A Study Break


A Study BreakAnother story inspired by real events. Please leave me comments if you read this! I love the feedback and it inspires me to write more .Sebastian is a sexy German grad student. We initially met online, clicked, and had already hung out a few times and had incredible sex. Standing 6’2 with shaggy blond hair, I was immediately attracted to his muscular but lean athletic body. Once we spoke on the phone and I heard his sexy German accent, I knew I wanted to hear him whisper dirty, nasty things to me in German.We arranged to meet up on Saturday afternoon once he finished up some lab work. I picked him up at the T station and we headed back to my place.The plan was for him to get some work done, and then we would play and chill for the rest of the night.I got him settled in the living room and decided to leave him alone to work in private.“What are you up to?” he asked moments later as I heard him come into the dining room where I was working on my computer.“Just writing a bit and checking my email,” I said and I turned around to find his dick pointing straight at me.“Oh, you were feeling a little lonely in the other room?” I questioned as I reached out to grasp his hard cock. I loved that he was uncut and how his foreskin rolled back as I stroked his cock. It was always like opening up a present! I leaned forward in my seat to take his cock in my mouth. I grabbed his ass in my hands and pulled him towards me as I licked and sucked on his perfect 8 inch cock.I thought it was so fucking hot to be giving him a blowjob while he was standing right in front of me. After a few more licks and sucks, I sat back.“Okay hun, that’s it. Just a little taste. Put him away. Be good and finish your work and then we can play,” I playfully chided him. He sighed but followed my order and went back to his laptop in the other room and I finished working on my latest story for Lush.After I finished up at the computer, I went into the kitchen to wash the few dishes left in the sink.Out of nowhere, Sebastian approaches from behind and grabs my tits, massaging them through my t-shirt. I can feel his hard cock pressed up against my ass and he’s gently thrusting his hips against meHe starts sucking on my earlobe and I drop the plate I’m washing, splashing water everywhere.“I love to lick this ear,” he whispers before continuing his oral assault on my ear and reducing me to a shivering, moaning, writhing mess.“Oh my god, I can’t take it!” I exclaim as I escape his embrace and spin around to kiss him. Our tongues eagerly explore each other as I reach down to stroke his hard cock through his jeans. I love that Sebastian doesn’t wear underwear because that gives me easy access to what I want most. I can feel the length of his dick straining against the fabric and as I massage the antalya escort tip of his cock, I feel the precum soaking through.He moans and starts grinding his crotch into my hand. He pulls down his pants and I start stroking his cock with my soapy rubber gloves. “You like the way that feels baby?” I ask softly.“Oh my god, yessss…that feels amazing!”I leave the kitchen and go into the bedroom and he follows. He lies down on the bed and I climb on top and straddle him. I position my pussy directly on his hard bulge and grind up against him as we kiss.“I love these tits,” he breathes as he reaches up to squeeze them together.“Mmm, you do?” I ask as I pull apart the buttons on my shirt, opening it to give him a better view of my cleavage.“Yes! They are so big!” he says admiringly as I sit upright and pull off my shirt and my bra, releasing my huge tits.“Take off your shirt…I want to feel my tits on your chest.”That thought is short lived because by the time I climb off, take off my pants and panties, and turn back around he is totally stripped…and that big cock is standing up straight calling for my attention.I kneel between his thighs and softly take his cock in my hand.He groans, “I love how your hand feels on my cock.”“Mmmm, yes, I know,” I say in a low voice as I grip it firmly and focus on stroking up and down in smooth, slow movements. We both love watching my French manicured hand jerk his cock.“You know how much I love this cock,” I say as I lean in to give it a slow lick from the base to the tip.“Yessss, I know,” he moans. “You pay such good attention to him.”I start sucking on the head and take more and more of his shaft into my mouth. I literally salivate when I whenever I see his cock and as I remove my mouth a thick rope of my saliva stretches from my mouth to his cock.“Mmm, your precum tastes so good,” I say praisingly and bend back down to lick up the fat drip that has just leaked out. My tongue swirls around the tip as my hand grips his slick, thick shaft and slides up and down.As I’m sucking his cock, I work my tongue back and forth over his sweet spot on the back side of the head and his body spasms. “Oh my god!” he exclaims, “That feels incredible.”I murmur “Mmm hmm,” as I continue sucking, and slurping, and swirling my tongue all around his thick, hard cock. I lick under the rim of the head of his cock and his body shivers. I am such a cock hungry whore and I especially love this beautiful German dick. I spend a good 30 minutes just stroking and licking his cock and his balls.I’m kneeling on my knees and am so wet that I feel my juices dripping down my ass. “Baby, I need to feel your cock inside me.”I lay back on the bed and he positions himself between my legs. I feel the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy and I arch my back escort antalya as he plunges it in, filling me up like I’m craving.“Unghhh…you are so tight,” he groans, slowly fucking me, like it’s difficult for him to squeeze inside me.“Oh god, yessss! Your cock feels so good inside me,” I moan. I reach around to grab his ass and pull him deeper inside me. He cups his hands on top of my tits and hugs them tight as he lies on top of me, his hips smoothly thrusting up and down, pumping my wet cunt with his swollen cock. He lifts himself up and slides in and out of me with long, slow strokes, watching his white cock thrusting in and out of my caramel pussy.“You are soooo wet,” he marvels as he looked down at his cock covered in my juices. “I love the sound of my cock fucking that wet pussy.”As he fucks me slow and steady, I feel the tension building in my body as he pushes me toward my climax. My pussy starts squeezing and milking his cock as the waves of pleasure cascade through my body.“Oh my god! I’m cumming!” he shouts and at the exact moment he pulls out, a thick, white rope of cum shoots across my belly followed by several more thick spurts of cum.“Oh shit baby…that was soooo hot that you came on me like that!” I exclaim.“Wow, I know, that was perfect timing,” he said breathlessly. He grabbed a towel and cleaned me up and laid down next to me. I curled up against his side and lightly massaged his balls. He said he was sensitive but that he enjoyed feeling my touch.We just laid there and chatted for a bit both enjoying the sweet, warm, relaxed feeling that comes with incredible sex.“Baby, I don’t think I will be able to go another round,” he admitted.“It’s okay honey, you more than satisfied me.”“I’m glad. I’m enjoying cuddling and talking with you.”“I am too,” I said with a smile.We caressed each other as we softly chatted for a bit and inevitably the conversation turned to naughtier topics. He mentioned that he loved the way my sun-kissed, tan skin contrasted against his whiteness and I agreed. He also loved the way my dark chocolate nipples contrasted against the caramel color of my tits. As he said that, I rolled away from him to give him a better view of the subject of his affection and he bent down to plant his mouth on my breast.“Ohhhh yes, baby, suck my nipples like that,” I moan encouragingly. He just latches on and sucks it so tenderly, which pleasures me to no end.I love the way he sucks my tit. He has large hands but not nearly big enough to hold my massive tit. He grabs it with both hands and licks and sucks it sooooo wonderfully. He nibbles so gently on the nipple and it drives me wild. The jolt of pleasure goes straight to my clit. He sucks and licks my nipple so rhythmically that it’s like he’s fingering my pussy. My hips are undulating antalya escort bayan in rhythm to his licks and my clit is so swollen that every movement feels like a sweet lick.“I love sucking on these chocolate nipples,” he murmurs before his mouth latches back on. His mouth looks so beautiful nursing on my tit and the sucking sound is soooo erotic.“I want you to play with your pussy and cum,” he says softly.“Mmhmm,” I agree and eagerly reach down to slide my fingers into my dripping wet cunt.The sound of my fingers against my sopping wet pussy is too much for him to take because after a few strokes he declares, “I need to fuck your pussy.” He spreads my legs to position himself between them. He rubs his rock hard cock over my clit several times and I moan encouragement for him: “Mmmm, yes, please! Rub my clit…”He slides just the tip of his cock into my pussy and I love feeling just the head pop through. He starts thrusting the head in and out and it rubs my g-spot with each stroke. “Oh yes, baby…keep fucking me like that,” I moan. My pussy is squeezing the head of his cock as my g-spot starts to swell up. I’m grinding my hips back and forth and he bends down to suck and nibble on my nipple. I spread my legs all the way apart and he plunges his cock all the way in…his hips slamming against my body with each thrust.“Damn, you are so wet!” he groans as he keeps pumping me hard. I love that the only sounds are our moans and his body slapping against mines.“I love fucking this dirty pussy,” he grunts. Sebastian gets so turned on hearing about my encounters with other men. “This pussy needs to be fucked all the time, doesn’t it?”“Unghhh…yea, it does. You like knowing that this pussy is going to get fucked again by another man, don’t you?” I ask, already knowing how hot it makes him.“Fuck! Yea, that is so hot,” he moans. “Such a dirty pussy. Turn over and let me fuck you from behind.”I flip over and he kneels behind me and I arch my back so that my ass sticks up nice and high. He plunges deep in my pussy in one stroke and I just feel total bliss and satisfaction.“Oh yes baby! Please, fuck me like that,” I begged. Sebastian continued pumping me hard, fast, and deep. He gripped my hips and I enthusiastically backed my ass up into him, making each thrust that much deeper.“Oh fuck…oh my god…damn…unghhhh…yesssss….please….yessss!,” I moaned as I buried my head in the bed. He just kept pounding away.“Please! Fuck my pussy as hard as you want!” I moan to him.He pounds my pussy harder and faster like a piston and I feel my orgasm building.“Unghhhh god! YES! Keep fucking my pussy like that…keepfuckingmypussylikethat!!!” I beg repeatedly. I can feel my pussy clamp shut as I explode and that immediately pushes him over the edge.“Unghhhh, I’M CUMMING!!!” he yells and I can feel his cum dripping out of my pussy as he fills me up. My pussy squeezes him out as I continue to climax and he collapses on top of me.We both sprawl out across the bed and all I can do is reach over, switch off the light and we both pass out.

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