A Moment of Weakness

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I live with my boyfriend, Steve and a work mate of his, Josh. They work shifts so sometimes I’m home alone, with one or both of them. Steve has short dark hair, is handsome and is a very loving man. Josh has long wavy hair, olive complexion and his perpetual smile intimates a carefree attitude that is both infectious and attractive. Let me begin this story by stating that I’ve never been unfaithful before this incident and probably won’t be ever again.

One night while Josh was on shift at the public radio station where he works part time, I treated Steve to a romantic dinner. I was wearing a little black cocktail dress that shows off my slim legs and pert 34B breasts. Steve loves the cocktail dress, while I feel that I look too skinny in it. I wear it at home for him, because he makes me feel great about myself. I know I should be able to take that feeling into the world of strangers, but I can’t, I feel the stares of men, and while I know some are admiring, I feel lots of them turn to their girlfriends and wives and say ‘Now she’s too skinny.’ I can’t help the way I feel and I don’t think I should have to apologise for that.

Back to the dinner. It was a simple meal, Steve’s favourite chicken noodle soup, some sushi and sashimi, followed by a chocolate mud cake. A mix, I know, but all his favourites. Plus I wanted to keep it simple because Josh normally comes home around midnight and so we couldn’t wait too long to get to the fourth course.

After dinner I dragged things a long a little by making Steve clean up. Barely had we stacked the dishes bakırköy escort when Steve grabbed me from behind and though I was aroused, I had no desire to lie on the cold slate tiles. Dragging him into the living room I allowed his hands to roam over me and soon my dress was bunched around my waist and Steve had one hand inside my panties, while his tongue swirled around my erect nipples. I came against Steve’s hand with a great convulsion and we sank to the floor. Recovering from my climax I watched Steve undress, and despite having had his favorite cake for dessert, what he really wanted was a headjob.

His favorite position is a 69 with me on top, because I can get most of his cock into my mouth and down the back of my throat. I pushed Steve flat, placing a cushion under his head, then straddled his face, pushing my wet pussy against his mouth. I shuddered as his tongue began working over my clit and pushing inside me and I sat up to indulge myself while watching his erection pointing skywards in an expectant manner. Finally I leant forward, allowing my breasts to brush Steve’s stomach, took his cock in my hand and delicately licked at the head, fighting my lustful impulse to swallow him whole. I worked my mouth down his shaft until I had all of him inside my “oral pussy” as Steve had once referred to it.

I closed my eyes to enjoy his tongue, which was driving me into seventh heaven and kept my rhythm steady, my hand gently pumping the base of his shaft while alternating between sliding my tongue along his length beşiktaş escort and then deep throating him.

My second climax was approaching and promised to be particularly intense as I opened my eyes. Josh stood in the doorway, his perpetual smile and dark eyes sparkling at me. For a brief second I was frozen in surprise, (fear and embarrassment were beyond me in my state of arousal), then I continued my oral ministrations maintaining eye contact with Josh. He was wearing a loose pair of slacks and unashamedly was massaging himself, his erection clearly outlined through the thin material. I knew that Steve, on his back with his face wedged between my thighs, was unaware of Josh’s presence. The voyeuristic situation pushed me over the edge into my climax.

When I come like this, my thighs tightening around his head, Steve is usually close behind. Normally I would slip him from my mouth, using my hand as he comes, being careful not to spray myself with his come. I don’t like the taste of it, (nor do many of my girlfriends!). But tonight, as a second powerfully intense orgasm ripped through me, I kept my mouth around the base of Steve’s cock and let him come, not even gagging as the first thick jet hit my tongue. Steve is a somewhat prodigious producer of sperm and I was forced eventually to pull my head away to avoid drowning. His final spurts landed on my lips, which were joined to the tip of his cock by a thin line of come. With my eyes still locked on Josh, I carefully broke the string of come from Steve’s cock and amazed beylikdüzü escort at my own brashness, fed it into my mouth. By the look in Josh’s eyes I knew he wanted more than anything to swap places with Steve.

Steve’s post-orgasmic moan snapped us both into reality, Josh disappeared from the doorway and I turned to see Steve’s glazed smile of appreciation.

“Wow” was all he could say though he looked a little embarrassed when he saw the mess he had made of my face.

“I’m just going to the bathroom to get a cloth, okay?” I murmured. Standing I walked through the doorway, my heart pounding. I let the dress slip down over my hips but made no effort to cover my breasts as I saw Josh outside the bathroom, his arousal still clear in his pants. I pushed him into the bathroom and against the basin.

“Show me your cock” I whispered. Quickly he undid his fly and slipped out his purple erection, a color-coded lust meter. Without hesitating (there was no time), I knelt and swallowed him, feeling his thick cock pull some of Steve’s come into my mouth as he thrust at me. He was quicker than I had anticipated for I had hardly used my tongue on his shaft when he grunted, unloading a thick stream of come into my mouth. Immediately I pulled back, but wanting him to relish the moment, I looked up as coquettishly as I could, met his gaze and let him come over my face.

As his eyes closed I quickly spat his come onto the end of his cock rubbing it along his length, until he was spent. He left wordlessly as I cleaned my face. Returning to the living room I found Steve fast asleep, snoring gently. I cleaned him up, woke him enough to lead him to bed and we slept soundly. Josh has never mentioned the incident, nor have I – I suspect we were both a little embarrassed and guilty at how easily our lust overcame our sensibilities! But it was fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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