A story for Venice. Day 1


A story for Venice. Day 1Venice is a gorgeous Tgirl. Her profile “VenicecTgirl” can be found here on Xhamster. This is part one of a story that I hope she has always dreamt about.I had met Venice years ago, she wanted a cameraman and I volunteered. I didn’t know much about her except she looked gorgeous and she had something that I had dreamt about for many years. She had a cock under her always sexy outfit.To cut to the chase, I did some videos of her out and about. She wouldn’t be posing for the camera, instead she made out I wasn’t there. She’d sit on a bench in the High Street, showing a mass of flesh and the occasional stocking top and even the jewel between her legs. It was always tasteful, well as tasteful as showing off a cute cock in public can be. No one ever seemed to notice, or if they did were too shy to come forth. I often did, the sight of Venice’s cock always sent me over the top and she would tease me about the wet spot in my pants.We parted company a while ago, not for any real reason, we just went our separate ways. Until that was until about a month ago. I found her again here on hamster, she had changed her profile. We got chatting again and she commented about my exploits with Dee and said that she always needed big black cocks now and would it be possible if I could arrange for her to meet one of them. I confidently said yes, so long as we could film some of the action and it would possibly end up on some top shelf.She agreed instantly, so I told her t come visit me the following weekend. Dee had a prior engagement, so the house would be mine to do as I please. Anyway Dee was bound to end up bedding someone whilst she was at the conference. I guess it was the only reason why she went, and many of her workmates knew this and would encourage her to go to them. She would come home after the weekend and tell me all about what she got up too.Soon after talking to Venice I called Will.“Hi Will, it’s Ben.”We exchanged small chat for a while.“So why the call Ben? Hopefully Dee wants to be naughty again.”“No that’s not the reason for the call. I know someone who wants to be abused by a massive black cock and I instantly thought of you and John. Are you up for it?” I asked.“Sure man. We could both fuck her at the same time.” Replied Will keenly.“Well that’s where you’re wrong. Venice is a TS and she wants and needs black cock as often as possible. Still up for it?”“Defo.” Was the simple answer.We continued with the details and I agreed to meet him early Friday evening outside his night club.I picked Venice up from the station; she looked as fabulous as the last time we had met. We kissed each other and then she asked.“Have we got time to do a bit of shopping?”“Sure, where do you want to go? High Street.”“Perfect, I want to show you my appreciation.”I drove the short distance to the multi-storey. I parked up, got out of the car and opened the passenger door for her. I guess you’ve realised the ulterior motive. Venice stepped out of the car and I got my first view again of her crotch.“You’re not wearing panties again?”“No,” she replied, “I never wear those damn things, they always get in the way of a quickie.”“Come here.” She said.I moved towards the car and she quickly grabbed at my jean zip. Deftly she pulled it down and her hand was reaching for my cock and pulled it out of its confines.Then her mouth had engulfed my cock and she slurped crazily at it.“Loosen me up Ben, I want your cum in me.” She scampered round to the boot of the car, my cock in her hand as I was dragged behind. She then bent over the boot, freed my cock and lifted her little leather mini up over her ass, before pulling her ass cheeks apart. Her ass was protected with a cute glass butt plug. She reached behind and pulled it from its nest. The plug popped out and she deftly and seductively clenched her ass hole, an invitation I could not refuse.“Get it in me quick Ben.” Without hesitation I aimed my throbbing cock at her and without lubrication slammed my cock into her tight ass.I started to pound hard at her and she cried her appreciation at me. “Fuck me Ben, I want your cum to lubricate me.”I looked down and watched my cock slip into Venice’s tight ass hole, all the way in then drew back only to plunder her ass once again. I pulled her ass cheeks apart to my cock slide in and out, then I reached below my hands followed her hips and round to her crotch, until my roght hand cupped her hard cock and balls.“Oh yes Ben, I want you to cum whilst you squeeze my balls.”That was too much for me and with one more slam into her depths, I came. My cock spewed cum deep inside her, she moaned as she felt my hot cum burn her insides.I held myself inside her and tightly squeezed her balls.“Oh fuck Ben that was good.” She purred and pulled herself free from me. My cock slipped from her ass, a string of cum fell with it and stretched from her ass to the tip of my cock. I watched her hand slip between her legs and a finger foraged her ass. She dipped it in and then drew it out and placed it on her lips sucking the juices from it. She then replaced her butt plug back into place.Venice then turned to face me, “You need to return the favour.” She smiled. I looked down along her body, down to her crotch as she lifted the front of her skirt once more. “Please make me cum.” She purred. Who could refuse?I hesitated at first, I wasn’t sure about sucking cock. But I would certainly want Venice to do it again to me and I wasn’t going to spoil things by refusing. I looked around behind me checking that there was nobody around to see us. There was a guy in a car across the aisle, sitting in the drivers seat, he looked as though he was looking at his phone so I guessed he hadn’t noticed us. I then stepped towards Venice and put my hands on her waist to steady me, then i slowly sank down to my knees and looked straight ahead at her proud cock. It wasn’t big, but would be a nice mouthful and it stood straight out and begging for my mouth. I moved my head closer, so close that I could smell her sex and I guess my cum wafting from her ass crack. I stuck my tongue out and gingerly licked the head of her cock. Venice bought her hand down and wrapped it around the base, holding it still. She then suddenly thrust her hips forward and her cock was engulfed by my mouth. Her cock head slipped between my lips and ran over my tongue and I naturally wrapped my mouth around the warm hardness of her cock.“Oh yes Ben, make me cum. She then wrapped her other hand around the back of my head and as I pulled free her hand tempted me back onto her cock. With my hands on her hips and her hand holding my head we set up a constant rhythm. As her excitement grew her pumping increased.“Oh fuck this is so naughty, he’s getting out of the car and coming over.” Squealed Venice, “Oh I’m cumming.” She wailed and suddenly my mouth was filled with her hot burning cum. It hit the back of my mouth and I felt myself choking, but then another squirt filled my mouth, I swallowed hard taking some of her cum down my throat, the rest lingering on my tongue. Her cock twitched in my mouth, I could feel the head swelling and pulsing.“Thank you Ben, I so needed that. But look who’s behind you.” Sharply I broke away from Venice, her cock spilling from my mouth, traces of her cum stringed from my lips and splattered my chin and I looked around, there behind me the guy from the car. His cock in hand, he had been wanking furiously and his cock now spent drooled with cum, dripping onto the floor illegal bahis and puddling on the concrete floor. With my turning round to him he was bought to his senses and he quickly stuffed his cock back into his pants and turned away. I looked back and up to Venice “Was he watching?” I asked.“He saw it all and I guess he liked what he saw.” She smiled down at me.“Mmm, that’s a nice starter, let’s hope that your mates fucking fill me up even more. I so want to be abused by them.”“Do you want me to call them to see if they’re about.” I asked her.She smiled and giggled, “Oh god yes please.”I pulled up my jeans and reached in my pocket for my phone and called Will.“Hi Will are you about? I know it’s a bit early but Venice is begging to be abused.”“OK, we’ll be down in ten.”“Come on Venice, they’ll be waiting for us outside the club.”“I hope they know how I like it though?” We both jumped in the car and headed out the multi storey. It was not far to travel, just a few hundred yards and I turned the corner and up ahead saw Will and John waiting outside the club on the pavement. I drew my car up alongside them and will opened the car back door and jumped in, John ran around the back of the car and jumped in the other side.“”OK Ben, drive.”“Where?” I asked.“Just cruise around town, this bitch said she wanted fun and that’s just what she going to get. Now get in here bitch!”Will leant forward and grabbed Venice by the throat and forced her to climb between the front seats, his big black hand squeezing her throat tightly. Venice scrambled between the seats and was pulled back onto the back seat between Will and John. She crumpled into the seat and as she fell almost face down, as she tried to scramble around John started to maul her body, he grabbed her leather mini skirt and ripped it from her. At the same time he pulled at her leather jacket, pulling the zip down and opening it up to reveal her black body stockinged top. As Venice’s head emerged from the seat, she was greeted by Will’s crotch as he scrambled to undo his jeans with his free hand. His other hand was now wrapped around the back of Venice’s neck, controlling her movement and as he eventually pulled his hardening cock from it’s confines, he had little troble from forcing Venice’s head down onto it. His cock smashed into her face before he pulled her back up and once again forced it down on it. This time Venice had opened her mouth and his enormous cock sank between her lips. In one thrust he had forced it to the back of her throat. Venice choked and spluttered as it hit home, but Will didn’t let go of her neck, but instead violently thrust her head up and down on his cock.Meanwhile John had flipped Venice onto her knees and her ass arched up towards him. He looked down, leering at her spread cheeks, his big black fingers then delved into her inviting ass.“Hey man, she’s just been fucked, her ass is gaping and spewing out cum, hey man that needs a good fucking.”John then pulled at his jeans and took out his growing cock.“You’re going to get your biggest black cock fucking of your life, your scabby bitch!” and pulled himself onto his knees on the seat. He then aimed his big cock at the entrance to her hole. Briefly he aimed it at her opening, but without consideration he plunged into her. I’m sure she wanted to scream, but her mouth was full of cock as John slid as much of his cock into her ass as he could. Venice was then subject to abuse from both ends. Both Will and john had no regard as to how Venice felt as her face smashed down onto Will’s cock and John meanwhile was frantically sliding his huge cock into her lubricated ass.I watched from my rear view mirror. I knew how big John’s cock was from the past and it was by far the biggest I had ever seen and it looked huge against Venice’s slight frame.I drove erratically through the town, trying to concentrate on keeping on the road. I stopped at traffic lights and looked around to see if anyone could see what was going on behind me. There were a few who looked through the window to see Will’s cock buried deep in Venice’s mouth. I had to stop somewhere, I’d be in the back of someone if I didn’t and I wanted to watch more closely the action behind me. I pulled down a back street and found a dilapidated car park. Stopping the car I looked around me. There were several cars parked up and a few people milling around. “Hey guys, I had to stop.”Will looked out of the window. “This’ll do.” He opened the door and slipped out, then reached inside. Venice was choking for breath as he grabbed her by her long dark hair. “Out!” he shouted to her and then dragged her from the car. I watched as her ass was pulled off John’s cock. It spilled out of her ass and sprung into the air with juices flowing freely from her, splattering the car seat. She scrambled on her hands and knees, falling from the car onto the rough surface below. Her stockings laddered instantly as Will dragged her across the tarmac. He stopped her just a couple of yards from the car, out in the open, her genitals exposed to anyone passing by. He stood there looking down at her, his heavy cock hanging down between his legs, pointing at Venice and awaiting her ravaged mouth. Venice looked up at him, her eyes piercing and longing for more lust.She knelt on all fours, her legs slightly parted, exposing her gaping ass towards the car, my cum still dribbling from it, splashing on the rough ground below her. She looked around and behind her towards the car. “Come on then, where’s that fucking cock of yours?” she growled.John scrambled from the car, his cock swaying.“Fuck, I knew you were big, but not that big!” exclaimed Venice. But John ignored her comments and dropped to his knees behind her plunging his cock back into her ass.Venice screamed at the sudden invasion, his cock impaling her deeply, before Will once again grabbed her hair and his cock and shoved it back into Venice’s mouth.I sat watching from the car, I knew that this was what Venice had wanted, to be abused in public by two huge black boys. I looked around the car park and it seemed deserted, but there over by a high wire fence, three figures stood. Their hands above their heads twisted through the fencing and gawping at the sight of Venice being well and truly fucked. One was even on the phone, perhaps telling someone to join them.John was first to cum. Venice’s ass too controlling and tight, he screamed as he came. “Take that you dirty bitch.” As his cum spewed from his cock and deep into her ass. He quickly pulled his cock from her and his cum gushed from her dilated opening as he stumbled backwardAs he watched John fall backwards, Will pulled his cock from Venice’s mouth and started to pump furiously on his aching cock. Her face just inches away from his saliva covers cock she waited for her reward. Will’s cock erupted, his cum first filled her open waiting mouth before the following blasts hit her face, across her nose and eyes. Venice distinctly closed her eyes as she was hit by his huge flow.Will slapped her face with his cock before withdrawing from her and standing. He looked over at the fence where the guys stood watching, they had their cocks out and were all wanking furiously. Three more guys had appeared and they too were unfolding their cocks and exposing them. He again looked down at Venice and leant forward, grabbing her hair and violently pulling her up.“We haven’t finished with you yet.” He said as he turned to the fence and dragged her behind him. Venice stumbled freebet veren siteler across the rough car park and they walked towards the fence. “Would you like this cum dump to finish you all off?” he asked the guys. One by one they pushed their cocks through the wire fence and Venice looked mesmerised at their cocks as Will turned behind her and grabbing her by the shoulders pushed her down onto her knees in front of the first cock, the unceremoniously pushed the back of her head onto the waiting rampant cock. It smacked into her face, so Will leant forward and stuck his fingers into her mouth to force it open. Powerless to deny his onslaught Venice opened her mouth and Will forced her onto the cock until her face ground into the wire fence.Then with a bunch of her hair in his hand Will motioned her mouth back and forth along the cock.Venice slurped at the invading cock, but he didn’t last long. After watching her being fucked and abused in the middle of the car park, he came quickly. As her face ground into the fence his cock exploded deep in her mouth. Venice reeled and choked on the invading fluid and Will pulled her head back for her to receive another facial, splattering her face. Quickly he pulled her along the fence and shoved her face into the next waiting cock. She was greeted by a wimpish cock, but it still strained for her attention. Venice sucked it into her mouth straight away and he came instantly in her mouth. Will pulled her away and the guys cock dribbled with cum. On to the next one and Venice had no choice but to accept the cock rammed into her face. As she sucked him the guy next to his mate gesticulated to Will and he nodded. When Venice had been filled with yet more cum, Will pulled her up from her knees, turned her around and pushed her ass towards the fence. He then lent over her and parted her ass cheeks for the guy to find her ass hole. When his cock settled on the rim of her ass hole Will pushed her against the fence and the guys cock was buried in her ass. In this position, Will took advantage and pushed his semi hard cock into Venice’s abused face and she was spit roasted between the two. With his hand still wrapped in her hair, his other hand forced her to take as much of his cock as he could fit in her mouth and then he started to thrust hard. As his cock hit the back of her throat he forced back onto the guys cock. The guy behind the fence held tightly to the fence as he looked down to watch his cock pummel Venice’s ass. He then came violently, spewing his cum deep into her bowels.With her mouth still wrapped around Will’s cock the guy pulled away and out of her ass and Will stepped along to the next cock. This guys cock was big enough to be held within the wire fence, his erection swelling and restricting his movement as Will aimed Venice’s ass towards his cock. He tried a couple of times to lock it into position, prodding her ass, before finding the spot and he pushed in one blow his thick meaty cock straight into her now dilating ass hole and Will continued his torturous invasion of her mouth. Venice’s ass slammed against the fence, it rattled in the tension and as Will came once more the guy buried deep in her ass came too. Will pulled her free once more and the final guy waited impatiently, he involuntarily was fucking the fence and Will pulled Venice t her final cock, he grabbed her chin and opened her mouth once more, aimed t at the guys cock and pushed her head onto his cock. He then violently pushed her cock her into the fence. With a hand under her chin and the other bunching her hairs he took control of her movements and thrust her head back and forth on the cock until the guy screamed that he was cumming. At the moment he came Will pulled her free and his cock spewed cum, hitting her at point blank range into her face. Will then smeared her face across his dripping cock to capture the last remaining drops that leak from the end. Almost triumphantly Will pulled Venice up by her hair, she staggered to her feet and he dragged her back to the car. I could clearly see Venice’s face, it was smeared with cum, some had dried and cracked over her cheeks and forehead, more flowed freely from her chin, her lipstick now smeared around her mouth and her mascara blackened her eyes and upper cheeks, she looked totally abused, her jacket sat on one shoulder the other arm dropped around her elbow. Her top was torn and her breasts hung free. She opened her eyes and looked straight at me.“You look well and truly fucked, your dirty cum dump fuckwhore, was it good?”“The best, but I want more.” She smiled, “And I need to cum again.”“Get in the car slut, I know somewhere we can take you for another fuck, he’s an a****l.”Venice was dragged into the passenger seat and Will and John slipped into the back.“I’ll tell you where to drive Ben, it’s not far.”As we drove through the town, Venice looked out of the window, but when I tried to adjust my painful erection in my jeans, she noticed. She looked towards me and then down to my crotch. She leant forward and started to pull at the zip on my jeans. Her hand then reached in and pulled out my aching cock, she bent across the seats and sucked in my cock. We were driving through a busy crowded town and Venice was giving me a fabulous blow job. She grabbed the waist of my jeans and started to pull them down. I had to raise my ass to allow them to slip down to my knees and she started to suck and lick my balls, the feelings were amazing as her hand disappeared below my crotch and her fingers advanced on my ass hole. She then tickled my hole with her fingernail, before slipping her finger deep into my ass, the sensation was incredible and I came almost instantly. My cum spewed onto her cheek before she engulfed my cock and took the rest of my cum into her warm mouth.“Left here, Ben, Luther will be waiting for us outside, you can’t miss him, he’s a big guy.” Came a call from the back seat. I took the next left and drove down a street with small shops and converted Victorian houses. The street was fairly busy with shoppers coming and going to the town centre. I saw Luther standing in a doorway, he looked dishevelled as he lent against the door frame, a fag in hand. He saw the car and flicked the dog end from his fingers and as we pulled up outside he leered into the passenger seat.I wound the window down and his head appeared.“Is this the bitch?” he snarled.“Yeah, she likes a bit of rough.” Spoke Will. Venice turned to face him, my cum still streaked across her cheek. “Looks as though you need more big black meat, bitch.” Grabbed her chin and kissed her roughly. I could clearly see his tongue twist into Venice’s mouth.“Now suck on this!” He pulled his head out of the window, raised himself up, undoing the fly on his jeans and pulling out his long flaccid cock and flopped it through the open window. Venice looked at it, taken aback by the thought of sucking such a thing in public. But Luther then slipped his hand around his cock and slapped it across Venice’s face.“I told you to suck it, bitch.” Venice obeyed and lent forward, opened her mouth and took the head of his cock into her mouth and his bulk smashed against the side of the car.At close hand I could see Venice struggling to take his cock into her mouth. John and will were looking on from the back of the car and seeing her struggle, John placed his hand behind her head and pushed it violently onto Luther’s hard cock. She wasn’t expecting it and his deneme bonusu veren siteler cock was shoved to the back of her throat. Venice coiled at the movement and choked on the invasion, she couldn’t breathe and struggled to break herself free, saliva poured from the sides of her mouth as she struggled with the monster in her mouth. Eventually after what seemed minutes John released his grasp on the back of her head and she reeled back, gasping for breath.As she gasped, Luther opened the car door and reached inside, grabbing Venice by the throat and pulled her out of the car.“now you’re going to get the fucking of your life.” Scowled Luther and virtually dragged her across the pavement. He pushed her violently against the front door arch, holding her hands out to save her from smashing her face against the woodwork. Luther was close behind her, his cock swaying toward her. He roughly pulled up the back of her skirt, exposing her naked bum to the street and then pulled at her hips to arch her back and expose her wait ass hole. As he held her tightly, his huge hand squeezing her waist and his other hand guiding his swaying cock towards her ass. As their flesh met, the tip of his cock made contact with her ass hole and abruptly he pushed it into her yielding flesh. His cock slipped mercilessly and rapidly deep into her and Venice moaned loudly at the intrusion.The three of us sat in disbelief as Luther punished Venice’s ass as people passed by, some watched embarrassed at the onslaught, others just simply looked away, but no one was going to intervene. One scruffy old guy even stopped and stood closer to see Venice being savagely fucked, he staggered closer and bent to watch Luther’s cock plough her ass, his hand slipped down to his crotch and he squeezed his cock through his dirty jeans, before struggling with the zip and pulled out his cock. Then with his cock in one hand, wanking it furiously he reached out with the other to Venice’s groin and played with her swinging cock. Venice flinched at the touch of his hand and looked beside her. She looked at the man, before she reached out and grabbed his cock and took over the manipulation of his hard rod.“Oh fuck.!” The old man exclaimed before his cock spewed cum. It disgorged out along Venice’s arm and splattered onto the stone step and pavement. He quickly stood up and stuffed his still dribbling cock back into its confine and turned to stagger away.“Oh man, this is all for you, you dirty fucking bitch.” And Luther slammed his cock deep into Venice’s ass. He paused as he discharged the content of his burning cock, before lunging once more with a thrust that threw Venice into the door frame. He then lifted her and turned her to face the road, his cock still impaled in her ass. Venice’s cock stood fully erect, pre cum oozed from the end. Luther then abruptly pulled his cock from her swollen ass, her legs still spread wide and as his cock fell free from its confines it was followed by his cum which slurped from her gaping hole and splattered the pavement below.Unceremoniously he dropped Venice to fall to the floor, she stumbled to her feet her legs like jelly and her head bowed. She reached out and leant against the railings, then looked up to our car. Her mascara smeared across her face, but a knowing wanton look as she stared directly at me.Luther stepped towards the car and lent into the window, “You can fuck off now and take that dirty little cum dump with you. She was a good fuck, but I think she wants more.”Venice tottered towards the car and struggled to pass Luther’s bulk as she slipped beside him and flopped into the car.“I need to rest first, my boi puss is truly fucked and I need to give it a bit of a break, but hopefully you’ve something more in store for me?”“Oh yes, I certainly have, let’s drop the boys off and I’ll take you home. You can rest for a bit and in the morning I will make sure that your total humiliation will be completed.”I drove off and had soon dropped Will and John back to their place and then headed off home.On arriving Venice was quick to settle down on the sofa, she fumbled in her bag and pulled out her butt plug, and then she lifted one leg onto the sofa exposing her ass hole. She gently pushed the plug home, she then laid back onto the sofa, her legs still spread apart and her sex on view to me. I sat opposite and looked at her obscene pose.“Play with yourself, Venice, I want to see you cum.” I ordered her. She looked up at me and meekly smiled.“What, like this?” She lifted up her skirt to expose her cute little cock, and then she wrapped her hand around it thickening length. “You want to see my sissy boi cock clitty cum for you?”She laid her head back and rhythmically ran her hand up and down her shaft moaning with the delight the feelings were giving her.Then she lifted her head, our eyes met and hers sparkled and looked down at her pumping hand. “Oh yes, here it comes, mmm.”Her cum pumped from her cock, across the sofa and her resting leg. Finally the seeping stopped and the rest of her cum rested in her clenched fist. She looked back at me with a naughty sexy demure smile and bought her hand up to her lips. She looked seductively at me as she sucked her liquid from her fingers.“You’d better go to bed now. But before you do I want to fill your mouth with my come, come over here you cock hungry slut.”The sharpness of my voice made her smile disappear as she obediently rose from the sofa and approached me.“Don’t walk, crawl!” I snarled. Venice dropped to her hands and knees and crawled towards me as I pulled my cock from its confines. She knelt before me and I slapped her face with my cock, “Suck it bitch!” I commanded.She wrapped her lips around my cock and with exquisite skill, sucked and lapped at my throbbing cock. I leant back in my chair and pushed my ass towards her, my cock never leaving her mouth.“Rim my ass.” I told her, and she let my cock plop from her mouth as her tongue descended towards my ass. I shivered with delight as the tip of her tongue caressed over my balls, before burrowing further and soon found my puckering ass hole. She then parted my cheeks apart and delved deep with her tongue. Clearly something she had done before as she speared her tongue into the depths of my ass.“Oh fuck!” I murmured as her tongue pushed all the way in. I was close to cumming. “Now suck me dry!”I felt her tongue slip from my ass only to be replaced by her thumb that she pushed in deep as her tongue once again travelled up my balls, tickling and sucking each into her mouth, the n travelling up my shaft and once again engulfing my cock which was now furiously leaking pre cum. With her free hand she cupped my balls and stroked my shaft. “nghh, argh!” I cried as my cock pushed to the back of her throat and my cum spewed from the end of my cock. Venice gagged at the volume but kept her mouth wrapped around my flesh as my cock disgorged its load. I could hear her gulping and swallowingAs my cock wilted I pulled her head back and away. “That was good. Now off to bed, I have left you a little pink nightie to wear tonight, my favourite. I might just take advantage of you before I go to bed. Oh and to keep you ready, I thought you might need this. Now turn round and bend over.”From the side of my chair I produced a big black dildo, something I bought once with the idea of Dee pegging me. I had tried it for size beforehand but it was far too big for me.With Venice bent over before me, I aimed the large dildo at her ass and quickly pushed the whole length deep into her ass. She squealed at the onslaught as the only lubrication was the cum that remained in her ass. The dildo was impaled balls deep.“Now go to bed!” I commanded her and Venice quietly slipped out of the door and up the stairs to bed.

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