A Simple Request


A Simple Request
“Please, Daddy, please? Just this one time, please?” she asked for the third time.

“How many times do I have to say no, Alysha?” I replied.“Well, why not? It’s not like anything will change, you know.”

She kind of had me there. How do I tell my daughter that what she wanted was wrong when I have my seven-inch cock balls deep up her sweet, tight little asshole, and after I had just unloaded my cum deep in her ass. After she just had one of the best orgasms I had ever seen her have. After she had taken my cock into her mouth less than an hour ago and sucked until I had unloaded my baby making juice down her luscious throat.

It is all perfectly fine. Nothing wrong, no issues, everyone does it, right? Well, truth be told, I’ve been enjoying the pleasures of my charming and delightful daughter for the past three years. All she wanted was for me to fuck her virgin pussy and make her a woman. But I kept telling her that was wrong.

Ok, I admit it. I have issues.

I had just returned from a week long business trip to the West Coast. This afternoon I was savoring the delights she tried to bestow on me at least once a day. The feeling of my cock as she took it lovingly into her mouth, flaying her tongue around the head and opening, was a delight to live through. Her tongue slurping up and down the length while she wrapped her lips and tongue around it.

The rapture and joy of Alysha opening her throat so my cock can continue on such that my testicles are jammed against her lips. Her throat muscles swallowing around my cock and cockhead, tantalizing me, thrilling me, driving me toward the ultimate release of indulgence by spraying her tonsils and throat with my cum. It is perfectly okay for me to fuck Alysha’s throat until she gags. For me to grab her by the head and pull her onto my cock until I am fully in her throat and pull out again and again.

Of course it is normal for me to hold her against my pubes while I flex my cock in her throat. Until her face begins to turn red from lack of oxygen and she begins to tremble. All while she is looking up at me with those s….teen-year-old, teenage eyes, pleading with me to fuck her face. And then ejaculate a week of stored up cum down her throat into her belly in a torrent.

An orgasm that was so immense that she couldn’t swallow it all fast enough and some of it dribbled out of her precious mouth. It trickled around my cock, running down her pretty little throat, ending up dangling from her perky nipples.

And bahis firmaları it was completely acceptable afterward for me to continue my physical attentions to her needs. I began by lying her back on her bed, using my lips and tongue to kiss her succulent mouth and lips. I then began to move down her adolescent neck, lingering a while on her tits and nipples to clean my mess up. Then down her taut stomach to her snatch and eat the sweetest nectar in the world. If you didn’t know, the pussy juice of a hard-bodied teen girl, virgin at that, has to be the most enjoyable meal any man could have the pleasure of savoring.

I then rolled her over, lubing up her tight little brown eye and my cock with the fluids from her sweet honey hole, pulling her to her knees while resting her head on the pillow. I then began to slowly and methodically push my turgid cock into her asshole. Feeling the pleasure of sliding into my daughter’s teenage, oh-so-tight asshole one inch at a time is out of this world. The tightness of her sphincter ring as it pops open for my cockhead is something that I cherish time and time again. The heat from her rectum and lower bowel as it envelops my cock is almost too much for me to contain myself from slamming my cock fully up her asshole.

And the whole time I was entering her asshole, she was urging me on.

“Hurry, Daddy, fill my ass with your cock. I need it so bad, fuck me, Daddy. Fuck my asshole. Fill me with your hard cock.”

Once I was fully in her asshole, Alysha began thrashing around on the bed, begging for more.

“Please fuck me, Daddy. Fuck my ass. Fuck me until you fill me with cum. I need it, Daddy. I need you to fuck my asshole and make me cum, too.”

So, what was I to do? I began slowly drawing my cock out of her tight little asshole, watching as it tried so hard to keep me inside. The pink inner folds of her rectum being pulled out and stretched around my cock as I withdrew was such a sight; one that I always relish seeing. As my cockhead began to exit, I stopped and once again began to push back into her ass. The lubrication made it almost frictionless, but the tightness of her asshole as it once again accepted my intruding cock was simply incredible.

“Oh my God, Daddy. Your hot cock feels so good sliding up my asshole. I love to feel you fucking my ass, Daddy. You make me feel so good. I love your cock, Daddy. I love you, Daddy.”

I began thrusting into and extracting my cock from Alysha’s asshole, slowly developing tipobet güvenilir mi tempo and speed. Faster and faster I pounded into her ass. Deeper and deeper my cock went into the hottest parts of Alysha. It felt so damn good, feeling my cock descending into her burning, cozy youthful asshole. I could feel her clutching her muscles around the intruder probing deep into her asshole, tightening and releasing my cock, milking it, trying to keep me inside.

“Yes, Daddy. Yes. Fuck my tight little ass. Fuck your little girl up the ass. Make me your little fuck toy. I need it, Daddy. I want it. Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck my ass harder and harder!”

I thought nothing could be better; nothing could match the miracle of fucking my girl’s tight asshole. The tightness of her anal ring, the sweltering heat of her asshole, and the fiery depths of her bowels all worked to make me senseless. It was fruitless; I had to fuck this ass.

“Harder, Daddy. Harder. Fuck my ass until it hurts. Fuck your little girl’s ass until you cum so hard. Fuck my ass, Daddy. Fuck my ass. Fuck me – fuck me – fuck me!”

So, I did. Fuck it, that is. And I can say I wasn’t all that nice about it. I began to really pound into her harder and deeper with each and every stroke, bruising her inner walls.

“Harder, eh? You want me to fuck your ass harder, little girl?”

“Yes, Daddy, harder. Fuck your little girl’s ass harder. Shove your cock up my ass so deep and hard it hurts.”

So I put my back into it. I gripped her hips and began slamming my cock deep into her ass, each stroke faster and harder, faster and harder. Harder and harder I plowed into Alysha’s asshole. Hard enough that I forced her head so deep into the pillow with each thrust that the headboard began to bounce against the wall.

I could feel my balls slapping against her pussy, getting wetter from her pussy sap each time. Her pussy lips were grasping at my balls, trying so hard to envelope them. I could feel the head of my cock sliding in and out of her ass and it felt so damn good. I did not want it to end.

“Oh God, Daddy, your cock is so deep in my ass. It feels so good you fucking me like that. I love you, Daddy. Please fuck me – fuck my ass, Daddy! Fuck me – fuck me -fuck meeee!”

“Oh yeah, baby girl, I’m going to fuck this tight asshole until you beg me to stop.” Each syllable was heightened with another thump of my cock into her ass and my balls bouncing against her virgin pussy.

“Yes, Daddy, oh God perabet yes. Fuck my ass! Fuck my asshole deep! Fuck me!”

I was in heaven sawing my cock in and out of her sweet ass, watching the walls of her asshole move in and out as I hammered into her over and over. It was an awesome sight, one I had seen a number of times before.

“I feel your cock growing bigger, Daddy. You’re cockhead is getting bigger and bigger. I feel it, Daddy. Are you going to cum? Are you going to fill my asshole with your cum? Please, Daddy, fuck my asshole and cum in me. I want it, Daddy, I want it bad.”

I couldn’t believe it myself; this was too early, too fast. I wasn’t ready, but I could feel the cum bubbling up in my testicles. I propelled my cock straight up into her asshole one last time, bottoming out as deep as I had ever been, my balls slapping against her cunt, and felt the jism surging through my cock to erupt, sending overflowing amounts of my precious baby making fluids deep into her bowels.

“Oh fuck yes, Daddy! I feel it. I feel your cock spraying my asshole with your cum. I feel your cum shooting deep up into my ass. It’s so fucking hot! It’s making me cum with you! Fuck me Daddy; make me your fuck toy. Oh my fucking God, I’m cummmmming!”

My cock pulsed over and over, flinging cum as if from a fire hose, splattering into the hot depths of Alysha’s asshole as if to put out a raging inferno. It felt like it was coming from my toes it felt so good.

“Oh God, Daddy. Fuck me – fuck me! Oh God yes! I feel so fucking good. I’m cuming too! I’m cummming! I’m cummmming!”

Alysha’s sweet pussy began contracting and pulsating, causing her asshole to intensify its grip around my cock even further. I could feel her pussy lips getting wetter and wetter as her orgasm hit her while I spilled my seed deep into her ass. After a few more pulsating strokes in her ass, my cock slowly quit gushing and I had to slow down; I had to take a break from the sexiest, tightest ass in my life. I needed to catch my breath.

“Please, Daddy, please? Just this one time, please?” she asked for the third time.

“How many times do I have to say no, Alysha?” I replied.

“Well, why not? It’s not like anything will change, you know.” She replied, turning her head back toward me with a satisfied smile.

So, now you know where I was and what the situation was. Never mind I probably couldn’t have pulled off another erection to fuck her pussy, as I was completely wasted. Think about it, do you think you could have generated another one so soon after filling up a sixteen year old twice in less than an hour? Didn’t think so, and neither could I, no matter how much I may have wanted to.

this story was written by WSCLG, and I’ve had it for years, so I put here

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