A Wet Story


A Wet StoryNot a particularly original title for the subject matter, but it’s a new draft of an old project of mine. . .I found Susan at home alone again, lying on her bed in the early evening. I don’t know why she was there napping, but I paused to gaze at her curled up in her big t-shirt and she just looked so cute. Her face was calm and serene in the dim light of dusk coming through the open window, her auburn hair spread on the pillow as she lay on her side, legs half curled up toward her chest. It was then that I noticed she didn’t have her panties on, and as she lay sleeping, one leg moved forward. The space between her cheeks was exposed, and the pink slit of her shaved pussy could be seen. I quickly removed my clothes and shut the door behind me. Quietly, I crawled alongside her and put my arms around her belly from behind. I nuzzled the base of her neck at hairline, and lightly nibbled her ear until I heard her moan softly.”Mmmmm. . .””Sweetie buns,” I whispered. She pressed back against me with her ample hips, and stretched her legs alongside mine. Her flesh was soft and warm.I stroked the curve of her belly under her shirt, and let my hand glide down her hips and cup her butt. She wriggled a bit, then suddenly tensed.”What’s the matter?” I asked, hesitating slightly with my hand on her hip.”Oh, adapazarı escort nothing, honey,” she said sleepily. “I want to play, it’s just that,” and she giggled. “I really have to pee!””Oh, I see. . .That’ll teach me to wake you from a nap.” She still hadn’t risen from bed, still pressed herself against me, and I’m afraid my prick was standing for the queen already.”I don’t want to go. . . I mean I have to go, but I don’t want to leave you,” and she laughed a husky laugh. “Especially when you’re so happy to see me!” And her hand came around behind her and lightly touched the tip of my cock, ever so gently stroking just on the underside of the mushrooming head. I throbbed u*********sly against her touch, and she grasped my dick with her hand, just holding it.”Don’t go. . .” I hissed. “Stay right here.””But I’m really going to pee. . .” she said again in almost petulant tones.”I know,” I said. “Squat over me and do it.”She jerked and turned on her other side, rising up on one elbow. Her face bore the shocked expression of surprise, but her lips curled ever so slightly upward. Her green eyes twinkled.”You’re k**ding,” she declared.”No, no. . .” I urged. “I’m serious. Squat and spread yourself, then really let fly.””Eeew,” she said, but the smile had not left her face. She got up on her knees, escort adapazarı hands on thighs. “You’re really a sick puppy sometimes.””I know. That’s why you love me, never a dull moment. . .””Oh, I swear. . .” she huffed. But she was already crossing her arms and pulling her big shirt over her head. “You are so weird.” Tossing the shirt off the bed, she hiked one leg over my leg, touching my hard prick with her hand as she knelt before my gaze. “Do you want to drink it, you dirty man?” she teased.I thought about it, reveling in the touch of her hand on my cock. “I don’t know. . .maybe some other time. Do you think you’d like that?””I don’t know if I’m going to like you watching me pee!” She grinned wickedly. I think actually she was more excited than she really wanted to let on. “Maybe. . . maybe I won’t do it unless you do drink it!””Oh my,” I said. I reached up and cupped her magnificent tits briefly, but she shrugged me off.”I really do have to go, you know. . .” And without another word, she rose off the mattress, squatting across my thighs and rising ever so slightly before my swaying, ridiculously hard cock. “You can drink it next time!””Turnabout is fair play,” I warned.”Gross!” she laughed again, but she balanced on one hand behind her, and reached down with the other to finger her pretty adapazarı escort bayan pink lips apart. There was this awkward moment of anticipation, and she half grunted and sighed all at once, as I held my breath. Then a few desultory drops spattered forth from her gleaming urethra. Susan tottered briefly, catching her balance and looking down to point her cunt in my general direction. Then a more sure stream of gold arced out, funneled into a spreading gush of pee that broke up as gravity and trajectory took over. Warm, almost hot, it landed on my belly, splashed against my throbbing cock, and seeped down into my pubic hair and past my balls. A warmth and dampness spread beneath me on the sheets.”We’re going to have to wash those you know. . .” she sighed, but she relaxed into the relief of her urination, and glanced up to my eyes. She must have liked what she saw, for she smiled.”I know. And air the mattress, too.” I said. “I’ll help. I don’t care. You have the prettiest pussy. . .”She almost blushed, then, but looked down as the stream lessened in flow. It spattered a few more short bursts against my prick, and I watched the muscular pulse of her groin as she squeezed out the last bit. And then she was done.”Well, I hope you’re satisfied,” Susan said, wiggling her cunt against my cock. The last drops glistened in her lips, which she had ceased holding apart. They flexed and spread slightly as she rubbed up and down my prick.”Not nearly as satisfied as I hope you’ll be,” I breathed as I plunged my cock deep into her wet and dripping snatch. . .

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