A Quick Refreshment

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The weather didn’t know what to do with itself. One minute, the sun shone brightly through the bar window, onto the carpet that had been there since 1989; the next, a mixture of rain and snow bulletted down outside.

Siobhan pulled her long hair to the back of her head and tied it into a pony-tail. She sighed deeply, letting her boredom out as she wiped cloth against bar.

Having been there since midday, Siobhan had seen a grand total of three customers come and go: An elderly man with a walking stick who sipped on a pint of bitter for an hour and a middle-aged couple who had one drink each and were off.

It was amidst one of the sunnier parts of the afternoon that Dominic entered the bar. Tall, with short black hair and a smile that grew into his eyes, Dominic had been in the bar a few times since he’d moved into the area and caught the eye of a few of the female customers and barmaids, including Siobhan.

“Just us?” he smiled, as the door blew shut.

“Pint of lager?” she asked, avoiding the potential tension his question could raise.


A moment passed and she wasn’t certain, but she was fairly sure she felt his eyes on her, roving up her legs, taking in her thighs before hitting her knee-length black skirt and then up, onto her ample breasts, barely covered by her black work shirt. Siobhan could feel her breath catch in her throat. Her mind flashed with naughty ideas as to how an afternoon alone with Dominic could pan out.

She placed the cool pint in front of him and, taking his money, felt electricity as their hands touched. The hairs on the back of Siobhan’s neck pricked alive. Dominic sat at the bar. His eyes were glued to the screen that filled with the green of a football field.

“You in all night?”

“By myself,” Siobhan nodded.

“Are you not bored?”

“Just a bit.” She was impressed with her own cool sarcasm.

“We’ll have to think of something to do to keep ourselves occupied.”

Siobhan looked at Dominic’s face casino oyna and felt her heart beat a little faster. Was he saying something or was he just saying something? She couldn’t tell. But, she felt her blood race and her knickers get ever so slightly wet.

Twenty minutes went by where Dominic seemed engrossed by the football and Siobhan busied herself with the sweeping and mopping of the floor.

“You got a fella?”

“Not really, no.” Siobhan’s tone as she answered the question surprised herself, as to how calm and composed she seemed.

“Their loss,” and with that, Dominic looked at her properly for the first time since he entered.

Siobhan felt electricity in her nipples as he seemed to take her in with his gaze. The uncertainty of what to do and say excited her immensely. Ultimately, she retreated into the back room, where she took a deep breath and began to rub the stress away from her forehead.

Just at the point where Siobhan was feeling like she’d got herself together, she felt a hard on the upper part of her arm. Dominic.

Before she had the chance to say anything, he pulled her in and pressed his lips hard against hers. Beyond the spark of electricity, she felt the warmth and firmness of his tongue, as he worked it into her mouth, causing her to moan loudly.

Powerless to his kiss, Siobhan felt Dominic’s hands on her arse, squeezing it enough to force her to squeal. He pulled his hot mouth away from hers.

“Did you like that?”

Siobhan nodded, somehow finding her arms around Doninic’s neck. Again, she felt a rush as his hands ran up the back of her thigh and just as they hit stocking top, they stopped. He pulled back and looked her straight in the eye, the glint of his mirrored into hers.

“You’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

Siobhan knew what he meant, but she was enjoying herself.

“What makes you think that?”

At that, he took his hands away from her legs and out from under her skirt, before grabbing her arse again, slot oyna pulling her in towards him. Siobhan gasped as she felt his throbbing cock against her.

Up until this moment, Dominic had been in control – he had instigated the encounter – but Siobhan, of her own volition, knelt down, unbuttoning her black blouse and revealing her ample breasts, covered only by a sexy lace bra.

She rubbed his crotch. He moaned with pleasure.

Siobhan, taken over by the power she now had in the situation, slowly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and slid them, along with his boxers, down to his knees. His cock stood out straight and Siobhan smiled, looking up at Dominic, who could only drink in the minx-like glint her eye still held.

She leaned in and kissed the tip, sending a spark up his body, before working her way along his long shaft.

“You know…me and the girls here talk about you,” she said between kisses.

“What do you talk about?” he asked, between gasps.

“How fit you are.”

Before he could say anything, Siobhan took him whole in her mouth.

“Oh, fuck!” Dominic leaned back his head and held his hand out onto the back of her head. She bobbed back and forth on his dick, the warmth of her mouth enveloping him. She leaned backwards, bringing her mouth away and unclasping her bra, released her breasts.

“Yeah, grab onto my hair.”

Dominic moved his head forward and held onto her blonde hair tightly as she continued to work his cock.

“Fuck, that feels amazing!” he whispered, as he felt himself get closer. Suddenly, he pulled her away from his erect cock and raised her to her feet. Dominic reached and pulled the zip down on her skirt to reveal Siobhan’s knickers. They were lace, to match her bra. He drank in the sight of her stockings before he pulled down her underwear and turned her around, bending her over the counter.

“You know how I know you’re a naughty girl? Because you’re wearing stockings.”

“I only wear them to feel sexy. canlı casino siteleri They’re usually just for me.”

Siobhan kicked herself out of her shoes, so that Dominic could take her slit at a much better angle.

“Well, you’re mine today,” he whispered, as he held back onto her hair and aimed his cock between her thighs.

“And, I’m going to fuck you like the naughty girl you are!”

“No.” Siobhan felt the confidence burn through her as she felt the tip of his dick rub against her. “I want you to fuck me like a slut!”

With that, Dominic’s grip on her hair tightened and he forced his cock deep inside Siobhan, causing her to moan loudly and bend forward, exposing her gorgeous arse behind him.

“Like a slut? You want to be fucked like a slut?”

“I want you to take my hole! I’ll be so bad for you and your cock! I just want you to fuck me!”

As Dominic continued to ride into her cunt, Siobhan screamed with delight. Each press of his cock brought loud sounds of ecstasy.

“Someone might hear you,” he grunted. His hands now gripped onto her hips, allowing the rhythm of her body to match his own.

“I don’t care. Just don’t fucking stop!”

He grabbed her right leg and pulled it up so that it contorted round his side. Dominic held it there and continued to pulse himself into her tight cunt, before he reached round and began to finger her clit.

“Oh, God! Oh, fuck! There! Right there! God!”

“You going to cum, my little slut?”

Before she could answer, her body convulsed and she went quiet, before exhaling a long orgasmic moan.

Dominic brought himself out of her, as Siobhan knelt down and, turning round, she grabbed his wet cock once more and began to pump it as hard as she could.

“How close are you?”


And, with that, his hot load sprayed across her gorgeous tits.

“Fuck, that was amazing!” she smiled.

“This your full time job?” Dominic asked, as she stood up and began to wipe herself clean with paper towels.

“Yeah, why?”

He took one look at her, from her stockinged legs, her gorgeous arse, her beautiful tits and her golden hair.

“I’ll be sure to come in here more often, that’s all.”

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