A New Old Friend Ch. 02

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After their first playtime together (see A New Old Friend, Ch. 01) which ended with Jeffrey giving his bound and gagged friend a wonderful, slow hand job, Eric and Jeffrey began to play together on a regular basis. As with the first time, it was usually after golf at Jeffrey’s house.

The two men also e-mailed each other frequently, sharing bondage pictures, pictures of men and women in lovely sweaters. For Eric, though, what really turned him on was their mutual discovery that they had both been fascinated, since they were adolescents, with bondage role-play scenarios of all kinds.

Eric had first known that bondage was going to be a part of his life when he read a Nancy Drew mystery novel in which the plucky teenage heroine found herself bound and gagged by an ‘evil’ couple who had discovered she was snooping on them.

For Jeffrey, it was the “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” TV show which, every week it seemed, had at least one bondage scene involving either a man or a woman or both.

Eric was standing in his kitchen on a rainy, cold morning in early November when the phone rang.

“No golf today,” Jeffrey said.

“No, it sure doesn’t look like it, does it?” Eric replied and he felt a stirring of his cock when he realized what this probably did mean.

“Up for a little fun and games?” Jeffrey asked.

“I usually am, am I not?” Eric said, laughing and getting hard as he thought of a lovely, soft yellow ankle-length mohair sweater dress with an incredibly big turtleneck that Jeffrey had sent him a picture of yesterday, explaining that it had just arrived and it needed a model and would he be interested.

“You are a fine man, my friend,” Jeffrey said, “Ten minutes, adana escort OK? And, sweetie, I have a very nice role-play scene in mind for us.”

It was twenty-five minutes later when their role-play began. Eric had stripped naked and then put on the aforementioned lovely yellow sweater dress. His only additional clothing were two thick white woolen socks. He stood in Jeffrey’s attached garage, counting to one hundred silently.

At that time he was to walk into the house. His role was to be a sweater lady coming home after some kind of an errand. Jeffrey’s role was that of a surprised burglar. The plan was for the scene to be a variation of one Jeffrey had seen at some point or another on TV. To the two friends, all that mattered was that the scene involved bondage in sweaters with a mutually satisfying outcome at the end.

Eric opened the door and walked into the kitchen. As soon as the door shut, Jeffrey’s strong hand was over his mouth.


“Just shut up and do what you’re told,” Jeffrey said, his voice low and menacing.

Eric nodded meekly, feeling the jab of Jeffrey’s finger, a simulated gun of course, in his back.

Jeffrey quickly blindfolded Eric with his favorite black mohair scarf, then pulled his arms behind him and quickly knotted his wrists together with soft, bondage rope—black this time Eric knew.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Eric whimpered.

“I thought I told you to shut up,” Jeffrey said and quickly shoved a pair of panties into Eric’s open mouth.


“Keep those in there,” Jeffrey commanded.

He took his captive’s sweater-covered arm and led the helpless Eric adana escort bayan into his living room. Eric was, nice and gently, he noted, maneuvered onto the couch in a sitting position. He felt rope being wound around his ankles and then knotted. The same was done just below his knees. The he heard first one, then another, ripping sound as two six-inch lengths of black duct tape were torn off the roll and firmly pressed into place over his lips. That will do the trick, he thought to himself, I couldn’t be any more helpless—tightly bound, tape gagged with a panty stuffing, and blindfolded with that wonderful black mohair scarf.

He knew what would come next. Jeffrey loved to run his hands all over a helpless playmate. Eric squirmed and his first touch and mmmmpphhed pitifully into his gag.

“Don’t worry sweetie,” Jeffrey whispered into his ear. “I just need to make sure you are as helpless as possible.”

Eric heard him deviate from the role-play when he laughed when one of his fingers found the rock-hard bulge under the yellow mohair. The younger, helpless man couldn’t believe how lucky he was to found a playmate like Jeffrey. The bondage was inescapable but not painful. The mohair garments were fetish turn-ons for him of the highest order.

He was always more than happy, when the time came, to get down to business with Jeffrey’s cock in his mouth—licking, kissing and sucking his buddy until he came.

And, to top it all off, Jeffrey was always respectful of Eric’s own needs and finished him off just before untying him. Eric did wish, though, that Jeffrey would always give him a blow job. So far, most of the time, Jeffrey had given him escort adana long, slow, well lubricated hand jobs that had left him breathlessly moaning into his gag. He had only been the beneficiary of one blow job so far. Perhaps that would change this morning. Since there would be no golf, Eric knew they were going to try for a double header—two scenes, two different sweaters, two blow jobs for Jeffrey and two ‘somethings’ for Eric.

Eric’s reverie was interrupted by the phone ringing.

Jeffrey said, “I’m sorry, sweetie, but you can’t come to the phone now, you’re all tied up!”

Eric replied with the expected “MMPPPHH!” and some additional squirming and wriggling on the couch. Jeffrey laughed and continued to caress and fondle his helpless playmate. After a couple of more minutes of this, he stood Eric up and the continued caressing him. Eric was surprised when he heard Jeffrey drop to his knees and then begin kissing his mohair-covered cock which was had full attention.

“Well, well, I guess we know what you want, don’t we?”

Eric moaned his response.

“Does my lovely captive know what must be done first?”

Eric nodded.

Jeffrey stood up and the repositioned his helpless friend so that he was on his knees. The he slowly peeled off the two tape strips that had served as a quite effective gag. Finally, he gently took the wet panties out of Eric’s mouth.

“My my!” Jeffrey commented. “These will definitely need to be washed before next time.”

Eric heard his friend drop his sweatpants and knew that a rock-hard cock was waiting for his lips and tongue.

Eric always wondered, as he began by kissing the tip of Jeffrey’s cock, what their buddies in the senior men’s group would think if they saw the two friends during these moments of fun and games. Most would be shocked he was sure, but he was also sure that there were at least a few who would actually be jealous that two men had found such common ground.

(to be continued)

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