A Quick Surprise Flash for the Delivery Driver


A Quick Surprise Flash for the Delivery DriverThis is my first submission and I hope you enjoy the story as much I enjoyed being involved in it.We have been together for 14 years and I am very lucky in the fact that during this time she has become more beautiful and sexy every year,she is over 10 years younger than me and looks younger than 36. about 5’6. long black hair. slim with long slim legs and fantastic DD’s makes her a real head turner. Like most couples we have had our good times and our share of bad times but our love for each other has always stayed strong and although we are not always singing from the same song sheet we understand and compromise with our different needs and wants.I have always been a voyeur and she is a bit of exhibitionist and we have had a few adventures that I may tell in the future depending on how this one is received.We have been working hard and it had been a while since we have had time to really surprise each other and create a memory to look back on and get each other off.Anyway I’LL get to the good bit.I had been working away for a couple of days and this always makes us hornier than usual, we had been teasing each canlı bahis şirketleri other by text with pics and I was gaging to get off. We had planed to skype and have some fun with a video call so I made some time this morning to go to my hotel room and have a bit of a video session.I sent a text so that she could get herself ready.I set my laptop up and then realised that I had no internet connection in my room, I tried to call her on the phone but had no answer.After about 5 min or so my mobile rang and she was very exited as she started to tell me what had just happened, she had received my text, gone into the bedroom, tacked of all her clothe lay on the bed and set up her laptop ready to have our video call when there was a knock at the door.She grabbed her robe and went to answer the door, as she opened the door the delivery man that stood in front of her looked flustered as she took the parcel, turned around and placed it on the floor then turned back signed for it and closed the door knowing that he had seen everything as she bent down in her short robe.She called me straight away to tell me about it and was clearly very exited, as she canlı poker oyna told me how turned on it had made her she had started to play with herself, I was also very exited and I had got hold of my cock and played as she told me about it.Then she noticed the delivery van was still outside and the man was sitting in the cab on the phone, he could see straight into our living room were she was looking out of the window.At this point I decided to dare her to undo her robe and let him see a bit more, thinking she would say NO, but instead she told me that she would pretend to clean the window and as she did she placed the phone down put it on speaker so I could hear her and she could hear me, she proceeded to tell me what she was doing.She began by adjusting the blinds to get the attention of the delivery man, I could hear the familiar sound of the blinds move, telling me that he was now watching her. Then as she wipped the window she let her robe slip open to allow her beautiful nipples to become viable.At this point I was getting very exited and she could hear me breathing heavily and the sound of me pulling on my cock.Now the man was watching and güvenilir bahis she saw him quickly looked around to cheque no one ells was around and she watched as he put his hands down his trousers,she was getting very hot and that made me hotter,I could hear her breathing harder with the sexual tension between the 3 of us getting higher and higher,at this point she allowed her robe to fall completely open and started playing with her tits openly in front of him and telling me as she did.I was now getting close to coming and I could tell she was getting closer, The driver was moving his hand quicker and she put one foot up onto the side of a chair and opened her legs so he could see her pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster ,I could hear everything the sounds of her masturbating as she was telling me what was happening.I was going crazy, she was going crazy and the driver was going crazy.As I heard her orgasm I also came,and she picked the phone up and quickly left the room as we laughed.This was extremely erotic and has sexually charged our relationship again,Sometimes something out of the blue and spontaneous can be the most erotic thing.I hope you liked this true story and although it maybe short and may not be as hard core as some story’s I feel very privileged to have a partner that I can share things like this with and I love her.Please comment and let us know what you think.

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