A New York Tale Pt. 01

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After living in Chicago for a few years after college graduation, I moved to New York for a job in finance. New York was an expensive city, so I had reached out to my network to see if anyone needed a roommate. Fortunately, a friend of mine and her roommate were not going to be living together and the roommate needed a someone to share an apartment with. I knew the girl vaguely from college, but I don’t believe we had ever really had a conversation. She was an asian woman named Kat, probably 5’6″ from California. After a quick dinner, we pragmatically agreed to live together.

After a few quick weeks apartment hunting, we found a place near Madison Square Park.

We both worked long hours, often until 10 at night and found we had some similar interests. We both enjoyed food and wine and we would sit on the couch, both working from our laptops, watching Anthony Bourdain. The layout of the apartment was peculiar, a small kitchenette was next to the tiny foyer and there was a small space we turned into a living room. The bedrooms were adjacent, sharing an installed wall which was so thin, you could hear everything through it. Sometimes I brought home women, sometimes she brought home men. We could always hear what was happening on the other side, though it was pretty infrequent that one of us commented on the other’s extracurricular activities. In fact, I never commented, but occasionally, she would ask who was over, almost curious, not jealous. Maybe it was because the women I brought home were generally louder than she was.

A few months into living together, bursa escort something strange happened. One Friday, I had a particularly busy day at work and came home late, around 10PM. I had planned to be traveling for work, but we canceled the trip and I came home. As I arrived, I heard noises, obviously sex noises. It wasn’t surprising, but it was just pretty early for someone to be fucking in New York. Generally, New Yorkers are out drinking until midnight, then come home with their partner or date or the person they picked up. I quietly snuck into my room and shut the door behind me.

I opened up my laptop to resume work and heard Kat moaning and a man talking. It was pretty nasty stuff, “Take it in your shitter” and “I’m going to fill you with my cum.” Then, there was a second man’s voice, “Don’t hog her, I want to fuck her again.” Again? She was having a threesome and they’d already gone one round?

The noises continued on for a while, until around midnight when the men left. I thought I heard more voices, but I decided that was unlikely given how small her room was.

I heard her shut the door and turn on the TV, Bourdain again. I thought to myself, should I pretend I wasn’t home? Should I go out and confront her. I wasn’t upset, I was pretty turned on. I had jerked off to gangbang porn many times, but never had I heard one happen what was literally inches from my face, albeit, with a wall in between.

I decided I was thirsty and I decided to go fill my water bottle. I shut my laptop and grabbed an empty bottle of Poland Springs I had besides my bed and bursa escort bayan stepped outside, wearing a t-shirt and running shorts. Not only was Kat on the couch watching TV, but she was naked. As I opened the door, she was surprised to see me. So surprised, she didn’t bother to move, she just put her hand across her breasts, not remembering to cover her snatch.

“I didn’t realize you were home. I thought you were travelling.” She said, almost upset as if I had lied to her, but more embarrassed.

“Well, one of our companies filed for bankruptcy so we postponed the trip and are here working.” I said casually. I walked to the kitchen, filled up my water bottle, and grabbed two glasses of wine and placed them on the glass coffee table. “How was your day?” I asked, trying to stay cool as I took a bottle of wine from the fridge and opened it. “Oh, do you want a glass? It was presumptive of me to assume you would.” I said.

“How long have you been home?” She asked, unable to process my question.

“A few hours, don’t worry. It sounded like you had some fun.” I said.

She said nothing in response.

“Are you okay?” I said, trying to smooth out the awkwardness. “I don’t think anything of it. Well anything negative.” I said, my words tumbling out of my mouth like rocks falling from a dump truck.

“You don’t think anything of it… negatively?” she said, taking the glass of wine with her left hand, trying to cover her breasts.

“It sounded fun and I like to know that you’re happy. You don’t need to cover up, unless you feel uncomfortable.” escort bursa I said, trying to turn this into a positive situation.

She removed her hand from her breast. “Do you mean that you like to hear me in there?” She said, pointing to her room.

“I think you know from living with me, that I’m a people pleaser, if it makes you happy, that is great for me.” I said. “So, do you like to do that often?”

“Umm. Well, hmm. If we’re going to talk about things like this, I think it’s unfair that I’m naked and you’re umm, clothed.” She said.

“Well, I figured you might not like how I look” I said honestly.

“No, take it off.” She replied. “All of it.”

I removed my shirt, tossing it into my room, the apartment was so small I could reach it from the couch. My chest was hairy and that theme continued when I removed my shorts and underwear.

“Okay, so… Do you like to do that often?” I repeated.

“Get fucked really hard? Yeah, I’ve only done it when you were out of town. I didn’t know what you would think. I figured it was a secret that was better if no one knew.”

“Well, I think it’s very hot.” I said. “I don’t think I know anyone who’s actually had a threesome before.”

“Are you saying you would like to be part of it?” She asked.

“Well, I’m a bit shy about performing well in front of other men. I would feel weirdly competitive. I think it’s just really sexy to know that you’re sitting on the couch, dripping cum onto the leather.” I said.

“Really?” She asked, spreading her legs. Her clean shaven pussy was red from hard pounding and oozing cum onto the couch. “Do you want to get a closer look?” She asked, leaning onto the side, cream oozing from her cunt and asshole over her legs.

“Can I touch?” I asked.

To be continued.

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