A surprising reunion with Bryan


A surprising reunion with BryanAbout 5 years ago I coached a select baseball team. Tired of the parents and politics I decided to hang it up and have my weeknights and weekends free of nagging fathers telling me their k** was the next Babe Ruth, and being told how I should do everything different and catering to ever need of every future pro baseball player on my team. I had my fill of it and was done.Fast forward 5 years….After remodeling my house with all my newly acquired free time, my new focused was to tear down and replace all the drywall in me garage. The tear down and clean up was done and it was time to get the new drywall and start putting it up. So I’m at the home improvement store picking up the needed supplies and checking out. I hear a familiar voice call out…”Hey coach!”The voice was my best outfielder from 5 years ago. Brian was fast. He had a small frame but could really turn on the jets when needed. Now he’s 19. Still has that small build. 5′ 6″ tall probably weighing in at about 135 pounds. His crew cut from 5 years ago has been replaced with flowing blond hair that stopped at his shoulders.He was he from college and was working at the store for the summer for extra cash. His family had always sc****d to keep him in baseball because he had the talent to go to the next level. Which he did and was on a partial scholarship. He was a good k**.I replied to him and asked how things were going, and that it was good to see him. He asked what kind of project I had going on. I told him I was redoing the drywall in my garage. He quickly asked if I needed any help. That he got off work in an hour and could meet me there after. Doing drywall alone and not being a pro at it I knew it would go a lot faster if I had help. Without question, I said I’ll see you there. I gave him my new address and number and went off to load my supplies in my truck.I get home and unload. About that time Bryan arrived. He comes in the garage still wearing his work uniform. Its hot out and he asked if I had a place he could change. I pointed him to the house and gave him directions to the bathroom. He came back out wearing thin basketball shorts and a tank top. His body was tone. His skin was tan and smooth. He had grown into a good looking man.We get to work putting the drywall up. Starting with the bottom part we quickly have the first row up. We talked about each others life from the last we saw each other 5 years ago. We took a break and sat in the patio. I drank a beer and he had a water. He sat directly across from me. I couldn’t help but notice how his body had developed in 5 years. His toned arms and legs, his flat stomach, and that’s when I caught myself looking at the slight bulge in his basketball shorts. I immediately bursa escort looked up at his face and he was looking straight into my eyes. He had a slight smirk on his face. I quickly said let get back to it and headed back to the garage.We start on the next row which is above the first row. Together we pick up the drywall and place it where we want it. Bryan then moves to the middle and holds it as I drill the screws into it. We got to a part of the wall where he wasHolding it and I was directly behind him and having to reach over him to attach it to the wall. As I’m driving the screw in Bryan backs up into me. His firm ass pressed hard into my cock. Me, i figured he was maybe off balance and accidentally moved into me. So I paid it no attention and continued on. On the next piece, it happened again. At the point where I was committed and driving a screw in, Bryan backed into me again. This time he moved his ass upward then down. Of course now I start to get a little aroused. But again I dismiss it. On to the next sheet. Same position, he backs up again. Pressed harder and rubs against my now growing cock. Being the horny guy that I am. This time I just stay my spot as he continues to give his little awkwardly timed lap dance.I ask him if everything is OK. Giving one last chance for an innocent explanation for what was happening. He turned his head and looked back at me with that smirk again and said, ” oh its great! And from what I feel it could only get better!” I drive in the remaining screws on that sheet. Bryan still holding the drywall and at the same time grinding his ass into my now hard cock. Trying to defuse what is happening I tell him that this is probably a situation that he should think hard about the signs he was giving off. He said, ” but coach (in an innocent voice and tone) I saw you checking me out and I figured you might like a little fun while we worked. ” he added, “besides that, this isn’t the first time I have done this and I know exactly what I am doing. The question is coach, how do you feel about the signs that I am giving off?”He had me. At this point all I could think of was getting in his pants and seeing how far I could take it with him. About that time he asked if we could go inside and “cool off” a bit. My mind was racing. I offered to let him shower as we went in. Pointing him to the same bathroom I had given him directions to when he arrived. He asked if I would be joining him in the shower. That statement finally drove home the fact that Bryan was seducing me, and this was actually going to happen. In the bathroom I started the water. Bryan effortlessly shed what little clothes he was wearing. How impressed I was with his body clothed paled in comparison to his body naked. bursa escort bayan There he stood. Bare. His slender frame was smooth. His chest defined. His nipples were perked out and stood as a high light to his swimmers smooth chest. His stomach was flat yet so soft looking. There wasn’t a six pack but there wasn’t a pooch either. Leading down to his completely bare cock that stood out straight from his excitement. He was of average size with a mushroom head that turned upward with a shaft that was not to thick and not to thin. His baby smooth balls were tight against his body. He turned around to close the door which I’m sure was by design to show off the most beautiful pear shaped ass I had ever seen on a man. With that he darted past me and jumped in the shower.I quickly disrobe and follow him in. He is under the shower head, water flowing down his now drenched blonde locks. His body wet. I take the body wash and squirt out a generous amount into my hand and began the process of cleaning the wet prize that stood before me. I turn him around. I rub the soap into his chest feeling his now hard nipples. Giving full attention to both. He backs into me as I massage his lathered upper body. My hard cock nestled in the wet crack of his perfect ass. I kiss his neck as I move down with my hands and take ahold of his wanting cock. I have one hand slowly stroking him and the other hand around his stomach. Nibbling his neck and upper shoulder. His breathing speeds up. His ass grinds on my cock. His body is covered in soapy lather, which is now transfered to mine. We continue washing and rubbing each other until we run out of hot water. We move out of the shower. Our bodies are clean yet dripping wet. I follow him out. He puts his hands on that vanity as I walk up behind him. I wrap my arms around him as he turns his head. Our lips met. I kiss him deep and he slowly turns his body around and kisses deep back. Our wet bodies are pressed against each other effortlessly sliding together our cocks are seemingly dancing with each other without any assistance. I break the kiss and grab his hand. Still wet from the shower I lead him to the bedroom.We get in my bed and he lay on his back. Our bodies still wet, I take his cock into my hand and begin to suck on his smooth chest. Alternating on both his hard nipples as I stroke his cock and rub his balls. I begin to work myself down his body kissing and licking his stomach. Continuing down past his belly button to the shaft of his solid hard cock. Working around the base my mouth finds his balls and I softly kiss them them take them into my mouth. I run a finger between his cheeks and tickle his sweet hole. He opens his legs more for me as I moisten my finger in my mouth. I insert escort bursa it into him as I resume my attention to his perfectly smooth balls. Slowly pushing my finger in and out while I take his balls in my mouth and working my tongue over them at the same time..Bryan is quiet but his breathing tells all. His cock is now leaking precum so I lick up the underside of his shaft and taste his juices. Then I take his cock in until my nose hits his bare skinned stomach. He quietly moans. ” oooohhh coach…”. I suck his cock as I insert a second digit into his ass. His hips lightly thrust to meet the rhythm of both my fingers and my mouth. He’s hand clinch the comforter as I poor all I can into making this man feel pure ecstasy. “Coach I’m gonna…I’m gonn…. Oooh fuck! Mmhmmm…”With that Bryan floods my mouth with his salty cum. His ass clinches my fingers with every spurt. His breathing erratic.I milk all I can out of him as I take my fingers from his ass. His legs spread out as far as he can spread them. I release his drained cock from my cum coated mouth and work my way down his shaft. Slowly over his balls and continue down to his pink hole. I spread his cheeks and run my tongue over it in quick strokes before I insert it in him. I go to work on his ass like I was eating a virgin pussy. I now have a hand on his saliva and cum covered cock that remains hard and still standing at attention. Jacking him as I eat his beautiful ass. Bryan continued to move his hips in time with the pleasure he is receiving. “Coach?” He said…I continue eating his ass”Coach please!!”I ask what he wants”I want you in me coach!”I come up from between his legs. Bryan rolls over to his stomach and raises his ass up. I grab the lube and apply it to myself and him. I rub the excess on his puffy ass cheeks. With my knees I spread his legs a little wider and press the head of my bare cock to his wet hole. I begin to push in at the same time he pushes back. My cockhead effortlessly enters his ass. Bryan moans a little louder. I slowly slide in more of my 7.5 inches into his wanting ass. It takes little time to get it in as far as I can. We get into a rhythm again. My thrust matching his thrusts back. “Oh coach mmmmm” my cock deep in him hitting his spot. I feel his ass clinch my cock. ” I’m cumming coach, I’m cumming again, oh fuck coach!” I continue to fuck him. I’m in awe over his body and how I feel inside if his wet ass. I focus on his perfect body as I feed my cock in and out him. “Coach, I want you to cum in me!” And that all it took. My cock swelled and I released my seed as deep as I could into his ass. I pull my now softening cock out and I move back down to his now stretched hole and begin eating it again to get my last bit of my own pleasure while giving him more. He begins to sit up and so do I. He then goes downs and takes my cock in his mouth to get a taste. Then stops, looks me in the eyes and kisses me. “Coach, can I spend the night?”…

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