A Time Gone Bi

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I walked slowly up 42nd street toward Time Square. My eyes scanned the crowd, always alert, looking for the muggers and pick pockets that had become common place since the late sixties. The sound of a Marathon Checker Cab was followed by the familiar holler of the cabbie yelling at a drunk pedestrian as he stumbled off the curb and into the slow moving traffic.

“Fuckin idiot,” he yelled in a thick New York accent as he stomped on the gas and the big yellow beast lurched away in a thick black cloud of exhaust smoke.

The drunk staggered back onto the sidewalk and weaved toward the bright lights outside one of the many peep shows that lined the street. New York had become a cesspool of depravity with freaks, crooks and whores outnumbering the civilized masses of Manhattan.

A hooker with long straight blonde hair and bloodshot eyes walked toward me and smiled. Her teeth were straight and surprisingly white, evidence that she had come from a good family before diving head first into the oldest profession.

“Wanna good time?” She asked in a natural southern drawl as she brushed against me. Her slender body, not really my type but sexy none the less, felt nice and my dick stirred in my pants as I made eye contact. She was obviously high but her eyes focused on mine and she brushed her hand against my cock making it swell as I considered her offer. I’d never paid for sex. I’d never had to before but I was in my forties and the sexy young women who used to offer me sex for free in the sixties were long gone. I was a middle aged divorcee with a dead end job and a slight drinking problem, not exactly prime pickings despite my still youthful and fit appearance.

“Maybe later,” I replied as my hand returned the favor and brushed across the thin polyester silk of her cheap, short dress. She was surprisingly soft for someone so skinny and I wondered for a moment if I should have taken her up on her offer. It had been several weeks since I’d gotten laid and I was horny but almost broke and the money I’d have to pay her would come out of my drinking cash.

“I’ll be here,” she said moving away and looking for another possible customer as I stepped into a seedy strip club.

I paid the bouncer the dollar cover and sat at the stage. A sexy brunette with a voluptuous body swayed on stage as bad disco, a redundant term if ever there was one, filled the room. A scantily clad, waifish girl with straight, sandy blonde hair took my order and scampered off as I placed a dollar on the stage for the dancer. She looked like a cross between a hippy and a disco chick and I watched her ass swing side to side for a moment before turning my attention back to the sexy dancer. I’d always liked women with curves and tits and she had them in volumes. She alsohad had abeen pretty faceand with a very sexy smile.

The sexy dancer sat in front of me and stuffed the dollar into her white garder. Her dark eyes sparkled with mischief as she cupped her big pillowy tits and pinched her long, hard nipples. The room was warm and I wondered if she enjoyed her job or perhaps it was me that got her juices flowing. Her hands slid down her thick, curvy hips and over her dark hairy pussy as she looked deep into my eyes and smiled knowingly. She pulled her labia apart and I looked at the wet pink flesh as she dipped a finger inside her canal and rubbed her clit with her thumb. Her eyes fluttered and her body shivered as she sighed softly. She half closed her eyes and moaned softly so the other patrons couldn’t hear her.

“Thanks honey,” she said as she stood over me on the stage and wiped her glistening fingers on her thick thigh before walking off to sit in front of another lecherous fool no different that I.

The sandy blonde waitress placed a beer in front of me and waited as a dug two dollars from my front pocket. I told her to keep it and I quickly sucked down the heady brew before walking back out into the night. I was looking for something but like most people on 42nd street I didn’t know what it was.

My eyes were drawn to a sign across the street that promised a live show every hour. I scurried across the busy street and ducked inside as rain started to fall from the warm summer sky.

The bouncer, a greasy biker with long, bahis firmaları thinning hair and an untrimmed beard took my three dollars and informed me that there was a two drink minimum before stepping to the side and letting me pass. He was nearly my height and weight but he was thicker around the middle with sloping shoulders and flabby arms. Despite his pear shape he was an imposing figure and I had no intension of starting trouble.

The room was dark and the stage was empty as I walked back to the bar and grabbed a beer. I’d been drinking since before noon but I was far from drunk and I scanned the room for a place to sit as a PA announcer introduced the next performers. Tracey, a curvy redhead sashayed onto the stage with a pretty, well endowed brunette in tow. The brunette, Molly, wore a black leather bodice and a studded leather collar with a matching leash and a lot of makeup.

Tracey tugged the leash and pushed Molly to her knees as she hoisted her short skirt up and guided the brunette’s pretty face to her thick, hairy muff. Her head leaned back and she shuddered as Molly dug her tongue into her quivering cunt working deep as the Domme held her head tight.

I soaked in the scene as I sipped my beer and my dick went rigid in my tight Levis. I had never managed to hook up with two bisexual girls but like most guys I fantasized about it a lot and the two on stage were both as sexy as hell. They weren’t skinny and they had padding in all the right places.

Tracy came as Molly licked her snatch, or if she faked it she was one hell of an actress. She pulled the brunette to her feet and their lips met in a deep wet kiss. Tracey was in charge and she ordered Molly to strip for the audience.

Molly sauntered to the edge of the well lit stage and stood with her hands on her full hips as she surveyed the room. Her pretty eyes fell on me and I smiled as a spark of recognition set off a flood of memories. Fifteen years earlier when I was still married and much less drunk we’d had a brief but very passionate affair. The years had been kind to her. Her hair was longer and she had lost a couple dozen pounds but there was no doubt that it was her. A smile crossed her pretty face and I knew that she had recognized me. A flutter of excitement filled my chest. Our affair hadn’t ended well, when do they, but I had always known that my feelings for her had been real and there had always been a special place for her in my heart. She pealed off her bodice exposing her big firm tits to my hungry eyes. I had always adored her tits and they looked exactly as I remembered them.

Tracey pulled Molly away from the audience and guided her onto her back on a big, oversized couch that had been moved to the center of the stage. A large plastic dick hung lewdly from Tracey’s waist and she dropped to her knees between Molly’s splayed thighs.

Molly looked up at Tracey and whispered something before looking out at me with a devilish grin as Tracey sank her big fake cock into her eager hole.

I was painfully hard as I watched them fuck. Having a threesome with another girl had been one of the many fantasies we had shared during our affair and watching a woman that I had once loved get fucked hard by another pretty woman was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

Molly writhed and cried out at Tracey fucked her to climax after climax on stage. Sweat dripped from Tracey brow when she pulled her juicy cock from Molly’s frothy hole and pushed it into her mouth. Her big tits heaved as she breathed deep and her pretty blue eyes met mine. I had never met her before but I sensed that our paths had crossed and I felt drawn to them both as Molly licked and sucked her plastic dick.

The announcer thanked the audience as Tracey led her sexy pet off stage by the leash and as they disappeared from view I wondered when, if ever, I would see them again. Molly and I had talked of marriage fifteen years earlier. We had both been married with young children and divorce in the sixties was scandalous so we had tearfully parted ways long before our respective spouses knew of the affair.

I walked up to the bar and got another beer and a shot of Jack Daniels. It was my third in an hour and I’d had a dozen since noon. I sat back kaçak iddaa down and wistfully recalled my time with Molly. We had both been in our twenties, me late and she early, and our children were all young. Our passion had defined us. We shared a similar mind and our sexual proclivities had been way left of center. She had been the first girl I had known who admitted to being equally attracted to women and men and we had shared a keen interest in bondage and dominance. She had also confessed to me back then that she loved gay men and she would have loved to watch me with another man. I’d had no interest in that but she had ignited a spark of curiosity in me that had led to countless fantasies over the fifteen years since I’d last seen her.

“Excuse me sir,” a well dressed man said to me as he tapped my shoulder snapping me back to the present.

“Yeah,” I responded quizzically as I flashed him my best “don’t fuck with me ” look. It was a look that usually worked since I stood 6’3″ and weighed a solid 225.

“Molly and Tracey would like to see you,” he said reassuringly. I gulped down my beer and pounded back the shot before following him back stage. He knocked on their dressing room and quietly walked away leaving me alone to contemplate what they might want as I waited in the dark hallway.

My eyes lit up and my heart raced when Molly opened the door and flashed me a smile that erased fifteen years in an instant. She was as beautiful as she’d been when we had last been together and when her arms wrapped around me my body melted against hers.

“How’ve you been,” she asked as she pulled me into the room and locked the door behind me.

“I’ve been good,” I lied as I gazed into her sparkling hazel eyes. The truth was that I had not been good. I’d been living in a small dingy apartment in a terrible neighborhood. I hadn’t seen my wife and kids in two years and I drank myself to sleep most nights but none on that mattered at that moment.

Our lips met in a soft, gentle kiss and my hands cupped her beautiful face as our tongues entwined. My passion soared and my cock strained against my jeans.

“Are you going to introduce us?” Tracey asked as she stepped close. She was completely naked and obviously comfortable with it. She took my hand and placed it on her big firm tit as she pulled Molly to her and kissed her deeply. I could see their tongues dancing together and Holly’s hand moved between Tracey’s thick thighs.

The squishy sound of fingers inside a wet pussy were music to my ears. It had been several weeks since I’d gotten laid and she hadn’t looked half as good as either Molly or Tracey.

We stumbled back and flopped onto a big king sized bed against the far wall. Tracey pawed at Molly’s clothes as I quickly shed mine. They both purred as my erection sprung free and they ran their tongues over it as I lay between them. Tracey took my dick down her throat with surprising ease and her pretty face bounced on it fast and hard as Molly straddled my head and lowered her dripping snatch onto my mouth. Every woman has her own distinct flavor and the moment Molly’s familiar taste filled my mouth everything became right in my world. I had struggled since my divorce but none of that mattered. My tongue glided over the slick wet folds of her pussy savoring the rich flavor of her juices as I flicked her clit until she exploded on my face.

Tracey lowered her cunt onto my throbbing cock and undulated her full hips as the head bounced against her cervix. Her motions started slow and languid but built to a frenzied crescendo as she soaked my pelvis with her juices.

Molly whispered in Tracey’s ear and the sexy redhead giggled as she dismounted my cock and strapped on the harness and cock she had used on Molly while they were on stage. Molly pulled me on top of her and guided my dick into her liquid core. The feel of her wet velvety pussy brought back a surge of memories andI fought back the emotions that threatened to derail me. I thrust into her as our lips melted together in a searing hot kiss.

Tracey settled behind me on the bed and dragged her long wet tongue up my ass crack making me moan. No one had licked my asshole in fifteen years and I nearly came when she pushed her pointed tongue kaçak bahis past my sphincter. She licked and drooled saliva onto my asshole before kneeling behind me and easing her plastic phallus into my virgin ass.

My eyes rolled back and I released a long guttural growl as she slowly sank the length of her cock inside me. I had never felt anything like it before. Molly’s cunt gripped and squeezed my dick as Tracey fucked my ass. We fell into a rhythm, thrusting hard and then slow. My cock, an extension of Tracey, a conduit through which she fucked Molly. Our bodies moved as one, building to a powerful climax the ended with my spent cum covered cock growing soft within her embrace as our lips sealed together in a deep passionate kiss.

Tracey climbed off the bed and dropped her harness to the floor. She pulled Molly into a passionate embrace. Her hands explored my one time love’s body as they shamelessly ground together until a loud knock broke their concentration.

“Get that would you?” Molly asked before resuming their deep, wet kiss.

I walked across the room, my spent cock dripping juices onto the floor as the girls tumbled onto the bed with their legs entwined and their pussies grinding, intimately together. The wet sound of their sex and their heavy breathing filled the room and my cock began to stir anew. I opened the door and peaked out at the darkness as the man who had brought me back to them.

“Can I help you?” I asked as I peered around the door hiding my naked body from him. He had taken off his coat and his muscular physique was now easily seen.

“Let me in,” he said firmly as he pushed past me and swung the door closed behind me. He quickly locked it and dropped his pants. He looked at me expectantly and without a word I knew what he wanted. I felt my heart race as his cock sprung free. I had never seen another man’s naked body before but I’d had a secret fantasy that he seemed to know about. He pulled off his shirt and pointed his dick at me with a knowing smile on his chiseled face.

I dropped to my knees without speaking and looked up at him with a smoldering gaze. My mouth watered and I reached out with a trembling hand grasping his dick and guiding it into my eager mouth. The rich flavor of his juices filled my mouth and I moaned wantonly. I had often fantasized about sucking cock but I never thought that I would actually do so. It was one of those things I assumed would remain a fantasy.

His hands grabbed my head and he released a long, loud, guttural growl as his manhood slid down my throat. I forgot that the girls were even there and focused on sucking his beautiful fat cock. My head bobbed slowly taking him deeper with each stroke. He touched the back of my throat making me gag slightly and tears streamed down my cheeks.

He guided me onto the bed beside the girls and parted my ass as Molly’s warm pussy descended on my mouth. His tongue slithered up my ass crack making my toes curl and my breathing labor.

I lapped at Molly’s cunt and Tracey took my cock down her incredibly talented mouth as he sank his cock balls deep in my ass. We all fucked and sucked for countless minutes bringing us to the pinnacle of pleasure before we switched positions.

Tracey lay with her thick juicy thighs spread and I crawled between them, sinking my dick into her quivering cunt as he re-entered my asshole. Molly sat on Tracey’s pretty face and smiled blissfully at me as her lover worked her talented tongue over her hard clit.

His cock pistoned into my ass, dictating the pace I fucked Tracey. The room was filled with raw, animalistic grunts and groans and the smell of sex hung heavy in the air as we all spiraled toward a climax.

He came first, painting my colon with hot cum as I pounded Tracey’s soaking wet cunt. Tracey was quick to follow. She cried out loudly into Molly as she dug her nails into my back. Her climax pushed me over the edge and I erupted inside her pumping and impossibly large load of cum into her womb as Molly came on her pretty face.

Cum oozed from my ass and I walked with my legs slightly bowed as I left the room. I knew I would never see them again and I was okay with that because they had left me with a lifetime of memories from just one night.

Cum oozed from my ass as I walked with my legs slightly bowed from the room. I knew I would never see them again and I was okay with that because they had left me with a lifetime of memories in just one night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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