A Mother’s Love Ch. 09

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Big Tits

Justin’s eyes moved back and forth, taking in the scene before him. I knew he had expected something different, but obviously not this. Had I not been so intent on my plans for the night, I would have laughed at the look on his face! I let him stand there gaping for a few minutes, then snapped my fingers to get his attention. He started slightly at the sound, but focused on me. I pointed one forefinger, tipped with a blood red nail, at the floor at my feet. “Get over here, my son, and kneel.” Justin hesitated for a moment, then moved toward me, still unsure of what to expect from his normally mild mannered mother. He dutifully dropped to his knees before me, and looked up. I felt the same surge of sexual power that had rushed over me in the shop earlier that day, and I drew in a deep breath, pushing my breasts up and close to popping out of the cups of my bodice. I put a hand on Justin’s head and pulled him toward my crotch.

“Unfasten my garment between my legs and eat my pussy, boy. Eat it well, or the pretty slave shall pay.” I tried to sound menacing, but wasn’t sure I succeeded. Despite my uncertainty at my performance, my son did as I commanded, unfastening the snaps between my thighs and burying his face in my crotch. I felt his mouth covering me and his tongue invading my most intimate parts. I ground against his face, urging him on, and began speaking to our lovely ‘captive’ on the bed. “Oh, my lovely little one, how good Justin’s mouth feels on my pussy. His tongue is perfect on my clit as he teases it. You’d love to feel someone’s mouth on your sweet pussy now, wouldn’t you?”

“Ohhhhhh. . .yes, Mistress.” Darcy breathed, her breasts heaving, no doubt aching for attention.

“Mmmmm. . .yes, oh yes, son. Eat Mommy’s pussy. Eat it good. Make Mommy cum for you.” Justin’s hands grabbed my hips and he worked my clit, sucking it, then he slid his tongue over my nether lips. Each drop of nectar that fell was caught by his eager mouth. I gripped his hair, pulling on it rather hard and hearing him grunt with pain, but I didn’t care at the moment. Everything felt too good to let him stop. “Oh, Darcy, my sweet girl, my son’s mouth is wonderful. He’s eating my pussy. He’s licking and sucking every inch of me. His own mother. Isn’t that horribly dirty?” I watched her squirming on the bed and knew my words were turning her on as much as they were me. She longed to touch her own clit and rub herself to climax, but she couldn’t. “So dirty. So bad. Justin’s a bad boy. Eating his Mommy’s pussy like this. Making her feel so good. . .”

Justin moaned into my slit, and I knew my words were turning him on now as much as they were Darcy and me. “You like being a dirty boy, don’t you son? You like for Mistress to make you eat her pussy, especially since she’s your Mommy, don’t you?” He moaned again, and another surge of raw power coursed through me. “You want to fuck my pussy though, don’t you, my son? You want to fuck your own Mommy. Shame, shame, shame. Well, you have to earn it. You have to earn the right to fuck this pussy. I think first you need to watch me fuck that sweet little slave on the bed with my big vibrator. Before that though, you need to make me cum. Right now!” I jerked his hair, and then his tongue pushed into me as hard as he could make it, and I felt my climax gush forth. My knees buckled slightly and if his hands hadn’t been on my hips, I would have dropped to the floor. I felt as if my orgasm would never subside, but it finally did, and I regained my composure.

“Come to the bed with me, my son, and hand me the vibrator.” Justin complied willingly, smiling slightly. He reached for the lube, but I stopped him. “Oh, no, slaves don’t get lube.” Both sets of eyes widened slightly as both Justin and Darcy watched me pick up the ten inch long and 2 inch thick phallus that sat waiting. I stroked it lovingly. “Lick her nipples, son. Don’t do anything else, but lick her nipples.” He sat down on the bed and ran his tongue lightly over first one, then the other. “Make her beg for it, boy. Give her no mercy. Lick and suck her nipples, but don’t let her cum.” With my permission granted, Justin began feasting on each rosebud that peeked up at him. I knew just how sensitive those hard buds were, and I knew this was going to drive our girl crazy in a very good way. I could see her pussy lips glistening as her juices were flowing freely. I took the vibrator and slid it along her slippery cleft, making her gasp. I pressed it against her clit for just a moment, eliciting a shriek from her luscious mouth.

“Oh dear, we can’t have that noise, now can we? Justin, my son, fuck her mouth with your cock while you work on her nips. Make her suck you with all she’s got. Little slave, don’t you dare let him cum either, or you’ll feel my wrath!” Again, I wasn’t sure how well I did at being commanding, but they were both obeying. Justin took just enough time to unzip his fly and pull his cock out, then he positioned himself over Darcy’s mouth and buried his cock to the hilt, resuming his work on her nipples. sarıyer escort She was moaning around his thickness, and I could hear the wet slurping sounds as he thrust in and out of her delicious mouth. I began to tease her again with my toy, sliding it up and down against her soft pussy lips and then letting it kiss her clit for mere seconds before removing it. She was gushing now, but she still was held back from the release she had to be craving. Justin was enjoying the feel of Darcy’s talented mouth and tongue around him, and I could sense him straining not to release yet.

“You two are obeying so nicely, ” I purred, “I think I’ll give my son a treat. Raise up for a moment, dear.” I dipped the phallus into Darcy’s puss for just a split second and then raised it up toward Justin’s mouth. “Suck her juices from it, my darling, and tell me how good she tastes.” He never stopped thrusting into her mouth as he did as he was told, obediently opening his mouth and letting me feed the large cock to him. It was incredibly erotic to me for some reason to see the false cock buried in my son’s mouth and watching him work to get all of our pretty toy’s taste off of it. A momentary flash of what he would look like sucking a real cock popped into my head, making my knees weak. When he had cleaned every drop of Darcy’s nectar from the toy, he spoke softly.

“She tastes wonderful, Mistress Casey.” I gave him an approving look and nodded.

“I shall have to see for myself then.” I knelt on the bed between Darcy’s spread thighs and leaned down, blowing lightly on her nether lips. I could smell her warm arousal begging me to come and partake of her, and I listened to the call. I leaned in and dragged my tongue slowly over her pussy lips, making her scream around Justin’s thick root again. I laughed softly, and repeated the move, then paused to command my son to go back to licking Darcy’s nipples. I knew they both wouldn’t last too much longer without exploding. As his tongue slid over her hard buds again, I lapped slowly with loving strokes at the tender flesh before me. Her hips were bucking even as she tried to fight the urge to cum, but she was lost the moment I began tongue fucking her. Her orgasm made Justin explode into her mouth as well. I ate her out good and proper, forcing her into wave after wave of ecstasy. After a very long time, both of them semi-collapsed, glistening with sexual perspiration and glowing from the rush they had just experienced. I let them rest for a few moments, then told Justin to get a bottle of water from the fridge. He complied, and when he returned, gave Darcy a drink then took one himself. I allowed them to drink a bit of water, then commanded him to put it aside. He looked at me quizzically, but complied.

“You two have been very obedient. . .to a point. I gave neither of you permission to cum, now did I?” I tried to sound peeved but in reality I was so aroused by all the sexual play, I could scarcely stand it. They shook their heads slowly, looking a bit abashed, even though all of us knew they couldn’t have controlled their bodies’ reactions at that point. I knew full well they had held themselves from release as long as they were physically capable, but I had a feeling a real Domme wouldn’t let them get away with it, so I didn’t intend to either. “Well, you two shall have to pay for your insolence then. Justin, get between my little slave’s thighs. When you do, I want you to start licking her pussy. Drag your tongue along her nether lips as slowly as you possibly can and after every five strokes of your tongue, I want you to nibble and suck on her clit. As you’re doing that, I’m going to suck your sweet cock until you’re nice and hard again, and then you’re going to fuck me until I cum, while you keep eating Darcy’s puss. If either of you cum from this, unless I give you permission, you’ll pay even more dearly.” I thought I was beginning to sound more stern, and I liked it.

Justin did as he was told, positioning himself between Darcy’s creamy thighs and letting his talented tongue slide out and along her outer folds. I smiled at the gasp that slipped from her lips. I watched with pleasure for a few moments as he did as I commanded. I had never seen a pussy licked quite so slowly before in my entire life. It was delicious to watch. I glanced at his cock and saw it twitching and growing and smiled again. Darcy gave a little cry of pleasure as my son’s lips touched her clit, giving soft little nibbles of teasing glory before sucking the hard nub between them. His tongue slid into her wet hole as he did so. After watching for a few more moments, I got onto the bed beside him, and took the spongy head of his thick tool between my lips, sucking gently. He moaned into Darcy’s pretty pussy, and his tongue slid into her again. Enjoying myself thoroughly, I sucked him deeply into my mouth and throat. Justin tasted delicious as always, and I loved the feel of him in my mouth. I gently teased his balls and esenyurt escort could feel them tighten. He was already fighting his body’s need to release. I made a humming sound as I slid my mouth up and down on him and could feel him strain even more.

Feeling that he was hard as steel encased in my mouth, I released him and sat up. Darcy’s eyes were closed and she was biting her lip, clearly fighting her urgent need to cum. I wondered what she was thinking to keep herself in check. Determined to drive them both over the edge again, so I could play with them some more in this manner, I positioned myself above Justin’s thick rod and then slammed down onto him, taking him to the hilt. I sat still momentarily, joined to my son in the most intimate embrace one can share, letting him feel every inch of himself buried in me. I tightened my inner muscles, squeezing him and releasing him rhythmically, forcing him closer to the edge. Still he resisted, as did Darcy. I began speaking in a low, husky tone. “Oh, Justin, son. . .your cock feels so good deep inside Mommy’s pussy. How long did you dream about fucking your Mommy, you bad boy? How long did you want to stick it in me before it happened? You’re so dirty. And to do this with your own Mommy and your girlfriend. . .that’s so bad. . .” They were both groaning slightly, the idea of being so depraved turning them on almost too much to bear. “You’re such a good lover, son. Isn’t he a good lover, Darcy? Doesn’t his mouth feel good on your cunt? Is your clit on fire from his lips? Don’t you want to cum, sweet girl?” I was amazed that they were managing to hold it together still.

I began moving on top of Justin, my pussy wet and slick around him. His hips were moving in conjunction with mine, so I knew it wouldn’t take much. Darcy’s head was thrown back in abandon and her nipples were straining into the air, begging for a mouth on them. As I fucked myself on Justin’s tool, I leaned over and sucked each one hard, making her mewl with her need. Suddenly, my mouth joined Justin’s between her thighs, kissing him around her clit and they both exploded, screaming in ecstasy. Their release shot me into the wave of orgasm as well, and I cried out my own release into the gushing pussy beneath me. Justin shot stream after stream of hot seed deep into my belly, and Darcy was weeping with relief beneath our joined bodies. Time seemed to stop as we all came and came and came, and then we slid back to earth, limp against one another. We lay there on the bed for a very long time, before I raised my head. None of us had moved, so Justin’s face was still buried between his lover’s thighs and his cock was still inside me, a very pleasant sensation. I felt energized and still hornier than ever, so I decided one more round of lovemaking was in order, especially since they had disobeyed me and allowed themselves to cum without permission. I writhed against Justin slightly, grabbing his tight ass and squeezing. “Mom. . .” he mumbled slightly in protest, not even opening his eyes. Grinning mischievously, I slapped his ass cheek hard, making him jump. Darcy gave a little cry when his lips brushed her pussy lips, and I realized she was very sensitive at this point. Even better!

“I am not ‘Mom’ to you right now, boy, and don’t you forget it.” This time my tone sounded imperious even to me, and I was pleased. I was apparently getting the hang of this Domme stuff! “You and my pretty little slave disobeyed me again. I did not give either of you permission to cum. Now you will pay for that.” Their eyes opened slowly, watching me warily.

I slid off of my son and picked up the vibrator again. I rubbed it between my breasts and gave it a slow lick. I could still taste Darcy on it faintly, and that made me suck it, wanting to get all of her taste that I could, then laid the toy back down for the moment. I looked both of them over hungrily. Those ripe bodies were glowing with perspiration and the flush of good sex. My voice was rough as I commanded Justin to lay back on the bed beside Darcy. I got in between the two of them and I began petting them softly, speaking to them in a passion-roughened voice. “The two of you, my beautiful slaves, are going to lie here on the bed and I am going to touch and kiss you as I please. You are not to move the entire time I am doing this. If you move, it shall continue until you can lie without moving. Then the next phase of your punishment shall commence. Do you understand?” They nodded, and I frowned.

“Yes, Mistress Casey.” Their voices were a bit shaky, and I smiled silkily.

“Good.” I leaned over and took Darcy’s mouth and kissed her thoroughly, my tongue invading and plundering her mouth. She was gasping by the time I was done. I kissed my son the same way, taking charge of his mouth and dominating him, until I could feel his body tremble. I sat up and began kissing my way over his chest, stopping to lick his nipples and suck them, then kissing my way downward. I stroked his hair, then his balls, as I took avrupa yakası escort his quickly hardening cock in my mouth and sucked him to readiness. Turning so that my pussy was facing my son, I began kissing and sucking Darcy’s sweet nipples lovingly. I could feel Justin’s breath on my pussy lips and I knew he was fighting not to lean over and start working my cunt with his lips. Teasing him, I moved them even closer as I teased Darcy’s delicious rosebud nips. His breath came faster, but he didn’t move, to his credit. I then moved away from him and nestled my face in our girl’s delectable womanhood, as I now pushed my wet pussy in her face, waiting to see if she would give in. Even when I brushed her lips with my own nether lips, she didn’t move, and I was impressed. I tongue fucked her tightness again, and felt every crevice of her puss with my tongue. I sucked her clit and teased her perineum. She trembled but made not one move.

I moved back and forth between the two of them until I felt they had passed the ‘test’ I was giving them, and then I felt it was time for the next and final stage of their punishment. “You two have done very well and I am pleased. However, your punishment must be finished. If you can do as you are told you will be rewarded with release this time. If not, then you shall be teased again, and left to go to sleep unsatisfied.” Picking the vibrator up again, I stroked it lovingly, dragging it along Darcy’s dripping cunny. “Justin, take the extra pillows and prop our girl’s hips up. She’ll need to be raised a bit for this.” He did as he was told, raising her ass and hips up off the bed. “Very good. Now, get this good and wet for me.” I offered the phallus and he raised an eyebrow, but obediently began sucking and licking the toy, again giving me a vision of his mouth around a real cock and my pulse throbbing with longing. When I deemed it moist enough, I took it back and slid it into my pussy for a few moments, then pulled it out. “Lick it, girl,” I commanded, and Darcy did as she was told. “Now, Justin, you are going to fuck this girl until she screams for mercy. Take the vibrator and fuck her little cunt with it and take your cock and fuck her tight ass with that.” They both looked at me, surprised at my command, then Justin grinned. Darcy looked a little alarmed, even after I handed him the lube. I wasn’t about to let him hurt her, even though I knew it would stretch her a bit.

“Pour the lube in your hands and stroke yourself with it. Get yourself nice and hard, son. If you do well, maybe you can fuck my ass too.” Justin growled slightly and soon his hard rod was slick with the glistening liquid. “Now. . .” I hissed and Justin slid both his cock and the vibrator into Darcy’s trembling body at the same time. He moved his body and the toy in perfect time together, his eyes fastened on Darcy’s face. She was slightly frightened at first, but it didn’t take long for her to relax and soon she was moaning and begging. I began rubbing my clit and talking to them. “Oh, yes, fuck her good, son. Fuck Darcy’s hot slutty pussy. God, what a slut she must be to like this so much. I bet she’d love to have a whole group of men to fuck her right now. Maybe we should bring some in. . .they could fuck my little slave whore.” They were more turned on than ever by what I was describing. “Yes, just think, we could eat their cum out of her pussy together. Or I could while you fuck me. Would you like that son?” I leaned forward suddenly sliding my middle finger gently into his asshole, finding the prostate and stroking. “Cum for me, my loves,” I said. “Do it now. Give yourselves release.”

It was a good thing we had no neighbors, for the screams that rent the air of the bedroom were unbelievably loud. Someone might have thought there was a murder going on if they had heard! They were both sobbing and gasping by the time their climax was over and I let them rest, simply sitting on the bed and watching them. They were both so beautiful and alive in their passion for one another and for me. I felt a surge of love for both of them, and stroked their hair gently. I smiled tenderly at their exhausted forms and started to rise from the bed to let them rest, when Justin’s arm snaked out and his hand firmly clasped my wrist. “Oh, no, Mistress. You’re not going anywhere just yet.” His voice was deep and rough and when I looked at him, his eyes were dark. A thrill went through me as I realized he was about to take over. I pretended outrage and struggled, but he pulled me toward him, and crushed my lips with his own. I whimpered, and he reached into my bodice and pinched my nipples. “Free the girl.” He kept his hand upon my wrist and guided that hand in conjunction with the other to free Darcy’s wrists then pulled me to him as she freed her ankles. Now they were looking at me with a hungry expression. “You are ours now, Mistress Whore.”

Justin shoved me back to the bed and wasted no time in removing my clothes, baring me to their lips and touch. Soon they were suckling my nipples and Darcy had the vibrator thrusting into my pussy, making me climax again and again. They ate me out hungrily, taking turns, and once together. Justin took my ass, thrusting hard into the warm tightness as Darcy again fucked my pussy with the vibrator. They moved again and again to my nipples, feasting on them as if they would never have enough. “Oh, yes,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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