A Visit to Aunt Corinne’s

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As I stepped out of the car, and gazed upward at the large house that I would soon be living in, I wondered to myself if I would enjoy living with my aunt. I would never have thought a year ago that I wouldn’t be living in the small town that I grew up in, but just a few short weeks ago, my parents divorced and they decided that I should spend time with my father’s brother’s wife, who was widowed five years ago when my uncle died in a boating accident.

It wasn’t as if I couldn’t have lived by myself, I thought for the millionth time. I am 18, and can get an apartment. My parents just don’t trust me, I pouted to myself. I have bloomed magnificently in the past year. At 5’6″, I was a little on the short side, but did I make up for it with 34D-27-34. And I was quite proud of my perky heart shaped ass that was achieved with 1 hour of yoga a day.

I climbed the stairs and as I reached the top, the door opened and this amazingly beautiful woman opened the door. She stood a little taller than my own 5’4″ and was lusciously built. She must have at least a full 36C bra on, I thought. With a little nipped in waist and curving hips, she was a classic hourglass. After staring at her body, I felt myself getting a little wet. My eyes begin to travel up her delicious body, pausing at the junction of legs, her stomach and her fully erect nipples. I gave prayer that I remembered to wear sunglasses as my gaze finally landed on her face. And god what a face! Creamy, clear skin with a light coating of freckles, striking green eyes, and a thick waterfall of auburn hair made her a stunning woman.

Smiling at me, she says in this sexy, husky voice, “Lexie, I am so happy to have you here! You have grown into a beautiful young woman! I just know we will be happy living here together! Come inside, and I will show you your room.”

I followed her inside, and followed her up the stairs, watching the enticing sway of her hips under the short tennis skirt she was wearing. As she took a step a draft swept through the house and lifted her skirt just enough to show that my hot aunt was not wearing any underwear and that she shaved her pussy completely bare. I felt my own pussy itch and my hand longed to caress my clit, to slide in the wetness, and plunge into myself until I came all over my hand.

We finally reached my room and I noticed all the bags that had been sent ahead had been unpacked and placed in the closet. I was thankful that I had packed my toys in my carry-on, not wanting to miss out on some fun in the back of the plane and the ride in the back of the car on the way here. Warmth rushed to my pussy as I fondly remembered the sexy flight attendant who attended to my itch on the plane. She sucked and licked my pussy, then used her tongue like a dick to make me cum in my seat. We then had an orgy with another passenger in the back of the storage area, cumming in each other mouths.

My aunt cleared her throat and asked tentatively if the room was alright. I rushed to hug her, feeling my breasts rub hers erotically.

“Oh, Aunt Corinne, bahis firmaları my room is wonderful! Look at the queen-sized bed, the walk in closet, the giant T.V.! This place is great. I just know I will be happy here with you!” I gave her a soft kiss on the mouth and tightened the hug slightly.

As I released her, I noticed her face was flushed and she was staring at my mouth. I smiled. Maybe, just maybe, this visit could be just the thing I need, I thought. I would love to get her shaved pussy in my mouth, and suck her clit.

My aunt excused herself to let me rest and get settled, leaving the door open as she left. I stripped to the skin and put on one of my transparent teddies, laying down on the bed with my favorite vibrator, a 8″ long, hot pink ribbed dick. I fucked myself with it, imagining my beautiful aunt cumming in my mouth, eating my pussy like it might get stolen away. I came hard in just minutes, pounding the vibrator in me, pinching my nipple. I fell asleep quickly, leaving the fake dick humming quietly in my pussy, my finger resting quietly on my clit.

Later that night, my aunt passed by my room, awakening from my dreams of her cumming in my mouth. I called her to me, after flipping the cover over me. She approached my bed, and sat down on the side. I stared at her in wonder again. She was wearing a beautiful nightie with lace all around the bottom. I grabbed her hand and kissed the palm, thanking her for all her generosity. I tugged gently on her hand, pulling her down on the bed beside me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her again on her silky soft lips.

“Lexie, this isn’t right. I’m your aunt. Your parents trust me to take care of you”, she whispered against my lips.

“Aunt Corinne, I want you so bad. You are so beautiful. I just want to show you how much I love you, how much I need you to take care of in the best way.” I whispered back sweetly, while my hand slid down to her nipple, plucking it softly. She moaned in my mouth, letting me slide my tongue in her mouth. She finally gave in after a few minutes of battling with herself.

I quickly rolled on top of her and pulled that sexy nightie off of her. And to my surprise, no underwear again! I smiled at her naughtily and asked, “Aunt Corinne, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to suck your nipples?”

She nods and lifts one of her breasts to my hungry mouth. I sucked, licked, and nipped until she was clutching my head in her hands. I lifted my head, and inched my way down her body until I was nestled between her legs. I guided her hand down and had her hold her lips open for my questing tongue. I placed my lips on Aunt Corinne’s clit and started to lick it slowly. I moved my tongue down deep into her pussy. Gathering all her juices with my thirsty tongue, I pushed my tongue hard against her. I engulfed her bud with my lips and sucked it into my mouth. Aunt Corinne started to feel the urge to cum building in her. I licked faster and harder with Aunt Corinne moaning and crying out how much she liked it. She felt the center of her stomach kaçak iddaa get hot, and all of a sudden, she went dizzy. “Oh baby Oh baby I like it so much” she cried out as her whole body turned tingly and she let her first lesbian climax drain out of her.

Aunt Corinne smiled at me, and said, “Baby, I want to make you cum, I want to taste you in my mouth. Please let me make you cum.”

I eagerly rolled over and let her climb on top of me. She bent her head to start kissing the side of my neck. She moved her tongue across the contours to my neck, moving her lips down across my shoulder. She felt me arch my hips into her, and she responded by drawing her lips over one of my erect nipples. She gently took it into her mouth, kissing it a couple of times. Again, she looked up at me, to see that I was already lost in the pleasure of it all. Then Aunt bent her head again to take in the flesh of my breast into her mouth, but this time she suckled on it hard, as she nuzzled her face into my breast. She ran her hands up and down my sides and she flicked her tongue over my tender nipple. I sighed in pleasure and reached down torun fingers through her hair. Aunt Corinne released my breast, only to take the other wildly into her mouth. Again she suckled me with passionate lips. I arched my back to the sensation of her sucking on me. I wanted more.

Aunt Corinne released my breast, knowing that I wanted more. She wanted to taste me where I had tasted her just minutes before, and she moved her lips down over my flat stomach. She planted kissed over my taunt navel, circling her tongue around it, only to stick her tongue into it, sending shivers up my body. I moaned at the feeling of it, knowing that there was more to come, that I would soon cum.

Aunt Corinne didn’t linger about my stomach long, before she moved even lower. I felt her bring her hands between my legs and rest them on the insides of my thighs. Gently, Aunt Corinne pushed my legs wide apart, so that I was fully revealed to her. There, before her was my most private spot. It was glistening in wetness, ready for her to take.

As I lay there spread open to Aunt Corinne’s full view, I felt my pussy get so wet that I wanted to push it into her face. Noticing my arousal, she decided to take me now, and slid herself to the edge of the bed so that the backside of her hung over its side. I closed my eyes, full of anticipation as I leaned my head back. I could hear my own breath come in and out from my lungs with each rise and fall of my chest.

That was when I felt her breath upon my wetness, as she wrapped her arms around each of my legs, so that her hands were at the top of the fringes of my sparse pubic hairs. I arched my back at the feeling of her breath, as the excitement rose farther, within me.

Aunt Corinne savored the view as she took in the sweet smell of me. She wanted to taste me, but she didn’t want to rush. She wanted the moment to last. She started kissing the inside of my thighs, running her tongue up and down its downy whiteness. My skin was soft and the smell that was kaçak bahis coming from just inches away, was almost too much. She started working her tongue even closer to what she knew had been forbidden. Perhaps it still was, but what no one else knew, wouldn’t hurt her. She just knew that she wanted me and that she was going to take me.

I started to moan in the ecstasy of it all. I could feel the warmth come from deep within the core of me. Then I felt the first kiss that Aunt Corinne planted onto my wetness. At first I couldn’t help but gasp, but then I arched my hips, inviting her to give me more. She kissed it again, and I moaned to the feeling of it.

“Oooooooh,” I sighed, “I want to cum so bad.”

Aunt Corinne obliged to my request, knowing that I wanted to cum. She circled her tongue around the rim of me, tasting the sweetness that came from deep within me. The taste of my juices was intoxicating, as she licked even more. I was lost within the feeling of it. I arched my hips towards Aunt Corinne, inviting her to fuck me hard. She couldn’t help but want to devour me. She pressed her lips harder to me this time, finding the loose skin around my hole, flicking it with her tongue. She began to suck on my flesh, searching me out with her tongue. She moved her hands to the top of my buttocks, and pulled me towards her, as she began to wildly burrow her face to my juicy, hot pussy. She probed her tongue deep within the depths of my darkness, drinking from me the nectar of my sex.

Then she found my clit with her mouth and began to suck on it while she flicked it with her tongue. I moved my hips to the sensation of it, subtly gyrating them up and down, as she pressed her mouth into my wetness. She couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to finally taste me. I couldn’t believe how the feeling of her tongue flicking and searching me out from deep within, was more than I could have ever imagined. My aunt was a natural.

Just then Aunt Corinne brought her hand down and gently slid a finger up within me. She began swirling her finger into my hole, moving it in and out in quick motions, as she continued to suck wildly on my clit. She moaned against my pussy, bringing vibrations through my core, causing me to shudder with the sensation of it. Then she began to move her finger more rapidly within me, as she tongued and nibbled me like an exotic wild animal in heat. I began to move my hips more quickly to her own rhythm, trying to keep up with what Aunt Corinne was doing inside of me. My breaths quickened even more as I began to lose control!

I began to wail in panting moans as she took me. I could barely remain concious as contractions that began to overcome me, as I grasped for the covers of the bed. Aunt Corinne snaked her tongue deeper into my hole, licking the inner walls of me as I reeled in orgasm after orgasm.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I gasped, as I started digging my feet into the edge of the bed. I couldn’t help but push hard into her face, as I lost control of my body, while the spasms overtook every fiber of me.

Aunt Corinne crawled up to lie beside me and we cuddled together as the orgasms faded away. As I drifted off to sleep with her breast in my hand I smiled to myself. This was going to be a very fun visit, I thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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