A MOTHER GETS TRICKEDIt had all started a year ago in a moment of weakness when she had sex with her best friend’s husband. They had been flirting with each other for a while. Then one day they found themselves alone when he innocently came by on an errand for his wife. It happened fast, right there in her kitchen, but it was good. When he left that first time, Nancy felt a slight trickle of guilt. The gorgeous 41 year old mother of two, Nancy definitely did not want to lose her husband and her family. But the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to do it again. During the next year they met for quick bouts of sex. Sometimes it happened at her house, other times they drove to a secluded place. It was always risky, but she couldn’t shake the desire. One day he asked her if she had ever played around with another girl. Nancy didn’t want to admit it to him but she couldn’t help it. She told him that she had done things with a girlfriend when she was in high school. She also admitted to him that she had fantasized about doing it again. He never mentioned it again until tonight……..This was the first night that they didn’t have to be quick. It was a Sunday night and Nancy’s husband had left earlier that day on business. Her son and daughter were both sleeping over at friends houses. When he came over he grabbed her and tongue kissed her deeper than he ever had before. Nancy could see the lust in his eyes. They locked the front door and made their way to her bedroom. He stood behind her and began undressing her. He took off her blouse and then unzipped and slid off her skirt. At his request Nancy was wearing her black lace panties and bra along with a pair of black thigh highs and high heels. He stayed behind her and slowly felt her body with his hands as he kissed her neck. Nancy felt herself melting for him. She was so ready for her turn to undress him. He moved his hands up her hips and to her chest. Nancy leaned her head back on his shoulder and he began to remove her bra. Nancy came out of her trance when she felt him grab her wrists and pulled them behind her. Then she suddenly felt her bra being wrapped around her wrists. She started to turn and say something but he tightened the bra and tied it in place. “Ssssshhhh….don’t worry Nancy…..this might be fun….” he whispered in her ear. Nancy had fantasied about being tied up and decided not to protest. She thought that if she became uncomfortable, he would untie her. She then watched as he walked over to the side of her bed and picked up a pair of her black pantyhose off of the floor. She had worn the pantyhose to church that morning. Walking behind her again she watched as her world went dark when the pantyhose came up over her eyes and was tied in place. This was such a new experience for her. Nancy again started to say something but felt his hand cover her mouth. “Shhhhhhhhhhh……don’t say anything…..we need to be quiet…..” Nancy wasn’t sure why they had to be quiet but she stayed silent. The feelings of panic mixed with feelings of excitement at the thought of submitting to him. He was definitely in control now, but she trusted him. He touched her again, sliding his fingers inside the waist of her lace panties. Slowly he slid her panties down over her hips, down her thighs, and over her ankles. The sensation of him doing this while she was blindfolded was amazing. “Kneel down Nancy” he said to her as he carefully pushed her down by her shoulders. Nancy kneeled and thought she would soon be sucking him. He loved it when she sucked him. She had sucked him at the edge of her bed before. But wait, she thought, why didn’t he let her undress him first? Then he spoke, “Don’t move and inch and be really quiet. Ok?? I need to run down and do something real quick.”Nancy was so confused. What could he possibly be up to? Now she was curious. Did he forget to lock the door? Did he forget a condom? Maybe he was getting whipped cream and kıbrıs escort chocolate out of the refrigerator? Why do I need to be so quiet? She listened carefully as he walked out of her bedroom and quietly shut the door. Since she was blindfolded, she concentrated on every sound. She heard him walk down the stairs. Was that the back door she heard open? That was strange. She waited for more sounds. She heard a door close. But why the back door? Over the next minute she heard an occasional muffled sound coming from down stairs. What could he be doing? Nancy was about to stand up when she suddenly hear him walking up the stairs. She kneeled there listening. He was walking slow. She could hear his footsteps down the hallway to her door. His footsteps sounded different, but she couldn’t figure it out. Then she heard her bedroom door open. Nancy reactively took in a deep breath. She was so nervous, but so excited. He heard him walk behind her and bend down.”Ok Nancy……remember when you said that you would play around with another girl again? Well I want you to fulfill that fantasy. Nancy heard the words but it didn’t understand. She opened her mouth to ask him what he meant. But before he could get a word out his hand covered her mouth again. “Shhhhhhhh! You have to be really quiet now.” He held his hand over Nancy’s mouth as he explained. “I wanted you to have that experience again. So I found someone and she’s outside the door.” At hearing this Nancy began breathing heavy. Panic took over and she tried to move. “Nancy…listen to me….it’s ok. She is blindfolded just like you are. She has no idea where she is right now. You don’t know who she is and she doesn’t know who you are. Your blindfolds will never come off. You will never see each other or ever know who each other is.” Nancy’s mind was in a spin. She couldn’t go through with this could she? He whispered again. “Think back to when you were in school. Think back to to the things you did with your girlfriend. It’s ok to want that again. She is just like you Nancy, nervous and scared. But she wants to do this as long as no one knows each other.” Nancy kneeled there in shock. He moved his hand away from her mouth. His mouth came closer to her ear as he spoke softly. “She’s a real cute girl Nancy. She’s a little bit younger than you. She’s more nervous about this than you are. Come on……you and her won’t say a word. Both of you will have no idea who the other one is. Try it….” In the darkness of her blindfold images flashed of her and her girlfriend. I did feel so good to be with her. It felt so different. She did miss those feelings. Reluctantly Nancy whispered, “ok.” He quickly stood up and walked into the hallway. He could hear him whispering. She thought that he must be telling her the same things. Then he heard both of them walk through the door. Nancy felt like she was going to pass out. Her heart was beating out of her chest. He guided the other girl in front of Nancy and sat her down on the bed. Nancy’s nipples hardened when she felt the other girl’s legs brush against her full 38c breasts. Then he spoke louder, which startled her. “Ok…I know everyone wants to stay anonymous. You both are wearing blindfolds and you both have your hands tied behind you back. Neither of you are to say anything at all. I’ll do all the talking. I know that both of you are nervous, but I also know that both of you want to do this. I’ll promise you that this will stay secret and no one will know. I just want both of you to realize your fantasy.”He bent down next to Nancy and said, “You can go first.” Nancy hear the bed creak a little and then felt his hand gently pushing her head forward. “Go ahead and taste her.” Nancy kept leaning forward. Her shoulders strained from her hands tied behind her back. Her mouth slightly open. She could smell the other girls pussy close. It seemed like forever. Then her lips touched the soft pussy of the other girl. escort kıbrıs Nancy was apprehensive at first. Taking short poking licks with her tongue. But the taste soon filled her mouth. Nancy remembered the taste. She remembered liking it. Nancy relaxed and started licking her a little harder. She heard a soft moan come from above her. The other girl was liking it too. Hearing this made Nancy feel a little more comfortable. Nancy’s tongue went deeper. Nancy tried to picture it in her mind. The other girl’s pussy seemed so firm and tight, just like her friend’s used to be. Nancy’ explored a little more. Her tongue bushed over the girls closely trimmed pubic hair. She loved the feeling of the short hair against her tongue. Nancy moved her mouth back down again. She licked the outside of the girl’s pussy and then slid her tongue inside. The taste of another girls pussy again made her more excited. This was a fantasy come true. Nancy kept licking as she listened to the faint moans of the girl above her. A dull pain in Nancy’s knees reminded her that she had been kneeling for a while. She leaned back on her heels to readjust. Just then she felt him pull her back. “Let’s switch now.” He held Nancy by the shoulders and helped stand her up. It felt good to stand up again, but the taste of pussy in her mouth made Nancy want to try it some more. Nancy stood there and listened as he helped the other girl up. Then she felt him take her by the shoulders and turn her her around and sit her down at the edge of the bed. Nancy u*********sly spread her legs. Nancy wished she could use her hands. But her bra around her wrists reminded her that she couldn’t. She heard movement in front of her, then she gasped when she felt the other girl lean into her and take her left nipple into her mouth. Nancy threw her head back. This was too much. It felt so good. Nancy was amazed at how soft the other girl’s mouth was. How wonderful her tongue and her lips felt felt. Nancy leaned forward and pressed into her. The girl took her nipple between her lips and sucked hard. Nancy let out a long sigh. She wanted so bad to reach out and touch the other girl, whoever she was. The girls mouth worked her nipple, tonguing it and sucking it. Nancy felt her pussy start to drip. Nancy rubbed her thighs against the soft skin of the girl. She tried to imagine what the girl looked like kneeling there between her legs. Who was she? What was she thinking? The other girl made a soft moan. She was obviously enjoying this. Then the girl pulled away. Nancy could feel the air rush over her soaking wet nipple. She felt the girl move move down between her legs. Then electricity ran through Nancy’s body as she felt a soft tongue move onto her pussy. The other girl seemed timid with her tongue. She licked lightly. Just then Nancy heard her best friends husband say, “Come on…….do it. Lick her pussy like you told me you wanted to.” The other girl’s tongue pressed harder. Licking up and down in long strokes. THer tongue now penetrating her pussy, going in and out. Nancy moved her hips to meet her tongue. The other girl started tonguing her harder and deeper. Nancy was being tongue fucked by the other girl now and she loved it. Nancy’s pussy now pressing hard against her mouth. Her tongue deep inside Nancy’s pussy. Nancy leaned back on her tied hands the best she could to allow the girl’s tongue to go deeper. Nancy heard him lean towards her on the bed. She was breathing hard as he whispered in her ear, “Do you like this Nancy?” Nancy kept her vow of silence and just nodded her head. “Good….You love the way she licks your pussy don’t you?” Nancy again nodded her head as extacy consumed her body. Then she felt his hands on the back of her head. The pantyhose tied over her eyes started to loosen. Nancy’s heart jumped. Light started to creep into her eyes. She knew they weren’t supposed to see each other. Nancy was so curious by now though. She wanted kıbrıs escort bayan so bad to see what the other girl looked like. The pantyhose started to fall from her eyes. She closed her eyes as the pantyhose fell around her neck. Now it was up to her. She could open her eyes and see the other girl or keep them closed. Nancy just had to know. Damn him for doing this. She couldn’t resist. The other girl wasn’t slowing down and kept fucking Nancy’s pussy with her tongue. Nancy’s pussy was dripping wet. She could feel herself close to orgasm. She couldn’t take it any longer. She just had to look. Who was this girl who was tonguing her pussy so well. Then Nancy’s heart stopped when she realized she was looking at the blindfolded face of her daughter Lauren. Laurens eyes were also blindfolded with a pair of white pantyhose. She was completely naked with her hands tied behind her back, just as Nancy’s were. Lauren had just turned 18 and was still a senior in high school. Lauren knew nothing had happened and continued working Nancy’s pussy with her mouth. Nancy froze and looked over at him sitting next to her. His hand came quickly over her mouth. He leaned to her ear and whispered softly so that Lauren couldn’t hear. “She has no idea it’s you. She thinks you are a stranger.” Nancy couldn’t believe this was happening. He continued, “This was my fantasy…. to see you and her together.” Nancy wanted to yell. How was this happening?? How did he get her to do this?? This shouldn’t be happening! But Nancy knew she couldn’t. Lauren didn’t know. Nancy thought how unraveled Lauren would be if she knew she was tasting her own mother’s pussy. Nancy looked back down at her daughter. Lauren’s face was wet. Lauren started to lick the inside of Nancy’s thighs. She continued licking until she got closer and closer to her pussy. Lauren was oblivious to what was happening. She had no idea she was being watched. Nancy was breathing hard though her nose now. He took his hand off of her mouth and smiled at her. He knew she couldn’t say anything. Nancy thought she should stop all of this, but she couldn’t. Lauren could not find out. He whispered in her ear again, “It’s ok…..let it go. Look at how beautiful she is. How sexy she has become.” He got off the bed and pulled Lauren gently back by her shoulders. Nancy sat up and stared at her. Lauren’s mouth and face was dripping wet. Lauren’s firm breasts stood out perfectly in front of her since her hands were tied behind her back. Nancy’s eyes followed her daughters tight body down to her stomach and then to her pussy. Nancy had no idea that Lauren trimmed her hair so short above her pussy. She was actually stunning to look at. Nancy tried to shake off the feelings she was having and looked up at him standing behind her. He smiled and kept looking at Nancy as he bend down and spoke to Lauren. “I think she’s close. I think she needs to cum. Do you want to make her cum with your mouth? ” Lauren nodded her head. “Do you like her pussy?” Lauren nodded her head again. Nancy couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Before Nancy could react, he slowly pushed Lauren’s head between Nancy’s legs. Lauren immediately started working her mouth over her mother’s pussy. Nancy closed her eyes tightly. She tried freeing her arms but her bra was tied too tightly around her wrists. Nancy’s mind raced. What was she to do? She should stop this. But how would Lauren react if she knew? But Nancy knew that Lauren didn’t have to find out. Nancy felt her pussy start to swell and she opened her eyes again. Lauren was licking harder now. She was trying her best to make her cum. Nancy’s mind went blank as she stared at Lauren. Her will power was fading. The feeling was too good to pass up. Just this one time, Nancy thought to herself. Feeling herself completely give up, Nancy slid forward on the edge of the bed. She pumped her pussy up and down on Lauren’s mouth. Just then the feeling hit her harder than it had ever done before. Sensing what was happening, Lauren pushed her tongue as deep as she could inside her mother’s pussy. Then, giving up on the last of her morals, Nancy came all over the mouth of her own daughter……………….

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