a naughty “girl” i was


a naughty “girl” i wasOnce again i had the house to myself, i got online and soon found myself an eager man ready to come plow me. I waited in my black tank and pladd mini skirt, running my hands up and down my thigh highs. Suddenly a knock at the door, i answered the door in a robe. After he came in i relized how big a boy he was. HE was easily 6’6″ and round 250bls, i have to admit i was intimidated. I disrobed in front kırklareli escort of him and a smile came aross his face. MY naughty little outfit had made a rather large buldge in his pants. HE took his time with me, caressing my body and grinding against my ass. eventually he presented me with his cock and what a cock it was… It wasn’t more than 4″ long but the head was so incredibly thick. I wrapped my kırklareli escort bayan lips around the massive tip and attempted to suck the cum right from his big balls. HE held my head and guided me down to the bass until i gagged, i enjoyed that thoroughly. I begged for him to fuck me but he made me wait til he was ready. FInally after sucking his hammer he turned me around. We tried to fit it in escort kırklareli but my tight ass wouldnt take the sheer enorminty of his manhood. I appologized and asked what i could do to make it up to him. “you know what you can do…” he said to me. SO he sat down and i resumed giving him the best head he has ever had. “im gonna come baby,” he moaned “where do you want my load?” I never answered i just continued to suck. HE got the hint, I wanted his hot load on my tongue. “OH OH OH FUCK YEAH!” HIs load hit the back of my throat and proceeded to unload in my mouth. my mouth was full, I looked up at him and swallowed what he gave me. Once again i pleasured myself to the thought of my whore actions.

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