A Stepmother and Daughter Act

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Paul felt like he was the luckiest man in the world; he not only had a young, hot wife in Torrie, whom he had married over a year ago and had been his daughter Kendall’s best friend before that.

But nineteen year old Kenny was still living at home; Paul also carrying on a sexual relationship with her. Not that Torrie minded; she knew first hand about Kenny’s own high sex drive.

What other guy had even one horny woman to fuck every night, much less two?

Torrie and Kenny had had a pact that both made sure he was satisfied if not by one, then the other.

“That way,” she had told Kenny,” we won’t have to worry about your dad screwing around on us.”

He hadn’t had both of them at once–at least not yet–but Torrie was his third wife; he had two prior marriages, widowed from his first wife, Lorrie, and divorced from his second, Mari.

Torrie had to be the hottest bitch in bed since the early days he had with Lorrie, the mother of his two older children, Paul Jr. and Kendall (“Kenny”).

Paul and Kendall had already been fucking for several months when he had watched her and Torrie getting each other off in the pool cabana one afternoon.

It hadn’t been long after that that he and Torrie had hooked up for some wild sex of their own; she hadn’t cared if he was old enough to be her father.

They had gotten married six months later, and he was dying to knock her up. So far, they had had no luck.

Torrie and Kenny had also carried on a lesbian relationship when Paul was on the road, which he secretly didn’t mind.

It had beaten the hell out of either of them going out and looking for other men, whom both beautiful young women had gotten more than their share of stares from.

But Paul had finally gotten his threesome with both wife and daughter inadvertently when he had come home from the road and found them in bed, Kenny getting her stepmother/best friend off.

He had put a mock look of being pissed off on his face when he caught them; Torrie had gasped and pushed Kenny out from between her legs when she spotted Paul.

“Daddy, we….Kenny began, but Paul didn’t let her finish.

He grabbed Kenny by her hair and put her over his knee on her stomach, giving Paul free access to spank her full ass.

He was so turned on from seeing both women together, but he wanted to make it even hotter.

“You have been a very bad girl. You’re a slut, you know that?” he growled as his hand slapped her bare ass.

All the time he spanked Kenny, his cock grew harder with each of her squeals.

Her ass was so beautiful and Paul couldn’t wait to bury his dick in it again.

Paul pulled out a tube güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of KY from the bedside drawer.

“Get on your knees, slut,” he ordered. “You’re going to get that ass fucked while your lover and my whore wife Torrie watches.”

He then turned to his wife. “I didn’t forget about you either, you little blond whore. I want to get you off while I fuck Kenny’s ass. And you have to watch.”

Her husband’s dirty talk made Torrie hornier. She spread her legs and began to stroke her own clit as Kenny lay flat on the bed, her round ass begging for her father’s cock.

Paul coated his prick in KY and greased Kenny’s ass to prepare it for a good fucking.

“Oh yes, my little slut,” he growled again as he sank his dick deep inside her bunghole in one thrust. “You love this big dick in your hot ass, don’t you, baby?”

“Oh Daddy, yes! YES! Fuck my ass!” Kenny screamed as her asshole locked around the head of Paul’s throbbing cock.

“Oh baby…Kenny…Torrie…I love fucking you girls,” Paul growled as he kept pushing deeper into Kenny’s bowels while he finger fucked Torrie, who was stroking her own clit.

Now very aroused, Torrie continued to watched in total amazement as she saw her husband’s cock buried deep in her stepdaughter/best friend/lesbian lover’s ass.

Paul’s fingers went deeper into his wife’s pussy and the combination of her own clit stroking, Paul’s talented fingers buried in her and watching Kenny get her ass fucked made Torrie explode in orgasm.

His fingers pulled out of her pussy and slid into Torrie’s mouth; she tasted herself on them, loving it.

His hand reached to her, pulling her toward him, making her watch even closer as he continued to pound his daughter’s ass.

Paul’s cock that was three-quarters buried in Kenny’s ass. Her face was filled with pure lust that Torrie recognized as Kenny about to explode.

She began to rub her clit hard again, not taking her eyes off of Paul pumping in and out of Kenny as Paul buried his cock to the balls inside his daughter.

Kenny began to cum at last; her orgasm had also set off her father as Paul felt his cock begin to twitch.

“I’m cumming!” Paul yelled as he shot off a large load of cum into Kenny’s ass.

Torrie too had cum again, being this was the hottest sex scene she had ever witnessed.

But she had a feeling that this wasn’t the end as Paul stood up, got his land legs and went to shower.

“Don’t go anywhere,” he winked. “I don’t think I’m finished with you two yet.”

Once he had finished his shower, he had gone in to see his wife and daughter engaged in a passionate güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri kiss, stroking each other’s bodies.

“May I join in?” Paul asked with a gleam in his eye.

Torrie and Kenny had pulled him down on the bed and pushed him on his back, taking turns sucking his now rock hard dick.

“You love this, don’t you, Daddy? Your little slut daughter and your whore wife taking you at once?” Kenny purred when Torrie handed his cock over to her.

“Does your beautiful daughter sucking your cock turn you on, Paul? I bet you want to cum soon, don’t you?” Torrie said sexily as Kenny deep throated him.

Paul started thrusting deep in Kenny’s mouth. Oh God, he needed to cum. These two women in his life were so fucking hot!

Torrie and Kenny both sucked him, Kenny taking him deep in her mouth while Torrie sucked and licked his balls. Paul sighed with satisfaction while both of them worked him over.

Then he couldn’t take any more. “Get up here on your backs, both of you,” he panted.

Paul began to shoot long ropes of cum all over the two young women; covering their tits, stomachs and faces.

He collapsed in between them again, and they fell asleep in the same bed. It had to be the best night’s sleep Paul would ever have.


Early the next morning, Paul’s eyes opened wide as the tip of his cock slid into Torrie’s willing mouth.

Kenny was whispering encouragement for her to take all of his cock, to suck her daddy good, to get him ready to fuck both of them.

Once he was totally hard, Torrie came up and straddled Paul, gradually lowering herself down until his cock was completely buried in her, then began to bounce wildly.

Torrie was panting as she rode him. “Fuck me, Paul…fuck your whore wife…fuck me…” over and over as she slid up and down his pole.

Kenny was playing with her own pussy, overcome with desire and she watched them fuck.

“Mmmm….Torrie,” said Kenny, “let’s get Daddy off and make him shoot lots of cum up in you.”

Kenny then came up behind Torrie and began playing with her full, large breasts while Torrie threw her head back and moaned.

Paul knew it wouldn’t be long before he would cum and he tried to make it last as long as possible.

It was not going to be an easy thing with Torrie’s tight snatch bouncing on his cock while Kenny rubbed his wife’s tits from behind.

Torrie panted as she kept up her pace and lowly murmuring, “Fuck me, baby. Fuck your whore wife. Use my pussy and make me your whore.”

She arched her back as she began her orgasm and Paul could feel her cunt güvenilir bahis şirketleri muscles grip his cock before he exploded, filling Torrie’s pussy to capacity.

Once the last shot had left his cock, Torrie collapsed onto him as Kenny came up and passionately kissed them both.

“Now,” he said. “I want you girls to put on a little show for me.”

Happy to comply, Kenny pulled her stepmother off of him, then worked her way down Torrie’s body before diving between her legs

She then began licking Torrie’s clit, making her gradually moan louder as Kenny gently worked a finger into Torrie’s asshole while sucking the remains of her father’s cum from Torrie’s freshly fucked cunt.

As his wife came from Kenny eating her, Paul had grown rock hard again, thinking this time would be his wife’s turn to watch while he fucked his daughter’s brains out.

He pulled Kenny off Torrie, then climbed between her legs, grinding into Kenny as he kissed her neck and rubbed her chest and stomach, and started sucking her nipples.

Kenny was so hungry for his cock that she was getting wetter and wetter.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she begged. “Please.”

While he sucked Kenny’s full tits, Paul pushed the head of his cock just inside her waiting box.

“Fuck me hard right now, Daddy,” Kenny told him. “I want you to give me a good fucking like you did Torrie.”

“I plan to, baby,” Paul growled as she felt him push his length inside of her in one hard, fast motion and Kenny wailed as he slammed in and out of her.

Kenny spread her legs wider to give Torrie a better view of Paul and her fucking as he repeatedly shoved his cock in and out of her, Paul pumping faster and harder each time until Kenny squealed in orgasm.

She then looked over and saw Torrie fingering her own pussy while Kenny could feel Paul start to throb inside of her.

His grunts were getting gradually louder while he fucked her, knowing his release was only moments away.

“Oh God, Kenny!” Paul finally yelled out. “I’m ready to cum!”

Kenny moaned as Paul kept ramming into her mercilessly as Torrie too came close to orgasm from watching them fuck.

“Here’s my cum, baby!” he called out as he exploded.

Within moments, Kenny felt his spunk shoot into her, making her also cum, just as Torrie screamed out her own climax.

After a few more thrusts, Paul was out of his daughter’s cunt and collapsed back onto the bed.

Nothing like starting the day with some great sex from two hot, horny women, he thought.

They then showered together before getting dressed and heading down to make breakfast.

He was going back on the road that day, and the girls had made sure he went off a very happy, very satisfied man.

The three of them still made love often, even with both Torrie and Kenny being a little farther along in their pregnancies now.

Still, there was more than one way to satisfy their man, and they made sure he was just that even after the babies came.

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