A Welders Tale Ch. 02

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I met a young man Daniel almost three years ago. He told me a story I found hard to believe. He assured me it was true. Since then I know it to be, I have met almost the entire family. Daniel put me in touch with others he learned of over the years, don’t know how, I asked he didn’t say.

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are true for the most part. Still they are not biographies, artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

The stories are somewhat long, most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short, I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, or any personal friend or relative.

This is the second chapter based on David’s life.

A Welders Tale

The bedroom was softly lit by several candles, the bed was made with satin sheets. I could see towels and washcloths laid out, bottles of oil and CD player were close by. Robin was dressed in the same see thru nighty she had worn for me years ago.

“In my ass!” Her breathing was fast and choppy.


“In my ass, please David?” I did hear her right, I was stunned and baffled. I had done this only a couple of times before and knew how intense it could be but here we are for just the second time making love, the first that we both agreed to and she wants it in her ass?

“But why now, not later?” I asked. She had turned her back to me handing me the lube. Turning to face me she pulled my face close and pierced my eyes with hers.

“That is the only place that is still virgin territory. I am giving it to you and only you. It is the one place you will always know is yours. Now, before I change my mind fuck me in the ass!”

I applied some lube to her asshole and spread it around, I was trying to take my time but she was getting impatient.

“David do not tease me, fuck it, stick that fucking cock in my ass!” Robin was like a woman possessed.

Quickly I lubed my cock and placed it at the entrance I leaned in slightly trying to keep it centered. Robin pushed back, I could feel the pressure build until it was almost painful to me, almost. I tried to stop letting her body adjust but she continued to push back.

“Stick it in, fuck it!”

“We need to go slow I don’t want to hur……….”

“David! I want it in me nowwww…” With that she lunged her ass back, instantly I felt pain grip my cock as her sphincter hesitated to give way and then I was in, balls deep.

“Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss….” She moaned. I was unable to comprehend what had taken place, it all happened so fast. Robin continued to press back looking for more than I could give. She continued to push until my legs splayed to the sides of her thighs. I was upright now supporting my weight and hers. Robin leaned back against my chest, took my hands and placed them on her tits.

“I need to cum now!” She hissed. I knew what she wanted. With a boob in each hand I lifted up to show her they did not even fill my hands.

“Don’t tease me David, make me cum!” I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around each nipple and squeezed lightly.

“Harder David, please!” Obeying her command I squeezed firmly then rolled them back and forth.

“Yes that’s it, pull now, I want to see them stretch!” Again I did as requested. I could feel her tremor then shake gently. Robin shifted her shoulders and turned her face so we could kiss. We explored each other’s mouth her body still vibrating on my cock. She took my right hand and placed it at her pussy. Breaking our kiss she looked down. With both hands she rubbed her pussy. This caused her lips to squeeze between her hands, she pulled them out and then mashed them back against her cunt.

My cock felt like it would be severed her sphincter was gripping it so tight, I needed her to move. I gripped her hips and stroked in and out of her asshole. The feeling was not only relief but immense pleasure. Gradually her body adjusted and my cock was happy once more. Resting her weight against my balls I looked over her shoulder. Robin was gripping each pussy lips now fat with excitement tugging them from her body. I slipped two fingers in her cunt feeling the pressure along my cock buried in her ass.

“Oh yes fuck me, David I am going to cum, cum with me.” Robin ground her ass hard against my lap one hand now on her tit the other caressing her clit above my fingers buried in her pussy.

“Cum for me, I want to watch!” I whispered in her ear.


Like a kid on a pogo stick she started pumping my cock, her body was a trembling mess, her tits now jiggling as she pushed up and down against my thighs. When the surge of her orgasm subsided I took my hands and gripped each tit once again. She turned to kiss me I could feel the heat radiate from her face. I pinched her nipples hard pulling them siirt escort for good measure. My knees were burning from her weight. I let her know by shifting her body, instinctively she moved to all fours making sure we stayed connected.

We were now positioned where I could be in control of my movements. Robin was still glowing from her orgasm so I started slow. The candles cast a dim glow throughout the room allowing me to watch as my cock slid in and out of her ass. As my excitement grew so did my cock trying to expand the opening even larger. Robin purred with each thrust and moaned on each withdrawal. I pulled back until just the head was gripped by her contracting muscles, when it gripped me tight I slammed her ass causing her gasp in delight

“Faster David, please faster I want you to cum in my ass, I want you to fill me up so you can fuck me and see how happy you have made me.” I picked up the pace and drilled her hard. Then when she felt good and loose I pulled out, looking at the gaping hole I almost came.

“Nooooooooo, back in, put it back in!” I slipped it in firmly relishing the new found tightness. “Good so good, do it again and again!”

I repeated pulling from her ass several times, each time she begged me to do it again. I would not last long like this, my excitement and her constant tremors were taking effect. Then I thought of something, pulling out I quickly turned her over, spreading her legs wide I lifted her hips and pushed through the entrance one more time. She was right, her face was a picture of happiness. Robin pulled herself up on her elbow’s allowing her to watch me enter her ass.

“Out, pull it out!” Supporting her hips I withdrew my cock to show it to her. It was a dark purple with veins straining along the length. Robins pussy lips were plump and glistening, they hung down slathering her juices on my cock.”In, put it in my ass, put it in your slut’s ass, fuck me longer David don’t ever stop.”

Time was running out I had held back as long as possible.

“Soon, Robin soon.” She lowered her torso gripped one tit with one hand and filled her cunt with three fingers of her other. “Hurry I am going to cum!!!!!!!”

Robin pulled me down she kissed me quickly then she cried out

“Do it you mother fucker, fill your mothers ass, fill my ass with all that cum.” She started bucking as I started spewing molten man juice deep inside. Even before the pleasure waves of my orgasm subsided she pulled me close.

“Tonight I am your mother and we do not need to avoid that, but once we marry I need to be just Robin Nichol’s your wife. Can you do that for me?”

I smothered her mouth with mine, we kissed long and passionately. We rested for a few minutes I then picked her up and carried her in the shower. The warm water felt refreshing and helped to invigorate us both. Drying off we headed back to bed. We faced each other kissing and caressing. I pulled her on top of me her petite form felt wonderful pressing lightly from above. Whispering romantic barbs and kissing we kept the pace slow and sensual. I could feel Robin’s nipples harden pressing in my chest. She lifted up presenting them for my enjoyment. Without delay I licked just the end of one nipple with the tip of my tongue. Robin was panting before I finally enveloped the areola. There was a pool of juices collecting just below my stomach she was so excited. Nibbling and sucking I worked up the soft flesh dangling above me. Robin’s hips now undulating painting my belly button with her flush pussy lips. Still she kept her tits hovering in place so I could continue to please her. I lightly scraped the first nipple with my teeth sending shivers through her body.

“You’re going to make me cum!” Her voice quivered as I moved to the other tit. I was starting the same way but her passion was too great. Robin lowered herself mashing her tit hard against my mouth. I fought back the only way I knew. I bit down on the mouthful of flesh now stuffed between my teeth.

“Yes baby, bite my tit, bite me like you did as a baby!” Robin shuddered as a mini orgasm pulsed through her body. “My nipple, bite my nipple!”

She lifted her tit just enough for me to keep her nipple in position. I scraped my teeth along her plump bud and again she shuddered.

“Harder!” she moaned. I firmly chewed the nub being careful not to hurt her. “Yes baby make my titties beg for more!”

I reached my hand over her ass and found her pussy begging for my attention. Robin’s pussy lips were already parted her juices flowing as she continued to experience orgasmic tremors. I dipped two fingers in her pussy then smeared the slick liquid around her asshole.

“Later honey I need you in my cunt right now.” I released her tit and Robin shifted back searching for my penis. She reached between us and guided it in. “Yes David, oh my god yes, don’t ever stop fucking me!”

Thank god I came earlier or I would not have lasted past the first inch. Robin set the pace pumping her pussy on my shaft while pressing her tits hard into escort siirt my chest. I teased her asshole constantly with her ample lubrication. She continued to fuck me whispering encouragement or begging for me to fill her pussy.

“Mom!” There I said it, for thirty plus years she waited for me to call her that and I finally did.

“Yes David?” Her voice choked with emotion.

“I love you!” The wetness I felt now was on my chest as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I have waited so long to hear you say that.” She sobbed. Whatever her emotions were in her heart her body was on a different page. I would have thought she would have slowed down but instead she fucked me with more passion than before.


“Yes dear?”

“I am going to cum!” I warned her.

“So am I son, so am I!”

It was not the most explosive orgasm I ever had, or I soon learned would have, but it was the most pleasurable, as we both came together this time, it was because of love not lust. Robin finished by taking me in her mouth cleaning me off. We rested for some time filling the void with words of love. I even nodded off for a few minutes only to be gladly awaked with her ass harboring my cock. I took her ass one more time that night Robin begging me to have no mercy. It was one of the few times I have ever disobeyed her requests.

We showered again but this time the warm water had the opposite effect, slipping on my pajamas I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

“David?” I could hear Robin gently calling my name, her hand caressing my cheek. I looked over giving her a wicked smile. Her eyes finding mine looked beside me. Following her eyes I turned slightly locating Blair snuggled just inches from me. I returned to Robin’s smiling face, not knowing what to say.

“She misses you!” Robin whispered.

“She can’t be here!” I protested.

“I know. But just this once I think it’s best if you let her stay. I will talk to her later. Hold her, let her know you still love her, that she is safe, that you will never leave her.” A tear was running down Robin’s cheek. “If she read the letters………..she needs to know David. She needs you.”

Robin left, she was wearing silk pajamas, her nipples unencumbered swayed as she moved. The shorts were sexy but covered her ass and then some. This was an outfit I planned on seeing a lot of in the future.

I pulled Blair close brushing her hair as I did. She smiled and then opened her eyes. She snuggled closer until nestled inside my body. We did not speak a word but just laid there. Finally I could not wait much longer I needed to pee. Rolling away from her I threw on my robe before standing. I reached the door when she spoke.

“Did you and Robin make love last night?” I stood contemplating if I should be mad or happy she asked.

“No honey, but your mother and I did.” I turned and looked at her, she smiled at me then lay her head back and closed her eyes.

Blair was very happy when she came into the kitchen, she ran to Robin and embraced her. I watched as they hugged, both with big grins. Blair whispered something in Robin’s ear. Robin’s face turned flush then she looked at me with a devilish grin, she whispered something to Blair and they hugged tighter. Everyone was happy even Chad but that would soon change.

“So dad what are you going to do today?” Blair asked smiling like she was leading up to something.

“Well the first thing I plan on doing is to take your brother to the sheriff’s office and see if I can keep him out of jail!” The smile was quickly missing as they were all brought back to reality.

I was in the shop finishing up the last of the clutter from the house projects. With more than two weeks left of my sabbatical I decided to set up the shop and do some small projects I had been putting off. The weather was cooperating so I had the doors open enjoying a nice breeze. Rachel had come over with her nieces to pick up Robin and Blair. They were headed to the pool in town. Chad was invited to go but decided to stay and help. Somehow he changed his mind when Wendy and Victoria arrived. I could not resist teasing him about choosing to ogle two hot babes in bikinis or help me clean the shop!

With a week before I was due to return I received a call from Mr. Clark’s office he asked if Robin and I could come in the next day. We showed up just after nine thirty and waited nervously in the lobby outside his office. Mr. Clark introduced himself to Robin and led us into the conference room. Robert and Carol were there of course but so were two company lawyers. The only other person in the room was a military person, whose identity and rank will be disguised. Let’s call the person X, the lawyers A and B, mostly because I am not sure I could spell their names.

“David since we last talked on the phone I assume your answer is the same?” He asked with a knowing smile.

“Yes it is!”

“And Robin your answer is the same?” She tighten her grip on my hand and looked up at me with a heartfelt siirt escort bayan smile.

“Yes, definitely yes.” If there was any doubt from the others in the room if they were doing the right thing that moment erased any doubt.

“Good now let me try and explain this best I can and if I am off on a point or two A and B can correct it later. Let’s say there is a ship that would like to dock in a certain port, but shall we say on a more permanent basis. Now there are State laws and Federal laws, whether we agree with them or not they are there. Basically the law states that if the boat and the port ever shared the same name the boat could not dock, even for one night. Now here comes the tricky part. If the boat and the port have different names now the boat could sail in let’s say at night and hope no one remembers the port had a different name years ago. As long as the captains logs were let’s say unreadable, the boat did not cause any waves and only docked at night the state and federal folks may never know, and the boat could dock there forever in peace. Am I getting this right so far?” Everyone smiled and nodded.

“Good. Now let’s suppose the captain of the boat wanted papers stating he had exclusive use of that port, and the owner of the port agreed to close the port to any other boat trafic. The two could apply to the state for such an agreement and since it had been years since they shared the same name and since the captain’s log is difficult to read the person representing the state would probably agree to it. As long as no snoopy person read the captains log or looked up the ports previous name they might fulfill their wishes. We still good?” a round of quiet laughs filled the room.

“Now let’s suppose someone who had a vested interest in the boat and the soon to be port was to help the two of them make this happen. He might suggest the boat and the port apply for the documents in another country where such laws are shall we say cloudy. The problem is if they choose to come back the state and maybe even the federal governments might want to see more documents. They could stay in this country let’s say at some exotic location and get the papers but again that might look flashy to some.”

“They could do it right in the very spot the port resides but they might run the risk of someone local remembering the port had the same name many years ago. The interested party might strongly suggest they consider going to a small but exciting area in the desert where this kind of paperwork is very common in fact so common their particular paperwork would be boring by local standards. The interested party would have to remind said boat and port should the boat try to leave the port, or should the port force the boat to leave the storms they produce could sink the ship and the port could be locked up.”

“The interested party would of course be no longer interested. Should the storm come from no fault of the boat or the port he would of course do everything in his power to keep the boat and port from any more storms, including the governor of the state or someone from the federal government. I think I have covered it all?” A round of applause filled the room. “Robert will you see to the details, Carol I would appreciate if you would take Robin with you and cover the points we discussed earlier.

“Thank you Mr. Clark, thank you so much!” Robin rushed to him and kissed his cheek.

“David, best wishes, I wish I could be there but I have work to do and I hate the desert.” Mr. Clark said.

In the end Robin and I decided there would be a wedding but in reality it would not be legal. Committing incest would be one thing to prove, a legal wedding would be quite easy. Besides the lawyers made it clear as much as Mr. Clark wanted them to help they could not knowingly break the law. We could move to New Jersey where it was legal but we decided against that too.

It was a small wedding, the kid’s of course, Rachel and Sparky were maid of honor and best man. Frank and Marie brought the kids at Chad and Blair’s insistence. Everyone knew this was for show but we insisted it be carried out as if it was real, honeymoon included.

It was a great four days with friends and family. The kids loved the pools the adults loved the time off. Rachel and Sparky had met several times over the years, but this trip seemed to bring them together. Robin and I continued on our honeymoon as the rest went home. Frank and Marie helped by watching the kids while we were gone.

The Honeymoon

Robin and I did not have a typical honeymoon, instead of going to some exotic or romantic destination. Robin asked me if I would take her to some places she wanted me to see. I wasn’t sure where she wanted to take me but I agreed.

The first stop was in Chicago, just inside the city. She took me to a house that was now boarded up explaining that was where I was first brought home from the hospital. It was all they could afford, my father struggling to pay the bills working. Robin explained how she thought the stress of supporting a family may have been why he was so abusive. I got out of the rental car and walked up to the house the boards preventing our entering it. Robin stood by the car watching as I imagined what events had taken place there. I stood for some time before I felt her hand on my back.

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