A visit to an unusual TV for the first time

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A visit to an unusual TV for the first timeI was browing through a contact website that has now sadly shut down and came across a TV specialising in medical exams and scenarios. As I had never tried anything like that I thought I would give him/her a call. I explained that I would like to try the medical scene and a few things were discussed including enema. So I made an appointment. The premises were in Wigan Lancs. I arrived and parked up in a side street and made my way to the house in a small cul de sac. It was at the end of a small terrace with the front overgrown with bushes. I knocked on the door and was welcomed in by a hand and a voice from behind the door. he/she was dressed in a black dress and black wig. It was a rather dingy place with long dirty curtains over the windows. There was a home made commode behind the door and a small table with a large jug of water on it and a large rubber syringe applicator.I was told in the phone call that I was to address him/her as Doctor. The first thing I was told to do was to get fully undressed and sit in the chair provided near my clothes. He/she then fumbled through some made up case notes and said that I was to have a full medical with specimens. bursa escort My nerves were now sintering and I was wondering what was to come. I was told to stand in front of him/her and my balls were in Drs hands. Quite a lot of probing and gentle squeezing with questions about when they were emptied last and by whomm and what method. I told Dr that it was by me, by hand ie a wank.Dr then started to feel my erect cock gently pulling it up and down and side to side. The I was asked if the foreskin went right back. I said yes. The Dr then gently pulled it back and to full stretch to expose the full head with one hand and finger felt the head with the other hand. His finger delicately rubbed around and my juices lubricated them. This was extremely pleasantly sensitive and I though I was going to cum. He/she was watching my breathing getting slightly deeper and suddenly stopped. I was told that the foreskin was to remain back during the whole operation and if it went back over the head then it would be pulled back again with a bit more force. The next proceedure was an anal examination.I was told to spread my legs and bend over with my hands on my knees. I felt his lubed finger slide deep bursa escort bayan into my backside with a movement from side to side and up and down just like the penis examination. He pushed up hard into me. At this point it was decided that I would require a 2 litre enema. I was told to stand and walk over to a long bench with a towel on it. I had to bend over it with my belly unsupported and just my chest and arms on it. I felt a tube being passed into my anus and thought here we go I am to be given my first enema. I could feel it being pumped into me in pulses from the bulbed syringe.Then a hand came under my belly and massaged it. I was told this helped the liquid to pass better. Then the hand checked my foreskin. It had remained pulled back. More liquid was pumped in until I had the full 2 litres inside me. I was told that the tube would be removed and to hold on to all the liquid. It was hard but somehow I managed. My belly was visually distended and he rubbed it gently saying that it was required to stay there for the next part of the examination.I was told to get up onto the table and lie on my back.This I did and the urge to dump the water from the enema passed. I was told escort bursa to bring up my knees and open my legs. More ball and cock examination took place but this time with a more pronounced squeezing to the point of pain. All the time my arse was observed for leakage. Somehow I managed to hold on to it all. Then it was time to get rid of the water in my gut. I was ordered to sit on the homemade commode and let it go into a bowl underneath. Just almost clear water. I was told to wait after the first lot as more would come. It did. Then the order to sit and pee into the bowl. A bit awkward for a male witha semi hard but I managed it. Then he gave me toilet tissue to clean up on. That done it was for me to bend back over the table but with my legs touching and my arms stretch out. There was a large belt nearby which he picked up and proceeded to strap my backside, saying this will continue until he was happy that I was ready for my balls to be emptied. I lost count around 16 as it was hurtin so much but all of a sudden it stopped.”Excellent”, he retorted ” now over here” Once again I was stood in front of him and he proceeded to wank me off. First slowly then speeding up and a lot harder. Whooosh the spunk flew everywhere. “That will do for today. I will make you another appointment in a months time. now get dressed” he said typing away on his computer keyboard. “Thank you” I said and left feeling quite refreshed and very happy.

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