A Silent Kind of Love

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So this story came into my mind and I had to write it right away. It’s a romantic love story between a brother and sister which some might say is a bit cliché, still, I gave it a little twist to make it just a bit different from other stories.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it!


Tonight was going to be the night for Ron and his girlfriend Leanne to take it to the next level, only Ron knowing about this big step for both of them so far.

He was driving fast but safely, his suit and looks in tip top shape, the ring that he had bought for her in his left pocket, safely by his side until the moment of truth would take place at their favorite pub that was home to so many memories for both of them.

Tonight he would be proposing to her, hoping to truly seal the love they had for each other. All kinds of thoughts ran through Ron’s head as he came closer and closer to his destination. What would the future hold for them? Would they have children? What kind of house would they start in? All types of questions that kept him sane and to not stress himself out of nervousness during the ride.

Ron knew Leanne would be working behind the bar tonight, thus for him the perfect opportunity to surprise her with something that was going to be a big deal, a deal that held their future together, literally.

After five more minutes of driving he had reached his destination. He parked the car in front the pub but stayed inside of it for a bit. He took the small box out of his left pocket, opened it and took a good long look at the shining diamond ring embedded with a beautiful ruby stone in the middle.

“This is going to be it Ron… Tonight is the night…” He said to himself before closing the box again and putting it back into his pocket. He stepped out of the car, took another breath of air and went off towards the entrance of the pub.

He waited another minute or so outside to calm his nerves before finally making his entrance into the pub. He immediately walked towards the bar, hoping to catch his girlfriend by surprise but was surprised himself when he didn’t see Leanne behind it.

“Wasn’t Leanne supposed to be working tonight?” He asked to Mickey, the owner of the pub who he had known for a long time.

Mickey smiled at him and let out a laugh before speaking. “Jesus Ron, did you come straight from a funeral or something to drink your tears away?” He said jokingly before his finger pointed into the direction left of them. “She’s on her break, around the corner. Some close male friend came to visit her and they wanted to chat.” He said.

“Male friend? Since when does Leanne have close male friends? Her closest friends are all female.” Asked Ron.

Mickey shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know kid, they seemed close though.” He answered.

“Well… Thanks Mickey…” Responded Ron before proceeding to walk further into the pub.

As soon as he turned the corner he stopped dead in his tracks. In the back of the pub sat Leanne, on the lap of her male ‘friend’ heavily making out with him. She was literally devouring him with her tongue as his hands ran along her back and ass.

Ron felt as if the world started to run into slow-motion, he stood frozen at the other end of the pub seeing Leanne, the love of his life, making out with a guy he had never seen before. His legs started to quake, his eyes started to tear up while the rest of his body started to shudder, not out of anger but out of sadness.

“Why…” Was the only thing he managed to softly produce out of his trembling mouth before he turned around and ran out of the pub as fast as possible. He ran straight to his car, got into it and punched the steering wheel a couple of times before starting it. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He screamed through his tears before driving away as fast as possible.

He wanted to get back home as soon as possible and as far away from the pub and Leanne. He was driving reckless, ignoring signs while maintaining a high speed that surely would have gotten him punished firmly if the cops would have arrested him, at this point he didn’t care as the only thing that was on his mind was seeing Leanne betraying him, their love and all the promises they had made to each other.

“Why! Why would you do this to me Leanne? To us!?” He shouted as tears streamed down his cheeks. “After everything we went through together, does it mean nothing to you!? You throw it away, all of it for that fucking guy!? Is something wrong with me!? Why!”

After a short time driving, thanks to his recklessness, he managed to reach his parents’ house. He drove his car onto the driveway, turned off the engine and got out fast, slamming the door close before running up to the front porch.

Shaking heavily, he tried to get his key into the lock before dropping it. “Fuck!” He screamed again, now in anger as he reached out to pick up his keys from the floor. His second try was more successful and he managed to open the front door.

He canlı bahis walked in, threw the door close behind him and angrily ripped off his suit jacket before throwing it towards the living room. He followed it into the living room, almost stepping on the left pocket of it that contained the precious ring that was meant for Leanne, and made his way to the large couch.

Ron dropped onto it before he reached up to run his hands through his hair, he started to cry heavily now, letting every emotion pour out of him through his tears and cries.


Sylvia was upstairs, focused and busy with her painting before she could hear the front door open and close, followed by a loud slam. The slam of the door was so hard that she dropped her paintbrush out of her hands and onto the floor, the impact resulted into a few red drops splashing onto her bare feet.

Shaken up by the sudden event she stood still for a bit before making out that there was something really bad going on. She quietly made her way out of her room and towards the stairs, she then heard someone cry. She knew that it had to be Ron because he was the only one at home with her while her parents were on a short vacation.

She grabbed onto the handrail and made her way downstairs, coming closer and closer to the cries of sadness that had an effect on her as well. She had never heard her big brother cry before and hearing him like this had to mean that something really bad had happened.

“Why… Why…” Were the only words she managed to make out from his cries.

Her heart broke when she stepped into the living room, seeing her brother with his hands running through his hair and the tears that he cried dropping down onto the floor. His body was shaking as if he was having a cold, his knuckles were a bit bloodied and his expensive suit jacket was crumbled up on the floor.

Sylvia didn’t hesitate and ran up to Ron, she sat down next to him before throwing her small, delicate arms around his neck and hugging him close into her.

Ron reacted right away when he felt his little sister trying to comfort him, he immediately responded to her hug and pulled her close as he cried on.

Sylvia started to cry with him, the sudden situation overwhelming her as well. She could feel him gripping onto her for dear life, his face buried in her neck and his arms locked around her. She gently ran her hands through his hair and along his back, trying her best to make his pain a little less.

A night that had meant to be a perfect one turned into a total disaster. At the end of it a brother and sister came together, the sister giving her love and trying her best to lessen the pain of her brother, her brother who was heartbroken and lost.


Ron opened his eyes and was blinded by the lights that came from outside. His eyes were stingy, even hurting a little as if he had been punched straight onto his face. He could feel that he was covered with a blanket and that he was lying on a couch.

“Did I fall asleep in the living room?” He thought to himself as his eyes started to adjust further, remembering what had happened the night before.

He slowly turned his head, softened by a pillow to look around the living room. His eyes fell upon the person that was sitting on the recliner opposite of him, and that person was his nineteen-year-old little sister Sylvia.

He watched as her bright blue eyes, partially covered by her long, dark auburn hair, darted from left to right, scanning through her book which of course was about painting. She sat in her ‘relax’ position, both of her silky, slender legs over the side of one armrest while her tiny but voluptuous body rested against the other. She was only wearing her pink tank top and her white panties which revealed even more of her overall beauty. As he observed her he noticed that there were small splashes of red paint on her right foot.

“H-hey… Good morning Syl…” He said as he stretched himself a bit, keeping his eyes focused on his little sister.

Sylvia looked into his direction right away and smiled. She shifted herself off the recliner, placed her book on the coffee table in front of her and stood up. She walked until she was next to Ron and signed good morning to him with her hands. She then held her small, soft hand out, offering to pull Ron up into in sitting position.

Ron smiled back at her and took her hand. As soon as he was sitting on the couch Sylvia dropped herself onto it next to him.

“What happened? I was so concerned and sad when I found you crying last night.” She signed to him.

“Leanne… Leanne is what happened Syl… I caught her with some other guy… Cheating on me…” He responded to her while looking deep into her eyes.

Sylvia was listening carefully before she leaped herself forward again, hugging her brother lovingly once more.

Ron returned the hug, feeling his cute little sister close to his body once again. He deeply inhaled her strawberry bahis siteleri like smell as he felt her curvy body rubbing against his. Ever since they were small she had always managed to comfort him this way, no matter what the cause was he would always relax once he was in her arms.

“You know Syl, sometimes I think that you are truly the only person in the world who loves me…” Said Ron.

Sylvia pulled herself back a bit, gave Ron a cute pouty face and slammed his shoulder with her fist.

“Oh! And Mom and Dad of course!” He quickly added to his pervious statement.

Sylvia smiled deeply again and went in for another loving sisterly hug.

After a long minute, which seemed to last forever, she ended the hug and jumped up from the couch. “Coffee?” She signed to Ron, giving him another one of her big smiles.

Ron nodded. “Yes please, thank you Syl.” He answered before following her short, curvy body with his eyes as she walked towards the kitchen. He caught himself looking at her bouncing breasts as she was wearing no bra before his eyes adverted to her jiggly, pantie clad behind which swung side to side.

He then quickly looked away as his face started to turn red. “Not again Ron… She’s your sister for Christ’s sake…” He thought to himself. He then let out a sigh, dropped the blanket onto the couch and followed his little sister.

During his walk towards the kitchen he finally noticed that he was only wearing his boxers, had Sylvia undressed him last night? He must have fallen asleep deeply then, which was no surprise after pouring out all his energy and emotions. Ron shrugged his shoulders and continued walking.


Ron sat at the kitchen table, sending Leanne a final message with his cellphone before erasing her out of his life. It’s over Leanne, you have broken my heart. Ask Mickey is you want to know why; I don’t want to spend any more words on you after I finish typing this message. I thought you were the one for me but apparently I thought wrong. Don’t try to contact me again Leanne, like I typed before; It’s over. He hit the ‘send’ button, erased Leanne out of his phone and threw it onto the table. His eyes then focused on his little sister, who was facing away from him waiting for the coffee to finish. As he overlooked her short but beautiful frame he smiled.

Sylvia was born mute, she had a rare condition that had something to do with her vocal cords not developing at all. Some would see the condition as a burden, but not Sylvia. Sylvia had learned to live with the fact that she would never be able to speak from day one and truth be told, apart from being unable to speak she had a childhood like any other girl.

A huge part of this childhood was her family, especially her older brother Ron. Even as an infant, Ron was always at her side, protecting her, helping and supporting her. They were so close that people from the neighborhood and their own family often called them the ‘inseparables’. Where Sylvia would go, Ron would go. He was her guide, protector and mentor before she started to learn sign language, and even after that he would still remain her caring, loving big brother.

And the same could be said in Ron’s position. His little sister always had his back and helped him whenever she could. They were like a team, a sibling team of two that always looked out for each other.

Though Ron started to see things different after his baby sister started to get older, Sylvia was turning into a beautiful, attractive young woman over the last few years and he could feel deep inside of himself that he was starting to develop feelings for her that were supposed to be off limits. Even with Leanne at his side he could never really get Sylvia out of his head. Of course, he was truly in love with Leanne but that tiny spark of lust for Sylvia always remained there.

Suddenly he was pushed out of his thoughts when he felt a hot cup of coffee burning against the side of his arm. “Ouch! Syl!” He yelped before giving his sister a playful look.

Sylvia was smiling as if she was giggling before sticking out her tongue towards her big brother. She then took a seat next to him at the kitchen table and whipped out her phone.

She opened the notepad-app and typed up a storm. Being unable to speak had its benefits, Sylvia could type incredibly fast and with today’s technologies that was a huge plus. She often typed her conversations with people if she didn’t want to use sign language, and most people wouldn’t be able to understand her anyway if she would do that.

Are you okay now? It must have felt like a bomb going off inside of you when you discovered that bitch cheating on you… You know, I never really liked Leanne to be totally honest, something felt off with her… Oh, and if I manage to see her somewhere I will scratch her eyes out! :3. She had typed.

Ron started to laugh and playfully ruffled a hand through his little sister’s auburn hair. “I’m okay now Syl, guess I bahis şirketleri poured out all my pain yesterday night. Also your touch and comfort helped me a lot. Oh, also don’t do that last part!”

Sylvia listened to him before giving him another cute smile. She then leaned forward to Ron and gave him an Eskimo kiss with her nose, something they did since they were children.

“Wow, Eskimo kisses already? You must be in a really good mood!” Responded Ron.

Sylvia took her phone and typed again before showing it to her brother. I just want to show you that there are people who truly love you… And I really, really love you very much -xxx-.

Ron looked at the message and went quiet for a bit, he adverted his eyes to those of his sister and could see how they were sparkling with love for him. He felt a lump in his throat before he managed to say what he wanted to say. “I know you do Syl… And I really, really love you too…” He said in return.

Ron leaned forward to her and wanted to give her a kiss on the cheek, halfway in Sylvia turned her head further so his lips came into contact with hers. She took ahold of his hand as the two siblings kissed each other on the lips gently, lasting a lot longer than any normal display of affection between siblings. Both Sylvia and Ron withdrew at the same time and both had a blush of red covering their faces.

“That… That was nice…” Said Ron after a short moment of silence.

Sylvia started to blush even harder but nodded in agreement. She still held firmly onto her brother’s hand with her own.

With the other she grabbed her phone again, placed it on her lap and typed another message. Ron could feel a shock of affection running through his body as his little sister kept holding his hand lovingly. She looked so cute with the reddish blush on her beautiful face and the feeling of her soft skin on his almost gave him goosebumps.

She then flipped the phone and showed it to Ron. How about we go and do something fun today, just the two of us? No stupid Leanne or any other worries, some proper quality sibling fun time! :D.

Ron read the message before giving her a nod and another big smile. “Sure Sis, what did you have in mind?” He asked.

Again she took her phone and typed before showing it to Ron. I was thinking about going to the zoo, it’s beautiful weather outside and it has been a long time since we went. I am also painting a collage of animals so maybe this will give me some more inspiration. After that we could grab dinner at that new Italian restaurant that opened up.

Ron read the message and gave his sister a thumbs-up. “Sounds great Syl! I’m up for whatever, as long we are together everything will be fine with me.” He responded.

Sylvia happily jumped up and gave Ron another one of her loving sisterly hugs before she spun around doing a pirouette and took a few steps backwards. “I’m going to change clothes right away! Something you should do as well, Mr. Almost nude!” She signed to him with her hands, following it up with a heart sign. She then turned around to blast off towards her room.

“Syl!” Shouted Ron before she managed to exit the kitchen.

Sylvia turned around and could see her brother pointing at her feet. She looked down and saw the red splashed of paint that partially covered her right feet. She wiggled her toes before looking up to Ron again and giving him a playful grin, she then blew him a kiss, turned around, wiggled her cute little bum and ran off upstairs.

Ron let out another laugh as he watched his silly sister brimming with happiness. He stood up and took their empty coffee cups towards the dishwasher before going upstairs himself to change his own clothes.

“Syl really has a heart of gold, around her everything seems just right… She managed to totally release Leanne from my mind with just this morning talk we had… And that kiss… That incredible kiss we shared…” Thought Ron to himself as he closed in on his room, feeling that everything was going to be alright.


Ron watched as his little sister happily got out of his car once they had arrived at the zoo. She stretched herself out, a smile on her face before quickly walking to the other side of the car. Ron opened his door and before he knew it he was standing outside, hand-in-hand with Sylvia who almost started to drag him towards the entrance of the zoo.

She had changed her appearance into something fit for a warm day. She wore a bright white summer dress with flower patterns over it, high heeled wooden sandals and her long auburn hair tied up in a ponytail, it was such a simple change but she looked stunning. Ron admired his little sister as they both proceeded towards the entrance, he barely had time to use his keys to lock his car.

As they walked from exhibit to exhibit she never let go off him, often looking up to look into his eyes before giving him another one of her cute smiles. She then proceeded to rub her cheek along the upper part of his arm, showing even more affection towards him. Ron knew that outings like these were special for her, she had always loved being around him, being close and clingy to show him how much she truly loved him.

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