A Rational Approach

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I’ve been thinking about how this all started, how it progressed, how I ended up where I am now; I think it happened in stages, by small slips down a long slope, and with each increment there was no going back, no way to say it never happened and forget about it, no chance to call it off. I don’t regret what happened, but it was a strange trip, and even as I tried to be rational about it I knew it was nearly out of control.

When I came back home after my second year at college, I was shocked to find that my sister Tammy had changed from an awkward teen to a beautiful woman. She was just eighteen, tall, with long dark hair; but her body, instead of being bony, was all curves now, and her face had changed, matured, so much that I barely recognized her. To make things worse, the day I got back she was getting ready for her senior prom, so my first sight of her was in an amazing dress, scarlet red, short skirt, bare shoulders, with plenty of cleavage. Going back home is always a little weird, but it shouldn’t be this weird.

She was standing in front of the mirror in her bedroom, adjusting her dress, and I was standing in her doorway with my bags in my hands, just wanting to say hello on my way to my room, but I was stuck, trying to make sense of what I was seeing. Finally she turned to me, waiting for me to say something.

“Since when did you become the prettiest girl in town?” I blurted out.

She turned back to the mirror with a small smile and a slight blush. “Welcome back, Karl,” she said.

I had to unpack and settle into my old room, and listen to my parents tell me about all the dumb things that had happened since I’d been away, and I didn’t really give my sister much more thought. Even when her date showed up, with a look on his face like he was the luckiest punk in the world, I couldn’t say I was thinking anything particular; yet that day must have been when the seed of the idea was planted in my head, the first mental step that led me down this path.

That summer was about relaxation, which I pursued as much as I could. I fell into old habits, ran with old friends, and refused to take anything too seriously. The one thing that was different that year was that I paid more attention to Tammy – but only because I felt that I had forgotten who she was. She had always been the little sister, always hanging around, maybe bugging me, usually me bugging her, but all this time I had never really gotten to know her. So I watched TV with her sometimes, and played video games, and talked about college, since she was going to go the same one (it was Dad’s college, it was mandatory), and you know, she was smart, and funny, and interesting to be around. I think we became friends that summer.

And if my eyes strayed sometimes, when she was wearing those short shorts or those tight T-shirts, I didn’t think much of it.

But when you see your sister outside your window, going out to the backyard to sunbathe, wearing a bikini, and you decide to not turn your eyes away, instead you look closer, and you see her as a woman, a beautiful woman, a sexy woman, maybe imagining her naked, walking in the sun, or lying on the grass, or maybe on a bed, maybe… and you find yourself with an undeniable hard-on; then you’ve taken another step further, haven’t you? And maybe you can’t go back.

There was another thing I found out that summer, some rumors from around town, things overheard, guys bullshitting the night away: Tammy was a bit of a slut. It might have been the jealously of a small town, since she really was the most beautiful woman for miles around; yet from some of the things she said, or maybe the way she acted sometimes, I guessed the rumors were probably true. Although that didn’t stop me from getting into a fight one night, after some moron wouldn’t shut up about my sister.

It bahis firmaları was fall soon enough and time to go back to college. I left early, as I was going to get an apartment and a part-time job. Tammy would be living in a dorm, but Mom made her promise that she would come to my apartment at least once a week, where I’d make dinner and make sure that my sister wasn’t starving or living on junk food. I didn’t mind, I like cooking; yet having her coming to my apartment, constantly seeing her – I felt it was a complication that I might not need.

It became routine, the dinners in my apartment. I could tell she was grateful for those nights, to get away from school, coming over to eat and talk. She talked about everything at first, every stupid thing that happens to every freshman; then she seemed to settle down, got used to the grind of being a student, and the freedom of being away from home. We were comfortable with each other, and I looked forward to those nights she would come over.

And if I started to fantasize a little, alone in my bed, late at night, trying to fall asleep; and if I happened to think of her when I was jerking off, picturing her face, her perfect body; well, I didn’t think there was much harm in that.

But then I took another step. It wasn’t planned, not really. Maybe it was inevitable.

Sometimes, during dinner, she would talk about her latest boyfriend.

I would ask some questions.

She would tell me more about her boyfriends.

I asked more questions.

She started talking about sex with her boyfriends.

She would talk with her cheeks red sometimes, as if she couldn’t believe she was telling this to her brother, but she didn’t stop talking. I learned that the rumors back home weren’t completely true, but she was definitely experienced, and it seemed her experience had been growing since she came to college. She certainly had no shortage of boys since she arrived. She would ask about my sex life sometimes, and I would drag out a story about an old girlfriend, but since I hadn’t actually had one for a while, it was usually her doing the talking. I would just sit there quietly, hide my erection, and try not to act amazed as she told me about her sex life.

It was too much. I had to jerk off every time she left. I had to admit that I lusted for my sister.

If you want to have sex with a beautiful woman, that’s fine. If that woman is your sister, that’s not fine. You’re not supposed to feel this way, and you’re not supposed to do it. There could be mutual attraction, there could be mutual consent, it could be amazing sex, but it’s wrong, it’s dirty, it’s a social taboo, it’s a violation of natural law. There are so many reasons not to do it, but I wanted to do it so badly. I wanted to have sex with my sister. If I told her, it could be a disaster; she could run out my apartment, never speak to me again; she could tell our parents, have me kicked out of the family.

Or she could say yes. Good lord. Sex with my sister.

I didn’t know what to do.

It was a normal dinner on a normal night. My heart was pounding. I was waiting for the right time. I was also trying to think of the right thing to say. I felt like I was going insane. When dinner was nearly finished, I decided I would do it. Just clear my mind and say something, anything.

It was like stepping off a cliff.

“I was thinking that we could have sex,” I said casually.

Falling of a cliff.

She looked at me with an unreadable expression.

I plunged on. “Before you say anything, let me explain.” I thought for a moment. “OK, I can’t explain. I just want to have sex with you. I want to fuck you. You are so beautiful. But that’s not it. I mean, yes, you’re beautiful, who wouldn’t want to have sex with you? But I want to have sex with my sister. It’s very kaçak iddaa dirty. But it could be amazing. Or it could be terrible. I can’t get it out of my head. I hope you don’t hate me. This is probably a shock to you. But I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore. I had to tell you. It’s up to you. You can tell me to go to hell. But I love you, you know? I’ll always love you. But this isn’t really about love. It’s about sex. We could have sex. Really good sex. There’s nothing truly bad about us having sex. I mean, there’s the whole taboo thing – but as a man and a woman, we could have sex. It would be dirty, but that’s sort of the appeal to it. Isn’t it? I don’t know. Maybe I just made a big mistake. Maybe not. But you are beautiful, and I love you, and I want to have sex with you.”

She looked at me, her mouth opening and closing a few times.

“You don’t have to answer right away,” I said. “You don’t have to answer at all. You can forget I said anything. Damn, I’m the biggest idiot in the world.”

She shook her head. “I’m just surprised,” she said.

She was silent for a while; I just sat there, barely breathing.

“I’m really surprised,” she said, “I don’t know what to think. This is very strange. I never expected this.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say.

“I think I should go,” she said, getting up and putting her plates in the sink, while I still sat at the table. “Sorry.” She walked to the door, then turned around and looked at me. “Oh, don’t look so worried,” she said with a little laugh. “I’m not sure this is as bad as you think it is.” And she left.

I got drunk that night, and stayed drunk into the next day. When I was sober I replayed the scene in my head over and over. Did I really say those things? It was like a dream. What had I done? And would it work? I tried to make sense of her reaction, but I really didn’t know how she felt. She didn’t call or anything, and I wasn’t sure I wanted her to call. What was I going to do? I tried to keep my emotions in check, but I was a little out of control then. I didn’t know what would happen.

Two days later she showed up at my apartment. When I opened the door she walked straight in and closed the door behind her.

“Let’s do it,” she said.

“What?” I said.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said, excited. “I can’t get it out of my head. I was a little shocked the other night, but now that I’ve thought about, I think you’re right, this is going to be amazing.”

“Or it could be terrible,” I said, kicking myself even as I said it, but I had to be sure she knew what we were getting into. “Are you sure?”

She nodded. “I’m nervous, more nervous than I’ve ever been, but God, yes, let’s fuck.”

She stepped forward and kissed me, slipping her tongue in my mouth. Having my sister in my arms, feeling her incredible body, feeling her hot mouth on mine: a shock went through me, it felt so good, so strange, like nothing I’ve felt before. And there was no going back now.

She pulled me into my bedroom and started taking off her clothes. She lifted her shirt and her breasts were like something out of my dreams, full and round, her thick nipples pointing straight at me; she took off her jeans and peeled off her panties, sliding them over the curve of her hips, revealing a wispy patch of hair between her legs, turning to show her perfect ass.

“God, Tammy, you’re so beautiful,” I said.

I got a little frantic, whipping off the blankets to my bed and tearing off my own clothes. She lay down on the bed, watching me, waiting. When I finally freed my rock-hard cock, she seemed pleased.

“Very nice,” she murmured.

I lay myself down next to her. Once I touched her skin I couldn’t get enough, running my hands over my sister’s body, nuzzling with my face, kissing and licking, hard nipples in my mouth, kaçak bahis my hand finding her pussy, where it was wet, very wet.

She moaned. “Enough, fuck me now,” she gasped.

I climbed between her legs and eased my cock in. God, I was fucking my sister. I was doing it. Screw the world! This wasn’t wrong, this was perfect. She must have felt the same, we were grinning like maniacs as I started pumping, then she squealed, and I groaned, it was so good, I don’t know how I lasted, every stroke was heaven, she was giving little screams, legs wrapped around me, I couldn’t stop, I thrust harder, she grabbed me, squeezing, I was close, she was bucking, I tried to hold on longer, she was screaming now, I was burning, she yelled “Yes!” and I came, shot load after load, gasping, legs locked around me, sinking deeper, throbbing, trembling, couldn’t believe it, it was perfect, perfect.

I rolled off of my sister, trying to catch my breath. She leaned against my shoulder, her hand on my chest, a dazed look on her face.

“Unbelievable,” she whispered.

Neither of us wanted to move. When my mind finally calmed down, I found that was I completely relaxed; maybe I should have felt guilty, or worried about the future, but I didn’t care, nothing could harm us, everything was perfect.

“I’m glad you told me, that night,” Tammy said after some time had passed. “I kept thinking about all you said. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it.” I felt her hand trailing down my body. “But you were wrong about one thing – this isn’t dirty. This is naughty. We’re being naughty.” She shifted, moving her head down my body. “We’re having naughty sex,” she said. And she put my cock in her mouth.

I was instantly hard. She licked and sucked my cock slowly, and I groaned. When I couldn’t take anymore she sat down on me, slipping me inside her, putting her hands on my shoulders, smiling down at me, then closing her eyes, rocking and rocking, as I felt her breasts, felt the weight in my hands, running my hands over her skin, she looked at me again, she mumbled something, rocking and rocking, like it would never end, both of us sweating, she was still mumbling, in between gasps, rocking, groaning, we were in another world.

It went on for so long, maybe it would never end, she started bouncing, her mumbling was louder, she was looking at me, I could hear her now, “I’m fucking my brother, I’m fucking my brother,” over and over, then squealing softly, bouncing harder now, throwing back her head, I had to hold on, she was bucking, “Fuck me, fuck me,” her pussy gripped my cock, grinding, she was coming, squeezing, I exploded, thrusting up, she screamed, I couldn’t stand it, she squeezed every drop from me, shuddering on top of me, a long moan, then collapsed onto my chest.

“That was the best I’ve ever had,” she gasped. “I swear to God, that was the best. Your a genius, big brother.”

I think we have been sensible about it all. We decided to live our lives separately, like it was before, with her coming over for dinner a couple times a week as usual. She still has the occasional boyfriend, although they usually don’t last long; I tell her that I’m looking for a girlfriend, but I don’t think I’m really trying that hard. The only thing that’s different is that we have the most incredible sex in the world.

It’s a sexual exploration with the perfect partner; we trust each other, and love each other, without all the added complication of being boyfriend and girlfriend. And best of all, the thing that makes it incredible, is simply that we’re brother and sister – we’re doing something we shouldn’t be doing, and I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than that.

And sometimes, if we get a little tired of each other, if the thrill has maybe gone away, I call our parents, talk to Mom or Dad, and when they ask “What have you been up to?” or “How’s your sister?”, I get an instant hard-on, and think to myself “Wouldn’t you like to know?”, and fuck my sister all night long.


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