A strange voice in our bedroom


A strange voice in our bedroomA strange voice in our bedroom I remember that warm afternoon at L.A.I could get off work early so I thought I could hurry home and surprise Anita going a night out. It had been a good day although it was so warm, so I was in a good mood. I pulled into the driveway and barely noticed the strange car parked alongside Ana’ car. It was just a friend of her I guessed, so I paid it no further attention and headed inside, opening the door slowly.I gently set my keys down and made my way through the dimly lit house. As I got closer to the bedroom I could start to hear voices from within. It was something really strange.“Beg for it, you filthy little bitch!”I stopped dead in my tracks. It was a man’s voice. A complete strange deep voice.“Do it, you bastard! Stick your big black cock up my ass!”.The sound of my sweet Ana’s voice struck like a dagger in my heart. She was fucking some guy in our bedroom! Part of me wanted to run in there and beat the fuck of the guy and throw Ana out of the house, but another part of me wanted nothing more than to sneak a peek at my wife getting fucked.As I crept closer, the voices became loud and clear. The bedroom door was open slightly and there was a faint glow coming from within the lamp-lit room. I peered through the opening into the room.My heart stopped. bahis siteleri There was Ana on her hands and knees on our bed. Kneeling behind her was some strange black guy trying to work his huge thick dick into my wife’s asshole. Ana’s head was dipped low, her beautiful hair hanging about her face in a sweaty tangled mess. Her hand was feverishly at work between her legs rubbing her clit, like she always does when I fuck her ass. Judging from her appearance I guessed that she and her new lover had been at it for quite a while.She was fully naked, only wearing the thigh high black boots I had bought her for Valentine’s Day. She hardly ever wore them for me.“Shove it in my asshole! Fuck me! Fuck your little slut’s asshole.” “Oh, Fuck!!”Ana was fighting through the pain of having a huge cock planted deep in her ass, and she loved every minute of it.The guy had a satisfied grin on his face, as his cock slipped past Ana’s muscular ring and slid deep into her ass. With that, he lifted his hand, only to bring it down heavily on my wife’s ass with a sickening slap. The other hand grabbed her hair, making Ana lift her beautiful face. She gritted her teeth through a sexy smile.“Fuck yeah!” she moaned, increasing the speed of her hand rubbing her clit.The guy was thrusting in and out faster now. I was actually bedava bahis watching his cock appear and disappear into my sweet Ana’s tender asshole.“You love it, don’t you slut? You love my black dick in your ass!”“Oh yeah baby, don’t stop fucking my ass!”With that, the guy grabbed again a handful of Ana’s hair and yanked her head back as he shoved his dick into her with authority. I couldn’t believe the look in her face. It was one that I had never seen before. She was really lost in pure lust.“Fuck, I’m cumming.” She said suddenly in a deep moan.“Do it slut! Make yourself cum with my cock up your tight little ass! I bet you love getting ass-fucked on your husband’s bed don’t you whore? Does he know that he married a dirty little cum slut?”This was apparently too much for Ana to handle and she let loose the most savage orgasm I had ever witnessed. As it subsided, my wife’s lover relented in his anal pounding and slowed to a rhythmic thrust. He seemed to enjoy that pounding. She turned and looked him in the face. “Please, let me suck your black cock!”Just when I thought I couldn’t be more surprised, I watched as this strange man withdrew his still rigid black cock from my wife’s anus. Turning her around, he fed his dick into Ana’s waiting mouth. She immediately began sucking like some kind bedava bonus of sexually depraved wild woman, bobbing her head up and down on his dick. Her beautiful lips stretched around his saliva soaked member.“You’re a good little whore sucker!” the man said smiling. “Your husband must be proud and happy.”Ana released his cock only long enough to respond.“You know I’m only a whore for you, baby,” she said smiling.As he let out a restrained groan, he pulled himself off Ana’s face. She smiled and lapped her tongue out like a hungry kitten trying to get as much of his sperm as possible. His large cock deposited most of his semen on her tongue, and then he held still as she licked him clean.“That was awesome, babe. Same time tomorrow?”. The black stranger man asked her.Ana stretched out on the bed, looking slutty, with her black boots and cum smeared face.“I cannot tomorrow, I have to work. May be on Tuesday”. She said with a sad look in her face.“Tuesday sounds good.” He said.Ana got up from the bed and walked over to the VCR, ejecting a tape. She then returned to the bed, and deposited the tape into the drawer on her side. I was confused. I had always thought that she kept just some innocent pictures of our trips outside together; surely she knew I had never been that interested. I was interested now though, as Ana closed the drawer and locked it with a key.My mind was a mess as I quietly left the house. I had a lot to digest. I had just witnessed my loving wife performing a hot sexual porn star act. I knew one thing though. I had to find out more…

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