A New Opportunity and New Mistress Pt. 02

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Big Dicks

Mia had just runaway from a bad situation, and now found herself in the home and business of a dominant woman named Emma. Mere moments ago, Emma had gotten Mia to finger herself to completion while on the car ride to Emma’s home, she had also gotten Mia to agree to be her pet. Mia had gladly followed Emma’s orders and even started addressing Emma as Mistress Emma.

The two women had finished their sexy moment during the car ride to Mistress Emma’s residence. Soon they were passing through a small but bustling town, and then pulled into Mistress Emma’s home. She lived in a two story concrete house, the first level was dedicated to her sex shop and the second level was where she lived.

Mia was already entranced by Mistress Emma’s body, confidence, and personality, but she quickly fell in love with Mistress Emma’s stylish home.

Mistress Emma parked the car, “My offer still stands, if you want to become my pet and my employee I will gladly take you, however, you can change your mind whenever you would like too.”

Mia smiled at Mistress Emma’s kind and sultry voice, “I would love to work and play with you Mistress.”

Emma smiled back, “OK, well I need you to be a good employee right now, I need to open the shopin about half an hour.” With that she hopped out the car and started to walk towards her modern concrete house.

Mia hurried behind her, “What do you need me to Mistress? Should I keep calling you Mistress around customers?”

“Of course, they will love the idea that you are my sex slave not just my employee. But don’t tell them the intimate details of what we do together, OK darling?” Emma started to unlock the door to her sex boutique.

“Yes Mistress,” Mia was surprised about how easily the subservient role was fitting her. How easily she called Emma her Mistress and how wet she got by doing so.

Once they were inside the business Mia admired the stylish set up. There was a variety of toys, clothes, and kinky equipment to choose from. Lingerie in one corner, toys in the other, and more specialized items at the back of the store.

“First thing is first, lets get you into uniform.” Mistress Emma had her wicked smile back.

Mia suddenly felt aroused by the idea of a uniform and what it could be.

“This way darling,” Emma lead Mia back behind the shop into a small office area. Except this office was more of a mini sex dungeon. It had a leather bench against one wall, a dog cage next to the desk/computer, and ropes hanging from the wall.

Emma turned to Mia, “Take off your clothes.”

Without hesitation Mia stripped off her T-shirt and jeans, revealing her pink panties again plus her lack of a bra. Once she was naked she started to shiver under Mistress Emma’s lustful gaze.

“To bursa escort be honest, there is no official employee dress code. But there is a dress code for my pets,” Mistress Emma sat back devouring Mia with her gaze, “You will wear what I deem fit and you will wear it whenever I want you too.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“For your first day at work, let’s give our customers a show!”

Mia’s imagination ran wild with ideas about maid outfits or latex bodysuits.

Mistress Emma’s wicked smile spread across her face, “I am going to pick out a few things, wait here, don’t move, and don’t touch yourself.”

Mia obeyed Mistress Emma’s commands but could feel herself starting to drip with arousal. It seemed like forever until Mistress came back.

“Good girl, you did as I asked,” Mistress Emma’s voice had gained that sensual tone again, “First put on this collar.”

Mia’s eye widened when seeing the pink dog collar with a silver tag that said, ‘Touch Me’, but Mia but it on without hesitation.

“Now put on this harness.”

Mia blushed when seeing that the pink leather harness purposely only covered her nipples, barely. It pushed her breasts up her chest making them seem even more perkier then they were. At least the leather made Mia feel oh so good, in fact it left her nipples hard and poking through her harness.

“Next try on this skirt.”

Mia sighed in relief at what seemed like a normal pink skirt, it was styled like a Catholic school girl skirt, but it wasn’t too embarrassing.

Emma looked at her with lust, but glanced at her watch, “Damn it, I need to open the shop. Mia please go around the shop straighten up the clothes and merchandise.”

Mia almost started to protest, but bit her tongue because she couldn’t imagine talking back to Mistress Emma. But Mistress had forgotten to giver her shoes, socks, or panties. It was the panties that Mia was worried about, the skirt was wickedly short and if she bent over anyone could see her pussy. With a slight frown on her face she hurried out into the store and started in the lingerie section, straightening anything that seemed out of place.

Soon after starting her job a customer entered the store, an older, sleazy looking man. He started looking at the toy section, full of vibrators and flesh-lights, so Mia ignored him. Mistress Emma had hurried into the back to answer a phone call. However, as soon as the old man saw Mia, his attention was all on her.

He came over into the lingerie section without her noticing. Mia wasn’t paying attention and bent down to pick up a piece of clothing, completely flashing her cunt to this old man. When she turned around to go to the other section of the store she almost ran into him.

Mia escort bayan was so startled by his closeness that she gasped and froze. The old man quickly reached out and grabbed the tag on her collar.

He read the tag out loud, “Touch Me? Emma who is this girl?” He called out to the Mistress as Mia stayed still.

Emma yelled back quickly, “She is my new employee, she can help you with whatever you want! Do whatever he wants Mia!”

He smiled devilishly at Mia, “Whatever I want? Just stay right there Mia.”

Mia felt the urge to refuse this man, he wasn’t her Mistress, but she also knew that Mistress Emma had obeyed her to follow his orders. She wasn’t naive enough to think that this outfit and those specific orders weren’t apart of Mistress Emma’s wicked plans. So Mia stayed perfectly still and even smiled at the old man.

He wasn’t looking at her face though, he was walking around her body eyeing her tits and ass. After he completed a full circle around her, he stopped and picked up a piece of lingerie. The old man dropped it in front of Mia and then walked back to stand behind her.

He spoke in a low, lustful voice, “Could you pick that up for me?”

Confused Mia bent down to grab the clothing, and then realized that he was in the perfect place to see her pussy. Even though she knew that this was a very sleazy thing for him to do, Mia still felt aroused. The same arousal as when Mistress Emma ordered her to cum.

Mia could feel her pussy throb as she stood back up and placed the lingerie back on the rack. She tried to hide her blush as the old man picked up another piece of clothing and did that same thing again.

“Oops it looks like I dropped something again,” He motioned for her to bend over in front of him again.

This time as she bent over, the old man took her by surprise and slapped her bare ass hard. Mia gasped and whimpered as her skin started to sting. It wasn’t a whimper of pain but more of a sound of pleasure. She hadn’t told Mistress that she had a spanking kink but now this old man knew.

Mia quickly stood up and turned around to face him, embarrassed by the noise she made, only to see the big bulge in his pants starting to grow. Mia could feel her wet pussy dripping down her thighs at the thought of seeing or feeling this big cock.

The old man opened his mouth to say something when Mistress Emma called out, “Mia come here for a second!”

Mia hurried to the back office at the sound of her Mistresses voice.

Emma was sitting at her desk and looked up when Mia entered, “I heard a delightful sound, did Henry slap you?”

“He only slapped my ass, Mistress,” Mia prayed that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Emma motioned for her to come closer, “Let bursa escort me see.” She continued to examine Mia’s red and sore ass cheek, “Did you like it?”

Mia blushed hard, “Yes.”

“I can tell, you are glistening with pussy juices,” Mistress Emma started to glide a finger over Mia’s cunt causing her to shudder.

“Don’t stop Emma!” Mia gasped as how electrifying Emma’s touch was.

Emma sat back a frowned, “What did you just say and what did you just call me?”

Mia paused sensing that she had actually done something wrong this time, “Your finger’s felt really nice, I want you to keep touching me Mistress Emma.”

“Well, I didn’t ask if you wanted to me to do or tell you to call me Emma. In fact if you want to feel good so bad you than you have to do it by yourself,” Emma’s wicked smile was replaced with a vindictive sneer. “Actually, you have to do it by yourself and in front of everyone.”

Emma stood up and lead Mia back out into the store. She grabbed a vibrator off the shelf and ripped open its packaging. By this point the store had more customers besides Henry, there was a couple and two more men wandering the place.

Emma cleared her throat, “Excuse me everyone, my assistant here is going to show off one our new vibrators. If you would like to see how well it works please gather around.” She then turned to Mia and commanded, “Make yourself cum and put on a show.”

Mistress Emma handed Mia the vibrator and sauntered off. Mia was stunned and nervous about this command, but something about Mistress Emma’s recklessness turned her on. Mia’s thighs were now slick with arousal. She turned on the vibrator and slowly laid down on the wood floor. Henry had immediately come over to watch with his devilish smile, but Mia ignored him. Instead she turned on the toy and slowly inserted it.

Her back arched as the toy immediately hit her g-spot making her legs shake. Mia started to moan and pant which caused the other customers to really take a look at what was going on. Mia saw the couple whispering to each other and staring with wide eyes. She didn’t care.

Mia started to pump the vibrator in and out of her cunt, she started to groan louder, and she could feel her wetness dripping on to the floor. Henry came over her to touch her tits as she turned up the speed on the vibrator. She didn’t care.

Mia only cared about pleasing her Mistress, she had been ordered to cum and Mia wasn’t about to disobey. Quickly the wet sounds of Mia’s pussy filled the shop and the couple had started to ask Emma what vibrator Mia was using.

Mia felt her orgasm build as Henry kept touching her tits, as the vibrator kept massaging her g-spot, and as Mistress Emma’s voice kept playing in her head. Soon her pussy started squirted and she started to scream as an orgasm ripped through her body. She tired to glance over at Mistress Emma to gauge her reaction but all she could see was the couple purchasing the vibrator that had just made her squirt all over the shop floor.

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