A Meeting of TV Girlfriends – Part 03


A Meeting of TV Girlfriends – Part 03A Meeting of TV GirlfriendsBy kara1970tv2Part 3 – our evening concludes…Our makeup redone once again, and a quick change of outfit each, a quick visit to the loo, and our drinks refreshed, our girlie night-in was ready to be continued…My dress was actually the very first item of female apparel that I’d ever bought (with the exception of some lingerie). It has always been my favourite dress, and I still have it. I chose to match it with the same lingerie as before, but with the sheer sleeved top over it. (My hair though still naturally long, is no longer the length as seen in the picture). I mentioned that I jokingly called this my ‘easy access’ dress and then lifted up the front to flash my knickers and stockings – we both laughed together at this.Lauryn removed her stockings to show the sheer beauty of her long, shaved, feminine legs. Her dress – a black and gold mini-dress flattered her legs and stunning figure. Her gorgeous blonde wig cascaded over her shoulders – her makeup perfect again – and looking so gorgeous!* * *It was 9.45pm, we had both sucked each other’s cocks, and had tasted each other’s creamy cum – our sex had been tender and loving, erotic and sensual, and our intimacy was incredibly passionate – I for one did not want it to end. I believe that Lauryn felt the same as me.We sat chatting about our evening so far, and reminisced on how our friendship gotten us together to this point. We discussed sex and our fantasies of what we both would like to do together – I mentioned that I loved when I’d had a 69 with a past TV lover, and would love for us to do that too! Lauryn said that she’d love that too! I then paused, trying to think of how to tell her one of my biggest desires – I couldn’t think of a better way to say it, so I blurted out…“I have always wanted to be fucked, Lauryn! It’s one of the things I’ve yet to try…and I would love it if you would fuck me tonight…erm…if you wanted too?” I nervously stated.“Fuck, yes…I would love to fuck you, Kara! This is our night to fulfil our desires…and your arse is so damned cute too!” she replied.I beamed with delight, almost throwing myself onto her in a joyful embrace. “My darling…” I gasped, then I kissed her lips just once, before embracing her again.She said with a giggle “I aim to please…so kiss me again, you soppy thing!” then we kissed again, as she leaned into me, then rubbing my cock through the sheer material of my dress.I replied with a giggle “I think we should continue our evening in the bedroom! It will be more comfortable with us on the bed!?”Switching off the TV with the remote, I picked up my tablet. Then taking her hand in my free hand, we stood up together, and left the living room, our heels clicking on the varnished floorboards, and ascended the stairs to the bedroom to continue our night of passionate lovemaking and hot TV-on-TV gay sex.* * *I’d already placed condoms and lube on the bedside table, with a packet of wipes and a hand towel on the dressing table – incase they were needed.I placed the tablet on its stand, starting the video where it had been paused – we could hear the 3 lovers on the video, even if we couldn’t always see what acts they were engaged in – it added to the sexual frission that Lauryn and I felt towards each other. illegal bahis From there, Lauryn had laid sideways onto of the quilt, beckoning me over to join her. I must add that we were still fully dressed, heels still on, makeup and hair still perfect. I moved over to the bed, placed on knee on the mattress, and thrust my arse out suggestively, smiled and then blew her a kiss. She giggled at this. Then lying down to face her, with me on her left, we shimmied closer. We kissed again, and began to stroke each other’s bodies with our available hand, stroking from thigh, to bottom, then to hip, onto waist, upto breast, and then to our face which we lustfully began French kissing each other again. In unison we moved our hands to one another’s crotch – as mentioned before, my dress is sheer and allows free movement to my intimate areas if require (LOL), but Lauryn’s dress was rather tight – I’d need to lift it up to get access to her knickers! She raised her bum, using her hand to pull the hem up to her waist – I had to help a little.“Let’s 69, darling!” she said. “I need to suck your cock again!”I replied softly with a simple “Ok!”She moved down the bed, pulling her knickers off her and down her legs where she flicked them completely off, letting them land on the floor. Her cock was rock hard, and standing on end. I had by this time got off the bed, removed my own knickers, and laid back down, head to feet with her, staring and salivating at the wonderful sight infront of me. We moved into position, her cock inches from my lips, she lifted my dress to view my own hard-on – then we began to suck each other in earnest – we both wanted to pleasure the other to orgasm, just to taste that wonderful cream again. We sucked each other’s cocks, bathed kisses and tongues over the cock head, shaft, and balls, back up to tongue the slit, tasting fresh pre-cum once again. Hers was delicious – I wanted her cumload in my mouth – but I also wanted and needed more! I wanted Lauryn to take my anal virginity – I wanted Lauryn to fuck my tight ass-pussy, and climax inside me, filling my bowels with her seed. I wanted her sperm inside my body to help complete me, and have it drip out of my arse, down my legs, so she could see me for what I am – her girl, her lover, her little gay TV slut.I paused my sucking to say “Lauryn…”She stopped to reply “Yes Kara?”I paused for a moment then said “…I’d really love you to fuck me now!” there, I’d finally said it. I moved position to face her. “Would you like to fuck me, darling?”She sat herself up a little and said “I would love to fuck you, Kara! I have always wanted to fuck another ‘girl’…no, I have wanted to fuck you when I knew we clicked together months ago!” she emphasized.“Oh my!” I gasped. “There’s condoms and lube over there…” indicating towards the bedside table, “…but if you’d like to fuck me bareback instead, then I’d really love you doing that too!?” I asked questioningly.“I’d rather use a condom tonight…but one day I will fuck you ‘bare’, and cum inside your ‘cunt’!” she replied.I was happy with that answer – we had only just met after all. Tonight had been one of many ‘firsts’ for us both – and I we were going to complete our evening with yet another! I intended to submit my body to this ‘girl’ – my darling Lauryn.* * *She illegal bahis siteleri guided me into position – on all-fours, my heels hanging off the side of the bed – she, standing on the floor, with her rock hard cock sticking straight up behind me.I thought ‘I should’ve slid the condom onto her cock!’ – in the way I’d fantasised about over the years – by holding it in my mouth and sliding it over the head of her cock and moving it down her shaft with my lips as I sucked her back into my mouth and to the entrance of my throat. However, she beat me to it this time. ‘Next time will be different!’ I promised myself.She picked up the lube, opened the tube, and coated her condom-covered cock liberally. She then flicked up the bottom of my dress over my smooth shaved arse and onto my back.I was full of butterflies for sure, and was as read as I could have been – soon the butterflies in my tummy were going to be joined with by Lauryn’s hard and thick cock in my arse! This was to be a night to remember!Lauryn squeezed more lube out of the tube and smeared a dollop over my tight, wanting hole – the coolness immediate, and tingling. She coated more on her fingers, then gently pushed them to my entrance. I closed my eyes. I thought ‘relax…this is what I want’, my sphincter offered resistance to her pushing, then I felt her twist and push two fingers with a little more pressure. Her persistence paid off as my hole suddenly relinquished its resistance as her fingers finally entered me. The relief of this as well as feeling of movement inside my fuck-hole was palpable – I let out an uncontrolled “Ughh…” followed by “…oh fucking hell…that feels so fucking good! Oh fuck!!!”“Shhh, darling…relax…I’ll take it slow!” she replied. “I’ll put more lube inside you…so just relax, babe!” she said.I felt the coolness of the lube enter me as she coated my hole and walls of my entrance, then she began to finger-fuck me slowly, as she loosened me off. She said she was ‘adding another finger’ before I felt the addition widen my tingling arsehole. She continued to finger-fuck me with 3 fingers, pushing deeper inside me, twisting around, and preparing my hole for the width of her cock. She slowed, then stopped her movements, then removed her fingers completely.She whispered to me “Are you ready now, Kara?”I whispered back “Yesss…!”Then I felt it – her bulbous thick cockhead right on my anus as she slowly eased her entire cock inside me. Sighs and other noises escaped my mouth as she did this, followed by other a****listic sounds as she pulled her shaft back up to complete the first length of cock I’d ever had. I’d used small dildos in the past, but this was completely different. This was a real live thrusting hard cock being slid in and out of me by a real person! My mind was awash with the stimulation being given to me.Lauryn thrust in again, pulled back to the edge, then back inside my fuck-hole again, only to pull back out leaving my hole wanting. Her fucking increased, her speed and firmness increasing too. Our breathing was more audible, and heartbeats quickening as we engaged in our passionate fucking. I gave myself to her completely, and she accepted my gift to her gladly.We fucked for what seemed 10 minutes, but was probably half that. Whilst still inside me, Lauryn’s canlı bahis siteleri fucking stopped, she grabbed some pillows, pushing them under my tummy, then pushed me gently down on them as she followed my movement down without removing her cock from my slickened hole. Her hands on my hips, her thrusting and fucking continued, I felt her weight push against my bottom, as her paced maxed out. I was delirious with the feeling I was getting – there was a little bit of discomfort, but an overwhelming amount of sheer unbridled pleasure. I felt her body stiffen – her orgasm was nearing. There was a push down with her hands as her body twitched again, and again.“I’m going to cum…oh fuck…arghhh…here it comes!” she exclaimed.I felt her spasm as she orgasmed – her cock pulsing and throbbing inside me – her body stopped as she filled the condom with her precious spunk. Another spasm, with another load of cum was ejaculated. She fucked me with a final few strokes before she stopped completely, her body spent of energy as her orgasm drained her. She pulled out of me, and backed up. I got back up on my knees, and turned to face her. My hand went out to grasp her still-hard cock, noticing the load of ejaculated spunk at the end of the condom. I rolled it off her, and then leaned over to take her cum-covered cock into my mouth again. I sucked and licked ever drop of cum remaining, let it coat my tongue, then swallowed it down. The condom I reluctantly discarded into the bedroom bucket, wishing that she’d either cum inside my arse, or that she’d pulled out, removed the condom, and fucked my mouth before she came.‘Another time, Kara!’ I thought.My own cock had leaked pre-cum, which I scooped up with a finger, and licking it off. Once again, I reached over to the wipes, removed one then wiped Lauryn’s cock of all remaining cum, then helped her to pull her dress back down. Then patting the bed bedside me, I invited her to sit down. She did so, and we kissed and embraced, and we gushed over how fantastic our whole evening had been.* * *We continued our chat lying down together – our heels now removed now. There were so many firsts achieved tonight…* Lauryn making out (kissing, French-kissing, stroking, etc.) with another male TV* Lauryn had seen, held, wanked, licked and sucked her first cock* Blowjobs to completion (with cum swallowed, and Lauryn receiving an unexpected facial) LOL* A wonderful 69 with mutual cock-sucking* I was finger-fucked, then fucked by Lauryn to completion (with condom)* Lauryn finger-fucked another TV (me), then fucked me to completion (with condom)* I removed the cum-filled condom, sucking and licking her cock cleanThe other ‘firsts’ we both wanted to experience together were…* using dildos and vibrators on each other* A 69 with mutual cock-sucking to completion* I want to be fucked bare-backed, receiving a load of cum inside me* I want to be fucked (with or without condom), receiving cumload orally (Ass-To-Mouth)* Lauryn wants to be finger-fucked, then fucked to completion (with condom)* Lauryn wants to be finger-fucked, then fucked to completion (without condom)* Invite another top or versatile TV to fuck us both to completion, and us to service fully* Invite a woman for strap-on sex, with mutual oral and anal* Group sex with more than one TV* Group sex with TV/female couple* * *We were spent – our lust sated. We spooned together, still fully dressed, professing our feelings and hopes for each other as lovers – our first of many nights of passion together ending as slipped off into a blissful sleep.

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