A Sibling Survival Story Ch. 05

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This story is part of a series, please start reading chapter one before going through this if you are new to it!

Welcome to chapter five of A Sibling Survival Story, sit back and enjoy!

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“Are you sure that’s enough Ben?” Asked Kaitlin slightly concerned as she watched her brother adding the last pieces of wood to the large heap of dried twigs, branches and other burnable objects on top of the rocky outcrop.

Ben let out a sigh and wiped the sweat off his forehead. “It has to be Sis, it took a while to build this up and I’m fairly sure that it will burn for a couple of hours. If not for the light, we should be able to see the smoke coming off it.” He responded to her.

Kaitlin let out a sigh of her own as she returned inside of their shack and collected the spare batteries and a few bottles of water before putting them in the backpack.

At the same time Ben managed to start a fire under the big pile of wood. It would be acting like a sort of lighthouse/searchlight for them so they could see where their shack was positioned at.

“There… It’s started to burn so we can go through with this.” Said Ben to Kaitlin as he returned to the shack.

“Mpff… Here…” Responded Kaitlin mildly annoyed as she pushed the backpack in her brother’s hands. “I can’t believe that we are actually going to do this!”

“If it can get us off this island then it’s worth it Kait…” Said Ben to her as he flipped the backpack onto his back.

“Indeed, you said it correctly; IF!” Sneered Kaitlin back to her brother.

Though she had been opposed of the idea to venture out into the night she didn’t hesitate to go with her brother at all. She wouldn’t leave his side ever again, no matter what would happen.

Ben ignored his sister’s rant and pulled the pocketknife out of his shorts. “Kait, look at this, I found out about this thing when I was playing around with it.” He said to her as he held out the knife in front of him.

Kaitlin sighed again before looking at the knife. “Hey… Wait a second, is that a build in compass? It’s so small! No wonder you just discovered that.” She responded.

Her brother let out a short laugh. “Yeah, no shit. But look at the satellite photo, the place we need to search is directly north of us, so even if the fire went out we should be able to backtrack by going south from that position. Of course being able to see the fire and smoke would make it easier, but this compass would be a close second.” He explained.

He then looked up at the sky and scanned around for clouds. “Mhmm… It’s as bright as can be… Full moon too, the light illuminates pretty much everything around us, it’s the perfect night to get to that location. I wonder if our mysterious stalker friend(s) planned this, if so then they must know a lot about this island and its surroundings…”

“Can you say creepy?! Ugh… I swear I don’t know what’s worse, being stuck on this island or being stalked by some complete weirdo(s). But anyway, I’m taking control over this.” Said Kaitlin as she flipped the small flashlight on.

Ben started to smile at her. “Look at you, my big sister the ultimate adventurer! Are you ready to take the lead Lara Croft?” He said jokingly.

Kaitlin let out a giggle herself and stuck out her tongue to her brother before responding. “As the older one of us, I should to be honest. But…” She suddenly grabbed her brother’s hand and intertwined her fingers with his. “We will both take the lead, I’m not letting go of you anymore little brother… Never again.” She said in a more serious tone.

Ben looked her in the eyes and could see that she meant every word of it. He tightened his grip on her hand and nodded. “That’s… That’s something I can standby Sis…” He responded, a slight blush coming onto his face.

He then checked their gear one last time and let out another sigh after confirming that they had everything with them. “So, ready to go? We can do this Kait.”

“I know we can Ben, so let’s get this stupid treasure hunt out of the way.” She answered his question with confidence.

And with that final statement they went off into the unexplored part of the jungle, seeking the so called supply drop that their mysterious onlooker(s) had left for them.


The first forty-five minutes of their trip to the location was relatively easy to navigate, sometimes they came across a few obstacles, ranging from rocks they had to climb, overgrown jungle parts they had to navigate through or streams of water they had to cross.

Kaitlin kept her word of not letting go of her brother when it was not needed, they remained holding hands for most of the time, something that greatly helped them both to continue on. The simple feeling of their touch relaxed them both and kept their minds sane.

The terrain itself that they had to cross was much more traversable than they thought it would be. Apart from a few places of lush jungle istanbul escort the rest of it contained more open areas, some of them covered with rocks and dirt. All and all it was do-able.

“So how long do you think we have been going on now?” Asked Kaitlin as she lighted up the path in front of them.

“If I have to guess… About forty, forty-five minutes. I think we are making some good progress, and the jungle has been kind to us as well for not throwing some impossible challenges our way.” Responded Ben.

“So according to your calculations from before, we should be about half way now, right?” Asked Kaitlin again.

Ben nodded his head. “That’s correct, forty-five more minutes of adventuring and we should be at the location of the supply drop.” He responded.

Kaitlin then stopped in her tracks and turned around to her brother. “How about we take a break then? Get some fresh water in our systems and give our bodies some rest before we continue.”

“We can… We can do that, yeah.” He said to her as he looked around them.

The area was pretty open and lit up by moonlight, it looked like the perfect place for them to take a well-earned pit stop.

Kaitlin nodded with a smile on her face, turned the flashlight off and proceeded to help Ben by taking off his backpack. As she was taking the water bottles out of it she noticed her brother climbing into a tree.

“What are doing Curious George?” She said to him with a giggle.

“Just checking in on the home front…” Ben answered her. As he reached the top he turned his head and looked south of their current location. In the distance he could see the glow and smoke coming from the fire he had started on top of the rocky outcrop where their shack was located.

“Good… The fire is still going strong, alright, let’s give our pipes some refreshing oil, also known as water.” He said as he jumped down the tree and sat down next to his sister.

Kaitlin handed over his bottle of water before taking a sip out of her own. “Goddamn, who ever created water deserves a medal.” She said with a giggle after drinking half of the bottle’s content.

“All praise the beautiful lady known as mother nature!” Responded Ben with a goofy sounding voice.

Both siblings had a laugh, feeling safe in each other’s presence.

“You know, apart from that stupid snake this island seems pretty peaceful. I mean, we haven’t encountered any other scary animals.” Said Kaitlin as she cuddled up to her brother.

“Well, I did encounter another one to be honest.” Responded Ben.

Kaitlin looked up to her brother with a curious gaze. “Oh really? What was it?”

“Some rare species, it got all aggressive towards me for some reason. After we woke up on that beach it was fuming, spouting around it’s angry cries. I recall that it looked a bit human like, I also recall the color red… Only on the top though.” He said with a grin on his face.

After a few seconds Kaitlin realized that he was joking again, making fun of her. “Oh! You asshole!” She yelped, giving him a playful punch before straddling his lap.

Ben laughed again as he blocked his sister’s punches while maintaining his balance as she wriggled on his lap. He then took ahold of both her arms, holding them next to her body so only her giggling face remained in front of him.

After a few more seconds of wriggling and giggling Kaitlin calmed down and looked her brother deep in the eyes. They fixated on each other, not saying a thing but only taking in the eyes that told them everything.

Slowly both of their heads moved forward until their lips met. Ben carefully let go of Kaitlin’s arms who then brought them up to hold her brother’s face.

The siblings started making out. Deep, long lasting, love filled kisses were shared between them. Their tongues mingled together, swapping their saliva as their moans of lust trembled through their mouths.

Minutes went by as both of them kept on passionately kissing each other, not wanting to stop the feeling of being in each other’s arms, showing each other the love they had as brother and sister. There was no doubt about it anymore, Kaitlin and Ben were made for each other, made for being together for the rest of their lives.

After another minute Kaitlin finally separated herself from her brother, a long string of saliva hung between their gasping mouths. “Wow… Ben, this was wonderful… I love you so much…” She whispered to him.

Ben took ahold of her and held her close to him. “I love you too Kait, and I love that we can do this together… Makes me want to marry you…” He whispered back to her.

Kaitlin started to blush because of his words and started giggling again. “You are so silly… But that’s what I love about you… Makes me want to marry you too…”

The two of them kept cuddling for a little while longer before they decided to continue their search for the supply drop.


“Oh come on Kait, avcılar escort just a little bit pleaaaaaase? Just a few tiny details of what’s in it, give me something to look forward to!” Asked Ben to his sister as they traversed the terrain towards the supply drop.

“Ugh… Okay then, one tiny detail is all you get from me… Well, it’s actually pretty big now that I think about it.” Responded Kaitlin as she aimed the flashlight in front of them.

She took a glance at her brother, which she was holding hands with again, and got greeted by his puppy dog looking eyes.

“Alright, alright you doofus… Stop giving me that silly look.” She said to him, hearing him chuckle.

“The diary was written, at least the things I have read, by a girl named Joanna Sterling. She and her… Brother were also stranded on this island, pretty much like we are now. Apparently she and her brother made the shack we are staying in.” Told Kaitlin to her brother.

Ben was quiet for a bit before speaking. “You got to be shitting me… You mean two other people, who also happen to be brother and sister, were stuck on the same island as we are? Then where did they disappear to? What happened to them?” He asked in disbelief.

“I don’t know Ben… I haven’t read that far into it. Joanna was actually the one that had discovered that those berries growing behind the rock were eatable, after that part I stopped reading…” Answered Kaitlin to him, knowing damn well that there was one other thing she read about.

Her brother scratched his head before asking her something again. “So why didn’t you show me it before, I mean, maybe there is loads more of things we ought to know in it!”

Kaitlin started to blush as she remembered what else was written in it. “Well… It also had some other… Stuff written in it but…” She paused for a bit and looked back at her brother again. “Let’s just go through it when we return, okay? It’s a lot to explain and I do want you to see it for yourself first.”

“Alright…? Okay, we will do that. When we get back I want to see it, and then we will read everything that’s in it together, okay?” Suggested Ben.

Knowing what else was written in it, or at least the part she had read, made Kaitlin blush even more. “S-sure, we can do that…”

The siblings then resumed their path into the unexplored jungle further. They were confronted with another couple of obstacles along their way, but nothing too serious. Ben had a good feeling about the supply drop and hoped that it would be something that would aid them greatly. Kaitlin on the other hand was not as enthusiastic as her brother, it just felt off to her, the time limit thing, the weird location, it felt like it was some sort of test.

However, she did appreciate seeing more of the island at night. Combined with the illuminating light of the full moon above them it looked like some sort of paradise, she even felt some sort of calmness roaming through her body as they traveled together further into the unknown.

“It shouldn’t be far now; we’ve been walking for another forty to forty-five minutes after we had our pause.” Mentioned Ben all of a sudden.

Kaitlin snapped out of her thoughts and focused on what was in front of them again. “Did the place have something specific looking that you might have spotted on the satellite photo?” She asked.

“Yeah, it looked like it was in the middle of a group of large rocks that lay in a circle.” He responded to her.

Kaitlin then focused her flashlight so the beam of light shined further in front of them. “Alright, I can see in the distance that we’re coming to a part with less trees and bushes. It might be another one of those open areas, maybe we will find what we seek over there.”

As they reached the more open area they were greeted by large boulders of stone that could resemble the place that they sought.

“Let’s take a walk around them Sis, we might have won the jackpot.” Said Ben.

Kaitlin nodded before they started to walk around the place. It indeed seemed that the rocks were laying in a sort of circular figure, so all there was left for them to do was to get access to the center of it.

“Look Ben! I think we can fit through here; I can see the other side through it.” Said Kaitlin as she pointed the flashlight at a big crevice between the large boulders.

They made their way to the crevice and came out on the other side. There was a small pond to the right of them and a flat grassy area to the left, in the middle was a small group of trees surrounded by bushes with berries in them.

“Nice place, it might be a contender to where our shack is located, all these large rocks that surround it makes it a safe area as well.” Said Ben as he looked around the small hidden area.

“Yeah yeah, enough admiring little brother. Show me that photo, let’s make sure that we at least, possibly found the right place.” Asked Kaitlin.

Ben took the photo out of his backpack and looked over it together with şirinevler escort his sister.

“This must be it Kait, come on, let’s search around here. The moonlight is right above our heads lighting up the place, we should be to find it even without the flashlight.” Said Ben.

“Maybe, but I’m still using this bad-boy. Okay, I’ll take the left side and you the right, we’ll work our way to the middle from there.” Suggested Kaitlin.

The siblings started searching every nook and cranny of the well-hidden area. Nothing was to be found around the pond to the right and the left side didn’t offer much to be found either. They then came together at the small group of trees where Kaitlin, thanks to the flashlight, spotted a large, black box sneakily hidden in between the bushes that surrounded the trees.

“Look! Over there! Oh my gosh, it’s a big box!” She yelled in excitement to her brother.

“Ha! Bingo!” Said Ben with a smug grin on his face.

He took the handle of it in his hands and started to pull the box towards them while Kaitlin kept the spot lighted up with her flashlight.

“Holy… Shit! This thing weighs a ton! I think we won ourselves the grand prize Sis!” Said Ben overly happy.

“I know, I know! This is so exciting! This thing has to have something good inside of it!” Said Kaitlin back to her brother, equally happy as he was.

“Alright, this is it, here we go Sis!” Announced Ben before lifting up the heavy lid, it required a lot of strength from him to open it. But when the lid finally crashed against the backside of the box they knew that this was it.

Kaitlin quickly brought the flashlight close and illuminated the inside of the big box. With bright smiling faces they took a peek inside of it…

What they saw slowly turned their excited, smiling faces into those of a kid that didn’t get something from his parents at the store.

“You got to be fucking kidding me… Tell me we are dreaming Kait…” Spoke Ben quietly after a while.

Kaitlin slowly dropped onto her knees next to her brother and sighed. “We aren’t little brother; this is as real as it can be… I knew that this whole thing would be a waste of time…”

Inside of the large black box lay a single piece of paper, nothing else. Was this whole supply drop thing a cruel joke? Something for their mysterious onlooker(s) to laugh at as their puppets did everything they would suggest them to do?

Ben grasped the piece of paper out of the box, getting angrier with the second.

“Give me some light.” He said annoyed.

Kaitlin sighed again and shook her head before turning the flashlight onto the piece of paper.




“Great, just fucking great. We found a piece of paper with three different numbers on them. That’s totally what I expected our ‘supply drop’ to be.” Said Ben angry before violently grabbing the backpack off his back and stuffing the piece of paper inside of it.

Kaitlin wanted to say something but refrained from doing so, she simply let out another sigh and shook her head again.

They both sat down silent for a little while, staring at the empty large box in front of them.

“Shall we go back Sis…? I think I’ve had enough treasure seeking for today.” Whispered Ben after a while.

Kaitlin gently took his hand again and whispered back to her brother. “Yeah… Let’s just go back.”

The siblings made their way through the crevice again and looked south. In the far distance they could still spot a small orange glow with smoke hanging above it.

“Well… I guess one thing worked after all…” Said Ben quietly as both of them started their trip back to the shack.

No word was being said as they traversed back, they were so disappointed that they even skipped their break. Holding hands, the siblings wished to return to their little safe place on the island. To forget about the hyped up supply drop and to just go to sleep, hoping that a new, bright day would give that little bit of hope back to them.


“Goddamnit!” Shouted Ben in anger as he kicked a few rocks away from the fire pit that was in front on the shack.

The siblings had returned to their safe haven after a tedious walk through the jungle, the fire on top of the outcrop had done it’s work and was still smoldering this very moment.

“Jesus, Ben calm down, would you!” Yelled Kaitlin from behind him.

This time the roles were reversed, and a very rare situation played out between them. Usually it was Kaitlin who couldn’t hold her temper, but this time Ben was the one that raged around.

“I still can’t believe it! All that wasted time for a single piece of fucking paper!” Shouted Ben again.

“I warned you, didn’t I? But noooo Mr. Indiana Jones over here just had to ignore me. Thanks a lot, little brother!” Said Kaitlin back to him, a bit pissed off herself too.

The words of his sister angered Ben even further. “Just shut up Kait, I’m not in the mood for those snarky comments of you now!”

“Or what? Look at you, you are acting like some loose projectile, you big, dumb brute!” She said in return.

Ben balled his fists. “I swear Kait, keep this up and I’m gonna…”

Kaitlin started to laugh. “Yes? You are gonna do what? Attack me? Don’t make me laugh! The always calm little Ben is going to teach his older sister a lesson? What a joke!”

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