A Mother with Benefits Ch. 01

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This is my first story. It originally included interesting facts or “pop ups” sprinkled throughout. Following mixed reviews, I decided to move them. Now they appear after the end of the story.

I hope you enjoy it.

This is a work of fiction and all characters are eighteen or older.


The Cleaver family had seemed ideal. It consisted of Ward who was a physician and his wife June who was a registered nurse. She had become a full time homemaker when they had their son Theodore. They had been very close and spent a lot time together when Theodore was young. June was quite the cook and the family enjoyed sitting down each evening for dinner. Not only was the food good, it also gave them time to share the events of the day and discuss them.

When Theodore got older his mother returned to nursing. The family tradition of sitting down to dinner was so special for them that they hired a housekeeper, not only to free up June to work, but so she could continue to prepare home cooked meals. They were active in the community and scouting. June had been a den mother and Theodore had earned the rank of Eagle, just like his dad.

Theodore had been an excellent student until he seemed to have just given up on life. Each day he went up to his room immediately after school and closed the door. When he was asked to join the family for dinner, he would load up his plate and eat in his room. He stayed up to all hours on the computer doing heavens knows what. He didn’t even date.

Besides school and food, the only things Theodore came out of his room for were taking their dog Buddy for a run and swimming in their pool. The whole family enjoyed swimming to the point where they invested in an in-ground lap pool thinking it would be great exercise. Theodore swam like a fish and enjoyed it. Before his life went to crap, he had been on his high school swim team and was a Swimming and Water Rescue Instructor at summer camp.

The most challenging task of the day for June was to drag Theodore out of bed and get him to school. No matter how early she started, he missed his bus more often than not and she would have to drive him. Once he got to school he would lay his head down on his desk and sleep. His parents arranged for his teachers to move him to the front of the class and it worked for a while. Then he started up again and his teachers gave up, just allowing him to sleep.

It seemed that Theodore lacked all motivation. His parents told him that he had to get an education or he would never get a job. His answer was that there are no jobs anyway, so why try. He knew older kids that made all the right moves. In the end, all they accomplished was to amass student loans and ultimately not get a job anyway. “They’re living with their parents doing nothing, so I’m just getting a head start and think of all the money I’m saving,” he would say.

His parents racked their brains trying to figure something out. June asked her husband, “You were a top student, what motivated you?”

Ward replied, “I didn’t open a book in middle school and was able to pass, just like Theodore. That changed when my father told me that my ass was out of the house at 18 unless I went to college and did well. I was scared shitless and understood that I needed to have a skill someone would pay me for. We could do the same, but I don’t like to bluff. Are we prepared to toss him out into such a bad economy?”

“Did anything else motivate you?” June asked.

“Well, once I made the honor roll I was hooked. I liked the prestige and the perks. Everyone is proud of you and you get sex,” Ward explained.

“Holy crap Ward, how in the world did you get sex for good grades?”

“I was a nerd in high school and didn’t do well with girls. After I straightened up, I took every math and science class the school offered and still maintained straight A’s. Once that became common knowledge, I became a ‘catch’ and got some dates and sex. Sometimes I think the girl’s parents liked me more than the girl did. Think about it. I was a clean cut Eagle Scout with straight A’s and a bright future. Who would you want for your daughter?”

“That’s terrible Ward.”

“If we had a daughter wouldn’t you like it if she married someone like Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin?”

“Yes, but…”

“Look, you play the hand you’re dealt and I did the best I could with what I had. I never lied to them. That was taken care of by the feminist movement. Before my time you had to say you loved them and would marry them to get into their pants. It was even called ‘premarital sex.’ The radical feminists changed all that. According to them marriage was a trap for women to keep them from having a career and fulfillment. ‘Keeping them barefoot and pregnant’ was the expression they used. I never even had to say that I liked them.”

June was horrified and said, “You told me that you loved me and took my virginity.”

“None of them were virgins. I wasn’t that bad. I told you I loved you because I did and you took my virginity too.”

“How güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in the world do you figure that I deflowered you Ward?”

“I lived in a small town and those girls wanted to get married. If I knocked up one of them, it would have been over. I would have had to marry them. Since I couldn’t trust them, I used a condom each and every time. The first time I didn’t use a condom was on our honeymoon and that’s when you deflowered me.”

“So you didn’t trust me until after we were married?” June asked.

Ward smiled and said, “I didn’t trust you even then. It just wouldn’t have been a calamity if you got pregnant because I do love you. I wanted to have kids and share my life with you. Using a condom all the time had a benefit other than ‘safe sex’ too. It kept things fresh for me. Going bareback for the first time ever on our honeymoon got me so excited, I was a sex machine.”

“I noticed. I was there,” June grinned. “Don’t be so pleased with yourself, your trip down memory lane doesn’t help us with the problem at hand.”

“The point I was making is that sex is a powerful motivator for young men. Testosterone is a terrible burden,” Ward laughed.

“I’m sure it is, but what are we going to do about our son?”

“Hey, you’re an attractive woman,” her husband announced abruptly.

“I’m glad you think so.”

“No, I mean yes. What I’m trying to say is that maybe you could motivate him,” Ward explained.

“That’s ridiculous,” June said matter-of-factIy. “I can’t even motivate him to get out of bed when I’m screaming at him.”

“Maybe you could if you showed him some cleavage,” Ward suggested. “You never show any. You don’t even own a two piece swimsuit.”

June had a couple of reasons for dressing conservatively.

The first was that she had large breasts just like her mother and religiously wore heavy duty sports bras whenever she was vertical. The only exceptions were when she was in the shower or in the bedroom. Her mother’s breasts sagged a great deal and June was remarkably motivated to avoid, or at least delay the same fate.

The second reason was that, in addition to her ample bosom, June had a flat stomach and a long waist. That combination meant she was built like 7 of 9 on Star Trek Voyager. A lifetime of experience had taught June to tone down her figure with sensible and shapeless clothing if she wanted to be taken seriously.


Theodore’s parents hastily came up with a simple plan that put Ward’s theory to the test. After some requisite shopping, June began changing into a demi cup style bra each day when she got home from work. While not as supportive as her regular bras, she was now at liberty to leave several buttons undone at the top of her blouse.

The effect was almost immediate. Theodore started joining the family for dinner and was always available to help his mother clear the table. His favorite activity seemed to be handing her each plate and watching her as she repetitively bend over to load the dishwasher. He tried his best to hide the obvious bulge in his pants with a dish towel. The only problem was that there was no reason to dry the dishes since they were being placed in the dishwasher.

“Well, the experiment seems to have been a success,” June observed.

“That ‘tent’ in his pants was the biggest I’ve seen since we quit going camping,” Ward laughed.

Ignoring her husband’s crude attempt at humor, she said, “It’s nice to have meals with our boy again. What’s our next move?”

“Now that we’ve established that he finds you attractive, we need to come up with something to trade for good grades.”

When June didn’t offer any suggestions, her husband continued, “Boys his age are constantly thinking about sex and constantly wacken. I think he could be motivated by an offer to make his wacken more pleasurable. The way I see it, there are two options. With the first, you don’t have to touch him. You just let him look at you while he does the wacken. The second option is that you do the hand job for him.”

“Are you out of your mind?” June screeched. “There is no way I’m going to expose myself to our son or give him a hand job.”

“Of course that’s up to you, but you said yourself that the worst part of your day was getting him off to school on time. Life is passing him by June. These are years he’s never going to get back. What’s going to happen when he wakes up at 25 with no marketable skills? Even if there are jobs, he won’t be prepared for them. No respectable girl will marry him and how will he support a family?”

“That’s a lot of pressure to put on me; making me responsible for his entire life. That’s not fair.”

“You’re right June, it’s not fair, but I can’t think of any other alternative. Can you?”

“And this is OK with you?”

“I hate the idea. The only reason I’m even considering such a thing is that he’s our son and he needs our help.”

“That’s a lot to think about. Let me sleep on it and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.” They güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri were silent as they got ready for bed and sleep came with difficulty.

By morning June had made up her mind. “I think giving him hand jobs is the lesser of the two evils. As a nurse I’m confortable seeing private parts and doing procedures. I can assume a professional demeanor when I service him.”

“There was a scene in the movie ‘Animal House’ where a couple was in a convertible and the guy was getting a hand job. The girl got mad at him and you found out she had latex gloves on. You’re not going to be that clinical are you?” Ward joked.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I’m trying my best to get through this, so quit joking around and tell me how this will work.”

“I’m sorry,” Ward apologized. “A new grading period begins Monday, so he’ll have a fresh start. When his report card comes out six weeks from now, each ‘A’ grade he earns will be saved in a hand job bank. He can withdraw one ‘A’ each Friday. If the bank is empty, no hand job. How does that sound?”

June replied, “Isn’t only counting A’s a little harsh?”

“He was making A’s before he crapped out. He’s capable,” Ward insisted.

“OK, when are we going to tell him?”

“I think it would be less stressful for him if we both weren’t looking at him when he was told. You should tell him June.”

“That would be more stressful for me, Ward.”

“He’s going to be intimate with you, not me and you two should be alone when discussing your private matters. My being there would just make things even more awkward. The last thing you want is to have your dad looking at you while you’re discussing something like this. Think about it. If Theodore looks too happy, he’s in trouble with me and if he doesn’t look happy enough, he’s in trouble with you. Tell him that I don’t like it, but we’re both willing because we care for him and want him to be a success. Just keep it clinical like you said, you’re a nurse treating a patient. His ‘physical therapy’ is a hand job and nothing more. Tell him that no one outside us three is to ever know, no one, ever.”


June decided to put off approaching her son about the offer until Saturday. She went to the kitchen when she heard him moving around upstairs and waited for him to come down to get something to eat. After he raided the refrigerator, she motioned for him to sit across from her at the table.

Theodore pulled out the indicated chair and was about to peek down his mother’s blouse when their eyes met. Her face had an unusual expression and he hoped that he wasn’t in trouble.

Once he was seated, she asked, “You know that your father and I care about you, don’t you?”

Between chews he answered, “Sure mom.”

“As you know, we’re worried about your school work and your future.”

“That again, I’m not that bad,” Theodore protested. “Half my school is using drugs and I’m not. I make passing grades. Most parents would be thrilled to have a kid like me.”

“That may be true, but you’re capable of more. We think that all you lack is motivation and have a plan to provide some.” Theodore looked up with interest as June continued, “Since you don’t seem to give a damn about your future, we thought you might care about a more basic drive.” Before she could change her mind, she blurted out, “I’m willing to give you hand jobs for good grades. Are you interested?”

Theodore felt a tingle travel up each thigh and merge at his penis when he saw that she was serious. He was so overwhelmed that he didn’t respond for several seconds. June took that as rejection and was humiliated beyond belief.

This is his father’s fault, she thought. It was his plan. Here I am with my boobs hanging out offering to give my son a hand job and he doesn’t even want it.

“Your father was just like you, worthless,” she snarled. “Then grandpa threatened to kick his lazy ass out of the house if he didn’t get his act together. We thought about doing the same with you and we still can young man.”

Oh shit, Theodore thought. Fortunately he was quick to grasp why his mother was losing it.

“You’re a beautiful woman mom, of course I’m interested,” he declared urgently to douse her fire then continued with, “I was so surprised, pleasantly, that I didn’t know what to say.”

While that was sinking in he changed the subject by asking, “Is dad OK with this?” It took a moment for her to calm down enough to answer the question.

Ignoring her outburst, June replied as if nothing had happened. “Like I said, your father and I are worried about your future. We want you to take school seriously. Your father doesn’t like the thought of me doing that to you, but it was the only thing he could think of.”

“So this was dad’s idea?”

She didn’t mean to let that slip, but it was out now. “Yes, it was his idea. That shows just how desperate he is to give you a better future. You have a great dad.”

“And a great mom,” Theodore added.

June blushed and said, güvenilir bahis şirketleri “I’m sorry I got so angry honey, but that was a very awkward subject for me to bring up.”

“I can imagine, but you did it anyway,” he exclaimed. “That proves my point. You’re a great mom.”

June smiled and said, “You understand that if we go ahead with this, you can never tell anyone.”

“That’s obvious mom. How would it work?”

June described how each “A” on his report card would be put in a “bank” and he could buy a hand job each Friday.

“So, Friday would be like a payday?” he asked. “What about B’s, would I get anything for them?”

“Yes, Friday would be like a payday in that you could spend an ‘A’ from your bank and no, B’s don’t count.”

“When would this start?”

“It could start now but it wouldn’t really matter because your ‘bank’ is empty. Nothing will be in it until report cards come out.”


Theodore was given no guidelines or put under any restrictions. It was totally up to him to figure out how to earn as many A’s as he could. The first change he made was to sleep in his room instead of in class. The first hard evidence of his new attitude was the grades he earned on quizzes, some of which were A’s. His most difficult class was math because it built upon what was learned previously. Fortunately, he found an online math educational program that helped him learn what he had missed.

Now that it was out in the open that he found his mother sexually attractive, he could boldly check her out, at least when his father wasn’t around. His mother liked this new attention. Being looked at like that by such handsome young man made her feel more feminine, being discrete when her husband was around made it naughty and exciting. What wasn’t out in the open was June’s new appreciation of her son. She loved to watch the water run down his body when he emerged from the pool in his little swimsuit. He was built like a swimmer with wide shoulders, long waist and narrow hips. His shoulders may have come from his father, but she knew that his long waist was from her.

As they became more comfortable with this new openness, they joked and made comments that, while innocent on the surface, were sexually suggestive. This escalated until one day when June noticed her son shamelessly checking her out while she was making a salad. She picked up a cucumber, gave it a couple of strokes then looked up at him. Not to be outdone, Theodore picked up two tomatoes and gently squeezed them as if they were breasts. At which point June cut the cucumber in half and stuck her tongue out at him.

Theodore’s favorite place to get amorous with his mom was the kitchen. That may have been because that’s where she was vulnerable, being preoccupied and having her hands full. He loved to come up behind her and give her a hug. Then he would ask her to turn around so that he could hug her properly.

One of his first memories was feeling his mother’s breasts pressed up against him whenever they embraced, but now he took a new and different delight in it. While they hugged, he would move one of his hands up the side of her back and then towards a breast in an attempt to get a feel. He never even got close. He did make the observation that his mother was on guard unless she knew where both of his hands were. When she could feel both of his hands on her back, her body was relaxed. If he removed one hand, her body would tense up in anticipation of what that hand would be doing next. If he returned the hand to her back or other allowed place, she would relax.

What Theodore didn’t know was that his mother had developed certain skills. Her breasts were large even as a teenager and provided a tempting target for every young man she had ever dated. She had a black belt in breast defense. She never called her son out for what he was attempting because it made her feel as if she was young again and on a date. She also didn’t call him out when she felt his erection press against her for the same reason.

Since he wasn’t getting anywhere moving his hand up towards her breasts, he decided to change directions. While they hugged, he now moved one of his hands down towards her rear end. As his hand went lower and lower, he expected her to tense up when he approached a forbidden area. She never did. Apparently, she thought of her rear end as an allowed area. With this new knowledge, he brought both hands down to knead her delightful ass, just like his mother would knead dough while baking.

There was something else Theodore didn’t know. When his mother was a teenager; she felt sorry for the boys so desperately trying to get at her breasts. After all, who could blame them? She decided long ago that her rear end was a suitable consolation prize.

Once he got as much as he was going to get hugging, Theodore moved on to kissing. He kissed her cheek and neck until it was routine. Then he tried giving her pecks on the lips, but that met with the same success he had with her breasts.

In desperation, he decided to try and talk her into it. While hugging her and kissing her neck, he would explain that he didn’t know how to kiss a girl and how she could teach him so much and it was just kissing after all. When that didn’t work, he tried using the A’s he was already earning on quizzes.

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