A shot never forgotten.


A shot never forgotten.Lucy and Dave are a kinky bisexual couple. Dave loves being dominated by Lucy. He never use to like it, but there is just something about her that drives him nuts when she gets her way with him. One day as Dave was watching his favorite team on tv, Lucy started to suck on his ear and rub his cock thru his pants. Dave tried to shake this off wanting to finish watching the game, but she continued to torment him. Lucy lifted up Dave’s shirt and started to suck his nipples as she unleashed his dick from their fabric prison. She reached in and cupped his balls in her hand gently rubbing them, then out of nowhere she gave his shaft a quick deep throat.Dave was hooked. The tv was turned off and Lucy led him to their room by his dick. Lucy quickly stripped Dave and tied him down to the bed post, and before Dave could protest, she gagged his mouth. “Your mine now bitch!” kocaeli escort she said as she srtipped down to a lace body suit. She sucked on Dave’s ears again to sooth him. Once calmed she sucked and licked each nipple to arrouse him. Once at full arrousal, and at his most senative, Lucy pulled out a vibrating dildo, lubbed it and stuck it deep into Dave’s ass and turned it on full speed. Seeing Dave in pure bliss, Lucy began to do as she intended. She started smacking his balls and bit all over his body. When the pain seemed to great, Lucy would fuck his ass with the vibrator slow at first then as fast as she could go.When Dave was enjoying himself once again, Lucy nibbled hard on his cock and balls. Wincing in pain, Dave struggled to move. Each move however caused the vibrator to move slightly in and out of his ass bringing back more pleasure. Lucy took her teeth off escort kocaeli of Dave’s cock and strated to scratch down and accross his chest. Dave struggled some more, but this time caused the vibrator to fall out.By this time Lucy was soaking wet and stuck her juicy snatch right up to Dave’s still gagged mouth, where he could smell her sweet juices. She placed a finger in his ass as she rubbed his nose in it. As Dave started to beg thru the gag, Lucy placed a second finger in his ass and started to move her hips all over his face. Then she paused to see what he wanted. “I wanna lick it.” he pleaded. So she let him knowing that pleaseing her gets him going. She grasped her breast and rubbed her clit as he lovingly devowered her pussy juices.Between her own moans she listened to his, and when she knew he was ready to expload she twisted his balls and dug her nails into his kocaeli escort bayan cock. Dave’s face quickly burried inside her pussy and the groan of pain mixed with pleasure made Lucy cum. “Good boy.” she said as she moved back toward his ass with the vibrator. She placed it inside, but just far enough to tickle his prostate. before turning it on, she untied his dominate hand and said “Stroke yourself off while I make myself cum again.” Lucy pulled out a vibrator for herself as well, and turned both on high. Watching Lucy masterbate always made Dave horny as hell, while watching Dave masterbate did the same for Lucy. With the help of the vibrator Lucy came twice more. “Come on mother fucker cum for me! Cum all over yourself!” She screamed in pleasure as she took his started licking his balls while still playing with herself. This extra pleasure brought Dave over the top causing him to expload with his biggest and most powerful load ever that neither Dave or Lucy will ever forget. As Lucy had her final orgasam and watched with his balls still in her mouth, Dave came all over his own face getting a little into his own mouth.

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