A Mother’s Temptations Pt. 02

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Trevor woke up with a terrible hangover. It wasn’t the first time he used his fake I.D. to get into a bar with his buddies, but he had never drank as much as he did last night. He had just turned 18 and got dumped by his girl. He was feeling down about his breakup, and figured he would drink his thoughts away. His splitting headache was testament to what a mistake that choice was. Last night was a blur, and Trevor didn’t remember much after his 8th shot at the bar. Somehow he got home, got his clothes off, and got to bed. The only memory he had, was of the dream he had that he was fucking his ex-girlfriend Sandra. The dream felt so real, and she felt better than ever. He wished all his sexual dreams were that lifelike.

Trevor had to do something about his headache. He got up and saw his shirt on the floor next to his bed. As he picked it up and put it on, he noticed a few feet away, a pair of panties. Sandra hadn’t been over since they broke up, so he was confused. Trevor picked up the pair of panties to get a closer look. The definitely weren’t Sandra’s. They looked like one of his mother’s pairs. There was one way he could make sure. He turned them inside out, and put the crotch up to his nose, and took a deep breath. Right then he knew they belonged to his mother. Trevor had been smelling, and jacking off with his mother’s dirty panties for years, and he loved her amazing scent. The question he had was, why were her panties in his room.

Trevor put the panties under his pillow, for later use, and walked to the kitchen to get something to help with his hangover. As he turned into the kitchen, he saw his mother making coffee. She was facing away from him, and Trevor took a moment to look her up and down, like he did every chance he got. At 45, Julia looked incredible to Trevor. He was attracted to older women, but for him, none compared to his own sexy mother. She has medium length, slightly curly, dark brown hair. She has a slim figure, with just a little bit of a belly. Her breasts are only b-cups, and sagging a bit from her age, but has very perky nipples. Her butt had always been petite, and she still does a lot of glute exercises to keep it toned. Trevor loved every inch of his mother’s body, but especially loved her thin legs and her pretty feet. She had perfect toes and arches, perfect for someone with a foot fetish like him.

Julia was only a pair of panties, and a silk tank top. As Trevor stood there drooling over his mother’s sexy body, he realized he had gotten an erection, and it had popped out of the front of his boxers. He quickly tucked it back in, and just in time, as in that moment, Julia turned around and saw Trevor standing in the doorway.

“Trevor, you startled me! Why didn’t you tell me you were there?”

Trevor stumbled a little, before replying nervously.

“I uh. I was… I just have a bad headache mom.”

“And why do you think you have a headache, young man?!”

It was clear she knew he had gotten drunk, and Trevor knew it was pointless to deny it.

“I’m sorry mom. I went out with the guys, and I’ve just been really bummed about my breakup with Sandra, and I drank way too much. I don’t remember anything about last night, and now I have a hangover, so I just want to get some water, something for my headache, and then go lie down a bit longer.”

Julia gave her son a stern look.

“Just promise me you won’t do that again?!”

“I won’t mom, I promise.”

“OK baby. Come over her and I’ll pour you some water.”

Trevor walked over to his mom, and she poured him a big glass of water, and gave him a pill for his headache. Trevor took two big swigs and downed all the water and the pill. He put the glass down, and looked at his mother. He realized she was looking downwards, with her mouth agape. He looked down to see what she was staring at, and it was then he realized that his erection was still full, and it was partially sticking out from the right leg of his loose boxers. Embarrassed, Trevor looked back up at his mother’s face, ready to apologize profusely. His mother was still staring at his crotch, and then Trevor saw her slightly lick bakırköy escort her lips.

“Mom, I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize…I didn’t know…”

Her trance broken, Julia looked up at her son, cutting him off.

“It’s ok baby boy. No need to be embarrassed. I used to see you naked all the time when you were little,” she said with a smile.”

Trevor was starting to turn red, and he wanted to get out of there.

“I gotta go mom. I’m gonna go lie down.”

Trevor hurried to his room, and Julia heard his door close. The sight of his beautiful, fat cock head, sticking out of his shorts made her extremely wet. In that moment, she had so badly wanted to drop to her knees, and start nursing on his cock. It took everything in her not to. Now that her son had gone to his room, she couldn’t help but slip her right hand into her panties and started playing with her sensitive clit. She moaned, and pictured her son fucking her mouth, and making her gag on it. It didn’t take long for Julia to cum. She had many ore orgasms in her, and she went to her room to fantasize more about her son, and finger herself.

Trevor had gotten right into bed, dreading what had just happened. His mother had seen part of his erect cock, and he was afraid she would be telling his father. But then again, she had told him it was OK, so maybe she would keep it between them. She didn’t seem angry at all, and the more he thought about it, she seemed to have stared at it for quite a while, and he could swear he saw her lick her lips. Quickly though, he told himself that was just his wishful thinking. He decided not to think about it anymore. He did have one more thing to take care of though. His erection wasn’t going away, and neither were the sexual thoughts of his mother. Trevor hadn’t gotten the chance to ask his mother about her panties he found in his room. He would have to ask her about it later, but for now, he retrieved them from under his pillow. He put them right on his face, and breathed them in deep, as he stroked his big cock.

Julia laid in her bed, fingering her pussy, vigorously, thinking about last night, and her son’s cock in her. She couldn’t get over the feeling. She had never in her life been fucked that good, or given such powerful orgasm. Her son nearly split her in two with the massive oak he had between his legs. She wanted that again. She wanted it again, over and over forever. Her husbands cock would never do. No other cock would do, and her fingers wouldn’t do. Her son was 18, but she still saw him as her baby boy, and she needed her baby boy’s cock in her, more than anything. Julia got up, and walked out of her room.

As she reached Trevor’s door, she paused outside to listen if he was snoring. What she heard made her already wet pussy, drip. She could hear Trevor moaning, and a couple times heard him say “mommy.” Any sense of hesitation was gone, and she slowly opened the door. Trevor was lying on his bed, completely naked, stroking his big, beautiful cock. Julia’s first instinct was to run over to the bed, and start devouring his cock. She wanted it in her mouth so badly, and once he gave her his sweet cum again, she would ride him as hard and fast as she could.

Julia slowly tiptoed to the side of Trevor’s bed. When she got there, she saw that Trevor had wrapped his head inside a pair of her panties.

“Oh my god!” She thought to herself.

“I forgot my panties here last night, and he found them! But why is he wearing them on his head?!”

Just then, Julia remembered reading that some young boys enjoy smelling their mother’s dirty panties, and using them when they masturbate. But this was her son. Was this the first time he had used her panties like this? Did he enjoy her smell? Was he attracted to her, the way she was attracted to him? These were all questions she asked herself.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Trevor whisper something. He said,

“Mommy, I want to taste your pussy so bad. Let me lick it please.”

Julia couldn’t believe her ears. Her son was lost in fantasy, and in that fantasy, he was beşiktaş escort begging her to let him eat her pussy. Julia nearly came right then and there just hearing her little boy saying these things, while stroking his perfect cock. She new there was no going back, and she knew what she had to do. She moved right up next to Trevor’s head and snatched her panties off his head. Startled, Trevor’s whole body trembled.

“Mom, what are you doing in here?!”

Julia put a finger to her lips, and shushed him. He tried to get up, but she put her hand on his chest and pushed him back down.

“You were wearing my panties on your head, and I heard what you were saying. You are a dirty boy aren’t you? You want to taste and smell mommy’s sweaty pussy, don’t you?”

Trevor tried nervously to reply, “No mom, no! I…”

Julia once again put a finger to her lips and shushed him.

“Yes you do. You want mommies pussy, and you know what baby? Mommy wants to give you her pussy, and I know you are very, very hungry.”

Julia took her tank top off, and tossed it on the floor. She then put her right knee on the bed next to Trevor’s head. She then swung her left knee over, and planted it on the other side of his head. Trevor was frozen, not understanding what was going on. His mother was now straddling his head, with her pussy just inches from his face. He had dreamed about eating his mother out so many times, but was this actually happening? Was she really letting him do this.

Julia looked down at her son, and he looked up at her perfect breasts, and gorgeous face. She reached down and started stroking his hair.

“Mommy is giving you her pussy baby. I want you to taste me long, and taste me deep. Will you do that for mommy?”

Whether this was really happening, or another realistic dream like last night, Trevor was going to enjoy it as much as he could.

“Yes mommy, I will do anything you ask. Anything you want.”

Julia’s juices were already dripping on his cheeks, and she couldn’t wait any longer. “That’s a good boy,” was all she said, as she lowered her self onto her son’s face. Trevor took a moment to take a deep breath of his mother’s pussy, the smell stronger, and more amazing than her panties ever were. Nothing beat getting to inhale the scent of his mother, directly from her. He then readied himself, for his longtime fantasy to come true. He stuck his tongue out, and lightly licked her outer pussy lips.

Julia moaned, and stared down at her beautiful boy, as he tasted her for the first time. It was just her pussy lips, but the sensation drove her crazy. Trevor repeated the same gentle licks several more times, before pressing his tongue slightly harder, parting her lips, tasting her labia, lapping up her juices, and swallowing them down. Julia was in ecstasy, and grabbed the hair on the top of her son’s head, as he devoured her pussy.

Trevor ate out his mom, like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. Every outer and inner inch of her pussy was being tasted by his tongue. He had never tasted anything more delicious in his life, than his own mother’s pussy juices. He had a thought about how wonderful it would be to drink her juices everyday for breakfast.

Julia marveled at what an amazing pussy eater her baby boy was. The only part he hadn’t licked yet was her clitoris. She reached down with her right hand, and spread the top of her lips.

“Baby, lick mommy’s clitty please. Mommy needs it so bad.”

Trevor adjusted himself, and began slowly licking his mother’s little clit. He rolled around his tongue, and sucked it a couple times, before setting a medium pace of licking it up and down. This made Julia start moaning loader than ever. She began bucking her hips back and forth, riding her sons face, her juices covering him from forehead to chin.

“That’s it baby! Mommy’s boy is such a good pussy eater! The best pussy eater! How does mommy’s pussy taste?!”

Trevor face was smothered by his mother’s soaked pussy, so all she could hear was him moaning his response into her pussy. Rocking back and forth, she had been trying beylikdüzü escort to ho;d off her orgasm to make it last longer, but she couldn’t hold out anymore. Her moans now turned to screams of pleasure, and she rode his face even harder, as he licked her clit as hard and fast as he could. Julia had a nice surprise for her son, as he didn’t know she was a squirt-er.

“I’m gonna cum baby, are you ready? Are you ready for mommy to cum on your face?!”

All Trevor could sound out was a muffled, “Yes mommy.”

“That’s a good boy! Now open your mouth wide for mommy.”

Trevor did as his mother asked, and opened wide. Julia lifted her self up slightly and began to rub her own clit rapidly.

“Here it comes sweetie. I hope you are hungry.”

Trevor nodded yes, and waited, mouth open even wider.

With a scream of “Oh God Yes!,” Julia’s orgasms exploded, and a stream of her juices shot onto Trevor’s face, the first stream hit him in the eyes and nose, and Julia quickly adjusted herself, so the next several squirts went into his mouth. The last few squirts hit him on the chin, and neck. After she was done, Julia collapsed down, her pussy once again smothering her son. A few seconds later, she started to lift herself up, ready to get off her son’s face, but Trevor grabbed her hips. Julia looked down at her boy.

Trevor, with his face covered in her cum, said one thing to her.

“Not yet mommy, I’m not done.”

With that, Trevor slide his body down just slightly, grabbed each side of her butt cheeks with his thumbs, and spread them open. Realizing what he was about to do, Julia was in shock. No man she had ever been with was into ass eating, and her son was about to give her a rim job, maybe more.

“Baby, maybe I should shower before…”

Julia was interrupted as Trevor began licking the rim of her asshole. This made Julia moan, as for the first time, a tongue was gliding around her asshole. Julia instantly loved it. The sensation of having her butt devoured was like none she had ever experienced. It didn’t hurt that her son was an expert with his tongue. Julia felt guilty though that she was receiving all the pleasure. She tapped Trevor on the head and told him to wait a moment. She rotated herself around and moved herself down his body, into 69 position.

“Now eat mommy’s ass again, while I suck your horse cock.”

Trevor pulled her ass down hard and buried his tongue as deep in his mother’s asshole, as it could go. This caught Julia off guard, and she loved it. It was such a turn on how into her, her son was. She grabbed his giant cock and began sucking it, and bobbing her head up and down. She could tell her son was about to cum, and she couldn’t wait to feel her son’s cum coating her throat.

Trevor was enjoying eating his mother’s ass so much, he was moaning loudly. He didn’t want to cum already, but he couldn’t hold out. As he came, he feverishly licked his mother’s anus, trying to get as much of the taste as he could. Julia, meanwhile, was loving having her mouth filled with her son’s incestuous cum, once again. She swallowed each blast from his canon, as fast as she could, loving having his warm goo, slowly slide down her throat. Julia continued nursing his cock until every drop of cum had been sucked out, and he started softening.

Julia turned around and collapsed nest to her son, placing her hand on his muscular chest. The looked at each other’s eyes, and after a few moments, began to kiss passionately. Their tongues intertwined, and danced. It wasn’t a normal french kiss. It was a kiss of lovers. After a few minutes, their lips finally parted. Trevor looked at his mother, and hesitated for a moment, before speaking.


Julia interrupted him right away.

“Please baby, call me mommy.”

“Of course mom…I mean mommy. Mommy…Mommy I’m in..”

Just then, his sister Amy’s voice hollered out from the living room.

“Where is everybody? Hellooooo!”

Julia leaped off the bed and put her tank top on, then grabbed her panties Trevor had been wearing on face earlier, and put them on. She walked to the door, stopped, and turned around with a lustful smile. Trevor leaped to his feet, and went over to his mother, planting one more deep kiss on her mouth, their tongues once again caressing. Julia then left the room to go let her daughter know she was home. Trevor smiled, knowing this was only the beginning.

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