A Warm Shower


A Warm ShowerScott and Janet had enjoyed a delicious dinner of sushi at a favorite local restaurant. Conversation at dinner was light and comfortable, as they laughed and talked with the chef, Koji. Upon arrival back at home, Janet opened a delightful bottle of Cabernet wine, and they sat on the couch sipping and chatting some more.Each finished their wine, and Janet rose to pour another glass. After an hour or so, and a few passionate kisses between sips of wine, Janet took Scott by the hand, leaned toward him and whispered into his ear, “I need to pee.” She pulled her face back looking into his eyes until he realized what was on her mind. She stood from the couch, extended her hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom.She stood facing him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him on the lips; closed at first, then parting them, probing his mouth with her tongue. Her right hand slid from around his neck, and reached down below his waist, searching his crotch. Upon finding the place, she stroked and kneaded his pants until she discovered a rapidly swelling cock. Janet kissed him more deeply, and he could taste the wine on her breath. She lowered her other hand to his waist, found the belt buckle, and undid it with swift precision.The button and zipper of his jeans were quickly opened, and she slipped both thumbs into the waistband on either side of his hips, tugging his pants downward, along with his undershorts until they were bunched around his ankles. Guiding his feet from the entangled blue jeans, he stood naked from the mersin escort waist down. Janet arose and lifted his shirt over his head, pulling his arms out and tossing his shirt to the floor. “Go into the bathroom and sit on the shower floor. Without a word of protest, Scott complied.Moments later, Janet entered the bathroom, completely naked, and in the dim light Scott could see her nipples were erect. She shivered slightly, squeezing her knees together like a school girl who had waited too long to find the toilet. “I really have to pee bad” she said. Scott’s respirations quickened in anticipation. She entered the shower, straddling his legs, standing directly over his abdomen. The moon shining through the skylight over the shower revealed tiny goose-bumps on her legs and belly as she paused before him, naked and beautiful.Placing her hands on her tummy, she rubbed gently in a circular motion causing a tiny stream of urine to trickle down her right leg, following her soft inner thigh downward until it reached her knee and stopped. The droplet of pee glistened in the pale light; Scott leaned forward and licked the inside of her knee. She spread her legs wider over him, placing her hand on either side of her pussy lips and parted them slightly with her long, beautiful fingers. Lifting her face upward toward the light, he could see her beautiful neck and jaw line; she was concentrating now as one who is bladder-shy in a public place.Several moments went by as he looked first at her face, then shifted his gaze to her firm escort mersin breasts, and downward to her spread pussy lips; all the while patiently waiting for her warmth. A short spurt of piss exited her hole, splashing on his chest; the end of that stream was followed by several dribbles and drips which fell onto his cock. Taking a deep breath, she exhaled and started her stream in earnest; forcefully showering his chest, neck, and shoulders with her warm, liquid gold. She shivered as her piss flowed freely, bathing him in its warmth; a faint aroma of the wine they had drunk filled the air, along with her musky, aromatic, female scent.His cock grew erect as the rivers of pee flowed downward to his crotch and ran left and right past his balls and down his ass crack; the hot streams tickling and teasing his ass. Janet rotated her hips forward causing the piss fountain to arc upward, striking him on the chin. Scott opened his mouth, leaned forward and let her fill him with her fluid. He swallowed when his mouth was full, and some of her pee flowed from the corners of his mouth. As he closed his lips to swallow, her stream continued to flow, covering his face, dripping from his chin. “Oh my god” he thought “she really does have to piss.” Opening his mouth once more, Scott captured her urine, bathing the back of his throat as it filled again; this time he did not swallow, but allowed his mouth to continually fill, spilling out onto his chest and belly.Janet rotated her hips from side to side painting his body, shooting her stream mersin escort bayan over his shoulders and onto the shower wall behind. He reached up, grabbed her hips and held her stationary so that her fountain was once again aimed at his open mouth. He let it fill again, swallowed and repeated three or four more times. As her bladder began to empty her stream weakened, causing it to break into a trickle, individual droplets, and eventually stop. Letting her pussy lips fall back together, she squeezed her tummy muscles, forcing the remaining pee from her bladder. The final drops slipped between her wet labia and dribbled onto his lap. When she had finished her chore, he leaned forward one last time and licked between her pussy lips, wiping her clean as he captured the last of her nectar. Her clitoris was quite firm by now and the fact did not go unnoticed by Scott. He kept his mouth over her as he drew her hood between his teeth, flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue. Janet gasped and spread her legs further. He fondled her cunt hole with his tongue and licked her slit from front to back. He slid further beneath her and finding her ass hole with his tongue, licked the circumference. His nose was in her pussy as he licked and tongued her butt; she rode the bridge of his nose with her clit and he pleasured her behind. In just moments she let out a loud “Oh” and came on his face. Janet rubbed her clit on his nose for awhile as his tongue continued to lap her anus. When her orgasm finally subsided she reached the faucet handle and turned the shower on full, bathing them both in warm water. Helping raise Scott to his feet, she handed him the soap and washcloth, and turning around pointed to her back. “I love to take showers like this” she said as he washed her.

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