A Stroll in the Woods

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All characters depicted in this story are 18+


It was a hot day, Glenn was naked and savouring the cool mountain water as it washed over him.

Glenn is 18 but somewhat of a late developer, not only had he just discovered masturbation but he had yet to develop any pubic hair. He had no idea that this wasn’t normal as he had never seen another guy naked. This was due to the fact he was home educated by his mother, an ex teacher, so therefore had no contact with other boys his own age. He lived alone with his mother, his father having passed away just shortly after he was born. The only real friend he had was with Bryan, but that ended when he was 12 after his mother decided to move to Wales where they now lived. They used to write to each other regularly for a short while but eventually it just petered out but Glenn still misses him.

The village in which he lived couldn’t really be called a village, more like a collection of 4 cottages. Their nearest neighbour was over a mile away, a sweet old lady, Mrs Jones who lived alone and had a soft spot for Glenn. He would visit her regular and she would spoil him with her baking. The next nearest was rented out as a holiday cottage, most of the time it was empty but occasionally it would be rented by couples looking for a romantic weekend away or retired couples looking for a quite break. The last cottage was occupied by a young couple with their 3 year old daughter, they had only just moved there and Scott had yet to meet them.

The nearest town was almost 10 mile away and his mother would have to drive there to get supplies. Scott would often go with her hoping to make friends but being painfully shy he never did.

The area they lived in was beautiful, rolling hills and valleys covered in woods and lush vegetation. He loved to walk and explore the area and had found many quiet spots he frequented regular. One was an old oak tree that was easy to climb, he would often sit up in the large branches for hours at a time, contemplating. Another was a rocky outcrop at the top of the hill overlooking his house. The out crop formed a natural shelf and from there he could see for miles. Another was a bend in the river that flowed near his home, weather permitting he would often swim there naked. All three spots where very secluded and from all the times he frequented them he never saw another living soul.

That day Glenn was swimming in the river which had made him extra horny so he was looking forward to shooting a double load today. He decided he would head up to his lookout (the rocky outcrop) and sunbath naked and take care of business. He loved to masturbate up there as it made him feel especially close to nature. It was fairly breezy too and he loved the sensation of the wind blowing over his body, almost like mother nature was caressing his nakedness. It was even more erotic when he was nearing his orgasm, as though a thousand fingers was stroking and tickling every part of his exposed skin. His orgasms were much more intense up there.

When Glenn masturbated, his fantasies would be of women, many women, all faceless but in every fantasy Bryan would be there too, both of them enjoying the pleasure the women gave them. They never developed much farther than this but always Bryan’s naked form would be there.

Feeling a twitch in his groin he stepped out the water and picked up his shorts not bothering to dry himself. The sun would quickly dry the water on his body but until then it would keep him cool in the blistering heat of the freak heat wave they was having. A gentle breeze stirred and Glenn stretched drinking in the erotic sensations it created over his naked body, it caused his cock to swell. His slender smooth body showed no signs of puppy fat what so ever and the hint of an hour glass figure gave him a subtle feminine look. When ever he looked at himself naked it would always arouse him. His cock though was substantial and when erect measure a respectable 6 inches and lately seemed to always be in a permanent state of arousal.

He pulled on his running shorts and adjusted his cock, he liked commando, in fact he only wore the shorts just in case anyone was to pass him on the walk up, if he could he would have walked naked. He set off through the trees that lined the river and after a short walk he joined the footpath that circled the hill with the outcrop. Even this foot path was very secluded, he very rarely passed anyone on this route. In fact it was sometimes difficult to follow as the vegetation would often grow over.

Glenn was a little startled when he saw another figure appear through the trees agrı escort in the distance, this was very rare to meet someone coming the other way. He lost sight for a couple of seconds as he passed a large tree that obscured his line of site but as he got past it he noticed it was another boy walking towards him. The boy looked to be a little older than him, taller and slim

As he neared he noticed the boy’s shirt was open showing a smooth slim toned body. He was wearing a blue baseball cap backwards and his baggy jeans rode low on his waist, ‘God they must be only just covering his cock’ Glenn thought. The boy looked at Glenn as they got closer and his shyness kicked in so he looked away which he found quite difficult to do as the boy had really nice body. This was the first half naked body Glenn had seen other than his own. Often he would stand in front of a full length mirror at home admiring his own naked form while masturbating. The boys body was similar to his own and Glenn felt a stirring in his groin. Glenn couldn’t resist the temptation to look as they drew level with each other. The boy stopped and spoke.

“Do you have the time?” he asked. Glenn slowed, looked at the boy and then showed him his bare arm. As he did so he saw something that shocked him. At the top of the boy’s jeans was hair! He had never seen anything like before, his own body being totally smooth.

“Sorry I don’t have a watch,” he squeaked. His voice cracked with nervousness, he could do without that right now.

“It’s ok,” the boy replied. As Glenn started to walk off he stole a backwards glance for another look at those hairs.

“Like what you see?” the boy asked as he leant back on to a low wall. Glenn stopped and turned to the boy puzzled.


“My groin, I saw you looking.”

Glenn blushed heavily. Busted! Glenn tried to open his mouth and come up with an excuse but nothing came out. What could he say? What possible excuse was there for looking at someone else’s groin. He felt his face go really hot, he was blushing. The boy seeing his embarrassment spoke up.

“It’s ok, I don’t mind, look some more if you want.”

Glenn wasn’t sure what was happening, did the boy say to look some more? He thought he should just keep walking but he couldn’t he was frozen to the spot. All this time Glenn hadn’t realised he was still looking at his groin anyway, those hairs, what were they?

“You know you have a really nice body,” the boy added. Glenn looked into the boy’s eye not quite believing what he just said, he blushed again.

“Th-th-thanks, S-s-so d-do you.”

His gaze drifted down the boy’s body, over the slender chest, the curvy waist and back at those hairs. He just had to know what they were.

Glenn plucked up the courage and pointing at his grion asked, “Wh-wh-what’s that?”

“What? My pubes?”

Glenn looked up at him blankly.

“You do know what pubes are don’t you?” the boy asked. Glenn shook his head getting another good look at the hairs below the boy’s belly and wondered what they would feel like to touch.

“Don’t you have any yet?” the boy asked further. Glenn shook his head.

The boy’s heart skipped a beat, he couldn’t believe he was talking to a hairless boy and this boy was staring at his crotch. He was determined to see him naked but suddenly realised that he might be underaged.

“How old are you?”

“18,” Glenn replied. The boy relaxed a little.

“Do you like them?”

“Dunno, I’ve never seen any before.”

“Would you like to touch them?” he asked. Glenn looked at him in disbelief. The boy wasn’t sure if he’d done the right thing from the look on Glenn’s face and his heart was racing from being so daring. Glenn couldn’t believe he would let him do that and he really did want to see what they was like so he nodded. The boy’s heart was beating hard and so was Glens.

“Well go on then,” he encouraged. Glenn didn’t need telling again he walked op to him and gently began to touch the curly hairs. He was intrigued by their texture, a little wiry but soft to the touch. As his fingers moved across them they would flatten down the spring back into place.

“Mmmm, that feels nice, you have a really soft touch,” he commented, delighting in the fact that a really cute skinny boy was caressing his pubic hair.

“How far do they go down?” Glenn asked.

“Would you like to see?”

Glenn thought he would just tell him but if he was prepared to show him he certainly wasn’t going to complain. He nodded and the boy soon had his belt undone.

“You escort ağrı can stroke down there too if you want” he said as he unzipped his fly and opened the flaps to his jeans. Glenn was a little surprised to see that the boy obviously enjoyed being commando too as he was looking at the top of a pair of very large and tight testicles, also lightly covered in the same hair. He also noticed the very thick shaft that bent over horizontally and disappeared into the unopened part of the jeans. Glenn leant over to get a closer look, he was amazed at the size of it, even from the little he could see he knew it was much bigger than his.

The boy closed his eyes and let out a small groan of pleasure as Glenn slipped his gingers lower and lower until he was eventually caressing the base of the boy’s cock. Glenn wanted to get even closer so he knelt down and continued stroking. As he did so the boy let go of his jeans and put his hands on his head. The jeans fell to his ankles allowing his cock to swing free. As it bounced and settled out from his body Glenn gasped. It was huge!

“Do like my cock?” he asked. Glenn just nodded mesmerised by throbbing cock in front of him, watching it slowly rise. He wondered how much bigger it was going to get and had totally forgotten about the tuft of hairs surrounding it’s base, this was way more interesting.

“You can stoke that too I you want,” the boy suggested but Glenn had already decided to do just that. He gently ran his fingers along the whole length of the cock trying to estimate the size of it. If his own was six inches then this had to be at least nine or more. Glenn watched in awe as the giant tool pulsed, blood pumping it towards it’s full glory. It was still growing and Glenn wondered it if would ever stop. Eventually it was fully erect and pointing directly up to the sky, he marvelled at it, it really was a thing of beauty.

He was suddenly aware of his own hard on, so erect it hurt, he then remembered how horny he was and why he had come here in the first place. He then wondered that maybe the boy would like to be wanked off. He look up to ask but he had his eyes closed and had an expression on his face that said he was in heaven. Glenn very slowly at first began to manipulate the head of the huge cock. The boy let out a groan of pleasure but he certainly wasn’t complaining. Glenn took longer and longer strokes gripping a little tighter on each one. The boy couldn’t believe his luck, here he was having his cock expertly stroked by this gorgeous boy. Glenn got closer still so that his head was practically against the boy’s chest, he could hear his heart pounding and the boy placed his hand on Glenn’s head and stoked his hair. The boy realised he was getting close to cumming but wasn’t ready to let go yet.

“Let’s see yours?” he asked. Glenn stood up while the boy knelt down in front of him. The boy was excited to see quite a tent pole pushing Glenn’s shorts out. He wanted to savour this hot boy’s body and decided to take it slow and placing his hands on either side of the shorts began to slowly pull them down. Glenn’s cock got caught in the waistband and was being pulled down with them. As rim of the shorts reached the base of Glenn’s cock the boy was delighted at the smooth patch of skin where pubic hair should have been. He leant forward and gave a quick lick that very spot. Glenn caught his breath.

‘Did he just lick me?’ Glenn thought. This was a very odd thing to do but it did feel very nice. The boy kept pulling the shorts down slowly, Glenn’s cock now pointing down. Glenn couldn’t believe how hard his cock was and in this position was rather uncomfortable, but just as the waistband cleared the tip his cock sprang up and slapped his stomach hard.

A very very erect penis greeted the boy, he was delighted to see such a beautifully formed circumcised cock and on such a perfect body as Glenn’s. He began to gently stroke Glenn’s belly with one hand especially the perfectly smooth area where pubes where meant to be and stroked his very tight sack with the other. Glenn gasped at the sensation causing him to quiver, he never imagined that the touch of another hand would feel so much better than his own, it was electrifying.

The boy sensed that this might be Glenns first time and wanking him off now it would probably explode straight away. Instead he began licking Glenn’s balls and up to the tip of his penis.

“Ohhh!” Glenn gasped.

Being touched by someone else was one thing but this was even better. He threw his head back and closed his eyes. He could feel the boys tongue dancing all ağrı escort bayan over his cock and balls. He then felt something warm slide over his cock, he opened his eyes to see the boys mouth engulfing his very excited member.

“OHHH JESUS!” Glenn exulted. Never in his wildest imagination did he ever think that any one would take a cock in their mouth and the sensation was mind blowing. His legs began to tremble violently, Glenn had to put his hands on the boy’s head to steady himself and he realised he was about to blow his load.


The boy wanted to see this, so he pulled away. Just as he did so Glenn’s body convulsed his cock twitched and a bolt of spunk shot in the air several feet, again and again he cum with almost the same ferocity causing his body to spasm with each ejaculation.

“Oh wow!”

Even though he was a heavy cummer himself he had never seen anyone else cum that big until now. The force was incredible, Glenn had never cum so hard before ever. The first few went clean over the boys head, some landed on his cap, some on his shirt and one landed across his face. Eventually Glenn’s body went limp and he was finally spent out. The boy slipped his mouth over Glenn’s cock and sucked off then remnants of his cum causing Glenn to gasp and writhe as his cock was now more sensitive than before. Glenn was amazed at the intensity of his orgasm, certainly the furthest he had ever shot. The boy looked up at Glenn and smiled.

“Looks like you needed that,” he said standing up and leaning back against the wall.

“That was amazing!” Glenn replied.

Glenn immediately bent down and took the huge cock in his mouth. He wanted to give this boy the same pleasure he had just experienced. The boy gasped in amazement, he certainly wasn’t expecting Glenn to be so bold as this. The cock was so big he wondered how far he could take it in his mouth. His virgin lips slipped over the tight skin of the huge cock and although Glenn was inexperienced the boy let out long groans of pleasure with each stroke. He was surprised how quickly he was nearing the point of no return.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” he announced.

Glenn knew exactly what he wanted to do, it was something he did himself on many occasions. He loved to lie on his back up against a wall and shoot over his face. He especially loved it when it landed on his lips and tongue as he loved the taste so much. He knelt down in front of him and began licking the very tip of his cock.

The boy was surprised at what Glenn was doing and just the idea of cumming over his face was all too much and set him over the edge. His body went into spasm and the first bolt of cum short with such a force that it clean went over Glenn’s head. Glenn was determined not to miss the rest so he raised himself up a little, closed his eyes, and took subsequent bolts of cum full in the face. He just kept on cumming, never before had he cum with such ferocity and so much volume too, it was smothering Glenn’s face but Glenn wanted it in his mouth. He quickly clamped his mouth over the member as the last few bolts hit him in the back of the throat.

Finally the boy was spent and slumped back on the wall. Glenn licked off any cum he could find on the boy’s cock then began licking the cum from round his lips, not too fast as he wanted to savour the taste. Glenn stood up and the boy watched has he licked his lips with a huge grin on his face. He suddenly had the urge to kiss him so placing his hand behind Glenn’s head he bought their lips together. Glenn just melted, and willingly opened his mouth. Not only had he just had and given his first blow job but he was now getting his first kiss from this amazing boy. Their tongues explored each others mouths and Glens cock was suddenly fully erect once more. The boy was no newcomer to kissing but had never known a kiss with such passion as this. He could taste his cum on Glenn’s lips, He liked the taste too and proceeded to lick off the remaining cum on Glenn’s face. Eventually they pulled apart.

“That was your first time wasn’t it?”

Glenn nodded sheepishly, hoping it wouldn’t spoil this new friendship.

“Thought so.”

They looked at each other both still naked, then the boy stood up and put his arms around Glenn, they both kissed just as passionately as before for what seemed like an eternity.

“Whats your name?” Glenn asked after they parted for some breath.

“Ryan, what’s yours?”


“Well Glenn you are amazing.”

Glenn blushed a little.

“Can we do it again?” Glenn asked eagerly. The boy looked down at Glenn’s hard cock and gave it a playful tug.

“Fuck yeah,” Ryan replied, “but is there anywhere else we can go? I have so much more I want to show you.”

“I know just the place.”

They reclothed and Glenn lead Ryan to his favourite spot on the hill.

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