A Son Forced Pt. 02

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Female Ejaculation

All characters are over 18+


“But before all that can happen,” Mara said running her finger’s up and down Jason’s bare chest. “Margret my dear run and fetch the aid kit we can’t allow,” Mara said studying her son. What he said was true, she had broken her husband and Margret with just her tongue. Oh she knew even if they didn’t at the time. Yet what she just saw within her own son she hadn’t expected. Mara had expected her son to break like his father did, however that look, that determination to force her hand. To make her submit to her desire, to make her submit to his will. Wondering if he could truly be no shaking that thought from her mind. “That’s impossible, I wonder,” Mara said to herself with a sinful smile.

“Jason here to stain the sheet’s with his blood. That’s my job!” Mara purred just hoping to be proven wrong.

“Fuck why am I getting off on this,” Jason thought to himself. Mystified by how his body felt after their encounter. The strange gratification that washed over him as he forced his mother’s hand. “How fucking sick am I,” aghast how much he wanted more.

“Yes Mistress,” Margret said, darting off to her room. To retrieve the spare kit that was in her closet. Stopping to look back towards her father’s room, knowing he was sound asleep due the side effects of his heart medication. Ever since she heard her mother’s moan resounded throughout the house. Margret had stood at his door in her favourite teddy, that her Mistress decreed that she wore when she went to bed.

Yet as she stood there as Mara pulled her panties out of Jason’s mouth, after he had disrespected the Mistress. Which Jason deserved no one talk’s to mother in such a manner. Ultimately when his defiance surfaced stirring something she hadn’t felt since Jack went on his medication. Margret knew without a doubt her mother wanted Jason now more than ever. When Jason forced her hand they would never let him go.

“Now Jason will you behave or should I keep you bound to my will,” Mara said lustfully her hand grasping her son’s cock.

“I told you before you crazy bitch,” Jason growled, looking down at his mother. “Is it wrong of me that I’m starting to enjoy it,” Jason asked himself. “You can shove it,” he said, smirking feeling the dull throbbed of his lower lip.

“I see,” Mara said, seeing that spark of defiance. Yet she saw something else within the amber eye’s of her son. “Wait it couldn’t be, surely not,” she asked herself. Clamping down on his stiffening cock, how she relished the whimper of pain that escaped Jason’s lips. “I’ve told you before,” she said straddling Jason’s chest. “Those eye’s! Yes how delicious!” Mara said a wanton purr rippled across her mind. “Was never to make your Mistress angry,” she said daring him make her.

“And I’ve told you earlier. Fuck You! Go on get your fill this will be the last you ever get. I hope you enjoy these last few month’s,” Jason said waiting for his mother’s response.

“Jason,” Mara said, rubbing her clit along his cock. “Are you sure you’re prepared for what’s to come,” her eye’s fluttering as her muscle’s twitched, quivering as her breast teased Jason’s chest. She knew how he enjoyed it when this all started wondering how long could he resist.

“Bah,” Jason said with a shooing motion with his right hand, as the handcuff clicked along the wooden post. “I think you overestimate your, and Margret’s abilities,” he said as Margret entered the room. Challenging his mother with a coy smirk.

“My, my,” Mara murmured to herself. Catching the hints of his teasing, biting her lip devilish light played across her hazel eye’s. “Margret see to his,” she said, looking down to his hardening member. Her eye’s running up his chest eyeing her handy work. “Injures I wouldn’t want Jason to fester,” Mara said slowly raising herself off the bed. Making sure those amber eye’s followed her every move. “Once your done dear enjoy yourself,” noicting the slight hesitation in her son’s eye’s. “After my shower, I’ll cook breakfast, he’ll need his energy.” she said drifting off to Jason’s shower.

Jason pondered how he was going to get himself out of this mess. He knew he couldn’t stop his sister, yet it was afterwards that got his mind racing. He just had to distract Margret, wondering if it would end well for him. Watching as Margret’s finger’s rubbed the ointment along the scratches his mother gave him. The subtle glances of those green eye’s. as his sister went about her work. As those slow strokes along his chest, the feather light touch Jason stifled his moan. Not to give in to the soft torture.

“So sis how’s this going to play out,” Jason asked, trying to make her to reveal her plan. “Are you going to follow like her,” he said nodding towards his bathroom.

“I serve the Mistress,” Margret said her eye’s darting his rod then to his face. Before leaning over the bed, allowing her brother, to feel her soft warm skin as it ever so softly brushed against Jason’s istanbul escort chest. “But I so want this,” she purred her tongue teasing Jason to play.

“Then your going to have to take it,” Jason said staring into his sister’s eye’s. He saw the indecision to act stilling her advance. “Hmm just maybe I can use this before it gets further out of hand,” he said to himself. Jason watched as his sister scrambled off the bed before dashing into his bathroom.

“Mistress,” Margret said over the water. “My I take Jason?”

“Of course my dear ravish that boy to your heart’s content.” Margret stood in the doorway her hand’s teasing the hem of her teddy. Her mind just couldn’t choose which fantasy she wanted to play out first. She wasn’t going to dance like her mother at least not yet. Margret made sure he was watching, as her arms rose, lifting the teddy off her shoulders. Seeing Jason’s reaction ignited something within. Something that yearned to be taken as only she could.

“Jason do you know how many time’s I’ve dreamt of this?” As much as Jason would have liked to tell her no and that he didn’t care. He needed to throw her off guard so he could slip away once this was all over.

“From what you wrote in your fan mail I can discern somewhat of you want to do,” Jason said not missing the sudden sparkle in her green eye’s. At the hint of that he knew what she wanted granted it wasn’t hard once he flagged her and his mother’s fan mail. “Know thy enemy and all that,” he said to himself. “I’m going to take a stab at this and say after the fourth book that’s when you know,” Jason said dropping the hint. Which wasn’t hard to know from the increase of her mail since that book came out.

“Oh yes,” Margret said her finger’s softly dancing across his skin as she walked around his bed. That stalking predatory demeanor had him on edge wondering how long she was going to play this out. How Margret’s heart fluttered when she heard that, that he had known all along of her desires. “Jason are you saying that you read all my letters I wrote to you?” She said, leaning over the bed, her green eye’s were ablaze with the fire’s of her lust.

“Yes,” Jason said, yet he wasn’t about to tell her that he only done that. So he could use them as leverage if the need arose. As he watched his sister raising her knee onto the bed Jason knew this was it. His sister was going take him as his mother had done, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do to stop it. It was obvious to Jason they had thought about this for awhile now and they weren’t about to stop. His back pressed against his headboard as Margret started her forward movement to have what she desired for so long.

As much as Jason wanted nothing more than to run from that room. His eye’s couldn’t look away from his sister’s naked body as she prepared to pounce on her prey. The feather light touch along the back of Jason’s cock, as Margret loomed over his bound body sent devilish glee throughout her body. The soft moan she heard escaping her brother’s lips sent her over the edge. She knew without a doubt what she was about to do. Regardless if he wanted to or not her hunger could no longer be restrained.

“Jason,” Margret said her finger’s wrapping around his heated member. Smirking as she watched as his body betrayed what his mind didn’t wish to feel. “Please don’t hold this against us yet if you know about our fan mail. Then you know how long we have wanted this,” she said, her hand increasing it’s pace along his length. “I am sorry that it had to be played out like this, or maybe I’m not,” shrugging her shoulders feeling her brother’s body tremble beneath her touch.

“We will never hurt you, you can be sure of that,” Margret said as she lowered herself his blood engorged head staring up at her. Tempting her to taste the beads of precum as they seeped from the depths of his core.

“Fuck!” Smiling inwardly as his moan flew from his lips as her mouth engulfed his rod. Her tongue swirled around his oversensitive head, feeling his thigh muscle’s quivering beneath her hand. Her body was on fire as she held the entire length of his cock within her hot slick mouth. Feeling his rapid pulse against her tongue before slowly bobbing her head. Tasting the residue her Mistress, upon his skin, how it ignited her core running her hand down her stomach.

Margret’s moan filtered around his shaft as her finger’s skimmed along her velvety pink lips. Her eye’s flickering up seeing Jason’s body was on the brink as much as she wanted to swallow every last drop. There was somewhere else she wanted his seed. She knew there would be numerous other time’s to experience what his sperm would taste like on her tongue. For now it was too important to make him realize that they were only meant to do this for him. That no other could ever please him as they plan to show him. Margret just wished there hadn’t been a need to force his hand.

Straddling avcılar escort his chest, feeling his cock sliding between her ass cheeks as her hand’s ran up and down his chest. Letting him feel the heat, the wetness of her mound as she teased him. She wanted him to last once she had him within her. Yet she knew he was a virgin or was before this night. So it fell to her to teach him endurance at least her mind seemed to think so.

“Jason I know you never experience, having a tit in your mouth,” Margret said, leaning over her nose brushing against his. “Would you like to suck on mine,” she purred as she pushed her chest into his face. As much as Jason wanted to look away from the heavenly orb’s that hanged before him. That just simply wasn’t possible when her light pink areola’s stood in contrast to her tanned skin. Her erect nipples brushing against his lips taunting him to partake of the forbidden fruit.

“Should I,” Jason’s mind raced as the consequences if he did peppered his mind. “Then again wouldn’t this play into my hand,” Jason asked himself. Yet then again, what if he liked it as he had when his mother had forced herself on him. He couldn’t hide the fact that his body found their touch very enjoyable. That was something he just couldn’t lie about. His amber eye’s looked up at his sister watching him intently.

Jason heard Margret gasped as his tongue darted out flickering her left nipple. Dancing around her areola noting how his sister’s body responded to the sensation.

“Yes Jason that’s it,” Margret cooed as her brother’s lips plucked at her nipple. How she loved it when her tits were played with, yet the incredible pleasure to have her daydream finally become real. Margret simply couldn’t hold back her orgasm as her brother sucked, nibbled on her nipple. “Fuckkkk! Jason!” She heard the air rush out of his lung’s as her leg’s locked around his rib cage. Feeling her juices dripping onto his chest as her climax subsided. “God how long have I wanted you to do that,” Margret said breathlessly. Jason tried not to roll his eye’s he had to keep that part of himself from showing.

Allowing them to think that he was growing comfortable with all of this. Just so he could slip away the first chance he got. Now that this was set in motion Jason just had to figure out where he was going to stay. He knew he couldn’t stay with one of his friend’s that would be the first place they’d looked for him. Then hotel’s were only choice that was left open to him given that he already disclosed his grandmother’s involvement in his schemes so far. Jason just hoped he could resist whatever he felt when Margret had her fun with his body.

“Jason,” Margret muttered, getting his attention. “Won’t you give in and end this I want to feel your hand’s on me,” she said tugging on his cuff’s.

“I told you before Margret you’re going to have to take it,” Jason said in a monotone voice. Sighing closing her eye’s yet she couldn’t be angry with him. She knew it was working while rather slowly than she had hoped it was working nonetheless.

“As you wish Jason,” Margret said with a bit of sadness. “I promise you, you’re going to grow to enjoy being with us,” she said positioning her brother’s head at the entrance to her paradise. As much as Jason wanted to refute those word’s he doubted he even could.

Jason sucked in sharply as his sister lowered herself onto his rod. The grip her muscle’s had on him, surely would have been the death nail for him if he hadn’t already came twice earlier. Margret didn’t move growing accustom to his cock deep within her canal. Allowing him to feel her muscle’s tighten and loosen around his shaft before she started to move. She wanted him to feel everything she had to offer. From her tightness, to the warmth of her womb as it sought to be one with his appendage.

“Isn’t that just a pretty sight,” Mara said from the doorway to the bathroom. How she wanted that cock of his back where it belongs yet he needed time to recover. Time that she would be using to draw up ways for her son to bow to her will. “Margret why don’t you turn around let Jason see that fine ass of yours as you ride him.”

“Yes Mistress,” Margret said obeying immediately. “Jason won’t you watch,” she said, looking over her shoulder. It wasn’t as if he could look away as Jason watched as his sister slowly rose and lowered herself back down onto his rod.

“So tight,” Jason said through clenched teeth. “Fuck!” he moaned as his sister’s hand cupped his ball’s.

“That’s it Jason,” Margret said increasing her pace in increments. She wanted every inch of her womanhood to memorize the feel of his cock. To know that now it belong to him whenever he gave in. “Let me please you as you have done to us all these month’s,” Margret said over the noise of the spring’s.

“That’s it baby,” Mara said running her hand up his thigh. “It’s ok to fill your sister with that hot cum,” she said, tilting Jason’s şirinevler escort chin so he could look at her. “We are both on the pill so no need to worry about unwanted pregnancy, just relax and enjoy that tight cunt of your submissive. Let her give you what you need,” Mara said, bending down kissing him hungrily.

“Fuc….” Jason moaned as he felt his cock erupt.

“Yes that’s it so deep,” Margret said her body trembling as she felt her brother’s seed filling her womb.

“Can I take a shower now,” Jason asked as Margret lifted herself off his deflating cock.

“Are you asking or telling,” Mara asked, studying his face for any deception.

“Both,” Jason said, putting on the air of indecision.

“You promise that is all you’re going to do,” Mara said, pushing her face inches away from his. Studying those defiant eye’s of his knowing they couldn’t be trusted.

“Yes,” Jason said, hoping that his mother believed his lie.

“I suppose so,” Mara said, walking over to his desk where she set the key for the handcuffs. “Plus those sheet’s will need to be changed Margret see to that while he’s showering. When you’re done I want you downstairs where I can watch you,” she said, biting her lip just waiting for the day. When he would be between her leg’s as she cooked. Yet he said nothing she knew her son, he had something planned. Mara was greatly interested to see it unfold.

“There,” Mara said, freeing his right hand, yet not letting go. Handing the key to her daughter who mimicked her action’s. “Now Jason before you take your shower we want you to feel us as we have felt you,” she said placing his hand on her tit. Mara was quite surprised when Jason began to lightly squeeze, as he did the same to his sister. Nodding to her daughter watching Jason’s eye’s darted between the two of them as his hand’s moved lower. “Go on Jason feel us, feel how wet, we are standing here before you. How the thought of you filling us,” Mara said, pushing his finger’s deep into her channel.

“Remember Jason this is only for you,” Mara shuddered as she pulled his finger’s out of her mound. Knowing this was going to be on his mind for sometime long after his shower. “Now why don’t you think about that while you’re in the shower. Then maybe, just maybe we won’t be needing these anymore,” she said tugging on the handcuff.

Jason stood silently in his bathroom as the shower roared behind him while he listened to his sister went about her task. The sweet humming of his sister pulled at him hearing her satisfied content of what they had just done to him. Shaking that thought from his mind right now he needed to be focused on one thing and one thing only. Escape! It was obvious to him eventually they would get what they wanted. As good as it was Jason just couldn’t cross that line, however much his body wanted it. As his sister’s footsteps faded away Jason quickly dashed from his bathroom blocking the door to his room. He knew he didn’t have that much time.

Before one of them would be coming to investigate that sound. Dawning on what clothes he could in a hurry, grabbing his backpack, heading to the window as his heart stilled as the footsteps grew near. “Fuck!” Opening his window, he didn’t care if it was loud or not he couldn’t stop not now as the handle of his door began to turn.

“Jason open this door right this instance!” Mara commanded her fist pounding on his door.

“Right just one second,” Jason said smirking as he stepped onto the roof.

A week had passed since that night, hotel hopping was finally catching up to him. Always worried they would have somehow found out which room he was in. Resting his head against the cool surface of his desk as the morning light filtered through the blinds of his classroom. Breathing out a sigh, glad it was Friday and he could just sleep for the next two day’s. Grunting as he felt his phone vibrate for the thousandth time today. Pulling out his S7 which normally he didn’t do when he was in school yet he wondered if his agent was trying to contact him. On the status of his newest novel.

Ignoring his classmate’s shocked looks at the sight of the $700 phone. Then again, they didn’t know he was loaded, which was all the pleasing to him. Scowling at the text his sister had sent him. Quickly shutting off his phone he didn’t need his sister’s naked body on his mind when he was in class.

“Dude how did you get that,” asked Jason’s classmate that sat next to him. His sandy brown hair spiked at odd angle’s around his head, his hair gel working overtime to keep it aloft.

“I paid for it,” Jason said, rolling his eye’s stupidity of the question.

“Yea I get that I meant what kind of job do you have so you could afford it,” he said in a low whisper.

“Self employed,” Jason said, hoping it would end at that.

“Right you don’t look like a dealer,” the girl to the left said chiming in. Jason looked over studying the teenage girl she was like all the ones before her. Which only made him smile as he looked down catching the glimpse of the name of his ninth book peaking from her purse. Leaning over to whispering in her ear who he was pointing down at her purse. Jason had to keep his chuckle from escaping as her eye’s went wide with shock. “Your fucking with me right.”

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