A walk along the seafront


A walk along the seafrontMidday and there we were the only people walking along the wave lashed promenade. On a day like this we were asking to get a soaking. Great green waves broke upon the sea wall sending their froth and spume flying into our faces. I turned my back onto the next onslaught of water in time to see Rachel use me as her shelter – cheeky cow! The water rattled on my clothing like small pebbles, my jacket could take all the water thrown at it but everything below that was soaked when Rachel and I miss – timed a wave when we started our walk back home from the town towards our seafront apartment. We should have known better but it was fun and refreshing and not so bad knowing that we lived close by. It was fair to say that Rachel’s hair looked a mess with her hair all matted down, she looked so different – she looked so “alive”. We had about another half a minute before the next big wave. Rachel stood on tiptoe and we kissed tasting the salt on each others lips as the next wave broke soaking and stinging. It was not the cold North Sea spray that was bothering me but her hand rubbing the front of my jeans! iskenderun hatay Our tongues sought each others out as another wave ended its journey nearby with a crash sending more water onto the promenade. Looking into Rachel’s eyes I could see her lust building behind them turning towards home once more we held hands predicting when to walk and when to stop slowly we made some sort of progress, that is until we neared a shelter. Rachel squeezed my hand and pulled me into this Victorian relic from a bygone age. A shelter from what I mused as again more spray lashed over the sea wall and straight into where we were. I unzipped my jacket and Rachel slipped her arms inside and around my body. Pulling her close I wrapped my jacket around her and did up the Velcro storm tab cocooning us together. Her small body fairly quivered against me as she rested her head on my chest. I could feel the warmth of her hands through my clothes as we stood there. First moving her right hand down and then her left, she plucked my shirt from my waistband she weaved her hands inside. Her hands roamed around kneading and escort iskenderun holding content to just hold and be held. After a while she looked up and I knew this to be the signal that she wanted to be kissed. Our mouth had just joined when another crashing wave ended its journey and sure enough two to three seconds later the spray hit us. Her right hand was now working its way past the waistband of my jeans. I felt her erection pressing into my thigh, my hands cupped her boyish buttocks urging her to use my leg. My own maleness reacting to her actions while her exploring hand gripped and stroked my own growing erection. By this time Rachel was openly and unashamedly fucking my leg, her cock pushing against her damp trouser front. Frustratingly I was stuck, unable to reach around and touch her without undoing our protection and I think she knew this. Rachel withdrew her hand from my cock and looked me in the eye, she was concentrating on something, that “something” was that she had taken her cock out and a moment later and my cock too was also released. I felt the hard heat alongside my maleness iskenderun escort bayan as she gripped them together and began to work them back and forth wanking them as one. Building up a steady rhythm we kissed again adding to the sense of urgency. This was not just a kiss, but moaning into each others mouth’s, breathing each others breath knowing that we building our cum as one. Sensing each others state, urging each other on. The fury of the seas growing as we were heading towards our joint cum. The spray hitting us had little effect on our single thought – we were going to cum – together. We began to thrust, Rachel’s grip and rhythm changed, I felt those familiar feelings building, she bit lightly down on my tongue. I gasped into her mouth knowing that my cum was about to happen, Rachel cried softly, her warm breath going to the back of my throat. With weakening trembling knees I released my load not caring where. Together we moaned with deep ragged breaths. Rachel’s cum covered hand holding our waning erections. Rachel knew that we had released our loads at the same time. I could feel her fingers playing with our cum. After giving our cocks a few more strokes she brought her hand up to her mouth and then to mine. We tasted divine. We kissed a lovers kiss and she tucked me back in – making me decent again!The weather had worsened – it had now started to rain……. some summer!

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