A New Fetish Arrives…

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The guy’s profile said, “One specific kink. I’m seriously into it, but I’ll enjoy pretty much anything.”

“One Specific Kink” I’m always curious about what it is. There’s certain things I won’t touch, but you won’t know until you try, right?

My first few messages were the typical warmup back-and-forth, what’s going on, where you at, how’s it going…blah blah blah. He seemed like your regular old dude, a few years older than my thirty eight.

The message I’d been waiting for came up, “So…what’s the one specific kink?”

There was a long pause. I figured I’d scared him off. It happens, right? I closed the app and went through the checkout at the grocery store I’d been shopping at. I loaded the car up, noting that I’d need to replace one of my reusable bags pretty soon.

I got into the drivers’ seat, hit the button and grabbed my phone out, ostensibly to plug it in and listen to tunes. The phone opened up to the app, showing I had two messages. First was, “The Kink…Pee.” Second was, “You interested?”

I’d been in a dry spell with guys for a while. My wife was working on her Master’s and working full time. I saw her one day out of the week, and this wasn’t it. Other than my right hand, I’d been chaste for almost five months. Yeah, the wife had thrown me a pity fuck about a month ago. It’d made me feel like hell.

There could have been one or two encounters. A regular buddy of mine had been in town for a weekend but things hadn’t worked out.

So here it was. An offer for a hookup. I sent him a message, “Yeah, how about an hour? Give us enough time to take a shower and whatnot.”

He sent me a few messages between the store and the house, things like he was into pee, but it wasn’t necessary. He was married, so it would have to be on the DL. He wasn’t much into doing anything oral, would I be OK with that? He was a pretty set top, not much into bottoming.

Things started getting more and more exclusive and I was kind of thinking he didn’t want to hookup about the time I was out of the shower and cleaned up. I looked at my phone the second I was out of the shower to see an address, probably five minutes away.

The house was big. McMansion big. It was sitting back from the main road about 300 feet or so and on the other side of a small copse of pine trees. You could see through them, but you had to know what you were looking for.

There was a garage to the left. It was a large four-car setup, and the door furthest from the house was open. He’d asked me to go there.

I pulled my car up to the door but not in. I got out and walked in to see a small man-cave type setup built in. There was a few toolboxes, a weight bench, a large TV hanging on the wall. It was currently playing some gay fetish flick, a guy was strapped to a St. Andrew’s cross with a machine attached to an uncomfortably large dildo fucking his ass. It wasn’t my thing.

“I just put on something random. Don’t let it intimidate you, I don’t have a cross.” He was a few inches shorter than my 5’11”, quite a few pounds more than my hundred and eighty. I’d say he was somewhat…less than average in the looks department, with a chubby face and bulging eyes, a mustache/goatee combo that was thinner than it needed to be for ‘attractive’. His weight sat down at his stomach, his legs and arms were thin. It gave him this sort of humpty-dumpty look. He was wearing a pair of khakis and a short-sleeve button down, but no socks or shoes.

I wasn’t too concerned about his looks, I’ve had a TON of fun with people who weren’t traditionally attractive or well built.

I reached out my hand and started to introduce myself when he said, “I don’t need to know your name, your screen name is good enough.” He walked past me and shut the garage door. As soon as it hit the floor he started unbuttoning his shirt.

‘This must be one of those get-it-over-with hookups’ I thought and started taking my own clothes off. I’d folded my shirt and pants and set them on top of one of the toolboxes. The summer day outside had been stiflingly hot and the garage, now with the door shut was only slightly less overbearing. He had an air conditioner somewhere that was doing it’s best though.

When everything was off I turned back towards him. He’d just canlı bahis thrown his clothes onto the floor and was standing there, wearing a pair of women’s underwear. They were a silk, light blue and green bikini item that did a fantastically poor job of covering up what looked like a massive cock. Bigger than normal by a lot.

I walked to the center of the room and took a seat on the weight bench. The gent walked over to the toolbox closest to where a CLS was parked, opened up the top drawer and pulled out a big pump bottle of lubricant. “So,” He started, rubbing himself through the silk, “How do you feel about my…uh…fetish?”

I’d only occasionally thought about pee stuff. I’d had a boyfriend in college that got into it when he got drunk, but all it came down to was either me holding his dick when he pissed or vice versa. Once in the shower he’d had an urge and peed on my cock and balls. I’d been pretty ambivalent about the whole thing. It was awesome doing naked things, but the urine thing had been neither here nor there for me.

“I…uh…don’t want to drink it?” I said/asked.

He chuckled, taking a swig of water out of his bottle, offering me one. “No drinking, got it. Anything else?”

I couldn’t think of anything and told him as much. Over the moment or so that had passed, his cock head had broken the top of his waistband. It was thick. It was circumcised, the scar being wider than I was familiar with most of the time. The head itself was a tan-purple and big.

He walked towards me, taking a spot just in front of me. “Let me out of my panties, balls and cock. Suck me when I’m out.”

I pulled the front of the panties down and let him out. His thickness was immediately apparent as it came out, but he wasn’t uniformly thick. It started out girthy and went maybe six inches down and widened even more. I estimated him, mostly hard, at a touch over eight inches. His thickness was just under the size of one of those energy drink cans.

I must have taken too long looking, “I told you to suck it. What are you waiting for?”

My lips went around him immediately. He tasted salty with a little tang of body sweat and…something else. He put his hand on my shoulder as I worked down him, licking and sucking until I hit my gag reflex, some five inches down.

He was paved with veins throughout. There was even a vein across the lower side of his head that I played with as I came back off of him a few times. I did my tried and true method of working on the top four inches or so while using my hand on everything I couldn’t get before my gag reflex fucked the experience up.

However, he wasn’t into that and grabbed my head and pulled me, hard, onto him. I grunted as I convulsed on him, “Yeah, gag on it. You want to gag on it. You like this big dick in your face. Take it.”

I didn’t really, but hey, sucking a dick gets me excited. He consecutively gagged me about three or four times, not enough for me to be sick, but enough for the convulsions.

All at once he put his head from the back of my head to my forehead and pushed me off. As soon as it was free of my mouth he pointed himself at my bare chest and let fly with an almost completely clear stream of piss, “Yeah, oh fuck yeah.” He said, taking my hand that he’d removed from his base and putting it on his shaft.

He cut off the stream as I held it, “Paint yourself with it. Get it everywhere.” I wasn’t sure what he wanted out of it, so I just let him spray my chest, neck and parts of my lower face. I was surprised, honestly, by the fact it didn’t smell like what I was absolutely sure pee smelled like. It didn’t smell like anything.

…He’d let me know later that he’d drunk nothing but water since the moment we’d started chatting, and a lot of it…

He cut himself off at some point and pressed hard back into my mouth. There was a little taste there…I’d known it before, I’d blown my ex’s around the occasional pee break, but this guy was so light as to be almost non existent.

We started an almost duplicate of the last time he’d been in my mouth, with me starting at my pace, following with his hand on my head urging me to gag. He paused again some minutes in, pulled out again and pissed on me, spraying from my jaw and closed lips bahis siteleri down to my seriously erect prick.

One more time we went into an oral situation, this time with him urging me to lick and suck on his balls and around his base, “You like those nuts don’t you, big, fat nuts full of jizz. I’m gonna blow it up your ass. Yeah, deep inside you. You ready for this big dick up your ass?”

I answered in the affirmative, an ‘mmhmm’ from under his shaved sack.

He pulled my head off of him, “Lay down on your stomach right here,” He pointed at the weight bench, “I hope you’re ready for this big dick.”

Thing was, I was mostly ready. When I’d gone home and showered and gotten myself ready, I’d inserted one of my larger plugs. I’d had it in clear until I left the house.

I did as instructed. My legs and arms dangled to either side of the bench as he lifted my hips up and pulled my erection and balls down so they were pointing at the foot of the bench. He took a few steps over to the toolbox, grabbed his lube, and finished the water that was there, opened a second and drank half of that.

He came back to me, squirting a generous helping of the lube on my asscrack. A moment later he moved his hand down and ran a finger along my ring, “You feel like you’re ready. You want this dick? You want it bad, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.” I said. He answered by coming up behind me and pressing himself in towards me. His legs pressed against the backs of mine, his head rolled up along the bottom of my shaft and lined up at my asshole.

I felt him start to spread me open, “Oh yeah, you feel so hot. I’m gonna cum so fast.” He put his hand on my shoulder as I felt the head come in, my sphincter closing down just below it, “Fuck yeah…” he trailed off, “Tight…hot…you’re gonna pull this load right out of me.”

I don’t know what lube he was using but it was effective. I was spreading open easily as he pushed himself further inside. It was only about thirty seconds before I felt his movements get some four inches or so.

His technique was press in then roll back but not actually pull out, then repeat. Every time he’d go in another half inch to inch. My plug earlier had felt just a hair thinner than him, so his presence was a warm, comfortable filling sensation.

When I figured there was about five inches in, I lifted my ass a bit as he pressed in. “Oh, you’re a hungry ass!” He grunted at me, “How do you like it?” He halted, then pushed in hard.

I yelped as at least two inches went into me. It wasn’t as catastrophic as it could have been, but slightly less comfortable than I’d like. It took me maybe fifteen seconds to compensate and start breathing normal. In that time, he’d did his pause/press thing again, giving me another half inch. By my estimate, previously in my face and mouth, I figured I had another inch and a half or so to go. ‘Eight and a quarter’ I kept repeating in my head, ‘Eight and a quarter’.

It took him another three presses before I finally felt his belly and groin on top of my asscheeks. “Oh fuckin’ yeah. All the way in you now. Tell me you like it.”

It wasn’t a stretch, “I like it.”

“Tell me you want it now. Tell me you want it inside you.” He groaned behind me.

It WAS inside me, but I’m always game for your kink, “Yeah, I want it inside me. All the way.”

Turns out, my guess for what ‘It” was ended up being very different than his. He said low, deep, “Yeah, I’m gonna give it to you all the way, and deep. You’re gonna love this.” He made an ‘uhn’ noise a second later.

And I started to fill. I had a few seconds before I realized what was going on and when I did, the thought hit me in the head like a left hook, “Wait…are you?” was all I got out.

Both his hands were now on my traps, next to my neck as he squeezed. Not on my neck but on my shoulders, letting me know he was in charge, “Yeah, take that piss. Feels so GOOD to get it inside you. Yeah…” He growled, “…been wanting this for weeks now.”

He kept talking the entire time he emptied his bladder into me, “Wife won’t do it anymore. Says I got too demanding, I got too into it. You like it though, don’t you? You like this pee up your ass.”

I actually did though. It was like every time bahis şirketleri I prepped myself, except the fluid was body temperature as it hit me and deeper than my nozzles usually went. It was stimulating, comfortable. More than I was usually putting inside me to clean up, but so far, not enough to cramp me up. “Keep going” I said, realizing I might have a new fetish.

“Oh yeah, I’ll keep going…” He began to earnestly fuck me, sliding himself out a good three to four inches before slamming back home, “…I’ll fuck that piss right out of you.You fucking right I will…”

He began a regular motion, pulling out several inches every time then slamming back into me, getting more abusive in his tone as he urged himself on, “Yeah, bitch. Take this piss. Take it into you. You love it don’t you? You’ve always wanted it.”

I began to feel a rush of fluid hit my balls and cock as he’d withdraw. He’d slam home and sometimes a squirt of it would fly back out. Every pull out warm fluid would splatter my equipment underneath us.

When I finally felt the jetting finish, he slumped forward onto me. “So good. Feels so fucking good.” Something in his system caused his balls to flop down, and I felt them on mine. “God DAMN I’ve needed that.”

“I kinda enjoyed it too.” I breathed out against the vinyl.

He pushed himself against my shoulders back to a crouching position behind me, “I really don’t care.”

All at once, he began a fast, rough pumping action at my ass, pulling out about four to five inches and banging home. His now-present balls were slamming onto mine every inward thrust, the sloppy wetness causing my shaved sack and his scruffy one to interact in a somewhat uncomfortable but still exciting way, like an itch that needed to be scratched, and would on the next thrust.

It would occasionally pull more urine out of me, even after I’d thought it’d all been fucked out. I enjoyed the sensation, it was new and absolutely comfortable.

He kept his hands where they were and continued his demanding pace, punctuating every half dozen thrusts with, “Fuck you!” and “Gonna load this ass!” and “Take it up your bitch boy ass!” and a dozen other things.

After what seemed like a half hour of this he slammed home once, “Here it comes.” He pulled back and went into me hard, “Seed you, bitch, right now!” Again he withdrew and banged into me a final time, “FUCKING HERE IT IS!”

I felt him alternately swell and deflate into me, dumping the contents of his balls, which I also felt surge with his heartbeat and dispensing load.

It took him a full twenty seconds to go through the entirety of his orgasm. His ample belly shook as it rested on my ass cheeks and his breath came in gulps and wheezes.

“I’m…I…I’m going to sit back.” He said breathlessly, “When I sit down, I want you to sit up on top of me and jack off til you cum. Can you do that?”

I was virtually ready now. His thrusting and piss on the seat had psuedo-jacked me off already, and the entire process had gotten me dangerously close. I acknowledged him with a ‘yes’.

He sat down and in the process pulled out about six inches. I could tell he wasn’t losing much if any of his hardness as I rolled myself up and then back down onto him. I squirmed a little, making sure the full length of him was inside me.

We were back far enough I could crouch on top of him and not lean on the bench. I began a slow on/off motion, jacking myself to the pace.

“How soon are you going to finish?” He placed a hand on my right hip.

I bounced a few more times, trying to drive him further up, “N..not long. I’m close.”

“I’ve got to piss again. I’m going to. Hope it helps.” He didn’t wait for a reply, just started urinating.

I felt it hit me immediately and at this angle and direction he thrummed against my prostate. It pushed me over the edge and I began shooting thick globs of semen over my hand and the bench. I convulsed over it, enjoying the feeling of being full again.

A minute later I was leaning back on him as best I could. His build kept me from leaning back fully, so I was in a sort of squatting crouch on him. “I could stay like this for hours, you know? Love the feel of an ass loaded with piss around my cock. Love it. Wife won’t do it anymore, she says it’s dirtier than she wants to be.”

“I don’t mind it either.” I said in reply.

He pushed me forward a bit but still on him, “Well if you’re into it, we can do it again.”

We did.

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