A Welcome Intruder


A Welcome Intruder
A Welcome Intruder

I am wearing my white lingerie sitting in front of my dressing mirror. I look in the mirror and see a black male standing in the hall way rubbing his cock through his pants. I have no idea of who he is and I can see he has a big cock. He does not think I see him. He looks startled when I motion for him to come towards me. When he gets close to me I reach up and I make him lean down and kiss me. He kisses me roughly and then chuckles.
“You white sissy bitches are all the same,” he says as he pulls off his shirt to reveal a well-muscled chest. He notices as I lick my lips and admire his gorgeous physique.
“Yeah, that’s right. You all crave the BBC!” he says as he now undoes his pants revealing he does indeed have a big black cock. Without even thinking I gasp and whisper, “Dear Lord.” He is cut, and as thick as a Red Bull can. He grasps it as it springs from his pants, and points it towards my lips and I can see he must be a good ten inches in length. He laughs again as he grasps a handful of my blonde hair. I know what is coming now. He is going to fuck my mouth. I open my mouth and take his cock slowly. I am surprised that he lets me set the pace.
“Dear Lord is right baby. Sissies are the best cock suckers.” I moan and nod affirmatively as I begin sucking him in earnest. I take him deeper as I relax my throat. I quickly manage a lot of saliva and begin bobbing on his dick. He is stiff and unyieldingly erect as I slide him in and out of my glossy lips. I pause and lick his cock up and down paying a lot of attention to the engorged head which causes him to inhale through his teeth. I moan again as I fellate the head and slather it with my spit. I take a breath and take him deep, and then deeper, until I have him completely in my mouth and throat. I am sucking hard now as I moan again, remembering I cannot gag when I am humming.
“Fuck yeah baby!” he exclaims as I stay there for a few seconds wiggling my tongue along the underside of his massive meat stick. I slide him out with a pop and then begin slurping loudly as I suck his first few inches. I remember a porn star who does this and it never fails to get her studs hot.
“I been watching you bitch,” he says hoarsely. I moan and whisper to him.
“How long?” I look into his eyes and stare him down as he answers.
“Weeks. Damn but you’re one hot fucking cock sucker.” I smile and resume sucking him as I run my hands over his torso. I pull him closer and speed up the pace, moaning and groaning and occasionally whispering how gorgeous he is and how badly I want to drain his balls of his creamy cum. Eventually I turn him around and seat him on the bench as I slide to my knees. I stare into his dark eyes as I sneer at him, my mouth soaked with his pre cum.
“This is where I belong, right baby? On my sissy knees? Before you, serving you, like a good girl?”
“Damn right you slut!” he growls at me as he slaps my face with his wet cock. I take the base of his cock in my hand as I slurp and suck like I am possessed. I can hear his breathing increasing and his groans let me know he is closer now. Instead of stroking him like lazy girls do, I swirl my tongue all around his cock and I again concentrate on the head. Now that I am on my knees, I can bob up and down as fast as I can. I take him deep and suck him hard and then alternate by loosely sucking the head, making as much noise as I can. I continue to talk dirty to him in between times my mouth is stuffed with his massive tool.
“I want your cum. I want it all you dirty bastard.” I hear him chuckle slightly.
“Oh yeah. And don’t even think about not taking it all you little tramp.”
I reach down and my panties are soaked with my pre cum. He notices and slaps me.
“Don’t touch that little clitty slut!” Grabbing my head he pushes me down on his mighty cock and tells me to concentrate on his dick. I feel him grab my wrist and pin it to his side.
“You suck bitch. Suck it like you never gonna’ get another black cock in your whole sissy kaçak bahis life.” I bob my head in agreement and slurp and suck faster. I look into his eyes again as I deep throat him, moaning as my saliva leaks from the side of my mouth. I can feel him swelling in my mouth now as his chest heaves with deep breaths. He is going to come very soon and I am doing everything I can to make his orgasm as powerful as I can. I try to put my mouth everywhere at once with as much heavy spit and moans that I can manage. In less than a minute he suddenly cries out and seizes my head as he wraps his powerful legs around me. He pulls me tight and I prepare for what I know is going to be a huge load of cum.
“Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck yeah! Take it girl! Take it all!” He is bucking his hips like crazy and I feel the first spurts hit my throat. I swallow frantically as he cums, moaning as he continues to shoot again and again. Mentally I keep track counting to myself. When he hits twelve he pulls free and holds my head steady as he blasts his load onto my face.
“Oh yes good girl, yes! I’m gonna’ paint my sissy bitch!” I close my eyes and open my mouth as another rope of jism splashes onto my cheeks and my chin. Fifteen, and then another splatters onto my forehead. Eighteen now and I feel his seed land on my eyelids. I try to put my mouth on him and another squirt hits my lips. It flies onto my tits and down my neck. I’m moaning and urging him on now as he covers me in spooge.
“Oh yeah! I’m gonna’ ice my fucking sissy cake!” he cries out. I count 23 and he shoves it inside my mouth and I begin sucking again, feeling him shudder from the sudden stimulation of his now super sensitive dick. I moan softly as I take his cock and milk him dry. He’s spent but I know from the look on his face that he is not finished with me yet. I wink at him as I swallow and lick him clean. He’s mumbling now, reveling in the afterglow, calling me names. I slip him out as he scoops great big globs of cum and feeds them to me.
“Damn, girl. You’re one fine cock sucker. You are my white sissy slut, ain’t you?”
“Oh yes baby. I’m your cum whore,” I groan as I wipe the cum from my face and suck it from my fingers. He smiles as if to say I have done well, but in his eyes I recognize a look that says the main event is about to begin. In one swift movement he lifts me from my knees, swings me and d****s me over the overstuffed chair in my bedroom. I’m now facing the full length mirror. He is more powerful that I could ever imagined and in the dressing mirror I can see his thighs flexing. I look into the mirror and see myself. I am still covered in splatters of sperm and he is staring down at my ass.
“These expensive slut?” He tugs on my panties and looks at me in the mirror. I nod yes and feel him tighten his grip. With his other hand he grabs my long blonde hair and pulls me back.
“Well, they gotta’ go bitch,” he says as he yanks them, tugging them tight against me. He is making me a little bit worried now as I hear the fabric tear and rip. He pulls them away and reaches around to stuff them remnants into my mouth. I can feel him pressing against my bottom now and to my amazement he is still rock hard. I silently thank myself for lubing up just before he appeared. However, he seems concerned and squirts some lubricant from my dressing table on my boi pussy.
“Don’t wanna’ break your cunt slut.” I moan as he makes me arch my back pulling my hair as he whispers in my ear.
“Tell me what you want girl.” I moan and smile. He pulls the panties from my mouth.
“You know what I want baby,” I say.
“You tell me. I want to hear you tell me my sweet little slut.” I look him dead in the eye as I reach back pulling his mouth to mine.
“I want your big black beautiful cock baby!” I say as if I will die if I do not get it right this second. He kisses me deep thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth as he holds me tightly and squeezes one of my breasts. He pulls away and frowns, shaking his head.
“I don’t believe you makrobet güvenilir mi tramp. You lying to your bull.” I start to protest but he kisses me again roughly.
“That ain’t no fuck me kiss. Are you a cock whore?”
“Yes! Yes, I am baby!” I quickly answer.
“Then you fucking kiss me like one, bitch!” I grab his face and kiss him frantically, sloppily, like a teenager feeling the rush of passion for the first time. I stick my tongue in his mouth and then take his into mine. I suck it deeply in my mouth between my tongue and feel him respond with a deep moan. It is clear that my “trap kiss” is something new to him. He leans in for a moments enjoying it and then breaks free. I wipe my lower lip and begin.
“Please. I need it, so bad. Please baby.”
“Say it then,” he says softly as he caresses my face.
“I want your big cock sweet man. I want you to fuck me,” I say sweetly as I lean close.
“Ain’t gonna’ be no sweet love makin’ sissy,” he warns. I kiss him gently.
“Oh good honey. Your cock whore doesn’t want any of that stuff.” He kisses my forehead and I feel his grip tighten.
“Now, that’s my whore talkin’. Right slut?”
“Oh yes baby. No mercy for my ass.” In an instant he spins me around. I feel my legs spread apart and before I can respond I am pushed up on my tip toes. I feel his hands take hold of my hips and I try to relax. I feel the head of his cock press into my ass and I know this is going to be the monster fuck of my young life. But to my surprise he eases the head in slowly. Still he is huge and I gasp out loud.
“Oh fuck…”
“Oh yeah baby girl.” I feel him hold there for a moment and I sigh.
“Oh you don’t like it?”
“Oh God, yes, I love it…”
“Because I can just stop and take it away,” he says pausing as I begin to give him the satisfaction I know he is craving.
“NO! Please baby, I want it! Don’t take it away!” I cry out quickly.
“Then you prove it, you cock whore!” I quickly lean back into him trying to push him further into my ass.
“Please, give it to me. I want it all, I want it all right now!” I plead as I try to pull him closer.
“Yeah, that’s it bitch. You beg for my big black cock!” I kiss him quickly and start to beg.
“Please baby! Don’t take it away! Baby girl wants your cock! Baby girl needs your big black cock!” I cry out in a frantic voice. He strokes my face as he smiles. He nods as he slides into me deeper.
“Oh yes. My sweet baby girl is going to get her brains fucked out. Now!” he hisses. He then flings me forward over the chair. Holding my hips he begins thrusting into my ass. It’s absolutely wonderful from the very beginning. He sets a steady pace, pounding me hard and deep. I’m suddenly just a rag doll moaning and crying out as he drills my ass. He’s groaning and chatting away with a series of insults and humiliating comments.
“Sweet baby girl white sissy slut’s going to beg for my big black dick. She love’s the dick. You gonna’ worship my dick slut.” All I can do is hold on as he pummels my boi cunt. I am now moaning like some drunken hooker and begging for him to never, ever stop fucking me. He is not stopping either. He just keeps slamming into my ass pussy, occasionally pulling my hair and kissing my neck and whispering what a good fucking whore I am and how he is going to make me sissygasm. It doesn’t take but a few minutes before I am begging him to let me touch myself. He refuses of course and slaps my ass cheeks while he threatens to take away his cock. I beg him not to and keep thrusting myself back onto his cock. He loves that and speeds up the pace. I look into his eyes as I stare into the mirror and start singing to him.
“I’m your cock whore. I love your dick,” I chant lazily as I meet every thrust with a groan. He reaches around and squeezes my nipples as he bites my neck.
“I’m gonna’ fuck you all afternoon bitch. I’m gonna’ tie you down and make you suck my dick while I eat my dinner. Then I’m gonna’ fuck you all night long. You like that bitch?” I nod as I shake from the vicious fucking perabet he is now giving me. I cry out yelling now.
“Oh yes, please! Give me your cock, all day! All night!”
“Who are you baby girl?” he demands.
“I’m your whore!”
“What else?”
“I’m your cock whore!”
“What kind of cock whore are you bitch?” He slaps my ass again, harder.
“I’m your dirty slutty cock whore!”
“And? I wanna’ fuckin’ hear it cunt!” He’s choking me now as he thrusts in and out of my ass pussy like a jack hammer on full speed.
“Oh my God, I’m your fuck toy daddy! I’m your filthy, dirty, cock sucking, cum swallowing, slutty cock whore, and I love being used by you any way you like,” I scream. I am panting now feeling his cock hitting my prostate perfectly now. I am almost there and he knows it now.
“Do me daddy, please fuck me!” I beg like a slave.
“That’s my good baby girl. Now you cum for your daddy slut. You cum and you catch it!” It hits me a few moments later. It’s a prostate orgasm that wracks my entire body. I feel my cum spilling into my hand as my body shakes and quivers. Gasping for air I moan and feel the tears running down my face. He continues to slam into me and lets me breathe as he groans. I’m shuddering in an ecstasy I have never known before as he grabs hold of me again and cries out.
“Oh fuck yes!” He is cumming again and he is still able to give a big load. I feel my knees weakening and he supports me by pinning me to the chair while he spasms over and over pumping my ass full of cum. His face next to mine now he encourages me and strokes out the last of my cum from my hard cock.
“Yes, that’s it. Oh fuck yes baby girl,” he continues moaning as each spurt shoots from his glorious cock into me. I nearly faint and he stands holding me impaled on his turgid pole.
“Now, eat it baby girl. Eat it all,” he says as he lifts my hand full of cum to my mouth. He admires my big load as I tip it into my open mouth and swallow it all down, lapping it up from my hand and sucking each finger clean. We look into the mirror at each other and he slips his cock from my ass. He quickly moves me to the bench and props up my ass with a pillow from the nearby bed. He motions me not to move and gets a glass from the dressing table. He places it beneath me and nods.
“Let it go baby girl,” he says firmly. I relax and his seed pours out of my boi cunt in a trickle. It takes a few seconds before it is all drained into the glass. He then brings the glass to my lips and pours it into my mouth. After I swallow the glass of jism he sets it down and steps forward lifting his cock to my lips.
“Now, lick it clean you cock whore,” he says as he grabs my hair. He squeezes a little more cum out of his softening cock and then steps away and dresses. As I reach for a tissue he sees me and speaks.
“Don’t clean yourself up yet slut. Get your phone and take some pictures of your dirty self you cum slut bitch. I’ll write my number down and you text them to me in an hour. You better do it too cock whore or I’ll be back to fuck you again.” I rise and walk to him and kneel.
“Yes Daddy, I will.” He reaches down and takes hold of my chin and smiles.
“That’s a good baby girl. Now you be good, and clear your schedule because I’ll be back next week at the same time.” I nod and smile.
“What do you say?”
“Thank you. Thank you very much Daddy,” I say softly. He nods and then smiles as he pauses in the doorway.
“Oh, and I’ll be bringing some brothers with me next week baby girl. So make sure you’re ready, alright?”
“Yes Daddy dear,” I say as he winks and leaves. I rise and sit at the dressing table and gaze into my reflection in the mirror. I look like a cheap back alley hooker. I have cum plastered all over on my face, hair, and body. My eyeliner has run down my cheeks and my lipstick is smeared. I have defiled and debased myself beyond what I have ever done or fantasized about before. I let this stranger humiliate and abuse me like a fuck doll, and I liked it. I liked it a lot. In fact, I loved it. I suddenly realize looking down that my clitty cock is fully erect and throbbing. I also realize that I cannot wait for the week to pass and the next meeting with my stranger with the big black beautiful cock. I am a cock whore and a sissy slut, and I love it.

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