A Poly Relationship

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I had just been reassigned to a new city and needed to rent a house for at least the next year. I had contacted a local real estate broker and had been shown a few homes that were for rent, but none were right.

I wanted a quiet community not too far from town but yet far enough out to be quiet. It was around five in the evening when she brought me to a rather large home, completely furnished but a wee bit too large for a single guy.

As we walked thru the house we came across another broker showing the same home. His client was a woman probably around my age, late thirties or early forties. If ever the letters MILF had meaning, they were the perfect description for this woman.

Beautiful to sum her up in one word. We nodded as we passed each other in the kitchen and moved on into separate rooms…. I thought the house a bit much for me and was going to tell my broker to show me more in the morning.

Walking out to her car, the woman I had passed in the kitchen paused to chat with me. “Its beautiful isn’t it? Problem is I can’t afford it. I mean the rent and all. I’m looking for a place for me and my daughter. She graduates college in three days and I was looking for a nice place for us that wasn’t quite this expensive.”

I nodded in agreement and explained that although I could afford it, it simply was too large for me. She looked back over shoulder longingly at the house and sighed. “It’s just perfect though, I mean all furnished and in a perfect location. And the rooms are huge.”

By now my agent was waving for me to get in her car and I turned to leave. That’s when the lady grabbed my arm and turned to me before asking: “Have you ever considered sharing” I mean you and I could sort of share and then I could probably swing it.”

I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea but I gave her my cell phone number and promised to think it over.

Actually I did consider it, but still had reservations. Sure she was a nice enough woman but just a bit too damn sexy to trust myself with, especially if I had her living in the same house with me. Sure there were two bedrooms and a small guest room but I decided it wouldn’t really be a smart move.

The next morning my cell phone rang just as I was having coffee in a local beanery. It was her. She told me her name, Alexis but friends called her Lexie and said that the more she thought about it, the more she wanted the house and me along with it. That way, with shared expenses, it would be a plus for both of us.

She must have sensed that I was hesitant and asked if we could discuss it over lunch or something. I agreed and made arrangements to pick her up at her hotel around noon.

If I called her sexy before, it was an understatement. Tall and lithe she was a dream walking and even at her age, she had a body that wouldn’t quit. Over lunch we chatted and she ended up being a bit younger than I had thought originally.

Her daughter was nineteen and had started college three years earlier. She was getting her degree after only three years, so I assumed she was quite bright and might not think her mothers proposal to share a house would be very smart.

Lexis was a bit flirty and the more we talked, the hesitation I had originally had, slowly vanished. The only drawback seemed to be her daughter. I told her so and she just gave me a really cute smile and put her hand on top of mine before answering.

“The guest room would be just fine. She doesn’t need much area and we would stay out of your way if that’s a concern, but I think you and I are perfect for this. Terry never knew her father and you could sort of be like that. You know fixing things and taking care of our needs and all, just like a family should be. We can take care of the inside things like meals and laundry and housecleaning stuff.”

OK, I’m a sucker for a wilily woman and she had a way about her that might not fit the word perfectly, but she was definitely beguiling and I ended up saying yes. The next day we both met at the house to sign papers and put up a security deposit.

She moved in about an hour before I did and I gave her the larger of the two bedrooms. She had more shoes and clothes than Imelda Marcos and I really didn’t need the extra closet space. But there was a kingsized bed in my room and all things considered it took up more room.

We agreed that all bills were to be placed in a jar and we split. But the kitchen was a bit narrow and occasionally we collided as we passed each other. At first accidents, soon it was more deliberate. I’d appologize and she’d just grin and push her breasts up against me, teasingly. Tuesday I hear her calling from her bathroom. “Could you be a good guy and get me a towel? I forgot to bring one with me.” I walked down the hallway and opened the linen closet and took out a bath towel.

Walking down to her bathroom I cracked the door open and stuck my arm in with the towel hanging off my fingers. Turning to leave I heard the sliding glass door of the shower open and she spoke just as I was about to halkalı escort close the door.

“Don’t leave. Since you’re here I could use some help drying off.” I turned, intending to look at her face and not wanting to stare. For a second, I resisted, watching her face as she took her shower cap off. Still not daring to look down.

Her hair tumbled to her shoulders then I let my eyes wander. Her body was perfection. I couldn’t help but respond. She knew what she was doing to me and handing me the towel, she slowly turned.

I began at her shoulders and worked my way down. Her ass was almost that of a teenager. Firm and enticing. I knelt and did the backs of her thighs. She deliberately leaned forward, exposing her pussy. I was tempted to pat the towel between her thighs, but resisted.

Now I was squatting with her ass just inches away from my face when she turned. I swear I could feel the heat of her cunt radiating and I felt my face flush. I guess I paused because she looked down and whispered…”Like it?”

I looked up at her smiling face and gasped, “yeah, it’s sort of inviting.”

Again she teased, “it’s meant to be. Want it?”

A phrase from some movie I seen, came to mind. “An offer you can’t refuse.”

I slowly stood up and dried her breasts. I brushed the terrycloth towel across her nipples and watched her reaction. They became erect and hard as her areoles dilated. she opened her mouth and gasped. “Oooh, I like that. Suck them if you want.”

Bowing my head I moved my lips down, taking first on in my mouth, then the other. She slid her hand between us and clutched at my groin.

“I like this…. Your getting hard. Suck um good baby. I’m getting wet and it’s not from the shower,” she moaned.

Standing in a bathroom with a nude woman who asks you to suck her nipples isn’t exactly a calming experience. But just then her cell phone rang and we had to break it off. It was her daughter. Lexis was panting as if she had run a marathon as she took the call.

I backed out the door giving her time to chat while I tried to figure out what had just happened, or nearly happened.

It was only three days and things were getting out of control. I didn’t want to discuss what had happened in the bathroom so I left her a note telling her that I would be missing supper but would be back by ten that evening.

When I returned, all the lights were out. I took off my jacket and hung it in the hallway closet, and headed for my bedroom. Opening the door the first thing I noticed was the flickering candle on my dresser and the scent of incense in the air.

Looking at the bed I saw the outline of her body under the covers and her smiling face seductively staring at me. Her hair was spread out over the pillow forming a halo around her face.

I cleared my throat and began taking my shirt off. She said nothing but watched. Moments later I was hesitantly taking my slacks off when she spoke.

“You sleep in the nude don’t you? I noticed you had no pajamas in your dresser and I thought you might be a little chilly.” She squirmed a little before going on.

“Don’t let me stop you. I think we should get to know everything there is to know about each other. After all we’re going to be living under the same roof for a year or so.”

I hadn’t worn shorts today and was a bit embarrassed so I turned away as I took my shoes and socks off. I hesitated again.

“Go on. I want to see what that was that got so hard in the bathroom this afternoon,” she giggled.

I got a bit more daring and asked: “Is this new? I mean the sleeping arrangements?”

She wiggled under the covers enticingly and asked. Well we don’t have to sleep right away. I thought we might spend some time getting………. You know, more intimate. Oh hell you know I’ve had the hots for you since we passed in the kitchen when they were showing the house and since then I’ve been getting more horny with each passing hour.”

She paused than continued. “Then when Terry called this afternoon and told me she’d be arriving around two in the morning, I told her to just go to my room for the night.”

Then she asked: “Aren’t you ever going to turn around?”

I guess I was a wee bit angry that she though she could change our arrangements, but that gave me the courage to turn and come to the side of the bed.

She folded the covers back and stared at my cock. She opened her mouth in glee. “Oooh this is going to be really good. I mean for both of us. Your getting hard already. Come on, slide in. I think you might like what I’m planning. Come on sweety, I want to see how hard that thing can really get.”

Still a little miffed at her audacity but not so upset as to refuse what could be a rather interesting evening, I slid in under the covers, but she immediately flipped them off so they ended up at the foot of the bed. I really wish she didn’t have that damn candle lit. A bit embarrassed by the way I was beginning to respond, I would nişantaşı escort have preferred the room to be dark.

She took her time. I was laying on my back and she rolled over onto her side facing me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

OK I thought, that’s nice. But then her hand was on my abs and she was sliding her warm hand down. It felt good.

Almost as a child might touch some marvelous toy, she wrapped her fingers around my cock. Although her face was still nuzzled against my cheek she began to milk my shaft. Her free hand was on my chest. She found my small nipple and gently rolled it between her thumb and forefinger.

“Feel good?” she asked. I love your body…..Then looking down she glanced at her accomplishment and continued. “like what I’m doing? Your getting harder and thicker by the moment. Does it always get so rigid honey?”

She continued: “Well, Lexie’s going to take good care of you tonight. Just don’t rush things, OK? Don’t let yourself go too fast. I want to taste you and massage this beautiful dick for a while as you suck on my nipples. Just like this afternoon. God you got me so fucking hot Brad. I had to tell Terry what you had done to me.”

That startled me. I wanted to ask what she had told her, but decided not to. She was all over me. One hand jerking my cock another on my chest and her mouth against my ear. She was breathing heavily and nibbling at my ear. Four or five minutes of this and my cock was so hard that it was actually beginning to ache.

Between kisses and her tonguing my ear I was beginning to respond and I began to fondle her body. I managed to move one arm between us and began massaging her breast and stroking her erect nipple. My other hand slid down over her narrow waist and rested on the cheek of her ass. She began cooing in my ear.

“I want……. I want to taste you. Oh god you feel good. Will you suck my nipples again? That was so sexy. Please?”

She rolled over onto her back but hung onto my cock. I leaned over her and kissed her lips, then worked my way down. Kissing her cheek, then her throat, and finally I found her firm nipple and putting my mouth over it, sucked it in.

My hand had been dragged from the cheek of her ass when she turned over onto her back, and now rested on her smooth moist cunt. I began to knead it with my fingers.

She sighed, then began to chant low moans. “Yess… Like that. Oh god I’m so fucking hot now darling. Oh baby it’s starting. My god, don’t stop. Keep doing that. Suck my nipple and…and…. Oh fuck, I’m close. So close now…..Oh yeah, yes, here it comes. I am, I’m Cumming Brad, I am!”

Never letting go of my cock, she clamped her thighs tightly together trapping my hand. Then she drew her knees up and rocked back and forth in a sort of fetal position. She had stopped jerking my cock but held on tightly.

Slowly she began to melt. Seeming to unwind in slow motion. Her breath came in slow gasps and her chest heaved. Her legs moved down, straightening out, and her clamped thighs spread slightly, releasing my hand.

Turning her head she looked at me and murmured. “Wow! My god that was a strong one. I haven’t cum like that since I can’t remember when. Your good. Oh god you are so fucking good. Now it’s my turn.”

She twisted around and holding my cock up, Pursed her lips and began bobbing her head up and down, taking me in deep, occasionally gagging, but never stopping.

Every so often she would let go with a slurping sucking sound and move her warm lips down to my heavy balls and run her tongue over them. Then slowly wiggle the tip of her tongue up along the bottom of my cock only to arrive at the most sensitive underside of its head.

Between caressing that juncture with her tongue she would pull down on my cock and purse her lips tightly as if sucking a straw and force her wet lips down on its head. My cock would suddenly breach her lips with as soft pop and be inside her hot mouth.

Over and over she did this until I felt myself begin to submit. She felt it too and paused to gasp.

“Tell me when. I want to know. Just let me know.”

I thought she wanted to pull away and have me cum on her face but I was wrong. She did something that really drove me up a wall. She cupped my balls in the palm of her hand while her fingers pressed firmly just between my balls and my ass. Then she went back to teasing the rim with her tongue, while milking me with her other hand.

I let her know. “It’s coming Lexis. I cant stop it. Oh god yeah….It’s there now!”

She did the unexpected. She took just the head of my cock in her mouth and pressed the tip of her tongue into the little slit at its crown. I heaved my ass up and the first spasm sent cum jetting into her mouth.

She held firmly and again I contracted and unleashed another ribbon of thick milky cum. Again and again I convulsed until I was drained.

She finally let my cock go with as soft sucking sound and she crawled up onto şişli escort my chest and placed her lips over mine, forcing a deep open mouth kiss. She had swallowed, yet her mouth still held the remnants of my salty cum. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and it dueled with mine as only passionate lovers might do.

Slowly she threw her leg over mine and straddled me. Her hanging breasts, were mashed hotly against my chest and she began tribbing my still rigid cock.

There was no way I could relax, and my cock continued to ache. My balls had drawn up close to my groin as I came, but now seemed to relax and drift back to normal.

As we continued to wrestle she suddenly lifted up, and drawing her knees up, she lifted up and reached between her legs. Grasping my cock, she slid it’s head along the valley of her cunt. She found the opening she sought and squatted down, taking me deep into her hot slippery cavern.

Now she seemed to be in some surreal world and though she was staring at me but not seeing me. She was lost in sensations and began to slowly rise and fall.

Sometimes contracting hard to clamp my cock tightly, and at other times relaxing, but always seeming to feel my rigid shaft stroking the lining of her pussy.

Suddenly she leaned forward and rested her palms on my chest. Taking a deep breath, she began to move more rapidly up and down. I looked at my cock vanish then reappear. It was now coated with a patina of her making, churned into a milky cream.

Her head tilted down and she gasped…….. “Help me! Stay hard, Oh god I’m cumming again. Dear god it feels so good. Oh yeah, yesss, I am!”

I had reached up between her extended arms and clutching her breasts, gently pinched her nipples. She went ballistic and finished with a long gasp before collapsing on my chest.

She lay there gasping for breath and panting, spread out atop me. I reached down and pulled up the covers and we went to sleep that way. My cock still trapped in her pussy and my arms around her.

It was still dark when I was awaken by the sound of the bedroom door being opened. The hallway light was on and the nude girl was framed in its light. All I could make out was the outline of her body but that was enough to know she was stark naked. Lexis had rolled off me and was now cuddled up beside me.

The girl didn’t enter. She just stood there for a moment before turning and vanishing. It had to be Lexis’s daughter.

Morning light streamed in the window and I lay on my back. Lexis was cuddled against my side, her cheek on my chest and her hand again wrapped around my cock.

I had my usual morning erection and it had nothing to do with the fact that she was holding it. I though she was asleep and tried not to move or awaken her but it was uncomfortable just laying there with her hand holding my cock straight up.

Actually the friction of the sheet against my erect cock was beginning to be exciting and the tented covering began to show a spreading wet spot as my excitement began to show in the form of oozing pre-cum.

That’s when the door slowly opened and Terry stood in the doorway. I couldn’t hide my excitement. It was obvious, but still Lexis slept, and I could only watch the girl as she seemed to float over to the side of the bed.

Her eyes moved from her mother, to me, then down to the place where the sheet hid my rigid cock. She smiled knowingly and slowly let the shoulder of her teddy slip off and reveal her supple breast and its small but very aroused nipple. Quietly she lifted her hand to her mouth and put one finger over her lips. Whispering. “Sssshhhh.”

This was killing me. She was undressing quietly and slowly. Now both breasts were exposed and she reached down and hooked her thumbs under the band that held her panties up. Pushing down, they fell silently to the floor.

Now the beautiful young girl took the corner of the sheet and slowly peeled it off. Exposed, she could see her mother’s hand holding my cock erect and the slit atop slowly forming another clear droplet of pre-cum.

She reached out and with her index finger swiped the droplet up and brought it to her lips. Her tongue flashed briefly out, then vanished. She bent down, gathered her garment up, smiled teasingly, then turned and left.

I couldn’t take it any longer and woke Lexis up. I didn’t tell her about our visitor but suggested we get up and have some coffee. Even before finishing we smelled the fresh scent of coffee being brewed. Obviously she knew it was Terry, but what she didn’t know was of her two quiet visits earlier.

Going to the dining area I was formally introduced to Terry. Now she was dressed in the tightest jeans I had ever seen and a blouse that hid absolutely nothing. Lexis seemed absolutely enthralled that her daughter had arrived.

I had seen both absolutely nude and the only true differences between the two was minor. Lexis was perhaps a thirty five “C” cup, her daughter a 32 “C”. Both were small in stature, but both had bodies that were lithe and supple.

The girls were chatting when I left for work. Returning home it was easy to see that something was different.

Pleasantries had somehow become more intimate in tenor. Over dinner Terry would fasten her eyes on me then turn to her mother as if waiting for something. Finally it came out in the form of a question.

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