. She makes the right decisions. Have we ever caught her using drugs? Has she gotten pregnant? Have we ever had to post bail for her?”

“It’s not a matter of trust. If she wants to go and do something I wouldn’t approve of, I’m not going to judge her. I love our daughter and things…morals…have changed. Since I was her age.” I didn’t want to point out that things had changed for me since the night before. I didn’t think this conversation was the time for telling him”Oh, by the way, I like girls now. I would prefer not to sleep with you again. We should think about what this means for our relationship.”

“Well, you’ve really pissed her off,” he said. “But I’ll take her. We’ll leave around three and be back sometime tomorrow.”

I nodded absently. I didn’t want to get into another conversation about how we had raised our daughter. In my mind, we had raised her to make her own decisions about her life, and the only reason not to let her go alone was because we had a stake in this decision too.

By that point it was lunchtime, and the next three hours were spent in a combination of sullen silence (from Jamie), packing and running errands (Alex), and impatience to fuck (me). I wanted Jamie to go and have a good time; I wanted Alex to go and help her decide; I wanted to drive right over to Irene’s, throw open the door, and practically tackle her. But I could wait. If I had to.

Finally, three rolled around. Jamie spent a few final minutes trying out her “college” look. Frankly, the only difference I saw between it and her “high school senior” look was a different pair of shoes, but if the details made the difference, that was that. Besides, at that point, I cared a whole lot less about what my daughter might be wearing, and a whole lot more about what I was about to change into.

I saw them out the door, waved goodbye and told them I loved them. Like I said, I still loved my husband, but from my birthday on, the passion had faded, quickly. Before they had gone around the block, I had pulled out my phone and dialed Irene.

“Audrey,” she said, “I hope you’re bursa escort bayan not having second thoughts. Because I’ve been so wet today that it’s seemed a shame to even bother getting dressed…”

The thought of Irene naked and waiting thrilled me, but I was going to need a little bit of time to put my full plan into action. “Not having second thoughts at all. But I do have a little bit of bad news and a whole lot of good news.”

She giggled. “Tell me everything.”

“Well, I’m going to be a little late. Maybe an hour or so. But my husband and daughter unexpectedly had to go out of town tonight. So I’ll be all alone tonight, with no one to keep me company…”

“Mmm…I think I understand everything. I’ll see you closer to five then?”

“Better make it five-thirty.”

“I’ll see you then. But whatever will I do until then. I’m sure I can think of something…”

She hung up, leaving all sorts of delicious images in my mind. Irene finger-fucking herself again, the way she did when I called earlier. Maybe even taking a vibe to her clit and cumming that way. I never bought myself any toys – they made my husband jealous – but for all I knew, maybe Irene had a full toy chest in her bedroom. For a moment, the image of Irene fucking Amber with a vibrator, or maybe even a strap-on, passed through my mind. I was jealous, but I couldn’t deny that the idea was hot. My lover fucking my crush? Pretty damn hot.

I looked at the clock. It was past three fifteen and it would probably take close to twenty minutes to make the drive to Irene’s this weekend. I didn’t want to leave her hanging so began to put my special plan into action. If I had extra time with her, I wanted to give her something special. Stepping into the shower, I resisted the urge to finger myself again. Instead, I focused on my razor, shaving first my legs, then my hair around my pussy. After twenty (very careful) minutes, I stepped out, admiring my work in the mirror. My cunt was completely bald and super sensitive. I had never noticed how my lips puffed or the way my skin color changed down there. Trust me, it was even harder to resist fucking myself then.

After I toweled off, I stepped into the bedroom. I had full run of my clothes now, without my husband to make assumptions. I wanted to make the wrapping as good as the present, and it took most of my remaining time to select the right outfit. First, the bra. I don’t have very big breasts (which, luckily, means that age has treated them well), so I wanted something that made them look their best. I selected a pushup bra I had bought years ago. It was white, with black lace detailing around the cups, and a dark grey bow between them. I had only worn it a couple of times, and I liked the feeling of wearing something (relatively) new to my “date.”

Panties were a little harder. I was worried about seeming too eager, too youthful, too matronly, too everything. A girl in college once told me that the panties you wore when you knew you were going to get fucked said everything about you. After reviewing all of my options, from thongs to bikini cut, from black to red to blue to green, from plain to patterned, I finally selected the perfect pair. They were white, almost virginal-looking, from the front. In back, rather than a solid piece of cloth, elastic cords held the two pieces together, showing off my ass. While they were a little snug, I felt like they showed both halves of who I would be at Irene. Horny slut and inexperienced, all at once.

My hands trembled as I selected my dress. I had a few that might work, but I wanted to wear something special. It was midnight black, fuck-me black. With barely-there straps (just enough to hide the bra) and short, it left no doubt about the wearer’s intentions. I shrugged off any doubts I had about taking things too far, and put it on. It fit like a glove. It hugged my curves, hid my flaws, and showed my strengths. I felt so sexy, and surprisingly, so nervous. It wasn’t like I hadn’t already fucked Irene. I had, and it felt great. I just wanted her to like the Audrey she saw tonight.

I did my makeup quickly – just a hint of lipstick, eyeliner, and blush – stepped into a pair of black pumps, and was out the door. On the way to Irene’s, I stopped for wine. I didn’t know what Irene drank, so I wanted to pick out a couple of reds and whites. Ordinarily, I probably would have stopped to comparison shop, but I could feel eyes on me. I knew I had dressed my best, but I didn’t want to give every man in town an eyeful. Or any man in town an eyeful for that matter. I wanted Irene to see what she was getting.


For a moment, I thought my daughter had caught me. That her and her father had laid a trap for me and sprung it, catching me red-handed on my way to fuck a girl behind his back. But it wasn’t, it was Amber. My voice immediately caught in my throat.

“Am…Amber?” I said, immediately feeling foolish.

“Wow, you look good,” she said, smiling. “Is it for your husband?” For my ears only she whispered “For anyone I might know?”

I nodded, guiltily. Immediately, I thought how much more I wanted Amber to unwrap this present. If I hadn’t run into her, I would be happily on my way to a fuck date with Irene, not feeling awkward in the store.

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